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Whoops! I forgot to post this last one! Sorry about that. It's the last one, but it's also the first prompt. So it comes full circle (mostly because I couldn't decide to use Sam or Dean in the first one, so I wrote it with both versions)

1. Convalescence (Again)
(Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

Sam didn’t open his eyes as Dean changed the bandages on his hands. But his nose wrinkled and breath caught, so Dean rubbed his wrist against Sam’s nose.

“Thanks,” he whispered. He opened his eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the lights in the hideous motel room, by which he could see symbols painted on the ceiling, carpet, and wallpaper. “What day is it?”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re safe here. Take all the time you need to recover.”

“I need more than time,” Sam said.

Dean answered by stretching out on the bed beside him and pulling him close.
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Rifftrax (the MST3K guys) put on a live show tonight, telling jokes during the Five Doctors. I'd recently seen The Five Doctors during my watch of all of Doctor Who, so I knew how terrible and wonderful it was. I've been thinking about it for a while, but Ifinally decided not to go. Today I made sort of a last minute decision to just buy a ticket and go. I'm glad I did. It was a fun event. Some special geeky music played while we waited and on the screen were silly fan theories, funny/bad anagrams, completely fake trivia, etc. The fellow fans waiting for the movie and I laughed at many of them. I discovered I was seated in front of a fellow Slyvester McCoy fan (the 7th doctor is one of my absolute favorites, and I don't apologize for that!). I also discovered I was seated next to someone who really enjoyed Torchwood: Children of Earth. ICK.

The event itself was hilarious. They showed a short public domain PSA for kids in the UK about how not to electrocute themselves by flying kites into power lines. Then they jumped into the movie/special. I laughed a lot, though the "Hail Hitler" joke made me a little uncomfortable... I think I could have done without that this week. It was great to see three doctors and one replacement doctor (RIP William Hartnell) and one "we have to use unaired footage because he wouldn't join the project" doctor on screen. But it was especially awesome seeing some of my other favorite characters on the big screen--Sarah Jane Smith & K-9, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, The Master, and (briefly) Jamie.

I definitely had a fun time. I'm fairly certain there will be an encore broadcast next Thursday in select theaters: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rifftrax-live-doctor-who?utm_source=RiffTrax&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=Riff_DoctorWho

I also went to Hot Topic tonight and bought a Yuri on Ice necklace and a new figet cube. I had a coupon and $5 in account cash to spend. So I ended up getting some little mini keychain pops of Sam, Dean, and Cas to push me up to enough for Hot Cash. I'd been thinking of getting a few of those for my new bag anyway, so it was all worth it.

I picked up some packages at the post office today (including one that is larger than my couch. I hope it's the photo studio kit because, otherwise, I've no idea what it could be!). My LEGO store order came in (among other things, I got a special case for my Batman minifigs and I got the Agent Coulson & Lola set), as did some LEGO I bought on BrickLink. The LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who set also arrived, as did the pajamas I ordered for the Harry Potter Halloween party this year! I ordered these lovely grey, fleece owl PJs. We're doing a Book 3 party this year and, as you may recall, during Halloween that year Sirius Black tried to get into Gryffindor Tower, so everyone in the school slept in the Great Hall. So it's going to be a PJ-friendly event. I might even have occasion to bust out my Harry Potter pillowcase. Anyway, when I looked at the PJs, I realized they were cotton candy pink, not grey. Not grey AT ALL. And someone had pasted a label over the label on the bag. The top label sayd "grey" and, when I peeled it off, the one below said pink. Maybe they thought I wouldn't notice the pink? But they are HUGE and fluffy and pink. Very hard to miss. Looks like they're completely sold out of grey, so they must have thought this was close enough. It was disappointing, though. I'm not really a pink kind of person, you know? Guess I'll just have to make them work.
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[personal profile] melydia convinced me to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming. I've been having a shitty week mentally (Charlottesville, depression trying to settle again in ways I haven't felt it trying to do in years, having to put one of our family cats to sleep, and other stuff) but seeing the movie gave me a couple hours to step away and feel and laugh, which is what I desperately needed. The movie was fantastic. Definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies yet. Cap and Iron Man were great (Steve can teach me about sex ed any day!) and Peter really held his own without being overly sarcastic or goofy. I also really enjoyed seeing Spider-Man in my backyard (Washington, DC, not my actual backyard, obviously). I loved all the little details like the stone color changing on the Washington Monument.

On Friday, I was telling melydia about Ganke, the best friend of Miles Morales (the new/black Spider-Man). I adore Ganke. I mean, he gives Gwen Stacy LEGO. The guy's a genius. Anyhoo, I was surprised to see Ned in the Spider-Man movie, because he's pretty much Ganke. That was an interesting choice. I liked Ned as well, but what does this mean if Miles ever gets a movie? No Ganke because he's too similar to Ned?

I've been earreading All American Boys by Jason Reyolds in the car since late last week. It's exactly what I've needed to help me sort out some of the feelings I've been having about the world post-Charlottesville (which is also practically in my backyard). That book is amazing. One of the best examples of unique, authentic character voices ever. Beautifully done. And the story itself and emotions... it's raw and honest and exactly the sort of conversations people need to be having these days. Anyway, I looked the author up so that I could send him a short thank you, but couldn't find his email. I found his twitter though and tweeted him. About four tweets down from the most recent in his account was a tweet about Miles Morales. Whhhhaaaaat?

So I did another search and apparently the author has just written a Miles Morales book! (And, yes, Ganke's in there too). Awesome coincidence for me to figure this out, like, 2 minutes after coming home from the movie. It's definitely a Spider-Man night tonight! http://ew.com/books/2017/08/10/miles-morales-spider-man-jason-reynolds/ I can't wait to read this book.
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21. Wet
(Due South, Fraser/Kowalski)

As Fraser and Ray leaned on the ship’s railing as it sailed toward the sunset, Ray’s head snapped down with a sharp sneeze.

Fraser frowned. “You really should cover when you sneeze. It's more hygienic.”

Ray nodded, but his eyes were already closing, nostrils flaring, head snapping forward. This time, his nose landed in Fraser's cupped hand. “Uhh thanks partner?”

Fraser pulled his hand away.

“What’s that called, anyway: ’Buddy Sneezing?’”

“It’s called ‘I hope you’re not coming down with a cold.’”

“Think I just got too much water up my nose earli-earlier.” He sneezed again. “On the other hand…”
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I'm experiencing another rollar coaster of ups and downs lately. Today I really just needed to focus on something that made me feel happy. So this happened.

Title: Friday Night Adventurers
Author: tarotgal
Rating: R (only for bad language and multiple brief mentions of tavern wenches)
Summary: A group of college students get together and play Dungeons & Dragons every Friday night. One evening, one of them happens to be coming down with a cold.

Friday Night Adventurers )
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So what do you do when you have a sneezing fetish and your new favorite show has an adorable, soft, snuggly tissue box that is literally canon? You buy the thing so damn fast. So I just wanted to share my fandomy joy.

Here's my brand new, plush, Makkachin-inspired tissue box cover!

And images of Yuuri and Viktor with it...

Picspam of more tissue box images )

It's even there in my user icon when Viktor goes all affectionate and clingy.
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20. Exhausting
(Marvel, Clint/Coulson)


Clint could barely keep his eyes open as he pressed tissues to Coulson’s face. “All right?” Clint asked.

Coulson nodded weakly, nose running. Coulson had sneezed and coughed constantly all night long, and Clint hadn’t had more than an hour of sleep in total.

“Good.” He pulled the blankets up to Coulson’s chin. “Then try to get some sleep.”

“I’b dot really tired…”

Clint’s hopes fell. He scrubbed his knuckles against his dry, burning eyes.


“Looking after you is exhausting. If you go to sleep, I’ll finally be able to get a few hours of rest as well.”
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19. Familiar
(Supernatural, Sam & Dean)

Everything felt different since returning from Purgatory. The world felt too colorful, too complicated. Even the cold he had didn’t feel so bad. His head pounded, his throat was sore, and his nose was stuffed-up, but it was just a cold. Not nearly as bad as Sam was making it out to be.


Frowning, Sam muttered something then sneezed into his arm. He shuffled toward the Impala.

Dean took his seat behind the wheel. Same old car. Same old complaining Sammy. Same old Dean pushing them to hunt and taking care of them both. This, at least, was familiar.
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Someone on Tumblr asked me to write anime. So I dug up the two sentence plot bunny I wrote at 3am when I was at ConneXions and turned it into a super snuggly angsty sneezefic.

Title: It Takes Practice
Fandom: Yuri on Ice
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yuuri/Victor
Summary: Victor's sick and Yuuri tries to not have a meltdown

It Takes Practice )
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18. Delirious

Throughout a day and a night, Arthur’s fever climbed steadily, until he was good for nothing but huddling in a cave, shivering and sweating.

Merlin had tried everything he could think of, but here in the mountains, his resources were limited. Finally, he resorted to using his magic, hoping Arthur was too feverish to notice.

In the morning, Arthur was better but confused. “Yes, but how did you lower my fever without herbs?”

Merlin packed up camp, pretending not to hear.

“I could have sworn you—“

“Nope. You were delirious. Let’s go now.” He hurried Arthur to his horse.


Aug. 10th, 2017 08:17 pm
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"There are all kinds of ways of life in this world. One is not right, one is not wrong. Understanding others, we can accept them. And through acceptance comes a peaceful world."
~Bronislaw Malinowski in Young Indiana Jones: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

Just one of those formative quotes from my youth I'm glad to remember right now :-) I wish I knew if that was an actual quotation of his or just something the script writers came up with, but I can't find anything like it attributed to him in quotation databases. Either way, they're good words. Let's all imagine each other more complexly, like the Vlogbrothers say.
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17. Safe
(Baby Driver)

His head pounding like the bassline in the rock song on his iPod, Baby spun the wheel. There was a combination of skill, concentration, familiarity, and ease in this. He blazed through three intersections, turned on a dime, and drove into a parking garage.

After the job, he realized his head still pounded. Joseph wouldn’t be able to hear the sirens but also wouldn’t be able to hear Baby sneezing. At home, Baby felt safe. But he also felt run down, miserable.

Crashing, coughing, snuffling, he fell into bed fully clothed, but not before turning his iPod to something soothing.
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16. Close/Closer
(Star Wars, Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon)

//Still cold, Master//

“Oh, Obi-Wan…” Obi-Wan already had his favorite blue blanket swirled around him, but Qui-Gon covered his padawan with a heavy comforter. Then he sat down on their bed, drawing Obi-Wan close. “How’s that?”

//Better… but…// Obi-Wan shook both with sneezes and shivers. “ehh-Yihhshh! EhhhChihshhhh!” Obi-Wan put his head in Qui-Gon’s lap and snuggled even closer. “Dod’t go.”

Qui-Gon stroked his head. “The universe doesn’t stop needing Jedi just because you have a cold.”

Obi-Wan tensed up.

“But I’ve told the council to do without us for a few days.” Qui-Gon could feel the relief through their bond.
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More things in my life!

Friday: even though our Panera was closed, [personal profile] melydia and I had a lovely write-in at Potbelly instead. I didn't get any book reviews done, but I worked on two games for the next day's Harry Potter meetup. And her brave ordering of a milkshake made me splurge and try one as well. YUMMY. I went home and worked on the games some more, not finishing until close to 2 am. Then I couldn't shut my brain off and ended up getting out of bed and working on them a little more.

Saturday: Library volunteering in the morning followed by a half an hour cat nap (literally, Charlie was on top of me the whole time) and then prep for the Harry Potter Birthday Party. My stomach ended up being... awful... so I had to turn around after I left my neighborhood and go back for medicine. But I still got there a little bit before the event. I'd invested in two small lanterns, which turned out to be helpful. The first game we played (which was the last one I created) was so easy neither team missed a question! The second round was a little harder. And the third game resulted in a lot of laughter. So I condier it a success! And the whole party was fun, as always. Our cake artist made this amazing Monster Book of Monsters cake! I got home, exhausted, and worked a little on a scavenger hunt I'll be running in DC in September. I've got most of it worked out now, which is a relief.

Sunday: I did a little work on LEGO Mocs, but not nearly enough. The deadline for those is August 2 and the deadline for Camp NaNoWriMo was July 31. So I headed to Panera around 1, got some food, and edited the hell out of my project. A little before 3, [personal profile] cowboyguy arrived and we kept each other on task. (I also got to see the latest fic before it was posted; I love betaing ficd from my favorite writers! It's like getting an exclusive sneak peek!). I headed home at 6 to feed my girls and finished editing the rest. I manged to get through 86 pages in all yesterday and hit my 450 Camp NaNoWriMo goal! Win!

Monday: Woke up at 7:45 feeling like shit, and it only got worse as the morning went on. I battled through as best I could because today was the second busiest day of the year at work for me--the day we let 3,000 people know if their events were accepted for our next conference or not. We accept over 500 events but we get about three times that in proposals. So there's always some disappointed folks. It's also the day a lot of our systems (like conference registration) go online. And today we hit a few snags--some of which were easier to fix than others. But the basics were posted and working by 1pm, at which time I went upstairs, took migraine medicine, put another cold pack on my head, and curled up on the couch. Charlie joined me again, purring comfortingly. After half an hour, I was getting hungry. So I made lunch and went back to work. The migraine went away around 3pm and by 4pm it was entirely gone. But the medicine makes me SUPER dizzy, so I had to watch myself on the stairs. I was supposed to go over to my parents for dinner, but I had to ask someone to come pick me up because I was too dizzy to walk let alone drive. My sister and her husband are in town and so we had a belated birthday dinner for my sister then watched Game of Thrones at their request. It was interesting watching yesterday's episode having only seen season 1 and only read the first 2 books. I really don't care what happens on the show, so I didn't mind spoilers. Honestly, there wasn't much that surprised me. It was kind of funny watching my family all recoil in horror during an incest moment, though. During most of the episode I played around on my phone and read some gay hockey erotica, as you do. Then I came home and managed to make one LEGO thing. I still have 2 more I really want to get done before Wednesday and another 3 I'd like to finish if possible. Might not be possible though because I won't be getting home until 8 tomorrow night.

Am both excited and exhausted and the con hasn't even started yet!
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15. Hold (Again)
(Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Indy)

“Indy! Don’t sneeze!” Remy hissed. They huddled behind a stack of boxes in the depot. They’d gotten the German codebook. All they had to do now was get it to the encampment.

Rubbing fingers furiously beneath his nose, Indy shook his head. “I have no… intention… of sn-snee-sneezing.” But the tickle in his nose intensified and he knew it was only a matter of time.

Worried, Remy looked around. Apart from dusty boxes and German soldiers, there wasn’t much. “Indy…”

“Can’t…” He tried to hold his breath. It didn’t help. “hept-TIHshh!

A bullet pierced the box above their hiding place.
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15. Hold
(Original Characters, Parker/Jason)

Parker straddled Jason, ordering “That’s it. Hold it back just a little longer.” It was amazing how far just a little bit of play like this went toward making them feel good and normal, even though they couldn’t really do more than lie in bed until Jason’s cold passed.

hahh! Hnnn-hah!” The urgent gasps made his body rock. “HAH!

“All right,” Parker relented, pressing a tissue to his sub’s nose. “You may sneeze now.”

But Jason didn’t. He continued to hold the sneeze back, much to Parker’s amazement.

“Oh, you little rascal!”

Jason grinned proudly, losing all concentration. “hahhh-CHIXxxshhh! H’CHNXxxxshh!
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14. Ride
(Middle Earth, Legolas/Gimli)

As the sun rose and their fire turned to embers, the three hunters knew they needed to move on. Resting for even as long as this had been a luxury. But Aragorn and Gimli had been exhausted and Legolas was in no fit state to ride all night either.

ihhh-ihhhh-IhHichhhh!” Legolas dabbed a handkerchief at his nose as he reluctantly left the bedroll he shared with Gimli. He sat up, looking weak and a little dizzy.

“Will you be able to ride?” Aragorn asked, concerned.

“He’ll be fine,” Gimli grunted, stroking Legolas’ head. “Aye, I’ll hold him steady on Arod.”
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I've been thinking a lot lately about my words of the year. Last year's was Kerpow. And there were definitely times I needed to fall back on that and use it for an extra umph to see me fighting through things. This year's is survive, not entirely optimistic about the shit I'd be facing this year and doing my best just to stay alive. I've faced a couple moments when that didn't seem too easy. But, cheesy as it sounds, things do get better. But then they get worse again. Unless something significant happens (for example, losing much of the west coast of my country in a North Korean strike that's going to happen within the year unless something stops it) I've decided I want to make next year's word kindness. I've been having a hard time lately feeling good about my country. I love it but it doesn't love me or many of my friends or family back. And I have a lot of hatred for people who want to take our rights away. Which doesn't feel good to me. I don't like feeling full of hate. I keep thinking about organizations like SNCC teaching people how to peacefully resist by showing sympathy and love for their fellow man and trying to connect to them as equal, fellow human beings. And, no, I'm not saying love will fix everything. I think the country's too damn broken for something that simple. But there is something to be said for trying to figure out where the other side is coming from and realizing that they're just as scared as you and feel just as helpless, and that's why they find it necessary to take away your rights. Bullying and picking on scapegoated minorities are easy moves to make themselves feel better and put the blame on someone else. But it doesn't fix things. It makes things worse. And it's happening just a little bit at a time. A travel ban here, a policy there. Pretty soon we'll be left with nothing.

So, yesterday's tweet announcement kicking transgender servicepeople out of the military is outrageous and terrifying but hardly surprising. (My mom actually called me yesterday to see how I was doing and said she'd been crying off and on all day about it). These are qualified people keeping me safe. And considering North Korea is going to be able to hit the continental US within the year, I need all the people keeping me safe I can get right now. These are individuals in leadership positions or specialized positions or even key strategic positions. And pulling them out now not only weakens us but shows our enemies that we'd rather tear ourselves apart than unify. And it's even worse that, because of the change last year, people have been able to be open and authentic about it, which they might not have done, and now they're paying the price for that honesty. So, yeah, I'm irate. But I completely also get why it happened, especially if the people Trump met with suggested that they use the "savings" to help fund the wall.

There's been a lot of talk about this. But what I haven't heard as much talk about is Title VII. The Department of Justice now says that the Civil Rights Act does not cover employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It'll still be the courts that decide it in the end, but I'm not as optimistic as some people seem to be about it. So, yeah, the DOJ say it's not against the law to discriminate against somone or terminate someone's employment just because that someone has a particular sexual orientation. That hits hard. The DOJ is basically giving people the ability to be bigoted and discriminatory. And there are lots of other laws and regulations that prevent it, but when the law of the land is that it's okay to discriminate, that sends a pretty strong message.

But the thing is, none of that stops us from speaking out for our fellow man. None of that stops us doing everything we can to make it safe for our friends and family and neighbors and community. Yeah, things are fucking unfair right now. Yeah, people in charge are being idiots who don't think things through first. But that doesn't stop us from loving each other and protecting each other. (And, just to be clear, by loving I do not mean, for example, Donald Trump kissing a lesbian Medal of Valor recipient who is holding herself up on crutches and unable to push him away if she wanted to. That's just disgusting and creepy.)

Today I unpackaged a t-shirt I recently bought. (And how awesome to see the words "Your Obedient Servants @ TeeRico" on the packaging?) Because now, more than ever, I really need this:

And, in honor of next year's word and a reminder to myself to try to do less hating (even when it's totally deserved):

Oh gods, that beautiful, smoooooth voice. Chris Jackson's singing kills me. I have watched this/listened to this an embarrassing number of times.
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13. Infectious
(Middle Earth, Bilbo/Thorin)

Bilbo stood in the doorway to the dining hall, eyes wide with awe. A terrible cold was going around the caves, and half the dwarves were sick and sneezing.

“What’re you doing out of our chambers?” an angry voice snapped. A hand gripped his shoulder and spun him around.

Bilbo stared at Thorin’s livid expression. “I wanted to see…”

“Oh-ho, I know what you wanted.” Thorin reached down and cupped his Hobbit’s crotch. “Their sneezing makes you hard.”

Whimpering, “Thorin…”

“Dwarf colds spread quickly. It may already be too late for us. We’ll soon be sneezing too.”

Bilbo squealed excitedly.
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12. Many (again)
(Sense8, Cluster)

Riley stroked Will’s cheek. He stirred, coughing and snuffling. She got a tissue for him and tried not to feel overwhelmed by helplessness.

“Boiling water and carom seeds will help with the cough,” Kala advised.

“Asian pears with honey,” Sun suggested.

“Nah, Makatussin’s what he needs,” said Wolfgang.

“Or tequila shots.” Lito mimed tossing one back.

“Just get some rest,” Capheus said knowingly. “It could be worse.”

Will sneezed, wincing as she rubbed his nose.

“At least get softer tissues.” Nomi settled on the bed and everyone else did the same. Remedies were in short supply, but comfort was not.


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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