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I'm only on episode 5, but this new season of Sense8 is rocking my world so hard right now. I definitely needed this. When Lito says to Hernando and Daniela "Family, try to understand what's happening here" I just about lost it. It was a sad moment, yes, but calling them "Family" as a unit like that? OMG yes. I love them so much! OT3 forever.

Though, I guess, it's more like an OT11 if you add in everyone including Amanita, isn't it? Squee :-)

All I can hope is that my coworker is watching it this weekend so I can discuss it all with him... because NO ONE else in my life is watching the show for some reason. When we heard the new season was available today, he and I were both SO excited! So far, it's not disappointing.
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