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I literally spent all Saturday afternoon driving around, doing chores. I worked a little this weekend on an upcoming project. But, mostly, I went through my journals, fixing images. The good news is that I found some LEGO series 17 minifigs and spent a few hours going through boxes to get a complete set. I misfelt one through the package, but I found some at Walmart today and got the one I was missing. The bad news is that, while I was making dinner last night, just as the thing in the oven was about ready to come out, I opened up my fridge and the aloe plant I keep on top of the fridge FELL ON MY HEAD. The pot didn't break, but dirt went everywhere and part of the poor plant broke off. I had dirt in my hair and down my shirt and then the oven timer went off AND the microwave finished as well. So my dinner got cold while I cleaned one-handed, a cold pack on my head where the pot had hit it. I'm so graceful.

On Friday, I saved one of the images from Photoshop onto my hard drive. I still have about 20 folders still to download, and some of the folders aren't downloadable, so I had to save hundreds of images one at a time. I sorted through images and uploaded them to my website. Then I went through all 800+ entries of my 101 Things LiveJournal and fixed every single entry. When I tried to copy those into Dreamwidth, I learned that the import only grabs new entries and new comments, not edited entries. And there is no way to delete all entries in a Dreamwidth journal, for security reasons, so I had to go through and delete all 800+ entries one at a time then do another import of content. That took me all weekend. I did also fix all photos in my Writing blog, my Music blog, and the first 3 years of posts in my Book Blog (which has over 1,000 entries and many more years to go). I also finally deleted my Writing Blog, Music Blog, Dream Blog, and LEGO Blog off LiveJournal. I still have another, like, 10 blogs to go.

I'm rewatching one of my favorite shows right now--Forever Knight. I never even took seasons 2 and 3 out of their plasticwrap! I have been AMAZED at some of the extremely young guest stars I now recognize who were strangers to me then. First was Thea Gill (Lindsay from Queer as Folk. She isn't in the show for long, but I would recognize that voice anywhere!). Then David Hewlett, who played a crazy bad guy and did a smashing job being creepy! And just last night I watched an episode that had Amanda Tapping (playing a doctor/scientist)! I'm nearly up to my favorite episode--the Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass episode that's crazy. Can't WAIT to listen to the DVD commentary for that one. I've been waiting, what, 24 years for that commentary? This is so exciting!
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