May. 24th, 2017

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Just barely hanging on!

Finished Gaithersburg Book Festival last week. Brought 757 books and gave them and another 800 or so away for free at the festival. Took me a lot of time to get all those sorted and registered and released and packed up.

Spent over 2 weeks at work packing up my office and dealing with the server room and storage room and all my coworkers' systems. The moving truck came yesterday and took everything away and I started working from home. My parents helped me transport and set up a little workstation in my basement so that's my dedicated work space that I can keep separate from the computer desk here where I write and watch Netflix and play computer games and craft (and register an absurd amount of books). I like having that dedicated space at home; my cats seem to like it as well as they keep stealing my desk chair every time I get up.

Saw the eye doctor yesterday. Found out afterward my insurance doesn't cover that. Damn it.

Got my car's oil and air filter changed today. Cost more than I would have liked, but it had to get done.

Driving up to Pittsburgh tomorrow to go to Confabulation! It'll be my first con of this kind alone and I'm nervous about that. I'm such an introvert. [personal profile] ratherastory, if you're going, please come find me so we can squee about h/c things! I'm excited about the trip, though. It's AMAZING to be around my people in an uncensored environment. There's nothing like it. Problem is, I haven't really started packing yet. GAH!!! But it's definitely my reward for working so damn hard this month. I can't wait to talk Hamilton and OT3s and all other sorts of fandomy goodness with people! I also get to pick up this pillow I commissioned, which I am insanely excited about! And, hey, if the worst that happens is I end up hiding in my room in the evenings snuggling pillows and writing fanfic, that's still a wonderful vacation and time well spent! So I'm not going to push myself. I'm just going to enjoy the not working-ness of it all! :-)


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