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2017-07-20 10:01 pm

Drabble Pause!

I'm going to pause in my posting of drabbles while I'm at the con. I just don't want to give myself something to worry about when I'm supposed to be having lots of fangirl fun.

Also, I'm just going to be posting my drabbles to my blog here from now on. Two of my pieces got deleted off the forum. I realize the mods are just trying to keep people safe, and that's a good thing. But it's a little annoying and reminds me of the MANY reasons I stepped away from the blue forum in the first place. So this is the place from now on.

I'm John Laurens in the place to be...

Also also, you might have noticed I closed comments on my LJ posts for recent posts. I'm trying to train myself to migrate to Dreamwidth. I haven't gotten up the courage to delete my LJ yet, but given the state of the world at the moment, I really need to. So this is me making the switch to DW. And I still have a mirror at InsaneJournal as well, though the comments aren't copied there, only the initial posts.
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2017-07-20 04:32 pm

DRABBLE: 9. Cloak

9. Cloak
(Middle Earth, Legolas/Gimli)

They’d taken shelter under some trees for the night, but the snow and wind still found them. Gimli shivered. His teeth chattered. His nose ran. He could barely feel his hands, though he had them tucked under his thighs to keep them warm.

“Are you cold?” Legolas asked softly, his words nearly eclipsed by the storm.

“N-nay,” Gimli replied, trying not to sniffle.

Legolas moved to take off a cloak.

“Don’t!” Gimli reached out to stop him. “I gave that to you because you’re ill. You need it.”

Legolas hesitated then reached out, pulling Gimli under the cloak with him.
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2017-07-19 11:09 pm

DRABBLE: 8. River (Again)

8. River (Again)


“Bless you!” Kaylee popped into the cockpit. “You comin’ down with somethin’?”

River shrugged.

“If you are, you should see your brother.”

River shrugged again and coughed a little.

Kaylee turned. “I’ll go get him for you.”

“No!” River reached out, grabbing Kaylee’s arm. “Just keep me company?”

After a moment, Kaylee nodded. River relaxed. Much as she wanted her brother to get her medicine, she didn’t want Kaylee to find Simon, because Simon was currently in bed with Jayne.

They didn’t know she knew, but she did. She knew everything. “ihhhChii!” Except where Simon kept the cold medicine.
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2017-07-19 11:07 pm

My Week!

Work hard & play hard. That's me lately. Here's a recap of my life lately!

Baby Driver- saw it with a movie group last Wednesday. It was everything I thought it would be and more. Adored the use of music. And the fact that a Queen song featured at the climax of the movie, that was just icing on the cake! I really liked it. Am glad AwesomeCon made me go see it.

Friday am- was the most wonderful moment of the week. I watched Yuri on Ice and then bought a handful of the songs on iTunes and proceeded to sing them at the top of my voice all morning (okay, mostly just shouted the King JJ song that loudly, the rest I sang at normal volumes, though I did dance about a bit to some like Eros). I was on top of the world.

Friday pm- friggin sucked. After I was too nice on social media to someone, I got a series of emails from a coworker who basically called my work shit and said everything that was wrong in social media was my fault. Clearly it has nothing to do with his department's crappy policies that make people complain to us on social media. Of course not. All my fault. Even though some part of me knew that wasn't true, I still felt like shit to be told I was worthless at my job and wanted to crawl under the covers for the rest of my life. I was so close to losing it. I went to Panera that evening, though I expect I wasn't good company. My dear friend was kind enough to understand and not push. Thank you, [personal profile] melydia. You are awesome. My mind was still on work the whole time. I managed to get a few book reviews written, though. I wrote one for All the Bright Places and even though it was several days after I finished reading it, I still broke down crying while writing the review and didn't stop for several minutes afterward. I think writing a book review about a YA book dealing with suicide on a day I felt utterly worthless was, in retrospect, one of my worst ideas ever. But it was also kind of cathartic to cry and to remember that things do get better, stupid as it sounds.

Indiana Jones- I started watching the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on DVD. I have had them for AGES (I bought each as soon as it was released... one is still in plasticwrap). It was wonderful rewatching some of my favorite episodes and seeing a few that I'd never seen before (my VCR didn't catch all of them, back in the day, and there was at least one that never aired that was brand new to me--part of it was filmed by the crew when they were filming Star Wars: The Phantom Menace because they're both Lucas Film projects). I got to Volume 2 over the weekend. Oh Sean Patrick Flannery. You are still so pretty to look at. And even though I am LOVING these episodes with all my heart, the thing I'm finding I really enjoy are some of the bonus stories. Along with every episode are 2-4 half hour documentaries about one of the subjects in the episodes. Oh what I wouldn't have given to have these back when the episodes came out! I remember having to go to the library and look up a lot of this history back then. There's even an interactive timeline and map that shows events that happen each year the series covers and what episodes some of the events correspond with. My two greatest surprises so far are 1. Carrie Fisher wrote an episode and 2. Indy worked with the Lafayette Escadrille! That totally went over my head as a teen, I can tell you that. But I just saw the memorial honoring them last year in the Washington National Cathedral, so that's pretty awesome. I LOVE learning history through fiction.

BCinDC Meetup- went to a BookCrossing meetup. A first-timer joined us. She seems nice and not too overwhelmed by our silliness. She led us to a Little Free Library that our dearly departed friend, FURBALL, helped keep stocked. Speaking of which, I've got to register some books tonight and take them to the Starbucks OBCZ tomorrow.

Guardians of the Galaxy- I went to see this in the theater on Saturday finally. I thought the storyline was a little "I've seen it before" but the character performances really made up for it. YAY for found families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEGO- I started freaking out on Sunday about LEGO. I still hadn't even unpacked from last year's LEGO con, and this year's is only a few weeks away. So I really needed to get building. I put together a spreadsheet plan, started piecing a few ideas together, and made some orders on BrickLink for pieces I needed to complete the projects that I either didn't own or couldn't find. My collection is a MESS right now. I have two whole boxes of unsorted LEGO. I worked steadily through Sunday, worked all Monday night, and late Tuesday night as well. Minus a few parts that are coming in the mail, I've finished 18 out of the 20 MOCs I want to take to BrickFair to display. And the guy who runs the convention emailed me about coordinating my section again, which I am very happy to do, so he made it a collab again. Which means we'll probably be on the map again. Yay. I was SO worried I wasn't going to get all these done, but I'm just blazing through them. I have 2 more I definitely want to make and maybe I'll make a 3rd if there's time.

Camp NaNoWriMo- Not doing so well. I'm about a quarter done with my goal. Other things keep getting in the way. I hope to be able to really focus on the project next week though.

Angel Kitty- My sister's cat, Angel, is definitely not doing well. She's had, like, 7 enemas and she's been in Kidney failure for a few months now. The vet actually has to come to my parents' house every day to give her medicine because she is the WORST pill-taking cat they have ever seen. She had another ultrasound today and they saw some things that may or may not be tumors. My sister might be flying in this weekend to say goodbye to her. Angel still jumps up on the couch and snuggles and puuuuuurrrrrrrs (she has the loudest purr of any cat I have EVER known). So she's not completely miserable yet. But things are definitely sliding downhill rapidly.

Wonder Woman- I went and saw Wonder Woman tonight, finally. Basically, I was scared about being spoiled more than I already had been, so I had to somehow squeeze these movies into my already tight schedule. I thought it was wonerful. Gal was fantastic (okay, I'm a little in love with her Diana), and Chris always sparkles in roles. I had a hard time with some of the messages in the film, but largely it was enjoyable. Definitely a great film to proove that superhero movies with female leads CAN be successes.

Tomorrow- I've got a Harry Potter discussion tomorrow to go to after work. Our topic this month is Hagrid. (Hagrid is fun to hug. Hagrid is full of love. Just don't get stuck in Hagrid's beard- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

Friday/Saturday/Sunday- I've got another con to go to! This is seriously the year of cons for me--5 in one year is A LOT. I'm really looking forward to this one. I've made 3 charity raffle baskets. I'm hosting a panel on Sunday on coping with tv shows that end too soon. And I'm most excited about the Once More with Feeling Buffy Singalong! I've done Dr. Horrible Singalongs a few times, but never Buffy. Should be lots of fun. And good, slashy times, too. Honestly, when I was feeling like shit on Friday and parts of the weekend, I kept telling myself that I had this con coming up and that more than anything got me through. It was really nice to have something so immediate to look forward to and keep me going. So I hope it's a good time. I think I'll be flying solo, which I'm a little sad about because I love my [personal profile] cowboyguy con buddy! But I had such a blast at CONfabulation on my own that I feel better about tackling this one solo. Though I might try to remember to bring my Slash card game in case anyone wants to play.

*hugs* to everyone!
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2017-07-18 09:04 pm

DRABBLE: 8. River

8. River

eh ehh Ehptchoo!” Jughead rubbed the back of his wrist against his nose. This was crazy. He hadn’t even gone into the river; he’d just watched and worried as he made sure Betty and Veronica stayed back and Archie pulled Cheryl out. “ehhh-Heptchooo! Sniff!” And, yet, here he was with sniffles and chills that wouldn’t go away. Crazy.

Sitting in the only chair in the trailer that wasn’t broken, he poured the hot water from the kettle into the bowl his bare feet were already in. Warmth spread through him. “ehh EhhTChoo!” It wasn’t enough, but it was a start.
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2017-07-17 09:36 pm

DRABBLE: 7. Prayer (Again)

7. Prayer (Again)
(Grantchester, Sidney/Geordie)

The church was empty. The peace made it easier to pray but was also disconcerting. If people stopped coming, he’d be out of a job. He smiled when he heard footsteps making their way down the aisle.

He wrapped up his prayers then he turned with a heady sort of compassion.

Only it wasn’t a parishioner. It was Geordie, looking defeated. Geordie with a handkerchief at his nose. His hayfever was acting up. At least no one was in the church to be bothered if he sneezed. And no one was in the church to see the two men embrace.
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2017-07-16 02:00 pm

DRABBLE: 7. Prayer

7. Prayer

Dean could hear Sam down the hall, coughing. Was it just the trials or was he sick again?

His hands folded on the bed, legs bent at the knees, head hung, Dean once again pleaded for Castiel’s help. By now, he was pretty sure the angel wasn’t listening. But just in case, Dean kept asking. Talking to Cas was different from praying somehow. But he was willing to talk to anyone who could help Sam.

heh-EHtchhhh!” Sam sneezed.

Sick again, then. Dean grabbed the spare blanket off the foot of his bed and went in search of his little brother.
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2017-07-15 10:06 pm

DRABBLE: 6. Reunion (Again)

So... sometimes when I looked at the prompt words, I got multiple ideas about what fandom/situation to write about. I'm bad at choosing and decided, instead, to write them both.

6. Reunion (Again)
(Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius)

“When Dumbledore sent me to you… I was worried you wouldn’t take me in.”

Remus laughed. He stretched, naked, spanning the height of the small bed. He rubbed at his tickling nose. “I was afraid you wouldn’t want me. It’s been years. I haven’t aged well.”

“Nonsense.” Sirius reached over, pushed Remus’ hand away, and rubbed Remus’ nose for him. Remus relaxed. No one could drive a sneeze away like Sirius could. Even the sneeziest of colds didn’t stand a chance around him. “You’re just the way I remember you.”

“So are you,” Remus returned, leaning over for a kiss.
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2017-07-14 11:01 pm

DRABBLE: 6. Reunion

6. Reunion
(The Breakfast Club)

His allergies acting up, Brian scrubbed at his nose. “Think the girls will show?”

Andrew shrugged, leaning back in his chair to study the door. Muffled music from the cafeteria where the dance was being held could be heard. “Probably not. I’m just surprised Bender did.”

“Hey, that’s Dr. Bender to you,” John corrected. “It’s their loss if they don’t come.”

Brian sneezed, the sound much louder in the empty library than he’d expected, making him blush. He looked down at the High School 20th Reunion nametag on his shirt.

But the others’ attention was on the opening library door.
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2017-07-13 10:17 pm

DRABBLE: 5. Manipulate

5. Manipulate
(Yuri on Ice, Victor/Yuuri)

It was past midnight. Yuuri was ill. But Yuuri was still practicing. What would make him stop? After Yuuri sneezed and fell during a jump, Victor called him over to offer the poodle tissue box.

“I cad get this,” Yuuri promised, his nose running into a tissue.

Victor sighed. “Well, I’m heading home. I want a hot bath and a pork cutlet bowl.” Dramatically he turned and headed for the exit. He was nearly there when he looked over his shoulder. “I said: I want a pork cutlet bowl.”

Yuuri’s eyes widened and off came his skates for the night.
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2017-07-12 05:17 pm

DRABBLE: 4. Betrayal

4. Betrayal
(Sherlock, John & Sherlock)

The footsteps paused then entered the room. There was no clear, discernible pattern to their movement—first they were by the fireplace then by the window then back near the stairs.

hn!” No. Please not now!hnnn-huh! h’Yihpttchh!

At once, the curtain was drawn aside and the space between armchair and wall thoroughly examined. “How awful to be betrayed by your own nose,” John smirked. “How did you even manage to fit there?”

Reluctantly, Sherlock squeezed out of his hiding spot. “Suppose you’ll ply me with all sorts of nasty cold remedies now?”

“You’re brilliant, Sherlock.” John patted his back.
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2017-07-11 09:08 pm

DRABBLE: 3. Cells

3. Cells
(Avengers, Tony/Steve/Bucky)


Bucky sat hunched over, elbows on knees, head in hands. At the sound, his head snapped up to look from his jail cell into the next. “You cold?”

Tony crossed his arms over his chest. The only thing he wore were boxers. “Can’t imagine why. Sniff! When’s Steve coming?”

Bucky shrugged and ran one good hand and one metal one through his hair. “Long time, I hope. He’s gonna chew us out. We promised we wouldn’t wind up here again.”

“Steve knew we wouldn’t keep that promise.” He sighed. “Just wish I could remember what we did this time.”
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2017-07-10 06:35 pm

DRABBLE: 2. Fleece

2. Fleece
(The 10th Kingdom, Wolf/Virginia)

“Would you get me a blanket?” Curled up on the couch, Wolf shivered.

After depositing their cub in the baby bouncer, Virginia pushed used tissues aside to settle on the couch. She draped a large, green blanket over him.

“This isn’t the one from the bedroom.” He sounded disappointed. He tugged at the blanket and froze as it brushed his cheek. “What is this?”


He shook his head. “I’m an expert on sheep, and—huff puff—this is not fleece!”

“I can get you anoth—“

“No.” He snuggled and nuzzled into the blanket. “I0th Kingdom fleece is magical…”
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2017-07-09 08:27 pm
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DRABBLE: 1. Convalescence

I'm shooting for 25 this time. I've got all but 8 written, so I thought I'd start sharing. Also, I'm trying to switch to DW now, so I'm cross-posting differently as an experiment. Let's see how this goes!

1. Convalescence
(Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

When Dean stirred, Sam got out of the car. He opened the back door and retucked the blankets.

“Sam…” Dean’s voice was weak. He didn’t even have the energy to lift his head, but he objected to this fussing. “Y’don’t have to do this every time…”

“Yeah, I do. How are you? Can you eat?” Sam offered a granola bar.

“Dunno…” Dean closed his eyes. “So tired…”

Sam kissed Dean’s forehead. “Don’t fight it. Recovery will take a while. Rest up.” Sam got back behind the wheel and drove until the movement of the car sent Dean back to sleep.
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2017-07-07 11:07 pm

Huh. That was unexpected.

Who knew there were so many fics written for the pairing Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov/Barack Obama? I thought there couldn't possibly be more than one of those in the world. Boy, was I wrong! There are currently four. How did this happen? And all written by different authors, too. This is mystifying! And hilarious.

In other news, I just watched my favorite Forever Knight episode, "Fever." I was reciting lines along with it, even having not seen it for over 20 years. All Nick has to do is lean on the counter and sat to Nat "I'm hungry... and I'm hot" and all Nat has to do is feel his feverish forehead and I have melted. This was SUCH an important scene/episode to me back in the day.

In a somewhat-but-not-really related note, I think I broke both my VCR and my favorite exercise tape last night. I'm extremely bummed. I might have another VCR I can use, but the tape... poor baby. But I found a recording of it someone put on YouTube and saved it onto my computer last night. So now I'll never be without it. That's a relief. I am still sad, though.

In a not-at-all related note, my icon package expired on LJ and I didn't renew it. But I did buy a paid account on Dreamwidth and transferred all my icons there so I wouldn't lose them and the way they're attached to my entries.
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2017-07-03 07:44 pm

Driving, Fixing, Working, Fangirling

I literally spent all Saturday afternoon driving around, doing chores. I worked a little this weekend on an upcoming project. But, mostly, I went through my journals, fixing images. The good news is that I found some LEGO series 17 minifigs and spent a few hours going through boxes to get a complete set. I misfelt one through the package, but I found some at Walmart today and got the one I was missing. The bad news is that, while I was making dinner last night, just as the thing in the oven was about ready to come out, I opened up my fridge and the aloe plant I keep on top of the fridge FELL ON MY HEAD. The pot didn't break, but dirt went everywhere and part of the poor plant broke off. I had dirt in my hair and down my shirt and then the oven timer went off AND the microwave finished as well. So my dinner got cold while I cleaned one-handed, a cold pack on my head where the pot had hit it. I'm so graceful.

On Friday, I saved one of the images from Photoshop onto my hard drive. I still have about 20 folders still to download, and some of the folders aren't downloadable, so I had to save hundreds of images one at a time. I sorted through images and uploaded them to my website. Then I went through all 800+ entries of my 101 Things LiveJournal and fixed every single entry. When I tried to copy those into Dreamwidth, I learned that the import only grabs new entries and new comments, not edited entries. And there is no way to delete all entries in a Dreamwidth journal, for security reasons, so I had to go through and delete all 800+ entries one at a time then do another import of content. That took me all weekend. I did also fix all photos in my Writing blog, my Music blog, and the first 3 years of posts in my Book Blog (which has over 1,000 entries and many more years to go). I also finally deleted my Writing Blog, Music Blog, Dream Blog, and LEGO Blog off LiveJournal. I still have another, like, 10 blogs to go.

I'm rewatching one of my favorite shows right now--Forever Knight. I never even took seasons 2 and 3 out of their plasticwrap! I have been AMAZED at some of the extremely young guest stars I now recognize who were strangers to me then. First was Thea Gill (Lindsay from Queer as Folk. She isn't in the show for long, but I would recognize that voice anywhere!). Then David Hewlett, who played a crazy bad guy and did a smashing job being creepy! And just last night I watched an episode that had Amanda Tapping (playing a doctor/scientist)! I'm nearly up to my favorite episode--the Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass episode that's crazy. Can't WAIT to listen to the DVD commentary for that one. I've been waiting, what, 24 years for that commentary? This is so exciting!
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2017-06-30 10:26 pm

Well, there goes my free time forever!

Found out tonight that now Photobucket isn't allowing 3rd party sites to display their images. So 75% of my images in all my blogs are coming up as broken links. Fantastic! Good thing these are mirrored on two or three blogs now! That's only 5,000 x 2 posts I need to sift through and edit! Hardly anything! *cries*

And I'm supposed to start Camp NaNoWriMo tomorrow too. Goodie!

Also, I'm using my pissed off icon on LJ because I was talking with [personal profile] melydia tonight about how much I love Janette, and it seemed appropriate as well. Damn you, Photobucket! You had ONE JOB!
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2017-06-29 12:37 pm
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My H/C Bingo Card!

It's been YEARS since I tried my hand at H/C Bingo, but the head of my new Camp NaNoWriMo cabin said sign ups were open, so I gave it a go. I got some good stuff. I'm a little sad that some of my favorites aren't in the same row/column, so I might have to try for a blackout or maybe make a couple different bingos.

It also occurs to me that I don't think I've actually written sex pollen. Have I? I've read so much of it... I can't remember if I've ever written it myself! LOL

My hc_bingo card )
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2017-06-26 12:17 am

Prompt words!

So... I've been feeling not so inspired in the fic-writing lately. I've got a Spander story I REALLY want to work on... but every time I want to write it, I'm too busy and every time I'm free, I get stuck.

So I think I'd like to do some short things again. Because those drabbles I did last year were fun. But I need words. Just single words, not phrases or sentences. Anyone have a word suggestion or two for me? Would love for them to be kinky and/or h/c or sf-related please! I reserve the right to skip any I can't think of a fill for ;-) And feel free to repeat any off the list I've already done. If it's a good word, I want it!
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2017-06-07 11:34 pm


Also WTF? Netflix is cancelling Sense8? I'm sad about The Get Down being cancelled, but this is just outrageous. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Sense8! *cries*