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Well, one of them is, that is ;-)

I've been trying to track down this painting that was hanging in my high school English teacher's classroom. And after FIFTEEN years, I've found it! I was at a book sale a few months ago and the painting was on the cover, among others. I finally found the book in the storage room and Wikipediaed it (yeah, that's a word; get over it).

The painting is Rubens Peale With a Geranium by Rembrandt Peale:

Rubens is 17 in the painting. His whole family were artists, but he went a different route and opened his own museum: The New York Museum of Natural History and Science. And then he ended up keeping a journal and painting still lifes and landscapes anyway. I have a total crush on the man :-) And now I kind of want to track down the Peale Museum (now the Municipal Museum of Baltimore). Or maybe the Maryland Historical Society, as that's where the Peale collection is now.

Yeah, I love me some geeky, nature-loving men! I'm so relieved to finally find out about this painting that was in my head for a decade and a half!
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I just sneezed. Maybe's it's a sign. LOL

First off... what a day! James (Scotty) dying and Canada making gay marriage all official and my boss' daughter's Bday and me... um... getting a new CD player and a battery for my car remote (I didn't mention the CD player on my LJ. My CD player died the day before I left for CA. I kept trying to make it play and it just wouldn't and I was driving in the car and SOBBING because it was broken. My grandparents bought me that CD player as a high school graduation gift and it was fitting for it to die just before I left to go out to CA to attend the service and sort through the house and all *sniffles*) Anyway...

What a THRILL to wake up to this morning before work. [livejournal.com profile] the_pirate_girl gave me something I've been wanting forever: an illustration specifically based on one of my stories. It's of Draco (and Snape) from my 'Familiarity' fic (which is weird because I was just thinking about that fic last night). Even though the fic was written long before HBP, the picture DOES CONTAIN A SPOILER for the book so, yeah, only look after you've read the book. (And, hey, read my fic, too, if you want!) The drawing is on her deviantART gallery here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/20772814/ and it's just fantastic. I'm so envious and flattered and touched and honored and warm&fuzzy with lots of happy *sigh* So everyone must go check it out and see what a lovely job she did!! *snuggles sick!Draco to pieces*

On an only slightly related note... I've been thinking about this for a while... and I hope this doesn't come off me being all full of myself or anything (though I suppose now would be a good time for it because- look at my pretty fic illustration gift! *snuggles it again*). Would anyone be at all interested in me writing commentary for one or more of my fics? I've discussed this idea with a few people in the past in relation to DVD commentaries and all, but I've never really tried my hand at it before because, yeah, the whole full-of-myself and pretending-someone-actually-cares-what-I-have-to-say-about-my-own-fics things.
But I think I'd find it fun to go revisit some of my stories in that sort of capacity. Would anyone actually like to read something like that? And if so, anyone have a fic they'd like me to provide commentary for? You know, a fic where, when you read it, you kept saying "TG, what the HECK were you thinking here?". Or maybe some WIP I don't have finished yet (uh, obviously not finished, because that's the IP part of WIP, innit?) that you'd like me to go through.
Anyone interested? Or anyone really sickened by the idea and will avoid me forever now for suggesting such rubbish? LOL!
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A few random notices for y'all.

SciFi's showing all of Firefly starting this Friday before the Stargates. I've known about this for a few weeks but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone cares and doesn't yet know. I'm looking forward to it :-)

Gameshow Network's showing The Amazing Race at 9pm and 12pm every single day. They're down to 5 teams right now, but when I say they're showing the show, I mean ALL of it. All 7 seasons. One episode every night for the entire summer. So.. yeah... if you like it and missed any (I never saw most of season 1, which is what's playing now) tune in.

My FAVORITE Harry Potter artist, Marta, *points to icon* has opened a slash journal! It's got the info about how to get to the Slash section of her site and any new art (though she's not doing much of it lately) will be up there. So all you people who haven't seen it yet, go right now! It's beautiful!
Marta's normal journal: [livejournal.com profile] seviet (See the recent Sirius & Regulus and Greenhouse and Marauder Pillow Fight pics!)
Marta's new Slash journal: [livejournal.com profile] slashiet (With link to that part of her site- You must be a member to read the posts)

Oh... and Vault 711 has a new Remus/Sirius comic up that I just ADORE! It's got HBP spoilers but it's fantastic. It's the one in red (#35) http://www.persephone.nu/711/ *sigh* Makes me feel SO much better about HBP ;-) Of course, I still like #23 for that as well.
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As you may or may not know, I cannot draw. My hand just doesn't move the right way and my mind surely doesn't think the write way. But I'm pretty okay at copying... so I took a couple different pics from various drawing tutorials and combined them with a foggy mental image and a not too bad picture fell out. It's slightly less laughable at my previous attempts but it's nowhere near any level of decent.

But I thought I'd share. And I owe GWT many thanks for her encouragement in this matter... and for not dying with laughter as expected during my previous attempt. LOL Just wait until you see the patheticness that is my annual challenge entry... no, actually, don't wait. It's definitely not worth waiting for. Tis far worse than this, so that's saying something! LOL

Badly drawn Sneezing Elf )
Sorry about the lined paper. I was just playing around. *blushes profusely*

But on a happy note... I got my scanner out of my storage unit today and hooked it up and it actually works (with some tinkering software-wise) on my new(er) computer. So, yay! Three cheers for my scanner!
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VERY cute Remus/Sirius stick figure site: Vault 711
There's an especially cute comic where Sirius has a cold that reminds me of a couple of my stories, LOL
Though, stick figures aside, the other art is not too bad(I'd seen it before, just not the comics), and the humor is fantastic, even the non S/R stuff... I cannot stop laughing at some of the comics! Ohh ohhh ohhh! Especially making fun of movie Lupin's moustache. Anyway, I thought I'd share.

Anyone have any good Daniel SG H/C recs?

Okay, I'm going to go put on my lesbian folk singer playlist and try to get this HP femslash sneezefic story written. I don't like the term femsneeze. I just... ick... I don't like it. I know one of the defining characteristics of a community and culture is creating new words, but that's one I don't particularly like for some reason. What's the opposite malesneeze? They just sound weird to me in my head. And I'm not going to say them outloud because I still have trouble saying that word even when alone *blush*

*goes back to be entertained by cute Sirius sneezing comic*
Oh, though speaking of which, I know I've mentioned how much I adore Mushi's art, and I know I've posted the link to this a couple places, but here's a multi-page Ron/Harry sneezing comic I love :-)
Oh, though speaking of good Marauder art, how cute is this? Remus after a transformation, with James and Sirius to take care of him (tis from this site since I don't like just pointing to images without page references)


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