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And this is what I just changed my desktop wallpaper to:

It was created by [livejournal.com profile] hikari_corgan
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This is an image of my desktop as I've had it during the past few months.

The very nummy, sexy Remus/Sirius image is poderosa's.
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Hmmmm. I don't seem to have posted my last desktop image here :-( Grrr. Stupid tg. It was the USPS wallpaper of Obi-Wan.

But my new desktop wallpaper is:

Mmm. Clubbing puppies. The image is entirely [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121's
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I changed my desktop again. Thought it would be nice to have something new for the new year.

It's a picture colored by trishna87(artisticalley) that was originally created by LadyBelial(deviantart)/Belial(artisticalley)/[livejournal.com profile] kasche
I love the sleeping boyos and their positions and the colors are so pretty.
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I changed my wallpaper again, because I'm getting really excited about NaNoWriMo :-)

So this is my special NaNoWriMo wallpaper which is supposed to inspire me and provide me with useful information. In that blank spot on the right side above the layout of the second floor, there's now a folder just for NaNoWriMo. It's where I'll be keeping the stories, so I can merge them all and count the words properly as I go along. Whoohoo! I'm prepared now!
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I've got a new wallpaper, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] smokeycat_430!

Mmmm CED! Isn't he just wonderful? I'm definitely going to enjoy finding this on my computer every single morning when I wake up and check my e-mail. Thank you so much for the fantastic presents!! :-)
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Decided to change my background today. And I was feeling kind of patriotic... and slashy...

Thanks to http://www.joephillips.com
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Changed my destop wallpaper again. The Theban Band posted a few new images today, and this was one of them. The other Brokeback Mountain one made me cry, but this one didn't, so it's my new wallpaper. I love it.

The only thing that bothers me about it is the thumbtack right in Ennis' temple. But otherwise it's just gorgeous.
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New wallpaper up on my desktop... I was in the holiday spirit. Took me a while to decide amongst pretty holiday and wintery images, but I finally settled on this one for a while. Might not last long, but I love the pups anyway *snuggles*

Current Desktop
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I'm in an autumn mood. And after reading Tina's 'Hungry' fic last night, I'm in a Harry & Ron mood as well :-) So I decided it was time to change my desktop once again.
Harry and Ronald

It's from Ponderosa again.
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I changed my wallpaper again *G* I just could not resist the nummy h/c tones.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's from Between Eternity and Time
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I've got a new desktop wallpaper now, thanks to Meg *many huggles*
It's so beautiful and sweet and awwww my sweet puppies!!! Thank you again for such a lovely birthday gift!
Current Desktop

So yesterday (Monday) I got to go home early from work because boss had to go to a baseball game. I went home and worked out bigtime since no one was home. And with all my hard work in the last week I've lost a huge, incredible: pound. Growl. Just a pound. Three pounds short of my weekly goal. *sigh* But it's okay, that makes twelve pounds off since I started keeping track and five or six since I really started trying a few weeks ago. Slow but steady. And the important part is that I FEEL a lot fitter and I'm keeping up with the workouts SO much better than I ever have before instead of keeling over and dying 20 minutes in. I know I'm gaining muscle in a few spots as well, so weight isn't everything. Still... only one pound? *whines* I've been working my ass off! LOL! I feel a lot like S4 Brian sneaking off to the gym in the middle of the night to cycle :-) Except that I'm not even that fit. LOL

Then I went off to neighbors' and helped them get digital photos off their camera and e-mailed to a local consignment shop. So I felt useful, which is good. I like feeling useful. I have to go to work early tomorrow morning, though. Bleh. But not before my morning round of sit-ups! LOL I'm so obsessed. Okay, not obsessed, just impatient. VERY impatient.

Anyway... did you see my pretty new angsty desktop? *pets*
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Changed my desktop again. Ewan didn't last long. Didn't think he would. One of JayAy's photo manips won me over today. Usually I like but not love JayAy's stuff. Sometimes I don't really dig the bodies or the amounts of hair or the way some look kind of fake. But there are a few fantastic ones, and this one drew me in immediately when I found it in my e-mail today when I got home from work. His hand... and his expression... and the light from the window against his skin... *THUNK*

JayAy's site: http://myth-drannor.net/A'maelamin/

Had an emotional night tonight. Aunt called about selling my grandparents' house- which will probably happen very soon- and so Mom yet again brought up the question about me going out to see it one last time. Which, of course, made me break down because, damnit, it's just a house and I'm really bitter about not having even been asked if I wanted to go out when he was dying and especially about not being told they were having a service until it was pretty much over and I couldn't get out there in time. So it all came to a head tonight and I spent a good hour in tears- which made my mother feel horrible so she cried as well. It was not a good night. And it's TOTALLY not her fault- I don't blame her one bit for not telling me about the service or making me take care of the house for her when she was over there. She had MORE than enough to deal with without thinking of me. I just... would have liked to have been asked. So seeing the house now is kinda... I don't know... no comfort whatsoever. Not that I wouldn't like to see it one last time... I don't know. Seems kind of stupid to fly all the way across the country just to stand in a house I've been in a hundred times before which has already had their personal stuff cleared out of it anyway. And, yet, that stupid "closure" word keeps coming back. Not that I'll get any. I don't know. I'm still a mess and I don't really think I'd be any better there than here. Apart from the having to spend a lot of money getting out there to visit a house. Gah... anyway, eyes are killing me from crying so very, very much. Don't think I'm going to get much done tonight.

Though I much must MUST e-mail the people hosting my website for work because they're MAD- I ask them about a few things and they don't respond for a week. After 3 e-mails and a phone call the response I get isn't of the helpful variety. It's of the "We'll let you know how much it'll cost you for us to help you with that" variety. Fuck it. I needed tech support, not people updating the site for me. We don't need a snazzy logo or some marketing people critiquing the website. Not like anyone really visits it at the moment anyway. LOL SO I must e-mail them and tell them not to bother spending MORE time calculating a bill for something that I need 10 minutes of someone's time to answer a few technical questions. Ghods, what these stupid web people get away with, ripping Joe Businessman off because the normal person doesn't know how easy and fast web development really is... not to say it should be done easily or fast but it's so not as difficult or mysterious as people think it is. I swear if the person hosting this site wasn't my boss' relative I'd drop her in a second, if not sooner. Can you say MAJORLY overcharging?!

Good news is, I don't work tomorrow so I get to sleep in. Bad news is, I need the money since I'm getting a crown put on one of my teeth in the first week of May and that's $1,000 right there. Guh. I'm so young and already I need a crown. Well, that's what I get for my hatred of dentists and not visiting one for, like, 5 years. But after that appointment and my bi-annual cleaning the week after that, HOPEFULLY I won't have to step foot in there for a LONG time.

Damn this is a despressing/sad/angry post. Sorry about that. You'd think the sexy elf on my desktop would calm me down... but I've so many windows open on the comp at the moment I can't see him. So I shouldn't blame him. It's just been a tough year so far. Oh, and the Peter Jennings thing. Peter's my God of News. I cried for, like, 20 minutes last week when he announced he had lung cancer. I'm so scared and worried about him. I don't even want to THINK about facing the news without him!! He's pretty much the only reason I got through that night after election day last November.
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I changed my desktop wallpaper last night and realized I hadn't done my usual boring "I changed my desktop wallpaper" post in a while. So here's my current one (which I'll probably change again sooner rather than later)
TGs current desktop

and the last one I had for a LONG while... cuz it was shibby like that *G*
TGs last desktop
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And I changed my desktop background once again (actually, I did it a day ago but am just now getting to the post about it). Because I love Marta's Marauders to death and I'm in a Marauder mood. Love love love love love.

And I needed something more in the season. And the scarves on the boys are delicious. And the playfulness is a great pick-me-up. And the snowman always makes me laugh. So there.

New Desktop

Nov. 4th, 2004 03:40 am
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I spent some of tonight making a bunch of LJ user icons, most of which turned out to be healing!Aragorn and Legolas/Gimli. That L/G fic that bit me while I was writing Obi has been trying to come out now that I'm able to write it... it's going to be big... and long... and dark... it has such a strange feel/mood to it already and I've not even started writing it (though I did jot down two pages of notes because the idea ROCKS and I didn't want to forget it).

ANYWAY, point is, I was in a major L/G mood tonight and my favorite Legolas/Gimli artist (Brianna) posted a new picture to Axe_Bow tonight. I wrote her an e-mail just yesterday thanking her for another L/G picture but the one she posted today was so overwhelmingly wonderful that I couldn't resist putting it on my desktop. Hurt/Comfort, huggling, snuggling Oohhhhh but I want a dwarf of my own!! Okay, no, I just want Gimli. Anyway, I changed my desktop and I wanted to share :-) Go to the Yahoo Axe_Bow group (and probably eventually the website when it's updated *points to list of links on the right-hand side of her LJ layout) in the files section to check out the full version. I may just have to write another fangirly thank you e-mail to her now...

In the topright-hand corner Legolas is begging to put more bandages on Gimli and Gimli's being a tough dwarf and refusing the care *EG* But the snuggling... oohhh I LOVE Clingy!Legolas! Squeee!


Oct. 7th, 2004 08:12 pm
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My current desktop. Art is NOT mine. It's from X's Art site which I adore. I'm using the art only for a personal, pretty desktop, promise! Well, that and simply looking at because it's so pretty. *pets*

I thought it made more sense to go Obi/Qui while I'm so absorbed in the fic this month :-) Yummy sleepy padawan *snuggles*


Sep. 6th, 2004 12:14 am
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With my relatives gone now, I've changed my desktop again. It's a mix of Remus/Sirius pictures of Ponderosa's:

It was hard to pick amongst her lovely fanart pieces (found at Destiny Interrupted, incidentally). I was leaning towards some naked Nightcrawler, Wolvie, and Gambit pics, actually. So we'll see how long until I resist temptation and go for them after all. The R/S h/c won out for now, though. *snuggles the boys*


Aug. 22nd, 2004 04:18 pm
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Again, thought I'd share the pretty

*pets yummy desktop*
I think I'll pick up those Remus/Sirius motorcyle fics I started a while back...


Aug. 17th, 2004 02:31 am
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Thought I'd share. It's my current desktop. Cute lads *pets* My aunt's visiting next week so I thought it might be appropriate to take off the naked Remus & Sirius making love in the grass pic. I dunno. We'll see. I go through such phases with my desktops...

Oddly enough... I can't stop staring at Jack's crotch in this photo. Or the way Daniel's arm presses into Jack's. Daniel's arms... guhhhhhhhhh


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