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So last night I was having a strange dream about buying school supplies and them selling them on the black market to people to make a profit. And during the end of my dream Ewan kept wandering in to say various strange things. Then the characters kept asking me questions about Scotland and Duncan (I assumed Duncan MacLeod from Highlander) but I was really confused. Then Ewan showed up again, yelling, and I woke up to find that on the TV (I watch TNT when I sleep) was Ewan McGregor's ER episode. It was about 15 minutes from ending and he was yelling, just like in the dream. Ahhh. So then it made sense. LOL

So I got to wake up in the morning to lovely Ewan in my subconscious and then on television. In my opinion, there are few nicer ways to wake up.

SW Dream!

Aug. 21st, 2005 05:18 am
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Oh! I had a horrible time last night, what with all the pain. But I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon and had the BESTEST dream of my life! I really hated to wake up from it!

I'm going to describe it, but it's rather NC-17 so be warned now! Obi & Qui sex dream )



Jun. 30th, 2004 05:36 am
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Every have a dream that's so disturbing and thrilling that you can't get it out of your head all day? I had one of those last night. Every time I pause I find myself thinking about it. And I'm not sure I want to be doing so. It wasn't horrible, the dream. It was wonderful, really. Just wondering why I found the subject matter so wonderful. Anyhoo... I have very few dreams lately. Maybe that's why I'm fixating on this one? Because I can actually remember it for a change.
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I was flipping through channels this afternoon when my upper cable channels went out right in the middle of NYPD Blue which I wasn't watching anyway. Well, I stumbled upon the 1996 TV version of Titanic on Lifetime and immediately began jumping up and down. Peter Gallagher!!!!! Yum yum yum yum YUM! I'd never seen this version before (or if I did, I don't remember it) Molly's character was slightly more annoying than the Leo Titanic movie's version, which is sad because I always liked her... but otherwise, I enjoyed this version a whole lot more. Not only was there Peter Gallagher in the studly love interest role *swoon* but Catherine Zeta-Jones (who I can take or leave) and George C. Scott as the captain and lovely lovely Tim Curry doing what Tim does best- being devious and evil. Ooohhhhh LOVED! Honestly, there's very little I love better than an evil Tim Curry character and this one was oohhhhhhh! *laughs madly* I LOVED! SUCH a strong cast!
It was interesting, though. I was MUCH more into the personal stories and love stories in this one. Much more adult and realistic(not so young and foolish and Hollywood. Ick.). Made me think that the people who did casting for the Leo one knew exactly who their target audience would be- annoying teenage girls who would go see the movie over and over again. And they certainly struck gold with that there. But the version I saw today captured my interest SO much more. Adultery, rape, theft, divorce/women's rights, religion, stolen identities, tension within the ranks... oohhh yes. MUCH better. And the sets were so beautiful and the special effects were great- certainly equal with the 97 movie to me. And my Jack and Harold got a little more screen time! LOL I loved Jack's "Shut up!" to the Californian. Would have liked more of an ending, however. I wanted Bella to leave her husband and run away with Wynn to Bolivia (and, er, survive, obviously)
Mmmm Peter Gallagher... *nuzzles his bushy eyebrows* Yes yes. I liked much much!

On a completely random note... I had a dream about Stan Kirsch last night. He was having a yard sale, and I was drooling over the yard sale sign... and then he was telling me what I should buy. There was some Highlander book he had and was selling for $12.88 that I was thinking of buying. Yeah. Can you tell that Season 4 just came out on DVD yesterday and I'm dying to buy it but have no money? :-) heehee

Boyfriend wants to get chinese tonight. Wish they had more vegetarian stuff. *sigh* I just need to move out of bumfuck is all. :-)


Apr. 2nd, 2004 11:15 am
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I woke up and rolled over on the couch this morning at exactly 10:51... just as Mark was dying on ER. I'd never seen his death scene before... I was in tears in seconds once I realized that was it. And then the funeral and... you know... I didn't see the episodes where ELizabeth and Mark grow apart- I saw the one where Emma took some of Rachel's pills- but that's the only one I saw. I'm sort of a little annoyed at her for being so cold to him there. But maybe that's just because I'm on this huge H/C trip and Mark was definitely hurting. And I don't want to use the b-word since I don't know all of it and she was probably really justified and all. But still, she annoyed me there. And now she's going out with two guys at the same time. LOL Things move quickly on ER.

Anyway, it was a very emotional way to wake up. I'm still crying a bit. Man. I have terrible timing. LOL

I had a dream about going to a college for an interview- the college I went to a week ago for the interviews, as it were. Imagine that! LOL I also had a dream of me getting up and getting a cup of water and putting it down on my coffee table. But I didn't do that. Tis very strange. I could have sworn I did, you know? I need dreams that are much less real. These are confusing. LOL!

Okay... tired... might try to sleep a little bit more... I didn't go to bed until a little before 5am, as it turns out.

EDIT: There's a cup of water on my coffee table. Apparently it wasn't a dream after all. LOL I could have sworn it wasn't real, for as real as it felt. I must be a lot more tired than I thought.


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