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A nice article about Silent Spring and Rachael Carson was just posted to one of my environmental lists. I thought I'd link to it here in case anyone cares to read it... and so I can get back to it more easily in the future :-)

Posted on November 1, 2005
The Legacy of 'Silent Spring'
By John Burnside, Resurgence

Silent Spring is definitely one of those books that changed my way of thinking and I find it a truly inspirational read- how a book can make an impact on the world... even if there's still so far left to go.

Only slightly-related... I decided I won't have enough time to handle NaNoWriMo this year *pouts* November's just a bad month for me- why did they have to pick Nov for National Novel-Writing Month, huh? I've going to a 3-day conference next week (that I DON'T really want to go to), then there's RENT and GoF, I'll be away for a week dog-sitting, and I think I'm going to ask for holiday gift fic requests in a week and a half or so. So.. yeah... a novel is NOT going to happen in Nov.
But I did come up with a wonderful SW plot bunny last night I'm DYING to write (I promise not to let it interfere with the two remaining song-meme contest gift fics!). I promised myself never to write fanfic on the job, which is why I'm checking my e-mail and writing an LJ post instead, LOL. But I'm just dying to write it. *snuggles Qui-Gon and wee little Obi-Wan*

Halloween went well yesterday, except that my camera batteries died so I can't post pictures until later tonight, and that we had practically NO trick-or-treaters. Usually we have a TON (as we're in a townhouse development and all) but we only had about 30 kids this year! What's up with that? *is sad*

My parents are seriously considering a certain new house we saw over the weekend. Kind of exciting and sad, too.

OH! And [livejournal.com profile] brigidmn I read your gift fic to me this morning before I left for work but didn't have time to reply. I LOVED it! *hugs* Thank you!!!


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