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So last night I was having a strange dream about buying school supplies and them selling them on the black market to people to make a profit. And during the end of my dream Ewan kept wandering in to say various strange things. Then the characters kept asking me questions about Scotland and Duncan (I assumed Duncan MacLeod from Highlander) but I was really confused. Then Ewan showed up again, yelling, and I woke up to find that on the TV (I watch TNT when I sleep) was Ewan McGregor's ER episode. It was about 15 minutes from ending and he was yelling, just like in the dream. Ahhh. So then it made sense. LOL

So I got to wake up in the morning to lovely Ewan in my subconscious and then on television. In my opinion, there are few nicer ways to wake up.
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Well, I woke up early and drove an hour in the rain to see Stay. The ticket-seller looked at me like I was crazy:
Me: *rushing slightly because it is 12:22* One ticket for Stay at 12:20
Her: What movie?
Me: Stay
Her: I'm sorry? What movie?
Me: It's called Stay. It's at 12:20... Stay.
Her: *stares at screen for a good 10 seconds* Oh. Can I see some ID please?
Me: Absolutely. I haven't been asked that in a long time. *passes over driver's license* Makes me feel young.
Her: Just one ticket?
Me: Yes.
Her: Here you go *passes me change, my ID, and a ticket*

Okay, I know it wasn't wildly publicized but I've seen commercials for the movie during all the major shows I watch. *shrug* Anyway, I understood her confusion when I got to the theater. It was halfway through one of the trailers and NO ONE WAS IN THE THEATER! It was dark, so I made a point of picking a seat, standing up, and looking around. But I was alone. Whoa. I don't like going to see scary movies alone! Since I wasn't going with anyone I'd been hoping that there would be a few people there at least so I wouldn't get so freaked out. But, no. Just me, a gigantic room of stadium seats, and a big screen filled, a dozen minutes later, with Ewan's face.

So I warmed up to the idea of having the place all to myself at that point. It was very intimate. Like a showing just for me. I actually squee-ed out loud when Ewan came on because, Hell, I COULD! (I did it softly just in case, though) About 10 minutes in, however, two people came in with drinks and popcorn. They sat way down in front on the side, though. It was a fun experience, though.

And the movie itself? Beautiful. I loved the style and the attention to detail. The Washington Post gave it a not-so-good review in the paper this morning, saying it left you feeling empty even when the weird plot was finally explained. But I don't feel empty. I feel like I just watched something beautiful. I LOVE when Ewan does small, artsy films like this. That's what I love about him as an actor. He's got good taste and can pull this sort of thing off. I loved the mystery, the attention to detail, and I was emotionally involved right from the start. The twist... well, not brilliant or remotely original but not entirely expected either and, MUCH more importantly, still enough to make me really think about the whole movie at its climactic moment. Parts were very clever. Parts were weird. Parts were mysterious. And there was only one brief part where I was terrified. It was NOT a scary movie at all as I'd thought. I LOVED the characters muchly. I loved the story-telling techniques and dialogue. The camera work and sets were brilliant and entertaining. And, of course I must mention it, there were a few LOVELY wet!Ewan scenes. *EG* Sorry, I'm a sucker for wet!Ewan. On a whole, for what it was, it didn't disappoint me in the least. And I thought Ewan was just fantastic in it. Maybe it was the fact that it was practically a private showing just for me, but it felt very sensual. The movie was short (an hour and a half) but it didn't rush anything because of how it was shot. It was slow and vivid and... yeah, sensual.

I really liked it. And I'm very glad I went to see it today.

I stopped by the JC Penny's Outlet on the way home. I have no money but REALLY need bras that fit me and I could do for a few more long-sleeve shirts. But they didn't have anything cheep enough. And there were no bras at all that I fancied.

I wish I hadn't filled up my gas tank earlier in the week. I'd been hoping to go to the other movie theater to do recycling so I filled my car up all the way at $2.79. But in the part of town where this movie theater is gas was down to $2.34 everywhere. I always get gas when I go all the way out there and here I was stuck with a full tank today. DOH! Ah well. Can't do anything about it now.

On the way home I stopped by the craft store and picked up a photo storage box. I want to have a special box for photos of all my recent trips. I think that would be nice instead of putting them in a shoebox to put in scrapbooks later. I also went looking for a nice Christmas ornament. I'm doing the Bookcrossing ornament exchange and wanted something nice. Something specific to DC, maybe. But nothing in the several isles of ornaments jumped out at me. Except for a few little silver stags. I wanted one last year and never bought it, so I went and did so today. *Snuggles Prongs* OMG when I move back out on my own and put up my own tree (which is in storage) I want it to look all fannish. It's not nearly as close to as wonderful as Lady Korana's sounds *is envious* but I'm working on it. heehee

So, yeah. That's my day so far. Excellent movie.


Oct. 21st, 2005 02:02 am
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I had my flu shot today. Arm hurts. Owwwwwww. It'll go away in a day or so; it always does. And, luckily, I'm not one of those people who feels sick after getting one, so I'm good to go.

I'm going to see Stay tomorrow. Hopefully I won't get scared out of my mind! But even if I do, hey, it's Ewan. Can't be that bad ;-) Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be playing at the theater I want to go to. This ALWAYS happens. GRRR! So I can't do recycling at the same time *pouts*

I watched Powder this morning (for the second time). I love that movie. Definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen and totally makes me feel in the Jedi spirit :-)

Speaking of Jedi, I posted a Star Wars fic on the sneezefic list Thursday morning... only a year late ;-)

I watched Blue Juice. Am thinking of buying it. In addition to wet!Ewan there was lovely screw-up!Ewan that inspired me to write a Sirius fic. And I got my first really strong attraction for a woman during a few of Catherine Zeta-Jones' scenes. A completely straight girl just isn't supposed to find that sort of thing so damn attractive, I don't think *blushes furiously* I mean... not that I'm... not really... but DAMN! *blushes more* And, yeah, Ewan's in that movie, too.

The caps tried so hard tonight. We'd be SOL without Vechy, I swear. And Olie. They're the only two on the team who do anything (well, not really, of course, but that's how it seems). I totally need to write a Strokes fic with Jamie now... it's been nagging at me for a week and wants to be written. Every time I watch hockey I think about it. lol

I started gift fics for the song competition. I don't know when I'll have them done but I'll work hard at them! I want them done before I have to get to work on holiday gift fics.

I'm working this weekend, so I'm going to have to make Friday (a day off) count as my weekend. So Stay better be good! And I'm going to have to catch SNL this week because OMGWTF is up with me? *blushes*


Aug. 13th, 2005 04:57 am
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I turned on the TV to go to bed and Access Hollywood was on and as I went to turn on Buffy they said the magic words "Ewan McGregor". Then they showed clips from the new 'Stay' trailer which looks FRIGHTENING! I adore psychological thrillers and Ewan looks just fantastic (sexy doctor/professor... mmmmmm). I'm sure I'll be terrified in theaters but I'm so there on October 14th. Yay! What a lovely thing to see just before bed :-)

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White Kitty (aka Sugar) is doing very well. We opened the door to the room we're keeping her in and put gates up over the doorway so the other animals can see in and she can see out. They can see and smell each other, but that's it. There's been lots of looking and a little hissing, which is natural. But she's not hiding in the corner when she sees them and they're not crying to get in and bother her. So all is proceeding well.

Yesterday, while waiting to watch The Behind the Scenes Island program on E! they had a coming attractions show and they showed the trailer for RENT (coming November 11th). First time I'd ever seen the trailer and I was floored. Luckily I had a tape in and ready and I hit record. I made it halfway through the trailer before BURSTING into tears. Mark is pure perfection (I don't think I'll keep thinking 'Adventures in Babysitting' while I'm watching it. He's so perfectly Mark). I'm Sooooooo excited about that. And Tom is perfect, too. And Angel. The little clip of Tom crying/in pain and Angel hugging his head to his chest KILLED me with happy. I didn't see much of Benny but if he's played by the nummy Taye Diggs I'm NOT worried. Roger is... not bad. Least he's got a leather jacket. And Mimi... my jury's still out. I think I'd need to hear her sing. And Maureen looks great, though there wasn't a lot of face time with her, or with Joanne. But it looks PERFECT! Funeral and cafe and apartment and writing song lyrics on a train and GAH! Sogoodsogoodsogood! I cannot wait!

I went and saw The Island today. It's been getting not-so-hot reviews, but I enjoyed it. Gee, wonder why? LOL Sean was amazingly evil- but believably evil. And the Ewans... oohhhh GODS but it was thrilling to see two Ewans on screen interacting with each other! *EG* It was pretty much what I expected. A concept that got me (I love Brave New World futuristic type stories... there's a word for that that starts with a D that I'm blanking on right now), lots of running and action (but not so much that it bored me), a few very cute moments, and lots of great characters. Plus quite a few wet!Ewan moments. And Steve was great as always. There's a Steve/Ewan scene that practically killed me with giggles and Steve's girlfriend is crazy evil woman from The Stand so I was momentarily on edge when she was on screen. But aside from that, it's pretty much just what I expected from the movie. Not brilliant, but not meant to be. But also far from disappointing. I'll definitely be buying it on DVD. Nummy nummy wet&running!Ewan. Oh, and I cried at the end but, yeah, I cry at everything. LOL Definitely a good, enjoyable movie. Was glad I had the day off today and could go see it on opening day.

Oh! And I'm hoping to finally go see RHPS tomorrow night with sister! *crossing fingers that she doesn't freak and back out this time* That should be a hoot. I love taking virgins and teaching the ropes. And it'll be fascinating to see how another cast handles things.

Just watched the Angel episode where Gavin is murdered. I read an interview with the actor who said his mother found it very hard to watch that episode. LOL Let's hope he doesn't get killed on LOST to put his mother through that again.

Okay, got to go test the VCR to make sure it's set up okay and I can tape Firefly and Stargate tonight.

hey hey

Jun. 28th, 2005 12:35 am
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Two days without a major stomach problem and counting! Bloodwork came back normal today (which is good. Apparently no ulcers or infections so yay for that). And the very VERY not good side effects of the medicine have worn off as well. So here's hoping I'll be okay (albeit stuck on the meds for at least a month). *knock on virtual wood*

I'm attempting to do a small website update tonight. Because I'm leaving and want some stuff up there. It won't be complete, but it'll be something. I won't be able to get to the archive before I leave, however. Sorry 'bout that, all.

I'm going to post a few short ficlets tonight, and the part of one onlist. Just to get those out of the way, too. Nothing huge. Just short PWP fluff with bad titles. You know, my normal crap ;-)

Now for the actually important stuff. *WARNING: Lots of ramblings* Since watching 'The Girl in the Cafe' on Saturday (and not only being astounded by the FANTSTIC dialogue and nummy actor from Love Actually and actress from Trainspotting) I've sort of been majorly obsessed with these Millennium Goals and the G8 conference. I mean, I signed the One campaign thing weeks ago and all, but this just floors me. FLOORS me. All it would take to end world hunger is, like, $5 from everyone in a developed nation. And that'd be it. The END of hunger. It's just... it's mind-blowing to me how it's SO bloody achievable and, yet, it's not already done. I mean... what the HELL?! $3.56 from everyone and the HIPC's are all out of debt. Why the fuck haven't we done that? Why don't people act like global citizens? Why is it even a QUESTION of whether we should do it or not? I'm just... astounded. The goals are amazingly huge and, yet, so possible to achieve. And then we'd be a completely different world. I mean, it would change the entire world. Like, completely change it. I just... I just cannot imagine how even bloody Bush could not fight to keep his promise. And this issue is SO incredible. It transcends labels and boundaries. Liberals, conservatives, normal people, celebrities, artists, politians- HUMANS. Ever have one of those moments where you can literally just stop and see things from a completely different viewpoint? Had one of those yesterday. Words fail to decribe it, but it was like seeing a completely different world. And I'm just fascinated and obsessed with the whole thing right now. Completely and utterly.

And yesterday I was curious to see if some of my favorite celebs were involved in the thing. Turns out Jim from BNL went to Tanzania yesterday. DAMN! I wish I'd looked that up on their blog earlier! I could have given him advice since my dad just got back from there! :-) Looks like enough people gave him tips, though. So that's good.
And Ewan. He was chosen to hose the youth version of the G8. OH my gods I love this man. I had NO idea! Somehow I managed to miss that (though I did know about his UNICEF G&D performances). But.. yeah... astounded I am. Just so much good out there. And everything so within reach. Yeah. I'm totally obsessed with this whole thing. How in the WORLD did I manage to NOT know about these goals until just now? I mean, you'd think I would have heard about them in my global soch class at least! That's the sort of thing we would have spent weeks on! LOL But I guess these things are never well known until we realize we're five years in and many years behind. Or until Bono tells us about them. LOL! But, yeah, Ewan. SO my hero. Plus his Make Poverty History ad is just too adorable for words!!
Ewan ad
Film Star to Host Youth G8 Summit )

So... yeah... I spent at least a half an hour (closer to an hour, probably) crying after watching the movie. And I keep bursting into tears at random times during the day when things pop into my head about it. Both good and bad tears, of course. I'm just overwhelmed. My father's practically responsible for these statistics getting out in the first place so it hits kind of close to home and... GODS but I cannot BELIEVE the way the world is right now and how possible some of these goals are. Not to say all it will take is money. That's just silly. But it's all so attainable. So close. I just... I'm astounded by it all. I've followed this stuff on and off for half my life and I honestly have NO idea how I could have missed these goals. Then again, these last 7 years have been weird for me, so I must have slipped up (and I went into uber environmental mode for a few years instead, as well). But... yeah. Obsessed. And holding my breath until news this weekend.


May. 19th, 2005 05:22 pm
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Well, I woke up this morning at 11 to find I suddenly didn't have to go into work for the day. I called Boss at 11:30 but he was out, so I quickly checked movie times. Kingdom of Heaven at 1pm and Star Wars 3 at 1:30. I crossed my fingers for the latter. I dropped some work I'd done overnight off at work and Boss kept me there 10 minutes longer than I had estimated.

So it was 12:20 and the movie theater (not my usual ones, another that had stadium seeting) was about 40 minutes away. That was cutting it close. I drove the speed limit and made one wrong turn (which is typical if I've never driven somewhere on my own before). But I got there at 12:59 and got to the ticket counter at 1 to find SW3 was NOT sold out! So I bought a ticket and a lemonade and went right in with nearly half an hour to spare.

No spoilers!!
I was reading the SW M_A list yesterday and there was discussion about what reactions people would have during the movies. I knew from the trailer that I'd be emotional, but someone onlist mentioned crying at the beginning. "Pshaw!" said I. Even I'm not that bad and I cry at everything! I'll make it through the beginning at least.
Oh, how wrong I was. During the commercials before the previews they played a few bars of U2's song, the one he wrote about his father who's passed on, and I started crying then. Partly because it was sweet in general and partly because I suddenly related the lyrics to Obi & Ani and I was bursting with anticipation.
And then there was the Batman trailer! SQUEEE! (Is it strange that every time I see that I think about Bruce masturbating in his bedroom to Ewan & Johnathan kissing? I really need to get that out of my system before I see the movie or it'll overshadow Liam) And then there was The Island trailer (which looks SO much better on the big screen than on my crappy dial-up connection where I gave up trying to watch halfway through- SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Ewan! and Wet!Ewan, too! I'm so there opening day. SOOO there!) And a trailer for Cinderella Man. I very much dislike Russel. I've said this before. And the trailer still made me shed a few more tears!

So as the opening credits finally began to scroll, I was on cry #3. And, of course, many other parts got me highly emotional for many reasons, good and bad. I loved the first two movies- not as much as the original ones if we're comparing, but I loved them for many things that they brought and presented and I can overlook their flaws and enjoy them for what they are. And by that same token, I really enjoyed this one. It was fantastic to finally see how and why. I definitely enjoyed it. It was shocking and beautiful and warm and dark and full of wonderful.

I had planned to watch the first two and then the two Clone Wars series before going to see Episode III but this was SUCH a lucky break that I suddenly got the opening day off of work and it wasn't completely sold out that I'm glad anyway. I really hadn't planned on being able to see it for another two or three weeks and needing to avoid huge spoilers all that time (though I did peak at some yesterday and was actually glad I did). SO I'm feeling incredibly lucky I was able to go today. This last week has been so busy- I've been getting 3-5 hours of sleep every night and still just scraping by geting the minimal amount of work done. So suddenly getting a few hours in this busy week during which I COULD go and the fates let me get there in time before it sold out and before high school students got out of classes... I'm so glad. *snuggles Fate*

I may go ahead and watch the marathon of movies & series now just for the heck of it anyway... I saw Episode II three times in theaters after all.

Gods... I still can't get over the fact that I actually got to see this one on opening day, too. I had given up hope. But I suppose I should have learned by now not to do that where Star Wars is concerned ;-)

It's sad that it's "over" now, but I don't feel sad. I feel wowed and complete and satisfied. But fandoms are always so alive for me even when they're technically dead and gone that I really can't feel sad. I thought I would, but I don't. I'm just happy for the lovely characters and themes and stories that are now a part of me and will inspire me and entertain me forever.

*happy sigh* Okay, back to being uber busy! There's a seminar I'm going to for work tomorrow so I have to get to work 3 hours earlier than usual. Which means even less sleep *cries and picks up her work but thinks of Obi-Wan and feels better*

PS- If anyone's replying, PLEASE keep your replies completely spoiler-free. Or send me e-mail.


Apr. 7th, 2005 10:42 pm
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I know it's kind of late notice... sorry. But for anyone who doesn't already have Ewan's ER ep on tape (like me) it's on TNT tomorrow morning at 10am EST. I'm going to wake up at 9:50 just to change tapes from Buffy to Ewan then go back to sleep.

It's my day off tomorrow. Whoohooo! Means sleep. And avoiding the hot outside. Gods but I hate the sun. So icky and hot and bleh!! It's like we had 2 days of spring and moved straight into summer. I hate when it's so sunny and light out all the time. I'm totally a night person. Daytime makes me feel busy and stressed and I have to put up with annoying people. At night everything's so calm and peaceful and quiet. I'm probably the only pagan in the world to hate the sun but there it is. Ick. Makes me all hot and sweaty and burnt and skin cancery- not to mention spring allergies making my go mad lately. Totally not happy. But tomorrow I get to stay in and sleeeeeep :-)

Oh, and I just caved and bought 'Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience' (the SW MA fanzine/book I had my eye on a month ago). The "fan stuff" portion of my monthly budget has been shot to H-E-double-L now. I'm not going to open it when I get it in the mail, though. I'm going to give it to myself as a weight loss present. Which means now I actually have to lose considerable amounts of weight! LOL And to think I almost skipped my round of sit-ups this morning. Bad tg! Maybe I'll go do the elliptical while watching The OC now... see if that will wake me up a little now.

Anyway... pics of my stuff are on my photoblog now. *sigh* I miss my stuff.

What was this post about again? Oh. Right. Ewan's on ER tomorrow. Sexy angsty bad boy *EG* I've seen this episode at least 10 times and I never get tired of it.
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I bought skittles today! Apart from being my favorite grocery store candy (tied for first with Starburst) it's got Obi-Wan on it! I get the BIGGEST slashy kick out of the rainbow coming out of the lightsaber right next to Obi and the phrase "Use the Force. Experience the rainbow!" *giggles madly* Okay, yeah, doesn't take much to make me happy. *pets the image of Obi-Wan*

Hopefully the package will help inspire me to write this long SW fic circe's been sweet enough to agree to beta for me. I've just been so tired I couldn't sit here and write without falling asleep. Maybe I need to break out the notebook again.

I'm so incredibly exhausted again today. Don't feel like I have the energy to do anything. Blah. I don't think this icky hot weather is helping any. Gah, I hate hot. Hot is icky. Icky icky icky. Bring back the cold and the snow! At least it rained a lot today- that was good.

My parents just bought a storage unit last week. It's a few down from mine but theirs is small and mine... well... fits much of my apartment in it. heehee. I took photos of the unit today and am going to post them on my photoblog in a few minutes.
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Went to see Robots. It was, like, 60 degrees today so no snow. And I found the movie theater just fine- which is great! I only made one wrong turn and that was trying to get out of the maze of streets there. Yayness.

Robots was so adorable! I saw it in a theater with about 20 other people- mostly parents and kindergarten age kids (no one older than, since it was during the school day) and it was a lot of fun listening to the kids laugh and giggle at the funny parts (I laughed along as well) and laughing with the grown-ups at the more *cough* adult jokes. The Washington Post gave it a bad review- well, not a great one. Called it a clockwork lemon. But, hey, I like lemons, right? *EG* I thought it was adorable, though. A little light in the plot department (any more, though, and I would have been complaning that it was too complicated), but characters were great, details were FANTSTIC, and the "universe" that was created was breathtaking. And Ewan did a great job as well. So it was yummy! I enjoyed it. Very cute.

Seeing the SW trailer on the big screen- yippie! I was so worried it wouldn't be there, too. They showed 4 movie trailers... and then the lights got dim and I got scared! But then, there it was. YAY!!! Oohhhhh so good on the big screen. Is it May yet?! *whimpers*

And one of the other movie trailers was for the new Chocolate Factory movie. The movie looked... well... like Tim Burton made it. And Willy (Johnny) looked... well... FRIGHTENING! They definitely did an excellent job in not stripping the "Crazy" when they went from book to movie. Not that I was worried, considering it's Tim. But Johnny Depp- MUCH as I adore him- is no Gene. And I still don't think I'm going to like this. I hate this constant need to remake things. The original was spectacular. Why do we need a new version?! But I'll still want to see this. It looks... well... definitely worth watching. And Johnny was so yummy to see. Very pleasant surprise.

I'm glad I took off today and had some good, relaxing time. And I deposited money at the bank ($40 in coins is HEAVY!!! Especially when that's a full $11 just in pennies!) Then I walked around Fairfax Town Center a while- I'd never been and it's got a lot of interesting stores. Not that I'm surprised. That's the "high end" side of town. My side is closer to the ghetto, and then a little bit beyond where my high school was that becomes the "trash" part. Though speaking of which, I've been wanting to go to the sex store over there for a while... I've only ever been to the ones in my tiny college town, so it'll be nice to see a "bigger" one. ANYWAY... then I recycled the huge stacks of magazines I've been driving around with for months. It's a few blocks away from the mall/theater so it was good I had an excuse to go over there.

Apart from a splitting headache, it's been a good day thus far. I'm going to try to finish up "Marty's Story" and then nap before I have to go get the dog/housesit talk at my neighbors'.

Ugh. "Marty's Story" sounds like a sex ed video. Maybe "Marty's Tale" or just "Marty". Gah. I don't know what to call this series or the stories in it. Worse yet, I don't actually have a name for the nightclub! I suppose I could call the series "Nik's Possé" but I'd rather name it after the nightclub. Assuming I can think up a name for the nightclub. I like Stokes though as a city- thank you Silly_Sooze! Ohhhhh my gods. I could call the club Strokes! Er, or maybe not. Don't want people to think about having a stroke. That's not fun. And it's not something Nik can easily pronounce, either. LOL I'll keep thinking.

Wow... talk about rambling. From Robots to magazine recycling to gay nightclubs & porn stores. I shall shut up now :-)


Mar. 11th, 2005 01:07 am
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OMG OMG OMG I'm SO in heaven after tonight!

Ewan spoilers... SW & Leno )

We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. So I'll have to see what it's like tomorrow morning... but I need to go to the bank to deposit much money. $40 in coins and I got paid today. Yay! Car insurance bill and student loan here I come! :-) But I figured out where the new movie theater is, so that's good. Hope the roads aren't too bad tomorrow.


Nov. 27th, 2004 03:05 am
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Sleepy all day. Probably was the 4 and a half hours of sleep last night.

Lost my glasses in the car today. That was exciting. Well, more like annoying, really. I found them eventually, but only after I spent 20 minutes searching and driving to the last place I'd been to be sure they hadn't fallen out. Stupid glasses. This is why I never wear you! But I paid more on my car loan and dropped off the check for my storage unit as well, so it all evens out. And I listened to my QAF mix CD in the car so that made me happy.

I watched Brassed Off today. *sigh* EwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwan! *double sigh* Naturally I cried through lots of it, but there was just as much squeeing, I assure you.

And I watched Harry Potter 3 again. With parents this time. It was their first time seeing it. I like watching movies with first-timers. My mother was apparently Alfonzo's target audience: someone who knows the books well enough not to be confused by lack of explanation and someone who laughed at EVERY SINGLE out of character move made throughout the whole movie. I'm still annoyed at Harry stealing Neville's lollypop while invisible and trying to stay unnoticed. Yeah. Good one, meanie! Bah! I printed out HP POA in 15 minutes for them afterwards and my mother nearly died laughing. It seriously makes the movie much more enjoyable for me. Though I completely covered my eyes at the painful ending again. I just can't do it.

Let's see... I must remember to eat tomorrow. I've not been good at that these last few days and have gone all shakey with hunger when it was way past eating time. *makes mental note to do better today*

Today's Ficcage:
  • Worked a little on one of the WK Ayafics. It's going better than I'd hoped. Yohji's face is pretty much in Aya's arse and there's NOTHING sexual going on and I'm actually able to keep it that way. At least for the moment. LOL
  • Wrote some of the Talafic. I wrote until I got stuck. Bah! Stuckage! Don't like! Bad muses!
  • Opened up a FAKE fic I started at least a month ago. I have half a page written. It was a brilliant concept. I read through what I had and realized I completely forgot what I wanted to do with it. So I banged my head against the monitor until part of the idea returned and then quickly made as many notes at the end of the document as possible. Hopefully when I get to writing those parts, more will come back to my mind.
  • Came up with a BRILLIANT title for a fic! If only I had a story to go with it now. DAMN MUSES! *kicks*
  • Sat and stared for about 10 minutes at my Percy/Oliver fic. I was frowning with lots of unhappiness. It started so well! What the heck happened to the point of the story? It's like it went for a coffee break after the sex and never bothered returning. Anyone know how to get a point-of-story bunny back? Maybe enticing it with another sex scene will help... I must try that...
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Urgh. [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf challenge words this week have temporarily side-tracked me. Yummy naughty Remus...

Anyway, my random morning thought/question: Anyone else find it funny that Ewan's episode of ER was titled "The Long Way Around"? *G* And do you think he named the book/series as he did just so they'd be a little different? (And has anyone read it yet?)

I was just watching A Life Less Ordinary again and memories of that ER episode came to mind. It's where I first fell in love with the guy. Okay, back then I was more just drawn to the cute and the accent... but I do have fond memories of realizing he was the guy who would be playing Obi-Wan in the SW movies :-) *sigh*


Oct. 27th, 2004 04:36 am
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I watched and taped (again) Ewan on Leno tonight when it repeated. This time I got that little bit before the commercial on tape. Something about the way he plays with his wedding ring when he talks... GUH but the man is perfect! LOL
But I taped the interview on a fresh tape so that I can tape all 6 episodes of his show after that and it'll all be in one place. Sooooo excited about it!

Is it Thursday yet?

I'm planning on putting on "Serpant's Kiss" tomorrow after my usual round of shows (Wednesday being Lost, Kevin Hill, and then Wife Swap) to get in the mood further. As though I could ever be OUT of the mood. Ewan! *squee* And Charley! And Ewan! *dies* Am so happy. NOT just because of the whole fangirlyness, but I really am looking forward to seeing the adventures. I have that "get in my car and drive across America" drive going on right now (not to mention friends and family positioned perfectly for me to be able to do so without much difficulty) so going across the WORLD. Guh. I'm envious and want to live vicariously through the sexy men! :-) Wait that sounds... *looks at my slash writing* no, that sounds about right. LOL!

Are you sure it's not Thursday yet? *whimpers*

EDIT: I'm watching Serpant's Kiss AFTER the eclipse, mind! I don't want to miss that! *wishes she had time to write a full moon & lunar eclipse Remus-fic*
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Just watched Ewan on Leno tonight *has spontaneous orgasm* Thank you soooooooooooooo much for the heads-up Annalisa!!!!!

Oohhhhhhhhh but I love that guy. Is it October 28th yet?
Ewan talking about his experiences in that damn sexy accent of his that makes me instantly melt... Ewan talking about a movie where there are MULTIPLE Ewans playing with each other... Ewan talking about having a wank! Not to mention demonstrating! *HAPPILY DIES* Oh GODS but I love him!

Are you sure it's not the 28th yet? *whines*


Apr. 28th, 2004 04:24 am
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Just finished watching Big Fish again.
Am sobbing so hard. Damn. I want to be immortal! I'm happy just being a small fish... but I want to be immortal like that so badly... I really do. Even just a little bit :-) *sobs* I love this movie. I want this movie to be my life. *sigh* I really want to watch the commentary, but I know I'll just start crying at the end again, and there are large tear spots all over my shirt and my cuff's soaked already. So I won't. I'll wait until later. But... damn... I want to be immortal...

Big Fish

Apr. 28th, 2004 12:58 am
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My copy didn't come with an insert with chapters and things... hrm... I wonder if it's supposed to....

The first trailer (just like in the movie theaters when I went to see Big Fish) is Secret Window *giggles* I remember how hooked I was from that trailer. *sigh* Brings back happy memories.

Gah... I just popped popcorn and boyfriend called... now it's all cold... grrr... I eat popcorn maybe 3 times a year (if that) so grrr! I'm still going to eat it. Just grrrrr!

Anyhoo.. okay! Just felt like sharing another MMoM story just popped into my head so I'm going to write it while watching and eating cold popcorn :-) Yay MMoM! I'm horrible, I know, but if I were to have a second fetish, that would be it. And the Master_Apprentice list always has some great stories about it during May. I don't think I'll be able to write one a day... but I'll have a few, for sure! *G* Whoohoo! This one's Sirius... yummy Siri-baby *G*

On another note... I'm broke... and rent is in a few days... gah... but it's my last month paying rent and all the other bills (minus Visa of course) so I think after I get all those taken care of I might buy myself a paid LJ account. Partially because I really appreciate the service and partially because I just want more user icons. LOL But I'm broke. So we'll see. Yes yes :-)


Apr. 27th, 2004 04:38 pm
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*bounces up and down*
I just bought Big Fish! I've got Ewan! *bouncy bouncy*
Only cost me an extra $3 at Target as I was using gift card from Christmas. Happy happy. Ewan! *giggles maniacally*
I love this movie. As a writer, it inspires me SO much. And it's got everything... giants, true love, magic, destiny, humor, a werewolf, Siamese twins, war, death, birth, stories, mystery, compassion, loyalty, father-son tension, and EWAN! Not to mention Tim's vision (which are always so fresh and vivid) and great music and sets and, oh, did I mention EWAN?!!!! *giggles* Happy happy! *bounces*


Mar. 13th, 2004 10:27 pm
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Your Ewan Love Life by crazymol4588
You will marry...
You will have this many kids718
His pick up lineHey Baby *wink wink*
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Fuck yeah! Curt can wink at me any day! I actually felt the need to watch VG again tonight... maybe this is a sign that I should? :-) Mmmmm sexy boy...

I did one of these new picture Meme thingies with Johnny Depp earlier and I kept getting his character from Blow. Which is sad, since I've never seen that movie. I tried a couple other values for my age, and once I got Ichabod.

Dinner was great. We went for ice cream afterwards, and that rocked, too. Dinner was all "when are we going to get jobs, boo hoo, we can't get hired" crap. And ice cream was all "Tell us more about the other Highlander movies" and "We are 1 disk from finishing watching Stargate Season 1 on DVD". heehee Our two friends just bought Season 1. They'd seen a couple episodes of season 6 and now they started to watch the whole series. YAY! People in RL to swoon over Daniel with! Okay, well, they're maried (to each other) but point is, RL people to talk about the show with! Boyfriend has never seen the show and barely remembers the movie. Which is a shame. Ah well. I can only do so much, right?


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