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A little late, considering it's already Saturday, but I did start it on Friday and finished it before I went to bed Sat morning :-)

It's a "fandom" I've never written in before. But I've got a terrible crush on Joey Pants. I just admire the shit out of him, and I couldn't resist writing a fic about one of his interesting characters. Took me a long time to write this because I kept getting distracted by various Joey Pants interviews and movie clips. He stars in a fantastic movie that showed at Sundance, called Second Best. I'm dying to see it (as I can relate bigtime right now) and it happens to have a cute short scene with him pretending to have a cold and using a *cough* "hankie". Anyway, seeing that halfway through a story about him sniffling and sneezing was a lovely coincidence *G* Yummy Joey. I adore his character on the show, too. Anyway... yeah, here's the story:

Title: Handling
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: The Handler
Disclaimer: The Handler is a series owned by CBS and Viacom Productions, Inc., created and produced by Chris Haddock (i.e. not me!). And Joey Pants is just adorable and then some, but married so I don’t own him or his character on the show either. This is just a silly little fanfic is all.
Summary: Not surprisingly, Joe’s very dedicated to his job, even when he’s a little under the weather
Notes: Second in my attempts at writing a small fic every Friday. This one happens to be 2,000 words out of coincidence. Just an interesting fact.

Handling )



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