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Title: T is for Trophy
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original characters

T is for Trophy )
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Title: Day 9
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Hockey; original characters
Rating: R (mainly for swearing. See above re: hockey)
Pairing: male/male
Summary: Hockey players are creatures of habit.
Note: Part of the 12 Ficlets in 12 Days project 2011-2012. Requested by brigidmn

Series: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/stories/12Ficlets12Days-2011/index.html

So incredibly awesome that this fic happened to be here on the day of the Winter Classic! Great timing. I hope you enjoy these boys--I had a whole lot of fun inventing them. Makes me want to try my hand at more OC Hockeyfic in the future. I hope you have a marvelous new year (and that your boys do well in their quest for the cup!)
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My season is over and I'm devastated. Why the FUCK can't the Caps win the cup?

I respect the hell out of the Habs for being in 8th and beating the 1st place team. I give them credit, but still... FUCK FUCK FUCK That goal that was washed out on the questionable call but no penalty was called made the difference. So not fair. The officiating this season has been inconsistent CRAP.

So depressed. I'm heartbroken and frustrated that it came down to THIS. I can't... I can't... no words. Devastated.
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The Top 10 tonight-- I taped it because I knew the Rangers would be on.

Things Never Before Spoken by a Hockey Player

10. Instead of fighting, why don't we work things out over brunch? (my Brash said this one! Squee! So weird to see him in a different sweater though)

9. Between you and me, I have no idea what the hell "icing" is.

8. What this team needs is a skating kitty.

7. I really wish these fans would watch their language.

6. High scorer gets to pick which Barbra Streisand CD we listen to on the bus. (Says the captain)

5. Forget all the goals and the awards, Gordie Howe has one nice looking butt. (Oh dear, Stall!)

4. For good luck, I lick the puck.

3. My real dream is to work at an insurance company.

2. Who can concentrate on hockey when Jennifer Aniston still hasn't found love?

1. I wish Letterman was on at ten.



Jan. 14th, 2008 11:53 pm
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Maybe it's the fact that the canes are my team's rivals... or maybe it's my, er, fetish... but somehow, I can't seem to get worried about this news:

Glen Wesley was discussing the reasons behind the Carolina Hurricanes' recent slump when someone reached out to shake his hand. "Can't do that," the veteran defenseman said, his hands squarely in his lap.

Nothing personal, but some Hurricanes have a good reason to keep their hands to themselves. Carolina's roster has been crippled partly because of a nasty flu virus that seemingly claims a new player each day and has contributed to an irksome slide of losses in six of eight games that has decimated its Southeast Division lead. No wonder that as the Hurricanes head into this critical stretch, they're trying to stay germ-free.

"This is not your typical sniffles," coach Peter Laviolettes aid Monday. "These guys are tough guys who can play through just about anything, and they are down and out."



Jun. 6th, 2007 11:47 pm
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What a year for hockey! I love the Ducks. I mean, I LOVE the Ducks. They're one of my favorite west coast teams... but I didn't want them to win today- ONLY because I desperately wanted the season to go just a few games longer. I love the Sens, too; it's a shame one team had to lose. The playoffs are so incredible and intense... it's always so bittersweet when the cup is awarded and then, suddenly, it's 3 long months until hockey comes back! *cries*

Still, it was freakin fantastic to watch the Ducks win tonight! The handshakes and the posing for photos and Scott getting MVP! All those happy boys! The brothers winning- and the handoff of the cup from Scott to Robby- aww! Teemu Selanne crying with happiness on camera (I don't want him to retire!) Gigy with that smile! The mini-Prongers! What a great end to the season. Quack!
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Okay, if you don't know anything about hockey players, the accuracy will be lost to you. But these are just hilarious and I had to share:

Dancing Hockey Cats:
Page 1- http://jerseysandhockeylove.blogspot.com/2006/10/hockey-players-and-cats-who-dance.html
Page 2- http://jerseysandhockeylove.blogspot.com/2006/10/hockey-cats-who-dance-part-2.html
Page 3- http://jerseysandhockeylove.blogspot.com/2006/11/hockey-cats-part-3.html

I especially like Patrick Roy (page 1), Crosby (page 1) and my Ovechkin (page 2). LMAO!
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Seriously. I'm going to die of happy. I've been inspired by LOGO news stories all week, covering the Gay Games that are happening now in Chicago. I even started writing a Strokes fic about it (big surprise there)

Well, tonight they had a short segment on ICE HOCKEY! Yes, they talked all about the gay ice hockey teams (the Blades, coincidentally just like in the hockey romance novels I've been reading), the differences between it and normal hockey, the types of players, and even interviewed some of them. Oh my GODS I'm so FUCKING EXCITED. Watching those extra-nice gay men slapping their sticks against the ice as they staged a fight for the camera... watching them in the locker rooms... the handshake line... I SERIOUSLY cannot contain my happiness!!!

I managed to hit record on the VCR in time to get most of it... but I might try to record it again on a better tape because OH MY GODS how perfect that the one thing I was writing about suddenly came on TV just as I turned the channel? SQUEEEEEEEEE! Gay hockey players galore!!! *cannot contain her excitement*

Go Caps!

Jun. 23rd, 2006 12:02 am
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They hockey awards were tonight (I know you all watched it, right? LOL- no worries. No one watches it... except for dorks like me who tape it!)

But two of my caps won awards! Olie got an award (the King Clancy Trophy) for all his charity work, and he delivered an amazing and very touchy speech. It was so very sweet. And gods he looked cute in a tux! *fans self* His wife and mommy looked lovely as well, of course.

And then Alex (after losing the 'hockey players vote for the best guy among them' award) won The Calder Trophy for Rookie of the Year. He delivered a great speech, too, but I'm blinded by love. He's just far too adorable. I'm soooooooooooo glad he won. That Sid the kid had nothing on Alexander the Eight, I swear. He received 124 of 129 first place votes!

I'm soooooooo proud of my boyos. Thornton got the Hart trophy for NHL MVP. And Kippers got the Vezina (which my Olie has won already)- though I had a hard time deciding who to root for for that one because I love pretty much every goalie in the NHL (except maybe Eddie the Eagle because of the whole Stars thing). Teemu got something for perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. And Sabre's Lindy Ruff won for his lovely coaching.

Twas a very nice set of awards given out... and the awards show was freakishly strange as always. Very painful and funny to watch. There's nothing like it. Especially if you're not Canadian and have NO idea what they're talking about half the time or who the strange people performing are! LOL But, yes, I'm so proud of my boyos!

My favorite part, apart from the speeches, was probably the red carpet bit at the beginning with Vechy and Sid. Lots of adorable from the Alex boy. And at the end, the interviewers asked them if they bought or rented their tuxes. Sid answered and then they asked Alex who said "I don't know what you're talking about" and they had to explain the question to him again. He's SO adorable with his limited grasp of English, though it's SO much better than it was last year at this time. I totally love the guy.
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Tonight's game... magnificent!!!! I knew they'd battle back, and they did it with such style and energy and a SHUTOUT!! Fucking incredible.

Forcing a game 7... which they'll win of course- I have absolutely no doubt... just brilliant. Let's go Oilers!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful game.


Jun. 16th, 2006 01:20 am
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The Hershey Bears just won the Calder Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bears are the Capitals' farm team (many of them played on the Capitals team this past year) and they did so well this year! They won the Calder Cup tonight (the AHL's version of the Stanley Cup) in a 4-2 series win (game 6). And thanks to one of the Capitals' owners (AOL guy, Ted) Comcast was persuaded to SHOW THE GAME ON TV HERE TONIGHT!!!!!!!! SQUEE! It's the first televised Hershey Bears game ever and so I got to watch (and videotape) their win!

Sooooooooooo many cute hugs *happy sigh* I love my boys. Was SO great watching so many of them score and then win the cup and celebrate tonight! Go Bears!!!

Plus OMG the Oilers game Wednesday ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* This has been a great week for me. LOL


Jun. 7th, 2006 10:52 pm
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Bloody awful game. Not surprising since they lost Rolly but bloody awful just the same.

*is sad*
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Oh gods. Baaaaaaaad hockey night. The game was soooooooooo good! Oilers led for two periods! There was even a penalty shot and Pronger made it! But then the Canes battled back and the game was tied. But then the freakin Canes crashed the net and they hurt the Olier's goaltender. Rolly had to leave. Noooooooooooooo! He's the strongest part of the team! He played every single minute of every single playoff game. But he had to leave and Ty came in and made a huge rookie mistake and it cost them the game. And during the press conference the coach said Rolly's out the rest of the series. *cries* Noooooooo!!!

I'm bummed. Damn good hockey... honestly, this is why I watch the sport. Awesome plays and sacrifices and all. Just a really bad result and those stupid fucking Carolina cheerleaders were clapping and cheering when Rolly limped off to the dressing room. WHAT THE FUCK?!! You don't cheer when someone gets injured like that! *kicks cheerleaders*

*sigh* Poor goalie. I even wore my OLN NHL shirt today... now I can't wear it again because it's bad luck. Crap.
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Despite buying a handful of romance novels a year or so ago so I could break in and study them as I thought about writing one... and apart from the few I've spent half a minute skimming through and rolling my eyes at the prose... I finished reading my first romance novel today. Okay, I don't consider the Outlander series to be romance, honestly. It's just historical fiction with nummy romance and sex thrown in.

Anyway, I picked it up at the library on the sale shelf (10 cents) on Saturday and, of course, breezed through it (even though I'm a SLOW reader). It was a hockey romance- Fair Play- and quite enjoyable. And now I'm completely addicted and I'm going to have to buy every single one of Deirdre Martin's books JUST so I'll be able to survive off season. The playoffs aren't even over and already my whole house is starting to get nervous about hockey withdrawl! Usually we make our way through our DVDs (Mighty Ducks, Mystery Alaska, Miricle, Slap Shot 1 & 2, etc.), religiously follow the world competition (even though there's little-to-no coverage in the US) and maybe re-read the various Hockey Legends books we have. But I'm so totally into these characters now and, to be honest, the 20-something hockey slash fanfiction websites just aren't doing it for me yet. So, horribly cheesy and formulaic as these books are... I must own them all and add them to my off season coping routine.

On a completely unrelated note... my mother was looking for jobs for my sister in the newspaper this weekend and found my ideal job. I'm going to send in an application and I'll probably die if I don't get the job... but I'm not getting my hopes up, either. It's just... OH MY GODS perfect for me. I sooooooooooooo want it. But I never luck out like that, and I'm lacking a few of the skills required, so we'll see. It would just make my LIFE if I could get it though. So if anyone wants to start thinking happy thoughts and sending warm vibes my way starting June 2nd (application deadline) feel free! :-)


May. 26th, 2006 04:45 pm
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Go Sabers!

Remember when I said I didn't care who won the Western division? I take it back. I learned today that, if the Ducks lose to the Oilers in game 5, they are able to send some of their players to their AHL farm team (Portland Pirates) which is playing the Hershey Bears (the Capitals' team) in the finals. ACK!!! Not fair! LOL So I'm totally rooting for the Ducks now, so that the Bears have a better chance at winning. Bwahahaha!

So sorry Oilers. I totally love you regardless. (Mmmm. Sexy boys with the flu...)


May. 19th, 2006 12:43 am
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OMG OMG OMG I got another wild catch at BookCrossing- SQUEEE!!!!!! It's a book I just read a few days ago and fell in love with and almost didn't want to part with but did anyway and it found a home! I'm so happy! *sigh* Totally made my day happy. I think I might buy the book from Amazon.com if/when I ever get money.

I watched RENT last night to cheer myself up. Turned it off after "Act I" like I do the soundtrack. I couldn't deal with watching Angel die last night.

Season finales suck. They keep killing off characters on all the shows I like. CUT IT OUT, WRITERS!!! *shakes fist* Tonight, with The OC and ER, things were especially depressing. It's sad when you end up watching episodes of Dead Like Me to lighten things up after major character death.

Work has the potential of being good lately. But I'm getting social anxiety pangs about a lunch meeting at a country club tomorrow with the company lawyer.

My throat's been hurting for days now. And not normal allergy hurt. It hurts only in my neck and only when I swallow or talk loudly or laugh. The fact that my parents keep leaving the back door to the porch wide open and it's spring probably doesn't help. Grrr. But the stabbing pain in the back of my neck and shoulder have decreased. And the shooting pain in my jaw that lasted two days is suddenly gone as well. *rolls eyes* If it's not one thing with me it's another.

I got an "emergency" e-mail and phone call from my boss' daughter(*note correction*) on Sunday. She was stuck in her Algebra and needed help. So I drove over on Mother's Day in the pouring rain and got her straightened out in half an hour. She's really very bright but it's one of those things where, if you don't understand the problem, you can't solve it. But it made me think again about being a teacher. Especially as there's a very real possibility I'll be losing one of my two current jobs (the one that currently pays 99% of my income) within 5 months.

There's a used book sale going on Sat morning at a Chruch down the street from me. I think I might go... assuming I can walk inside without bursting into flames...

I'm listening to Treasure Island on tape now. Loving it muchly. What lovely language. And goodness knows I love pirates! *G*

And X-Men. Soooooooooooo excited about the movie next week! I have a dentist appointment next Thursday so chances are I'll need cheering up on Friday.

Maxwell's been restless lately and yesterday and today we played fetch for a while. He's so damn good at it. Our dog isn't a retriever so he chases after balls but never brings them back. Wish he could learn something from my brilliant kitty!

OOOOHHHHHHHHH! And I got an e-mail this morning from OLN, the station which shows hockey (since all other stations passed on it this year). I won one of their hockey promotion packs! T-shirt and hat and other stuff. I entered their "Quest for the cup" contest and the first 5 people to find the Stanley Cup on their website each day win the prize and I was one of them! Now THAT was definitely something happy to wake up to this morning! I'm not holding my breath because the last time I won something I never got my prize. But maybe I'm crossing my fingers a little *G* Down to the final four in hockey tomorrow! Can't wait!

I'm soooooooooooooo behind in writing. I don't think I'll make it a fic-a-day at this rate. I've barely written anything in the last two days and today I feel like shite. *worries*

But just so long as they don't kill off anyone on Numb3rs tomorrow, I might just survive this week...


Mar. 29th, 2006 11:13 pm
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So I was watching Yami No Matsuei last night and my mother came down on her way to the laundry room and I just had to point out the horrible English voice actors to her, which she got a kick out of. And she watched a little of it, as well. Which went as follows:

(I'm paraphrasing)
Muraki : I'm doing it because of the one that I love. He will find me.
My mother: He? (in a laughing-at-her-daughter sort of tone) Oh God, is everyone in this show gay, too?

I know she finds my, er, interest in this kind of stuff amusing, but I'm sure she hadn't been expecting it to be so up front with her. Usually she scolds me for reading too much into pairings like Sirius/Remus and Legolas/Gimli but when it comes straight from the source... *EG*
She also gave me a "you need to get a life" when I was trying to describe how incredibly breathtaking and spellbinding Muraki is. He's sooo the sex.

But, hey, it's not all about the homosexuality... I watched half of Lady Chatterly last night (only to find out it's actually a 2 disk set- blast it!). Guuhhhhh! I'm so envious. I want a sexy Scottish gamekeeper who looks like Sean Bean with whom I can have a torrid affair! Mmmmm yes. Especially when he looks so nummy sans clothing. Boromir you naughty thing you! *gets urge to write Boromir/Faramir* Wait, wasn't I trying to make a point about something here? heehee My points can't possibly hold a candle to a naked Sean Bean with a Scottish accent :-) Dear GODS I was in heaven! Now where's disk 2? *checks mail*

On a completely unrelated note, my Caps beat Carolina AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! 2 game winning streak now! WHOOHOO! And the Canes are like, best in the division and we totally killed them. We're on a crack schedule now. We see two more teams and then we play the Canes THREE more times. Somehow the computer did a VERY bad job when it came to our schedule this year. Meeting up with them 5 times in, like, 2 weeks? Weird. But, hey, if we continue to kill them like we did tonight and last game, I won't complain. GO CAPS! Especially Bradly, who scored twice tonight and whose Mom isn't doing well so yay. Scored in her honor. Go him *huggles*

OH!!! AND one of my BookCrossing books is going all over the place! It was caught here in VA and taken down to Mexico! Then someone left it in Mexico and someone else found it and took it to Colorado and then to Michigan. Wow! How's that for a well-travelled book?! I'm soooooooooo excited about it!!!!!!!!


Mar. 6th, 2006 11:20 pm
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My boys WON! And I was right there, just seven rows back from the ice away from them several times when they scored. WHOOHOO!!! And it was our goalie's 250th win!!!!!!!! They kept saying "maybe this is it!" and jinxing it, but I knew they were just waiting for when I was there :-) And OMG the game ROCKED! My mother was scared the entire time that they'd squander the lead but I knew they'd do it and they did! It was the best game EVER! Vechy did so well! And I got to see him in PERSON! SQUEEEE! Jeff Friesen had his 500th career point. And I was THERE! SQUEE! And all the huggage after the scoring and being only a few yards away when they all congratulated Olie on his 250th. MAN that rocked.

Twas a good night. A very good night. Seats I could never afford, a fantastic and unexpected win after a string of really bad losses, and important landmark events for my boys. *sigh* Never going to have such a good time at a game ever again, I'm sure. My GODS I love my boys!!!!
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I went to the Washington Capitals Red Cross blood drive today. Managed to get my dad to come along with me. Here's the breakdown:
Total travel time- 2.5 hours (took the metro so we wouldn't have to drive in DC and parked at the mall and walked over)
Total wait time- 1.5 hours (we didn't make an appointment and screening took forever)
Getting to meet a Capitals player and get free excellent seats for an upcoming game- Priceless!

Seriously, it was great. The seats aren't Eagle's Nest seats like we'd assumed- they're in the section down by the ice, row J. But they're for a game my dad will be out of the country during. Damn! *cries*
But I got to meet Steve Eminger (SQUEEE!) and got his autograph (and Matt Bradley's as well, but he left before we arrived) and got my picture taken with him. I'm going to share it in a second in a locked entry. Cuz I'm less paranoid than I used to be and what the hell, right? It's EMINGER! Squeee!

So I tried to give blood today again. And this time my iron level was too low. I failed the first test then they pricked me again and spun the blood and I failed that as well. Damnit! Several weeks ago I got a "You're iron levels are excellent!" and now they suck. Grrr. So I didn't get to give... again! There's another blood drive this Tuesday at the library so I might try then. *sigh* My dad didn't get to give, either, because he's been in too many countries recenetly where Malaria is a problem. So that was a bust. I am seriously disappointed. Even with the great tickets in hand. *pout*

Stopped by Borders on the way home and bought bookmarks. Bought three as presents for BookCrossing people and one for myself. The one I bought myself is a Sirius Black bookmark. It's a colored book illustration of the moment in the shack when they learn Black was the dog. It has the "He's the dog! He's an animagus!" quote on it and it's got a little tassle with a metal ornament of Padfoot on it. It's very cute and I really couldn't resist. I actually left another bookcrossing book in the metro station today, for this week's cover challenge. So at least I'm somewhat productive.

Oh, and did I mention I got free caps tickets and got to meet Steve Eminger? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Jan. 19th, 2006 12:49 pm
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From the Washington Post today... I just love Alexander the Great :-) And that goal from Monday... infuckingcredible.

Capitals goaltender Olie Kolzig tried about a half dozen times during yesterday's practice to replicate the acrobatic goal scored by Ovechkin in Phoenix Monday. Kolzig, lying flat on his back in full pads, managed to score only once.
"I show him how to do it," Ovechkin joked. "But he can't do it. He's a goalie."

OMG how I would have LOVED to have seen that!!! Squeee! I love my boys. They're so great.


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