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I never thought I'd say it, but I'm starting to get sick of books. LOL! I've been staring at hundreds of books tonight, counting, sorting, labeling, and registering them for Accio Books. And tomorrow I wake up to go to the thrift store and buy a few more hundred, even before I'm done with the remaining 300 or so here in my room. No, I don't hate books... I just need a break :-)

The Accio Books campaign has been keeping me quite busy, actually. I'm really hoping that this will be the time the Just & Caring House of Hufflepuff takes the cup. We've been in the lead until the end during the last 2 House Cup competitions and then we were overtaken by Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. So this time... this time is Hufflepuff's time. And we've been so excited and spirited. We have 2 secret projects going that I've participated in. And, get this, the Hufflepuff prefects made me the very first Hufflepuff Hero! That's right! I was famous in Hufflepuff! I was so honored I actually teared up. *wipes tears away* I'd like to thank my family and the academy...

Speaking of Academies, I came in second in my office's Oscar pool this year. If only I hadn't changed my Best Picture vote at the last minute! Doh! I just saw Avatar today. Gorgeous visuals. But it suffers from the Lucas problem, I think. People just didn't want to tell James that his story needed a few more revisions. Soooo many plot holes. Soooo many cheesy moments. Soooooooooooooooooooooo like Dinotopia meets Pocohontas in space. But it was gorgeous. I had to watch it for one of my 101 Goals goal and I'm glad I saw it in theaters so I could enjoy the technical side of it at least.

And speaking of 101 goals... I finished my last list and started my new one this week. I'm really excited about them. What's more is that 4 of my BookCrossing friends started their lists on the same day with me. Yay for peer pressure! A few of them have it on their list to help me with my list. I am really hoping that one of them will help me accomplish a specific item on my bucket list and hit me in the face with a pie. I've always wanted to experience that and it's kind of something I can't do on my own. My 101 list can still be found here: [livejournal.com profile] just_the_things

Oh, but something I CAN do on my own is attend my first discussion meetup for the local comic book group next week. I thought it was last week, but I was wrong. I'm so excited. I wanted to bring (among other things) the Wizard of Oz comic that Marvel put out (I'm buying the TPB when it comes out, so I wanted to get the first issue, which has been reissued specially this week for $1). I tried my normal comic book store but they didn't seem to have it. So I went to another comic book store nearby that I'd never been to before. It was a bitch to find, but I finally located it and went. And they had the comic for $1. They were also having a 5 comics for $1 sale. How could I resist looking? I'm so glad I did because I got so many awesome comics!
Angel- After the Fall #11 (I think I stopped buying them after #10)
Angel- After the Fall #12
Angel- After the Fall #14
Angel issue #22
Angel issue #27
Angel issue #78 (Angel looks so sad and cold on the cover)
Angel- Only Human Issue #2 (I must be really out of touch because I'd never even heard of this series)
Doctor Who- The Silver Scream Part 1/2
Doctor Who- The Silver Scream Part 2/2
Doctor Who- Fugitive Part 2/4
Doctor Who- Fugitive Part 3/4
Doctor Who- Fugitive Part 4/4
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America
Fantastic Four issue 356 (I think; the numbering is weird)
All of that-- the Angel & Doctor Who issues are absolutely gorgeous, smooth covers-- including the Wizard of Oz comic for only $4.20. How can you beat a deal like that? SQUEE!

Tomorrow I'm skipping the write-in and going to the local thrift store to get as many books as possible to donate. And then I'm going to listen to the Harry Potter Alliance Livestream concert with my head of house, Lauren (one of the Moaning Myrtles) and some other WRockers (the head of chapters and the head of Slytherin are also going to perform). Then I have a chapters conference call with the HPA in the afternoon. And it turns out that my uncle, aunt, and cousin aren't coming this week but NEXT week, so I'll have time to clean during the week and not have to do it all tomorrow. Yay! Should be a fun day tomorrow. Assuming I wake up refreshed and not overwhelmed by all the books around me. LOL
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A friend just started a food diary online. I've tried several online systems and I've tried on paper three times, but I've never managed to keep an accurate food diary. So I asked aforementioned friend and took a look at the MyPlate system at http://Livestrong.com. I like it a lot, so I signed up. Should be interesting. I'm trying to lose a minimum of 15lbs before Infinitus (I'd like to lose 30-35 in total, if I can). Problem is, I'm not willing to change my diet and I'm a lazy butt when it comes to exercising (actually, it's partly that I have stomach/headache problems and don't feel like leaving the bathroom/bed, let along exercising sometimes. But, mostly, I'm just lazy). I used the calculator and it says I should be consuming 1,600 calories or fewer to lose 1 lb a week. Problem is, I put in yesterday and today's food and on neither day did I have more than 1,400 calories. Carbs for day 1, for example, was 60% of my daily recommended intake. But sugars? Like 240%. Clearly, those are the problems. It's kind of neat seeing that right there, calculated for me. And nice pie chart of what I'm putting in my body, etc. I really do need to up my proteins. I need yummy, high protein things I can snack on at my desk (instead of organic pop tarts and cookies).

I started my first REAL scarf project yesterday! My first knitting attempt doesn't count, because I was just learning. And the second attempt is a still unfinished scarf I'm knitting for Moony (poor baby gets cold, you know. And Padfoot has a dog collar). So I re-taught myself how to knit last night (took some time to even figure out how to make a slip knot, let alone cast on). But the scarf isn't too bad. The end is a little wonky, but I've got the hang of it now. It's about 8 inches long and there's a LONG way to go. Why am I doing this? For the Harry Potter Alliance's newest campaign: Magical Acts of Warmth (adapted from Magical Acts of Kindness, which is adapted from Random Acts of Kindness). It's actually so much fun putting in all this effort for something that someone else can use to keep warm. OH MY GODS I'm SUCH a Hufflepuff, aren't I? LOL

Oh, also, did I ever mention how much I love Olympic hockey? That's what made me fall in love with hockey to begin with. Go Russia!!!


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