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This year's resolutions look somewhat similar to last year's but with some additions.

  • Lose more weight
  • Make more progress on my 'fandoms I want to get into' list (Horatio Hornblower, Farscape, Firefly, Band of Brothers, Starsky & Hutch...)
  • Finish a draft of a possibly publishable novel
  • Release more than 25 books into the wild for Bookcrossing
  • Try to do at least one thing on my "things to do before I die" list (or at least write a bigger/better list- it's only got 7 things on it right now- how pathetic!)
  • Write letters to my two high school friends I've lost touch with
  • Teach an adult education course or become a part-time tutor
  • Practice reading people better and get better at giving them what they want from me
  • Tell people more often how much I love/appreciate them
  • Finish all my Strokes works-in-progress (prior to New Year's storyline)
  • Give more feedback (and do so promptly)

Recap of some of last year's progress:
I lost a net total of 10 pounds since last Feb... I lost a ton more and then I slacked around May and gained them back since... so I need to start working out again, seriously. I made NO effort to write a novel... okay, I've got a good idea and half a page, but that's it. As far as getting into new fandoms: I did manage to finish Angel and see all of Buffy. I taped Firefly off Sci-Fi to watch as soon as I have time and I've taped Stargate: Atlantis (but missed a few episodes so I'm going to rent S1 on DVD). I started watching Horatio Hornblower (through Volume IV now) and I've seen four episodes of Farscape so far but I saw the very first episode this past Sat so I'm officially starting that now as well. I definitely released more BookCrossing books this past year (20+ in 2005 and only 3 all together in previous years) and I participated in the Christmas Ornament Exchange so that was good. I still don't know what to do with my life but getting a sort of new job in addition to my current job has been good so far.
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I got very little accomplished today. I did watch the shuttle launch, and I took a much needed nap. But that's about it apart from general relaxing.

I called my Credit Card company to check records with them. And then asked to file a dispute and had my CC cancelled. They'll issue me a new one and send the dispute to me so I can sign it and make it official. Then I called the company that charged $89.99 to my CC bill. They gave me SUCH a runaround! I have NEVER been more adamant as I was on the phone with them. I'm soooooo proud of myself for giving them polite Hell. Especially as they tried EVERY play in the book with me, including talking REALLY fast so I couldn't catch the cancellation number, and saying they'll take the charge off but not even asking me who I was, and trying to sell me other subscriptions/memberships. I started out the call with a very nice "Hello. Your company charged me for a service I do not have and do not want. I would like this removed from my bill. Furthermore, I would like my contact information removed from your system." And about 10 minutes later he was STILL on the "But your membership in the program's already been paid for and your benefits include--" to which I replied "Yes I know it's already been paid for. It was charged to my credit card and I would like that removed." BASTARDS! I swear, they're total creeps. Luckily, the people at my bank were SUPER nice and really, really sweet. It was like night and day, those phone calls. LOL I'm *SO* not worried about this at all. The company was hilariously horrible and I know I'm not going to have to pay for this crap.

I looked them up on the net and they're well known scam artists. The company is TLG or Trilegiant Inc. which is a spin-off of Cendant, a huge direct-marketing/membership venture. I got hit by TLG Autovantage. But they seem to be pros at scamming people out of money and have so many ways of doing it. Just one more reason to watch one's CC statements VERY carefully. The is what consumer afairs has to say about them: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/scam_alerts/tlg.html
See? Not nice boys. WATCH OUT, PEOPLES!

On a much less scammy note... I finished my second R/S FQFest fic this morning. I need to edit it a little, but it's pretty good if I do say so myself. So I've got major editing to do (thank you Meg & Circe for the betas on the last one! *HUGHUGHUGHUGHUG*) but I have a little over a month now. So I'm not too worried :-) And so I didn't do any of that work today. LOL

I did, however, start yet another Spike fic. It's set during season 5 of Angel. I've been wanting to write some Angel & Spike stuff for a while, but never could come up with something plausable. As I was working my way through the season on DVD today, and idea struck me, and as I was writing, it all seemed to come together well. Then I hit a spot between episodes where this would fit well. So I'm excited. So I'm happy about that. I'd absolutely LOVE to write some evil foursome flashbacks... just don't know how that would work in yet. And I'm a little nervous about trying my hand at Darla and Dru and Angelus and Willy... but if I could figure out what to write and how to make it fit, I definitely will. *G* It's nice thus far, though. 4 pages. And, oddly, lots of Fred thus far as well. Well, maybe not so odd, but you know what I mean.

Anyhoo... yeah. Beware of TLG!
What's really funny is this is the credit card I NEVER use anymore and it had on record an address I haven't used in over a year. So I'm curious as to where it got my info and how long it's been sitting there.
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For anyone out there who has NOT signed the letter to President Bush regarding the G8, this is the time to do it (and to sign up at ONE.org if you haven't done that either). Only 24 hours left!


Since I might not be on again tonight (waiting for phone call so I can go pick my dad up at the airport, and then packing and doing tons of last minute stuff) and I won't have e-mail in Santa Barbara, I hope everyone: has a good July 4th, has a good wait for HP:HPB, and a good next two weeks. Congrats to those of you who've graduated or just finished another year of classes. Those of you going on vacations of your own- be safe and I hope you have fun. Stay cool and take care! See y'all in mid-July! *many hugs*

hey hey

Jun. 28th, 2005 12:35 am
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Two days without a major stomach problem and counting! Bloodwork came back normal today (which is good. Apparently no ulcers or infections so yay for that). And the very VERY not good side effects of the medicine have worn off as well. So here's hoping I'll be okay (albeit stuck on the meds for at least a month). *knock on virtual wood*

I'm attempting to do a small website update tonight. Because I'm leaving and want some stuff up there. It won't be complete, but it'll be something. I won't be able to get to the archive before I leave, however. Sorry 'bout that, all.

I'm going to post a few short ficlets tonight, and the part of one onlist. Just to get those out of the way, too. Nothing huge. Just short PWP fluff with bad titles. You know, my normal crap ;-)

Now for the actually important stuff. *WARNING: Lots of ramblings* Since watching 'The Girl in the Cafe' on Saturday (and not only being astounded by the FANTSTIC dialogue and nummy actor from Love Actually and actress from Trainspotting) I've sort of been majorly obsessed with these Millennium Goals and the G8 conference. I mean, I signed the One campaign thing weeks ago and all, but this just floors me. FLOORS me. All it would take to end world hunger is, like, $5 from everyone in a developed nation. And that'd be it. The END of hunger. It's just... it's mind-blowing to me how it's SO bloody achievable and, yet, it's not already done. I mean... what the HELL?! $3.56 from everyone and the HIPC's are all out of debt. Why the fuck haven't we done that? Why don't people act like global citizens? Why is it even a QUESTION of whether we should do it or not? I'm just... astounded. The goals are amazingly huge and, yet, so possible to achieve. And then we'd be a completely different world. I mean, it would change the entire world. Like, completely change it. I just... I just cannot imagine how even bloody Bush could not fight to keep his promise. And this issue is SO incredible. It transcends labels and boundaries. Liberals, conservatives, normal people, celebrities, artists, politians- HUMANS. Ever have one of those moments where you can literally just stop and see things from a completely different viewpoint? Had one of those yesterday. Words fail to decribe it, but it was like seeing a completely different world. And I'm just fascinated and obsessed with the whole thing right now. Completely and utterly.

And yesterday I was curious to see if some of my favorite celebs were involved in the thing. Turns out Jim from BNL went to Tanzania yesterday. DAMN! I wish I'd looked that up on their blog earlier! I could have given him advice since my dad just got back from there! :-) Looks like enough people gave him tips, though. So that's good.
And Ewan. He was chosen to hose the youth version of the G8. OH my gods I love this man. I had NO idea! Somehow I managed to miss that (though I did know about his UNICEF G&D performances). But.. yeah... astounded I am. Just so much good out there. And everything so within reach. Yeah. I'm totally obsessed with this whole thing. How in the WORLD did I manage to NOT know about these goals until just now? I mean, you'd think I would have heard about them in my global soch class at least! That's the sort of thing we would have spent weeks on! LOL But I guess these things are never well known until we realize we're five years in and many years behind. Or until Bono tells us about them. LOL! But, yeah, Ewan. SO my hero. Plus his Make Poverty History ad is just too adorable for words!!
Ewan ad
Film Star to Host Youth G8 Summit )

So... yeah... I spent at least a half an hour (closer to an hour, probably) crying after watching the movie. And I keep bursting into tears at random times during the day when things pop into my head about it. Both good and bad tears, of course. I'm just overwhelmed. My father's practically responsible for these statistics getting out in the first place so it hits kind of close to home and... GODS but I cannot BELIEVE the way the world is right now and how possible some of these goals are. Not to say all it will take is money. That's just silly. But it's all so attainable. So close. I just... I'm astounded by it all. I've followed this stuff on and off for half my life and I honestly have NO idea how I could have missed these goals. Then again, these last 7 years have been weird for me, so I must have slipped up (and I went into uber environmental mode for a few years instead, as well). But... yeah. Obsessed. And holding my breath until news this weekend.
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Worked from 3-9:15 tonight. Called my dad from work to wish him a happy father's day :-) We ordered Thai food for dinner and I managed to eat a bit, despite the fact that my stomach's worse than it's been in days. I might be able to justify going to the doctor sometime this week. Because it's getting really annoying now. I've felt like doubling over a dozen times today. And my back's been killing me, too, though I don't think that's related.

Anyway, my fortune cookie didn't have a fortune AND it violated the "in bed" rule. But I still adore it:
Writing is thinking on paper.

How perfect is that for me? :-)

I'm probably going to go in early tomorrow and watch QAF. I'm hoping it's taping just fine right now. *crossing fingers* And if it doesn't, I'll just nap for an hour until work starts or something. Mmmm. Napping...

I'm watching 'Cool Money'. I taped it last night (this morning at 4am) off USA. So very weird. Not nearly as strange as I would have thought... but I sort of keep hearing an English accent in James' voice when he speaks anyway. LOL And I love the hair. *G*


May. 12th, 2005 10:16 am
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Last night around 3:45 (about 20-30 minutes after I fell asleep) I was awakened by a loud buzzing. I traced it to the computer. It's a steady, loud buzz whenever it's on. ARGH! WTF?

ANd it seemed that the computer had rebooted itself as well, which meant the power must have gone off, even though my alarm clock, television, and VCR remained fine. I rebooted at least 4 times, checked for viruses, then finally turned the thing off.

Now it's been on for a few minutes and the pitch of the buzz just raised. But otherwise, still buzzing. Ahhhh! *cries* Poor computer!

Anyone have any experience with CPU's buzzing? I did some searches which resulted in "it could be anything" sorts of answers. This is so not good. I hope I don't come home to find the whole thing fried.

I just wish it had chosen some other time to go kaplooey on me.
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Two things from dinner yesterday that stuck out in my head and that I thought I'd share/document before I forgot them... as I am so prone to doing nowadays.

First off, my boss' mother came up from FL and is now staying with the family. She's a really nice lady and I've gotten to know a lot about her in the last few weeks since her arrival. But she said something very wise and very reminiscent of Debbie from QAF (last episode of S3). It was something close to: "My husband and I used to make up songs all the time. We believed in celebrating every happy moment, because there's so much pain in life and it's important to cherish the happy ones." And then she went on to sing us part of their made-up song about a friend's mother who liked to make chicken and noddles or something, but that's not the point. It was just... I don't know... nice to hear wisdom like that. Reminds me of my grandparents... and reminds me to acknowledge my happy moments more.

And second (and much less thought-provoking but much more sneeze-related) my boss' daughter (who's 12) needed to sneeze at one point during dinner, but the feeling went away. She was sitting at my end of the table, nearly right across from me and talking to her cousin (the expecting daddy). She was saying how she really needed to sneeze and the feeling went away. He told her to look at a light but she said she did and it already went away. Then she started explaining about how depressing it was when she couldn't sneeze because she absolutely LOVED sneezing. How it filled her with a rush of excitement and how she could practically consider it a hobby, just sitting around and sneezing.
Anyway, all ickiness aside (being that she's 12 and an absolutely adorable kid) I thought it was amusing and actually rather interesting. I mean, I know a lot of kids find it funny and enjoyable, but she's a very smart and mature chica. And it's comments like that which make me want to pick up my stories involving characters with the fetish :-) Anyhoo... thought I'd share for the mindset of it all... if that's the right term. I don't know. I found it interesting. Oh, and cousin was doing the laughing and nodding bit in reply but didn't say much on the subject.
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I think that 'Learn to be Lonely' song from PotO is my new theme song. Which is kind of sucky, from an objective standpoint. but I'm fine with it. In fact, I haven't felt this good about myself in a LONG time.

Spent my morning sleeping and my afternoon writing and watching QAF season 4 (I just finished episode 9- my absolute favorite episode ever *G*) and then I got a call out of nowhere from my neighbors. I fed & walked their dog yesterday and they wanted me to do the same today. But they also invited me over to my boss' house for a BBQ. Which was a nice thought. They always say I'm "part of the family now" which is really sweet. They invited my whole family but apparently my family has better things to do than to go with me to anything. So I walked neighbor's dog and then rushed home and fed & walked my parents' because they were out all day buying stuff and my sister is far too wrapped up in her own life to think about the poor dog they bought for HER in the first place. Typical. Then I got changed and went over and had a FABULOUS time! Got to meet a good friend of my neighbors (who knows my parents as well) and got to meet my neighbors' son & daughter in law- they're expecting a baby (who they're referring to as Iggy) in November. My boss had me write some cryptic "have sex, make baby" e-mails and letters to them and had me send them very random items like a statue of Zeus and a pair of bright gold boxers to get them in the mood. Yeah, did I ever MENTION I have the weirdest job in the world? Anyway, it was very nice to finally meet them and apologize- in person- for sending them baby-making vibes... even though it worked. LOL I had a REALLY nice dinner and time and that's saying a lot because at stuff like this I always feel uncomfortable and in need of excuses to leave early. And even though I couldn't actually eat more than cheese and crackers and chips and cake (which, incidentally, all start with the letter C) and was naturally quiet at times, I really had a lot of fun. ANd being with four generations of a family (if you count Iggy) all in one room was... well, it felt really special. It was like suddenly being on the inside of something rare and beautiful. I thought it might make me feel sad considering my "recent" loss but it really didn't. Just felt nice to know other families are as fun and strange as mine... though maybe that's just the writer in me.

And, luckily, putting my favorite songs CD on in the car as I drove to work and back cheered me up instantly and made me realize a lot of stuff. Which is good. Lots of good. Mucho good. And it made me forget things like the fact that my sister left the house while I was out with the dog and she A-did not lock the front door and B- left the front door WIDE FUCKING OPEN. So I had to do a ten minute sweep of the whole house when I got back with a baseball bat, scared that anyone could be in there with an axe about to murder me. Have I ever mentioned my irrational yet admittedly delightfully silly fear of mad axemen hiding behind shower curtains? LOL So, yeah, had to check the house. Stupid self-involved sister. But that's okay, because happy songs cheered me up and, thankfully, no mad axemen to be found in the showers or otherwise.

Then I came home and wrote a little more and watched a little more QAF. And then after everyone went to sleep I worked out again. Did the whole Tae Bo workout PERFECTLY without crapping out even for a second. ANd then afterwards I did a quarter of a lap on the elliptical. I feel so pumped and happy with myself today. I can attribute most of it to my newfound "Fuck 'em all" attitude but I really am feeling better- I think working out so often (in secret) helps. Even if I'm not losing as much as I should, it does make me feel a lot better about myself.

I've also kind of sort of been thinking of volunteering for the county fair. It's been a long while since I did random volunteering and that might be fun. And as of my long cold shower a few minutes ago, I'm thinking about going out for the AIDS walk in DC this fall, if I'm still around then and if I'm still feeling fit enough and all. It's been a couple years since I've done a walk of any sort and the AIDS walk was always my favorite (and a couple miles shorter than the MS Walk, if I remember correctly). I'd definitely prefer to volunteer instead of walk... but I figure it might be a nice challenge for myself. LOL Some people build themselves up to do these huge marathons (like Hermione's Mom) or bike-a-thons and such and I'm waaaaaay down on the pole in thinking walking for five hours is a huge deal. LOL Ah well. We'll see when fall rolls around. But I thought I'd just ramble and mention it since I'm in a rambling mood. Either way, I'm totally writing an AIDS Walk Strokes fic *G*

I'm just feeling good. It's *nice* to feel good. So rarely happens to me lately. LOL


Mar. 14th, 2005 01:36 am
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Watched 'Jake in Progress' tonight. Cute :-) In the first episode that was on, he sneezes... or fakes a sneeze, perhaps, from an allergy to cats. Just something to look out for if and when this episode repeats when the series actually officially starts.

Fic progress:
  • Obviously, I wrote a short Wolfcrawler ficlet and posted that. It just struck me today as I was eating lunch/breakfast and had to go and write it. *snuggles them*
  • Just now finished my annual Oliver/Percy St. Patty's Day fic. I'll post it on St. Patty's Day, as usual. It's short & sweet and certainly less angsty than last year's.
  • Started a page for my gay nightclub series which I am unoficially calling 'Strokes'. Counting "Escape", which is now called "Sweetie's Story" I have 3 finished fics and 2 WIPs in the "introductory" series, though there may be more depending on the characters. I have another 2 started starring Jamie, Sweetie's love interest in "Escape" who is right now my favorite character by far. Though Coyote's kind of growing on me, too. There are a couple characters I'm having trouble with, but that's mostly because I've never written anyone quite like them before.
  • Came up with a fantastic Obi/Qui non-sneezefic I really want to work on. It's an AU, which is strange, coming from me. But it'll be a lot of fun and probably much less cliche than the Mindwiped-Slave!Obi fic I've been working on. Yummy as the angst in that one is :-)
  • Played a little with another Oliver/Percy fic that's sitting open in my taskbar at the moment. It's close to getting done. I need to remember to put in the part where they talk about Percy's brothers, but otherwise I just need to get through fortune cookie scene without sounding too cheesy and it's good to go :-)

My back's been hurting all day again. Completely different spot, though. Think I pulled a muscle or slept on it wrong or something. Growl.

And then I got all excited about buying a pack of jellybeans only to find there's Gelatin in them. GROWL! Stupid me. The last few times I bought jelly beans there wasn't any, but I switched brands because of a sale and forgot to check. Stupid me.

Need to go get a load of clothes out of the dryer now. Then I'm off to bed. Must go to work early in the morning *grumble*


Feb. 13th, 2005 03:44 pm
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Well, I'm back from dog/housesitting.

Had a NICE weekend away from everything (though I missed my cat desperately). I ended up not getting online much at all, but I did do a little writing in my notebook- which is nearly full. I shall be sad to see this one go. It's been through a lot with me :-)

It's going to take me a LONG time to catch up- I have 204 unread mail messages slowly filling my mailbox as we speak.

A friend sent me a Valentine's Day card over the weekend, so that was nice to come home to. As well as the box for the 3 LotR EE DVDs (yes, I'm silly and got that but I have a box for my LotR books so I thought it only fitting to have one for the DVDs as well). I stopped by Walmart over the weekend to buy supplies for my boss' office (I cleaned it while he was away- it's going to surprise/shock him) and I also bought a new watch (which has a slightly too-long wristband but tells the day of the month and it's blue, so that's good) as well as Gargoyles Season 1 on DVD and Galaxy Quest on DVD (I couldn't resist- I've really wanted that for the longest time and it was only $7.50)

But, yeah, I had a good few days away from everything. MUCH needed. Watched some great movies, had a lot of fun with the doggies (they all slept on the bed with me at night, which was great- I sort of miss having a boyfriend to sleep with, so the huge warm bodies surrounding me and kicking me in the middle of the night was very nostalgic. LOL!)

Tis nice to be back, though. I'm writing a Sirius & Remus story that has a valentine's day element in it, so I'm hoping to finish it tonight. We'll see. It doesn't really fit with any of the lists I'm on, so I don't know if I'll post it anywhere apart from my site (no sneezing in this) but it's very nice to be writing.

Note to self: Wygen

More mental notes: I must do some archive updates and the weekly hatching thing today. Must must remember! :-) I'm on message 115 of 204... and it just timed out. DAMNIT! Growl! Hiss!
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Have been having trouble getting online for the last few days, since our snowstorm over the weekend. Grrr. So I'm writing this from work.

Happy Imbolc/Groundhog Day! It's also my boss' bday today. I bought cookies on the way to work this morning.

I gave blood yesterday. Twas a day off from work. My Monday sucked (car got stuck on the ice, I fell on the ice and scraped up my knee, my mouth was killing me from dental work last week, worked until 7pm, etc.) but I got home to find they were in a critical blood shortage in my area and were begging people to come donate. So I did. They gave me a t-shirt and one of those in-style "support" wristbands. So that's cool. I've been donating for years and never got anything (they're always out of t-shirts on the t-shirt days and such)- I even had to ask 3 times just to get my donar card so I could find out my blood type! But up here in northern VA they throw goodies at you- they sent me a pin in the mail a week ago for donating back in Nov. Very nice people, they are, too. And they have a drive within walking distance of my house.
I must be the only person in the world thrilled to give blood just so she can get her iron levels checked. LOL! The little monitor kept going off while I was donating and so the chica let me donate a full unit which is what she called it when it was full enough to be used but not completely full. I warned her before that I was a slow bleeder *shrug* While I was there the woman in the chair across from me had to stop halfway through and almost passed out. And then a woman over by the snack table got up to leave and bent over. They sat her down in a chair and then she completely lost consciousness and they had to lie her down on the floor. She kept apologizing afterwards and saying she'd been donating for twenty years and this had never happened to her before. It was all very exciting. Luckily, everyone was just fine after a few minutes. And I was fine, apart from a big bruise on my arm because the woman didn't believe me AGAIN when I said she'd have to go in deeper with the needle than it looked. Apparently bruising makes your blood clot and thus flow more slowly- so there's another reason I'm such a slow giver. That's good to know. I did ask whether it was worth it or not because I'm so slow and they said they REALLY needed my blood type as it's rare and they had 6 chairs going so it was definitely worth it. I'm glad I did. The guy behind me in line was terrified of needles and was jumpy through the wait and the whole thing but donated anyway- what a nice guy!

Watched the Chronicles of Riddick last night. Oohhh I love that character. I liked this movie far more than the first... though I cracked up during the intro (wow, a whole FIFTEEN minutes of new footage! Oohhhh! *snort* Apparently they haven't seen the LotR EEs)

My mother proposed something the other day that I'm seriously considering. She wants to move- badly. They've been living in the same house for nearly 17 years now and she would really like me to get a high paying job and live in it after they move out. My sister (who hopefully will be in college nearby then) and I could split the rent and other bills and all. It would be a fantastic opportunity, I think. I adore this area and I can't imagine losing this house to complete strangers having grown up in it and all. Plus it's an excellent location and all nice and perfect and fixed up. So that's good incentive for me to find an actual, better job.

Add to my list of new year's resolutions: saving money, and getting organized. I bought a nice acordian file organizer back in early Jan and I'm LOVING it. I found a credit card I thought they never sent me, and lots of papers I haven't been able to find in a long while. It's great. I love being organized financially and paperwork-y (LOL) even if the rest of my life is hectic :-) And I've started adding money every month to my savings account. So that's good. I don't really have a savings any more (a year of unemployment contributed to that) so I definitely need to focus on that again. I also REALLY need to get paid. Must find a nice way to hint to boss about that today. I haven't been paid since mid-December and I'm not going to be able to cover my Feb bills at this rate.

Finished my strange non-writer's-block fic last night. Anyone know what the Bronte/Austen genre/time period is called? I have found a lot of sites and sources calling it a number of different things. It's not really Victorian... guh, I don't know. Help would be VERY appreciated. I'm going to check the book of knowledge tonight when I get home as it's good at categorizing things. Otherwise, I'm rather lost. I'm also going to watch Emma tonight (singing Ewan baby!!!) to be sure I've gone tone and dialogue right. I've been reading bits of P&P and Wuthering Heights as well but having Emma while I do a final edit will be helpful. ANyway... yes, anyone know a good term for the genre?


Jan. 3rd, 2005 12:30 am
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Hrm. I've never really been a resolution-type person but it might be fun to look back in a year and see if I actually managed any of these with any quality and/or efficiency.

  1. Finish the evil thesis edits. Preferably by the end of this week.
  2. Lose more weight.
  3. Make significant progress on my 'fandoms I want to get into' list (Which is currently Buffy, Stargate: Atlantis, Farscape, Horatio Hornblower, Starsky & Hutch...)
  4. Finish at least one draft of a possibly publishable novel
  5. Release more Bookcrossing books into the wild
  6. Figure out what the hell I want to do with my life

Let's see. I think that's it. Though I reserve the right to add to this list in the next few days :-)


Sep. 3rd, 2004 10:19 am
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I was stalking [livejournal.com profile] casirafics's LJ this morning and she posted Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate recipe. So I couldn't resist sharing the yumminess as well. *wishes she could make things in the kitchen that actually turn out the way they're supposed to* This dessert is really one of the most delicious things in the world.

Okay... think I'll go back to sleep now.


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