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Day 14 List: Ten Favorite Eeyore Quotes
This idea actually comes from my 52 writing prompts swap-bot partner's box of prompts she sent me. Yay!

  1. "To the uneducated an A is just three sticks."

  2. "They're funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you're having them."

  3. "We can't all, and some of us don't. That's all there is to it."

  4. "Never trust a cloud, I always say."

  5. "End of the road... nothing to do... and no hope of things getting better. Sounds like Saturday night at my house."

  6. "When trying to rescue friends from a tree, make sure the plan doesn't involve having everybody stand on your back."

  7. "It's bad enough being miserable, but it is even worse when everyone else claims to be miserable, too."

  8. "It's not much of a tail, but I'm sort of attached to it."

  9. "Whenever a Very Bouncy Animal arrives in the Forest, and you are told that he has just come, the thing you should ask is: 'When is he going?'"

  10. "A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference."
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Day 13 List: Things I Should Be Doing Now Instead of Writing this List Before Midnight
  • Hunting down some generic painkillers

  • Trying to figure out how to get from London to Cardiff and then Cardiff to Dublin and then Dublin to the Lake District and then the Lake District to London without having to drive *freaks out*

  • Making a John Green-inspired bookmark

  • Making HP stationary so I can send out these ATCs I made yesterday

  • Eating dinner-egads, it's almost 11pm

  • Writing a proper list like the one I started last week about my favorite TV show theme songs

  • Doing laundry

  • Send out a Writers' Roundtable reminder

  • Writing a short story I can share at tomorrow's Writers' Roundtable meeting

  • Reading that awesome Charlie/Neville story I only got about 500 words into yesterday

  • Updating websites I've let slip and I feel guilty about

  • Watching the end of RuPaul's Drag Race that I fell asleep in the middle of this morning around 2:30am

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Day 12 List: Favorite Childhood Movies
Movies that I loved as a kid that popped into my head when I thought up the topic. I'm counting movies I loves/was obsessed with/watched over and over again when I was 12 or younger.
  • 101 Dalmatians (Disney, animated)

  • Sleeping Beauty (Disney)

  • Follow That Bird

  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure

  • Benji

  • The Princess Bride

  • Adventures in Babysitting

  • The Neverending Story

  • Pound Puppies

  • Santa Claus: the movie

  • The Great Muppet Caper

  • Trading Places

  • Coming to America

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • The Music Man

  • Mary Poppins

  • The Wizard of Oz

  • The Sound of Music

  • Funny Farm

  • The Goonies

  • The Dark Crystal

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  • Return of the Jedi

  • Back to the Future

  • The Little Mermaid (Disney)

  • Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

  • The Lion King (Disney)

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Charlotte's Web (animated)

  • The Breakfast Club

  • Troop Beverly Hills

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

  • Prince Caspian & the Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  • The Silver Chair

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

  • A League of Their Own

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Technically it's my Do Nothing But Read Day, but I didn't want to forget a list and have to start all over again. So... I'm doing something other than reading for a few minutes...

Day 11 List: My Pets
  1. Puss- She was around before I was born, and she made the trip from Papua New Guinea to the United States with us. She wasn't my favorite cat, because she wasn't cuddley and sweet. In fact, she could be mean if you were a kid and bothering her. But she wasn't a bad cat and she would even sit on your lap if she decided you were worthy :-)

  2. Liklik- I called him my big brother, because he used to sit on my mommy's tummy when she was pregnant with me. He wasn't the smartest tool in the shed (used to pee in his food dish) and was the runt in the litter, so my parents chose a name that means "Little One". He was 17-20lbs for most of his life though--not at all little. He was the most loveable, sweet kitty ever. Somewhat cluless at times, but always eager for some snuggling. He lived to be 20, I think. Certainly 19.

  3. Jessie- My parents got our first dog from the pound when I was around pre-school age. I remember being scared of her and sitting on top of the table so she couldn't get to me the first night. But then I realize she was amazing and we were good friends for the few years before she died (kidney or liver... I can't actually remember which it was). She was the smartest dog I have ever known. You only had to tell her once to do something and she'd do it. You only had to tell her once to not do something (like not go into a room that was carpeted) and she would never, ever do it. She was loyal and clever and fun-loving.

  4. Chris- My first hamster! He was a teddy bear hamster and so very, very cute. He loved his wheel and chew blocks especially. He was very calm and mellow and loved sitting on my shoulder or in my hand as much as running around in his cage. He was actually extremely patient and calm--the only hamster I had who would let me put a little santa hat on him for a photo. LOL

  5. Charlotte-I don't seem to have a photo of her on my computer/scanned in, sorry. But she looked a lot like Chris, only her brown was slightly lighter. Her favorite position was up in her nest, head hanging down into her tube as if someone might sneak up it and surprise her as she slept. She was an escape artist. Once she even escaped her cage and let Chris out of his overnight! She didn't have babies, though. We're not sure if she just didn't get pregnant that night or if chewing all the way through a lamp cord during an escape the following week was to blame. She had some disease during the last week or so of her life, which wasn't good. We actually drove her to a special vet to get her checked out, but there wasn't anything they could do for her. Poor little one.

  6. Kelly- A nicer golden retriever there will never be. But she was really pretty stupid and would chew holes in walls if left alone for too long. She LOVED being with people. And if she was with people, those people had to be touching her. She would come over to where you were sitting and put her heavy paw on your leg and just beam with happiness if you stroked her paw or pet her head (but especially the paw rub). She died when she was young (5 years old?) of cancer. She had one of her front legs amputated and hung on happily another 7 or 8 months after that, but then the cancer came back and we had to put her down.

  7. Sandy- I got Sandy from my best friends for my 8th birthday. Sandy was a sweet hamster--very active and super furry! Loved to explore the cage and all its crazy configurations. Sandy loved the hamster ball and running around my bedroom in it.

  8. Dusty- I acquired my friend's hamster, Dusty, when she moved to Germany. I was starting to outgrow hamsters and, I must admit (guiltily), my mom took care of Dusty whenever I was too lazy to clean the cage. I don't have a photo of him scanned in either. He looked a lot like Sandy (above) but was less golden/brown/tan and a little more gray in his fur.

  9. 2000 Worms- One of my high school best friends and I wanted to do a science fair project together and my uncle had a copy of Worms Eat My Garbage. Before we knew it, I had two bins of red wiggler worms (1,000 worms in each bin) in my house for 3 years. This is the only photo I have of them scanned in. We took one of the bins to an Earth Day festival and taught kids & adults about Vermicomposting.

  10. Maxwell- Y'all know my Maxwell Demon. He wandered into my apartment building during a thunderstorm, crying and hiding behind the door. I postered the area, but there were no takers. So I got him. He's my sweet pumpkin poodle kitty :-)

  11. Benji- My parents' cat (the first pet they had since losing Liklik years before). He was pretty feral (didn't know how to be petted) and he had broken his ankle/foot as a little kitten and it healed wrong. He shattered it years later and had to have surgery. Also, he's diabetic, but in remission thanks to a change in his diet *knocks wood* He demands attention, loves smelling people's breath, doesn't know when to stop playing with other cats (doesn't take HISS!!!! for an answer) and pretends to limp whenever he wants food.

  12. Angel- My parents' cat, acquired from a foster family. She has the loudest purr of any cat ever, loves squeezing into baskets to sleep (even when they're far too small for her; she has spacial relation problems), drools when she's happy, and is a huge attention whore. When the other cats come to you, demanding food, she comes to you demanding petting.My sister nicknamed her Beaner. She's the head of all the cats in the house.

  13. Butterscotch-My parents' cat, who jumped into our townhouse backyard and onto my mother's lap every time she was in the backyard gardening/sitting. Basically, he decided to come live with us. He's part maine coon so he's huge and has adorably tufted ears. He's the lowest rung on the social ladder here at the house and he never meows. He's quiet and stays out of the way all day, but he loves going out on the porch and LOVES all of the attention he gets, whenever he gets it. He really just liked coming to my mom or to me on the couch to get petted. One of the cats scratched his eye, requiring surgery and months of rehabilitation. His eye will always have a cloudy portion now, but he doesn't let it bother him.

  14. Sugar- My parents' cat, who was a neighborhood stray but the people feeding her refused to take her to the vet for shots/etc, so we got her. She's deaf and has some sort of tachycardia with accessory pathway, which means every so often she hunkers down and can't move for a day or two because her hair and breathing are racing out of control. During that time she usually drools and pees herself, won't eat, won't react if you pet her, and gets too warm or too hot every other second. It seems that it passes after a day or so, usually after she throws up a hairball, and then she's fine again. The medicine we give her for it makes her super sleepy sometimes, but she's one of our most active cats otherwise (especially if you have string; she is nuts for string dangling in the air). She thinks she's the head of the house and the other cats think she's brave or weird because she doesn't react to doorbells, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, etc. (she can't hear them; she's deaf). My favorite thing is when she sits on her tail.

  15. Simon- My parents' dog, Simon is a cairn terrier (like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, only a little bigger than Toto was; it would take a bigger picnic basket to fit him). He's a good boy, even though he looks down on me in the pecking order and growls at me when he thinks I want to steal his chewies (which I don't want to do, I assure you). He's very playful and loves a routine. Up in the morning for breakfast and walkies. Sleep until Mom gets up. Lunch biscuits at noon and walkies. Dinner at 5pm and walkies. Walk at 8, then another at 10, and then he takes his stuffed llama up to bed with him where he sleeps in his kennel soundlessly until morning. He doesn't get the concept of fetch (he's not a retriever), but he LOVES chasing things and running.

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Day 10 List: YouTube Video Trail
Ever try to watch just one YouTube video? I find it very difficult. Usually I'll watch something and then something in the sidebar or on the screen afterward catches my eye and demands my attention and then suddenly an hour has passed. So a few weeks ago I thought up the idea to post a list of the trail my interest takes from one video to the next and see where I end up based on YouTube's suggestions. As I just watched a YouTube video, I realized now would be the perfect time to start!

  1. In 'N' Out-Erview (Not so linear. I like that)

  2. In 'N Out 1981 Commercial (I have never heard of this place or seen one that made an impression on me during my trips to California)

  3. 1970 - Happy New Year! 40 years ago as seen on TV (what is this and why did I click on it?)

  4. Saab Motorhome (I'm sorry, but why did you click on this, tg? Was it because it was the only alternative to more New Years Eve videos? Yes. Boy I wish I spoke... whatever language this is. Or cared about cars/engines. That's 10 minutes I won't get back)

  5. Experience a sleazy seedy 70's Times Square NYC date (funny and disturbing. I am hating this trail of videos so much right now)

  6. My Old New York - Times Square of the Late 1970s (I like the title. And this is like a nice photo journal/time capsule... sort of)

  7. Goth vs. Punk (um... what?)
OKAY, I give up on this. I draw the line when I get multiple recommendations to watch Nazi videos. Going to pick another starting video and try this again. I can spend hours on YouTube... why is it so hard NOW?

Starting with a favorite of mine...
  1. Cosplay Fever lip dub: Raise Your Glass (aww. I love this so much!)

  2. Nyan Cat Cosplay (hahahahaha! Clever moving parts!)

  3. Real life Nyan Cat (all cats have different levels of patience, but this can't be good for the cat, can it? Mine certainly wouldn't put up with it)

  4. The funniest kitten in the world (this one had a lot to live up to. Funniest in the world? I don't know about that, but very cute)

  5. Dog makes baby laugh (doesn't get much cuter than a baby laughing and a dog loving a baby)

  6. wolf howl (oh, poor puppy! So scared and fascinated all at once!)

  7. Baby Beaver in Bathtub (alliteration FTW! Also, cuteness FTW)

  8. SO MANY TURTLES! (short but not false advertising)

  9. At this point, I clicked on a video that was extremely awful and disturbing and will give me nightmares. So I went back after 3 seconds and watched a different one I'd seen before and knew wouldn't hurt me.
  10. Chameleon was frightened by iphone (what he saw?) (I remember seeing this long ago on another channel, I think)

  11. Panther chameleon changing colors (such bright colors! But hard to spot the difference)

  12. Little Kitten So Tired. Cutest vid ever!!! (with so many exclamation marks, how could you go wrong? LOL I adore the sleepy kitty, but love the juxtaposition with other kitties!)

So... this experiment hasn't been very successful. Or maybe I have bad luck with clicking?
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Day 9 List: Things Within View of My Desk/Computer
Yeah. I just got home from a DADA Meetup and I've got half an hour to write a list about something. So this one's a bit pathetic, maybe. But they're things that are, let's say, in a 3 foot radius from where I sit at this moment.
  • Plot bunny stuffed animal, still missing his tail

  • A Knock at the Door monthly wall calendar

  • Common cold virus plushie

  • Bottle of magic BookCrossing catch dust from 2009

  • TARDIS USB hub with Star Trek wrist band USB drive plugged into it

  • 20,001 Names for Baby book

  • An "old world" beige world globe about the side of one's hand

  • Glass candy jar from Honeydukes

  • Draco & the Malfoys USB drive in the shape of a guitar

  • LEGO TARDIS missing a few bricks at the top I used to make a smaller LEGO TARDIS

  • Backup drive that doesn't work any more but is still connected to my computer

  • Copy of TFiOS with Red J-scribble (from Amazon.com pre-order)

  • 3-D glasses I got at Coraline and forgot to turn in afterward

  • Maxwell Demon kitting in his beige cat bed

  • Piece of bright blue paper from one of my libraries with special numbers to call in the event of bad weather

  • Cigar box from my grandfather's collection that holds some of my favorite writing pens

  • Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO magnets still in package

  • Car insurance card I printed and keep forgetting to put in my car

  • TeeFury t-shirt that I just took out of the package a few days ago and haven't worn or washed yet

  • Red shape stencil I got when I was a little girl and still use from time to time

  • Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas mini book I got for Christmas and haven't found a spot for yet

  • Upside-down plain glass, used for catching the occasional bug

  • Beanie baby Remus & Sirius (wearing red Gryffindor wristband as a collar) in compromising position together

  • Three empty ink cartridges and 2 ink cartridges still in boxes

  • Chip clip that is clipping nothing

  • Pot holder used during dinner last night that I forgot to return to the kitchen

  • Box of Pepperidge Farm Entertaining Quartet crackers with only half a pack of the classic water crackers left inside

  • Sample-size box of Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste I picked up at a festival over the summer and don't intend to use

  • Men in Uniform wall calendar from 2007, perpetually stuck on the adorably half-dressed sailor standing in front of a ship's wheel

  • Paper weight from the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, still in box because I don't really have any use for a paper weight on a desk piled with stuff, but I love it and it was a gift, so it gets to sit on my special writing shelf

  • A full booklet of Liberty Bell forever stamps

  • A color-it-yourself Easter sticker I colored (beautifully, I might add) when I was in elementary school that I found while cleaning a few years ago

  • A plastic pencil case/school box container labeled "scissors" that contains no scissors because they all go missing

  • A bookmark monthly calendar of lighthouses from around the world

  • A passport photo (taken yesterday at CVS during my lunch break) in its cardboard sleeve

  • A copy of James and the Giant Peach I plan to take to Wales and release in Roald Dahl Plass

  • Real Simple December 2011 issue that I haven't finished reading

  • Empty Reebok shoebox from my last purchase of actual (non-Wal-mart) sneakers

  • Half a Winnie-the-Pooh Dollar Store stationary set

  • Open and half-gone container of multi-colored paper clips

  • Gargoyle pen purchased several years back at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

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Day 8 List: Games I've Earned the Most Badges On at Zone
I've got 2,046 badges. Yikes. It's an addiction. LOL I probably should have calculated % of badges, because some are out of 30 or 33 or 35 or any number you can imagine. Oh well.

Night of the Scarecrows surprised me. I can't even remember the last time I played that! Of them all, I have a special love for Joboo's Gems and Bubble Town. There's a certain configuration I always play in Mah Jong Tiles (the hardest one) over and over again. There are times I'm insanely in love with Peggle, and other times I swear at it a lot. And I have all sorts of strategies for Flowerz I'm proud of. Zuma was the first Zone game I ever played (and inspired me to write a Star Wars fanfic). And the site actually lost my high score for Chainz 2, and I've never come close to doing so well at it, but I still love it. All of these are actually ones I can spend hours on. Except maybe Bejeweled. I only play that now when there's a special badge I have to earn.
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Day 7 List: 20 Most Played Songs in my iTunes at Work Without Repeating Artists/Groups (track playcount in parentheses):

1. Big Bang Theory Theme- Barenaked Ladies (108)
2. A Phoenix Lament- Ministry of Magic (69)
3. Taking You Back (Featuring the Remus Lupins)- Tonks & The Aurors (61)
4. Astoria Greengrass and the Pure-Blood Prince- Swish and Flick (60)
5. Just a Hufflepuff- Oliver Boyd & The Remembralls (50)
6. Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star- Kwikspell (49)
7. I Believe in Nargles- The Whomping Willows (49)
8. We're On Fire- Armoured Bearcub (48)
9. Dumbledore (Dynamite by Taio Cruz Parody)- Alex Carpenter (45)
10. Happiness is a Hippogriff Away- The Mudbloods (44)
11. Eyes (Severus & Lily)- Nagini with Alastor (42)
12. Prefects are Hot- The Moaning Myrtles (40)
13. Every Waking Moment- Marked as His Equal (37)
14. California Dorks- Skyway Flyer (35)
15. Cornelius Fudge is an Ass- Harry & the Potters (29)
16. Breakout (Live)- Bella And Le Strangers (28)
17. Song for the Doctor- The Vashta Nerada (28)
18. It Sucks- The Butterbeer Experience (25)
19. All Out of Love- John Barrowman (25)
20. 99 Deatheaters- Draco and the Malfoys (23)

Um, yeah. All 20 are pretty much fandom-related. I'm such a dork.

1- Big Bang Theory
1- Doctor Who
15- Harry Potter
1- Hunger Games
1- Torchwood (well, I wouldn't have bought a John Barrowman album if not for Torchwood)
1- Various fandoms (Lost, Star Wars, Disney, Nintendo, Back to the Future, etc.)
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Day 6 List: Signed Books
All of the books (as far as I can recall) that I have signed by the author. Click each link for a photo!

And here are some of my favorites:

PS- I just realized I have a Charles deLint book somewhere, but no idea where it is. I've been through a bookcase and a half without success. Doesn't matter. It's here somewhere!
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Day 5 List: Thing Projects
For my [livejournal.com profile] just_the_things I have monthly projects to do. I've missed a couple months and I still have a bunch to go. So here are some suggestions to ME of things to do...
  • Week in the Life Photo Albums (I actually started this for October 2011 and thought I was done, but ended up buying a bunch more photo albums for this in December for future years and I found about 20 photos I hadn't included, so now I need to get those printed out and put in properly)

  • Create a handwriting font

  • Knit a scarf (i.e. FINISH A KNITTING PROJECT, DAMN IT!)

  • Remus & Sirius Sock Puppets

  • Harry Potter trivia game for all seven books

  • Harry Potter House Whimsey Jars (for all 4 houses)

  • Write a graphic novel script

  • Quilt of t-shirts from my childhood

  • Build Eilean Donan Castle out of LEGO

  • LEGO Halloween MOC (for display in the LEGO Store, October 2012)

  • Self-publish a book of Sin stories

  • Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt in downtown DC

Hmm. I can't think of any more at the moment. Suggestions? lol

Also, I found the thing in my storage unit... so working on List 6 in a few minutes. That one has TONS of photos! Squee!
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Day 3 List: Stories I Re-read
There are plenty of stories I re-read often. Possibly embarrassingly too often. But I love them. Here are the first dozen that popped into my head. Please observe warnings; my taste is... well, you know *G*
  1. The Things He Carried by x_posed_again (PG-13/R; h/c)
    After being beating both physically and mentally Oliver struggles to move on with his life after the Battle at Hogwarts.
    A brilliant story about Wood coping with all the physical and emotional ramifications of the war. I love all the characters and their roles in Olly's life.

  2. Seventeen Words by Superimmunegirl (PG; sneezing)
    This story focuses on Severus Snape and takes place after the war with Voldemort is over.
    Even though it's quite AU, I can't get enough of seeing characters interact with a very broken but heroic Snape. Getting inside Snape's head is amazingly done, from the suicide attempt to the daily word limit. The story also brings us Soul Healers as a concept and a Hufflepuffy Healer-in-Training I can't help but love every time he shows up, especially given his situation with Snape.

  3. Touching Draco by KDW? (18+, sneezing)
    More than a decade after the war, a potion-resistant cold epidemic is sweeping through wizarding Britain, and Draco's lover finds himself in a position to indulge Draco's honeymoon rhinitis-inspired preferences rather spectacularly.
    This story is so decadent, especially for a pairing I never would have thought I'd like. Neville seems like the perfect person to handle this Draco. So many delicious moments.

  4. The Powder by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw (PG-13; sneezing)
    Josh has a secret; well, actually, three. Three that he's about to tell his crush, Kyle. But, he needs his new powder to help...
    Definitely a guilty pleasure story for me, I adore the wording used to describe the effects of the powder and the sneezes. I love this story so much, LGR wrote me part of a sequel, which I treasure, but the original is still my favorite.

  5. Before the Time of Dawn by Shadowscast (R; time travel, h/c)
    Xander and Spike must go back in time to prevent an apocalypse in the future.
    Spike and Xander at their best! I love the interwoven plot details, the brilliant concept, and the way such a clever plan is completely foiled. So many great details from Angel & Buffy episodes, and so much wonderful Xander/Spike-ness, including a lovely amount of h/c with badly!human Spike (Late Night Porn Store Blues is another frequent re-read in the Fragments series).

  6. The First Collar by Xanthe (NC-17, collarfic, h/c)
    Gibbs is a top with a desperate need to atone for his past mistakes and a habit of collaring the members of his team. Tony is a sub who distrusts all tops and has never yet agreed to wear any top’s collar, not even in play. Sparks fly when they meet for the first time – but will Gibbs be able to protect Tony from a past that is rapidly catching up with him, and will Tony ever trust Gibbs enough to wear his collar?
    Guh. This story was amazing the first time I read it, but it stands up to many re-reads. It's complex and sweet and introspective and it seriously feels like this is how NCIS was supposed to be, but the writers freaked and pulled back a few details.

  7. Ten Years On by Xanthe (R, kidfic)
    McGee is Director of NCIS, Gibbs is raising a small child, and Tony is teetering on the brink of total self-destruction - a lot has happened in ten years...
    What a great vision of one possible future for NCIS. Though parts of it break my heart every time, other parts make me grin and laugh.

  8. Damage by Xanthe (NC-17, h/c)
    When Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he uncovers something much more sinister. The resulting investigation has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.
    This story does a phenomenal job with a heavy subject. So many sides of Tony's character are explored here, including the one where he loves Gibbs *G*

  9. Speeder Delay by Merenwenkb (NC-17, watersports)
    An unexpected traffic jam shows Obi the benefits of planning ahead and reveals a few previously unknown facts about Qui Gon.
    I just love the intimacy between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in this one. And the desperation is lovely, if you like that sort of thing. I like my boys helpless, what can I say?

  10. Killing Me Softly by Maudey (NC-17, watersports)
    Harry and Lucius both have their own lives, but every so often they meet in secret.
    Never did I think I would read this pairing, let alone have it grow on me. But there's something about this kink that makes me love Gryffindor/Slytherin pairings

  11. Darkest Nights Turn into Dawns by tarotgal (NC-17, sneezing)
    George Weasley attempts to cope with what life has given him.
    Yeah, sometimes I have a craving to re-read one of my own stories. I really enjoy this one, watching poor angsty George slowly destroy himself for a while

  12. Scottish Hospitality by tarotgal (PG-13, sneezing)
    Oliver Wood's team plays Marcus Flint's team for the first time since the two left Hogwarts. They're professional and there's a bit of tension... but also possibility for friendship?
    Another one of mine, obviously. It was my first real Oliver/Marcus fic and I really enjoy what I did with the boys.

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Day 2 List: Quirky, mild OCD-ish Tendencies
The DC Nerdfighters had a discussion about this a while back, with everyone listing things they did. I guess I forgot how much I actually do that's a bit funny until I realized so many people have their own similar things. Get ready to have a good laugh!

  1. Whenever I eat M&Ms or Skittles, I line them up in a bar chart by color, in rainbow order. I eat the largest column first, then the second largest, all the way down until each column has an equal number. And then I eat them equally, one at a time (or two at a time, depending on how many I have left at that point) backwards through the color spectrum. Oh, and I like the Ms or Ss facing upward. This applies also to Smarties or Neco wafters (when they were vegetarian), but only if I have the means.
  2. When eating Fritos and I'm able to dump them out to look at them, I eat the curvy (unpredictable) ones first. Then I eat down from the most curvy to least. Then I eat all the small ones/broken ones before the long, straight ones
  3. When I pull the handle for paper towel dispensers, I pull it an odd number of times and count the act of tearing off the paper as the final even number; I like even numbers. The two paper towel dispensers at work are always 7 pulls and then 8 is the tearoff number.
  4. When I climb up or down stairs, I count the number of stairs either by counting every stair or counting in sets of eight.
  5. I divide my food evenly on each side of my mouth, usually one bite on one side and another on the other side. I go as far as to split goldfish crackers down the middle in order to make sure there are even amounts.
  6. A game I play with myself in the car is to clench my teeth whenever there is grass on the side of the street and unclench them/open my mouth when there's a break in grass for a driveway, street, or sewer opening. I used to play it when we went driving cross-country during childhood vacations and I catch myself doing it now still occasionally
  7. I don't like foods mixing on my plate if I can help it. Separate plates/bowls for things is always awesome, especially with there are foods that will leak into others (I don't like bread that becomes soggy with spaghetti sauce that has traveled all the way across my plate, for example). I also tend to eat my least favorite part of the meal first and work my way through to end with my favorite.
  8. Whenever I play solitaire, the Aces piles have to go Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades or Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts
  9. I don't talk in the morning until I leave the house, if I can help it. Maybe I'll say something to a pet, because I know they don't talk back, but I don't like talking to actual people because I can't predict what they'll say. I like to stay in my own head, which moves FAST, but my body & mouth can't move fast. If I have to respond, I prefer to grunt or nod or write, but not speak actual words unless I absolutely have to
  10. Not all times, but maybe 50% of the time, when walking on certain sidewalks (such as the one in front of one of the libraries I volunteer at) I will pace myself when walking so that I won't step on any of the cracks.

And, yeah, I could probably think of more, but 10 is such a nice number, don't you think?
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I'm attempting to write a list a day for two weeks straight. If I skip a day, I'll have to start over. So here we go.

Day 1 List: Plot Bunnies
Here are some plot bunnies from a notebook I keep just for plot bunnies. I cross off ones I finish as I finish them (at least, I try to). Some I might have posted before. If any of these strikes you, you're welcome to steal 'em (unless they're Stokes; those are mine)!
  • Remus & Sirius take care of Harry
  • Twins & Oliver in locker room
  • Remus is bad at potions but wants to brew pepper-up
  • Remus looking at the moon ("want to know a secret, Sirius? I'm not really strong")
  • Kurt uses his tail to masturbate
  • Remus & Sirius buy a leash
  • MWPP run at night, Sirius is hurt when Remus gets loose
  • WWII train trip from NY
  • George admits to Fred that he's gay (Fred is not/is curious/ pretends he's gay to fool Oliver)
  • Dee wants to find Ryo; Ryo is sick & explaining to Rose
  • Legolas & Gimli are so badly off that Aragorn has to swoop in and help
  • Excusing self/pushing past to sneeze head off
  • Omi stumbles upon Aya/Yohji in shower; Ken comforts
  • Guy w/ cold watching cold med commercial
  • Qui has offworld affairs (w/ Obi) & ends up w/ Obi as a padawan
  • Logan/Kurt in Church-seductions & confessions
  • Probs with Sirius being bisexual
  • "Look at the state of me"
  • Waking Sirius up by using feather & wingardium leviosa
  • Aragorn sleeping between his brothers, trying to have a conversation with Legolas
  • Spike is seriously ill. Very bad. A world of bad. Xander makes schoolboy remarks. Spike likes it.
  • Spike/Xander- Xander turns on light - is sitting in room Spike escaped into to sneeze
  • Spike/Xander where Xander thinks at end that being sick is a good look for Spike
  • Spike/Xamder title/theme: I hate myself for loving you
  • Sex toys: bizarre buttplugs, cockring & leath, remote control vibrators
  • Sirius sick & Remus does all he can but Sirius doesn't feel better (or doesn't admit it)
  • Obi/Qui get together, Obi expects Qui to top = bad sex but the eventually sort out probs
  • Title: Half Past Dead
  • Spike/Farfie crossover (eyepatch=Xander, Irish=Angel, insane/Crazy=Dru, healing=Buffy)
  • Spike/Xander chip goes off every time they try to have sex
  • SW title: Extra Credit
  • Gimli sees Legolas's ears twitch (restrained sn) takes hanky & takes charge
  • PotC songfic to "The Captain" by Kasey Chambers
  • SW- Padawans are like dogs, large paws (grew into, leave prints)
  • Using a vibrator for sex & sneezing
  • Remus knows he's getting sick & stocks up; others don't believe him but are proven wrong
  • SW- 5 planets, 1 cold (or a tale of 2 planets)
  • A ponyboy allergic to hay
  • HP Marauders era from perspective of painting in hospital wing
  • PotC- Jack sick in bed all day, stuff happens around him
  • Character keeps coughing/sneezing during sex, partner gives up waiting for it to stop and just has sex
  • A journey over Gimli's body (scars, tats, flashbacks, stories for each)
  • Remus/Sirius share apartment (one likes other, other knows, but they agree to share anyway)
  • "There's something you ought to know about Starsky & me. We're not like most partners."
  • Continuation of L fic "confused" for weekly hatching #96
  • Before ear 5 'padfoot' Sirius gets nicknamed "Snuffles'
  • Frog->wizard (Mark's idea re: needing a kiss)
  • SW H/C obi-fever, ginger suppository
  • HH-encounters on a bumboat
  • S trying to convince Remus to go out with him
  • Tissue box shared by roomies, is in main room and each keeps going in to use it
  • Remus gets sick easily, avoids sick Sirius. Sirius gets mad. Ends with them kissing anyway
  • Marauders share EVERYTHING
  • Strokes beginnings series: Turbo- Nik & Turbo sex, current DJ sucks & Turbo wants the job. Sweetie doesn't want to hire him at first because he was Nik's fling
  • "Misery is not attractive" says Casanova
  • A book is so horrible that someone tries to return it at a store
  • SW- Ani saw Qui/Obi in Ep I on ship, Obi dates only women not, Ani thinks he's waiting for his apprentice to come of age
  • SW-Obi rushes into quarters, back against closed door, free to have a sneezing fit
  • NCIS- Gibbs is a "bottom line" kind of guy
  • Spike tells Xander about old time glass eyes popping out during sex
  • Remus lives w/ Peter, Sirius lives w/ James. R&S are sick and not being taken care of. they owl each other & get together & decide to move in w/ each other
  • Gimli doesn't like riding horses because of the motion/bumping; wanking is frowned upon for dwarves
  • Spike "allergic" to garlic
  • Sneeze "bless you" Sneeze "Okay, now you're just doing it for attention."
  • Tough guy in black leather & chains standing at a bus stop wearing a santa hat
  • Photos of other hockey team in a urinal
  • Olly reads Three Billy Goats Gruff to ML in library; attracts a crowd
  • Julia & Ace face the summer floods of 2011


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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