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Oh, also, I finally watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night. GOOD GODS that scene 20 minutes in? It was like a mini sneezefic right there inside the movie! I mean, the rest of the movie was good also but THAT SCENE?! The sneezes. The stuffiness. The "seriously?!" look on Peter's face. Epic!!!
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This just popped up on Bing for me this morning. Actor Ross Marquand's Celebrity Impressions. They're actually quite good and very creative. My favorite is 50 seconds in, of course.
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Just because I don't want to lose it and I don't trust my ability to bookmark things and find them later... Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" by Gay Talese from April 1996's Esquire.
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So... [livejournal.com profile] gingerdean asked me to list a couple of my all-time favorite sneezes from movies or tv.

I had a hard time remembering them all and then choosing just a couple. And I'd love to hear what other people would choose! Remind me of great ones I've forgotten! Tell me about ones I never knew of!

Reply with one of your favorites!
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But I love that "Tom Brady Has a Cold" is an actual huge headline right now. "Here he is wiping his nose!" LOL I love these reporters.
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I'm marathoning All Creatures Great and Small before it goes off Netflix Streaming after 1/31. I'm only nearly through season 3 (of 7) and I won't be able to watch much this weekend. So there's no hope in finishing. But I'm really enjoying watching it. I loved the show as a kid; it made me want to be a vet, for some reason. Now that I watch it, it makes me NEVER want to be a vet! LOL

Anyway, there's a lovely sneeze because of a small cloud of powder from the James Herriot character in season/series 1, episode 5. I might have watched it, like, a dozen times. (It's around timestamp 32:00)

I'm in the middle of season/series 3, episode 13 right now. And James has a cold. And he sneezes over and over and over and over and sniffles and sneezes some more. It's heavenly.There are some older men who are sick as well, and there's a good bit of talking about getting sick as well in the first third of the episode.

If you have Netflix streaming, I highly recommend giving the episode a watch before it goes away in a week. OMG James with a cold is so delightful. I might just have to buy the DVD set sometime.
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Once upon a time, I was in love with Lord Byron. Yes, Highlander: the series was almost completely to blame. I devoured some of his poetry as a teen (I say "some" because I don't think I ever made it through Don Juan all the way through). I loved the whole romantic essence he and Shelley had going on.

So when I found out there was a "new" Byron BBC production, I excitedly bumped it up to the top of my Netflix queue.

Number of times I've now watched Johnny Lee Miller as Byron sneeze: 3 million

Seriously, it's a thing of beauty. I especially love the way the first one bursts out of him and then how he sneezes widely from behind his hand after half-stifling the second one.

On another note, I've only had my doorbell ring THREE TIMES tonight. What the heck? Where are all the children? When I was young, trick-or-treating in a townhouse development was the best thing ever because you could hit so many houses so quickly and get so much more candy. What gives? My favorite so far, though, was a family with three kids and two parents. The dad was dressed as a pirate and the mother was dressed as... Mary Poppins--complete with umbrella and bag. If I'd known I'd only be getting three sets of trick-or-treaters, I totally would have insisted Mary Poppins take the rest of my candy because, the costume was amazing. I was so impressed!

And on another another note, I had the strangest allergist appointment yesterday. It was like they had never had a patient before and didn't know what to do with me. I'll recount it some other time, when I'm not trying to finish up some things before NaNoWriMo starts tonight. But, yeah, weird. But they tested me and I'm back on allergy pills and will resume shots next week, so I can almost breathe like a normal person again. YAY!

Oh, also, I bought a new toy. My laptop that I usually write NaNoWriMo on died, so I had to buy something new. It's a 2-in-one laptop/tablet and much smaller than I'm used to. But I look forward to getting to know it well over the next month, especially next week on my trip to LA for work.
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Guh. I'm marathoning Ultimate Spider-Man on Netflix right now. I just finished Season 1, Episode 8, "Back in Black."

So much sneezing. Like SO MUCH. Peter's got a cold/flu thing and talks stuffy for the entire episode, but there's also soooooo much sneezing. I kind of watching the series right now and be like "Okay, that's it! Doesn't get better than that!"
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I had a crappy night last night. I tried a new soup and just felt sick after eating it. I really wanted to go hang out with my friends today, but I knew I wasn't going to be up for it, so I was sad and felt a bit stuck in my house. My sister's boyfriend moved out of his apartment yesterday and I'm storing his stuff in my basement until their new lease begins, which I'm happy to do because the room can't get a floor until temps warm up anyway and it saves the lad a lot of time and money renting a storage unit for half a month. Anyway, during the move in, I picked up his chair and got grease all over my hand, which wouldn't wash off, so I put some goo-gone on it and it came right off, then I read the bottle and you're not supposed to apply it to skin, so I freaked out and my hands were tingling all night. Great. I'm so stupid. I finished Ringer last night and then watched the rest of the USA vs. Russia game--what a fantastic game! I was up until 2am; totally worth it. That was the kind of game that made me fall in love with hockey so many years ago.

But this morning I feel a whole lot better. Tummy's back to the normal amount of hurt. I woke up at 7:30 to take meds and watch the USA hockey game, which was great. Then they showed the shoot-out of another game (look at me with my vague-ness 'cause I don't want to spoil anyone, but it was good). I love watching all my boys play so hard for their countries.I'm rooting for my country, of course, but I am still thrilled when any of my boys are on the ice.

Right after that was the live ice dancing and with the first group, I was reading in bed and just half paying attention (I'm still not over feeling sorry for Johnny Weir every time I see him doing commentary; his reality show happened at such a bad time in his life, I just want to give the boy a hug, but it's great to see him every morning 'cause he knows his stuff). Anyway, point is, I'm lying in bed and the first pair comes on and suddenly, John Barrowman is singing! Ha! They were dancing to "It's De-Lovely." Definitely a nice way to start my morning: Hockey and Barrowman singing.

But, even better, I happened to be reading Uncanny X-Men: Quarantine. I'm not great with plague stories that get out of hand... but this one was perfect. The plague is really just a really bad head cold/flu combo that only hits mutants. And despite the front cover that had Wolverine bloody and freaking out, the plague elements that were drawn/part of the plot were exactly my kink (though there wasn't any actual sneezing).

Some Highlights:
* Logan losing his powers because of the illness and strapping kitchen knives to the waistband of his pajama pants so he doesn't feel naked (even though he is shirtless)
* Scott being a freakin' badass leader with a box of tissues in his hand
* Magneto wiping Logan's blood clean twice, but it doesn't help him feel better
* Namor completely freaking out because he has "man-flu" and Scott having to talk him into staying so he won't break quarantine and infect his people
* Did I mention Scott being a badass leader? How about when he's taking a conference call from a bad guy and Scott's wrapped in a blanket and hunched over a bowl of steam to clear his sinuses
* All the X-Men down sick with no powers and STILL assembling to kick some bad guy butt

Seriously, this was great. There were some side plots that confused me because I haven't been following Uncanny X-Men, but the little tags beneath characters filled me in on enough details. Poor Kitty, not being able to be solid any more. How did that happen? There were also some great moments not-relating to the quarantine bits (loved the Welsh slang and all the little descriptor humor throughout).

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favorite sick!X-Men moments...
Adorably Sick X-Men Inside (also, spoilers) )
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So... I just got to SPN Season 8, Episode 15. Finally. Oh man. Best episode ever? Yes. Yes it is.

Oh gods.
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Busy day. Woke up at 5am, fed cat and went back to sleep. Went to library to volunteer but was a little late because Max decided he no longer wants to eat normal food. Plus my tummy was hurting. Gah. Picklist took a little longer than uaul, but I finished just before noon. I drove to the Party store by the mall (not the one closer to where I live) because I needed something I'd only seen there. Then I went to the dollar store for a birthday card. I got home in just enough time to feed Max, feel myself, and then leave to go to my ex-co-worker's birthday party. I got there 8 minutes late, but I was still the first to arrive, because I'm one of those crazy people who don't get places fashionably late; I'm not fashionable. Anyway, I left there after about an hour and a half, which was 30 minutes later than I'd planned on leaving, but I was having fun. I went home and fed Max stuff he shouldn't be eating but wants to eat. Then I left for a park where we were having a DADA meetup. I knew I'd be late, but I ended up not getting there until 2 and a half hours after the meetup started, just as everyone was finishing eating. Gah. We talked awhile and then went inside to talk to the snake a little (as you do). I just hate running late to things, and to be late all day long.. ugh. But that's what happens when you schedule things not just back-to-back but overlapping.

In other news, i created another group on swap-bot--this one for slash fans. Squee. I'm definitely going to have some fun with that.

I watched Cabin in the Woods last night. I don't like horror movies, but I respect the genre and I thought it did a great job both fitting in and standing out among others of its kind. I watched it because of Joss. It was great seeing so many Joss actors in it. I can't wait to see Much Ado About Nothing. I'm sad I missed it in theaters, but I'll be buying it on DVD anyway, so ti's just as well.

I have three Academy Award nominee movies in front of me, but I chose instead to watch Young Adult. It was good but not great. Made me a little sad. And I kind of lusted after Patton Oswalt a little bit. So, naturally, I had to re-watch Bear City. Man, I love that movie a WHOLE LOT more than I should. LOL After that, i watched The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, which had its moments but was overall not so stupendous. I did really dig the scene at 18:08 where the lead actor sneezes and they adlib awkwardly around it for a few beats before resuming the script. And he announces it, too, which is SO my favorite.

Tomorrow I go see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with my meetup group. We're going out afterward to discuss the book vs. movie. Should be fun times. The actors are not remotely what I picture in my head, so I have no expectations or dillusions about it. I just hope to not be late to it!

Going to bed now. My throat is killing me, which is a BAD sign. I'm either getting sick or I'm exhausted and haven't had a proper sleep in two weeks. Given that the latter is in fact true, I'm hoping that the former is not.
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So the STUPID baseball game last night messed up my taping Terra Nova. I set it to tape an hour longer but it DIDN'T. I was sad, too, because the episode description was "An outbreak of a mysterious virus threatens the colony." Virus? YES! Nummy possibilities?! Well, it turns out that the virus just makes you lose your memory and regress a little. Which is pretty fun to play with in fiction, goodness knows. But there was numminess hidden in the episode anyway. Wouldn't you know it? It's the episode where the handsome main character catches a cold from his daughter (awwwwww!) and sneezes multiple times. GUH! I watched it on demand and had to rewind multiple times. VERY nice sneezes. And, of course, the whole cold is vital to the plot, so they make sure to mention it a bunch of times and then he's got to kiss his wife while he's sick. Awwwwwwww. Seriously wonderful episode. One that now I do NOT have on my DVR thanks to STUPID baseball. *sigh* Hockey doesn't cause this trouble, thank you very much.

On a related topic, whenever I reboot my machine or restart my browser and it opens all the windows I had open before, a YouTube video starts playing. Because I keep meaning to post about it here and keep forgetting. It's REALLY silly, and that's why I get really embarrassed when the browser page opens and it starts playing automatically. But then I end up watching it again anyway because it's Jerry O'Connell sneezing *G*... while on Sesame Street LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsX7T1lbz7c Observe! I particularly like how he makes a point of wiping pie off the two places on his face where there is no pie.

Also, I wanted to remind y'all about [livejournal.com profile] hcrec aka http://hcrec.livejournal.com/. I'm really bad about remembering to post there every time I come across something good, but I'll try to remember more often.


Sep. 26th, 2011 10:49 pm
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Sooooooo... I watched Stargate Atlantis episode "The Shrine" yesterday. And then I watched it again. And then I watched the beginning about 20 times. And then I watched the whole episode again. Rodney's sneeze... is totally worth another 20 views. Not to mention that he's all cold and wet and feverish and complainy!Rodney at the time :-) But the rest of the episode is utterly fantastic as well.

And then tonight on How I Met Your Mother, Barney sneezes, like, a bazillion times. So much happy-making!
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Hardison sneezes three times in this past Sunday's episode of Leverage. Dust. A little complainy. Cute indeed. They're spread out throughout the episode, but it's an episode about Van Goth so I'll have no trouble watching & re-watching it :-)

Now if only Parker & Hardison would get it on already. C'mon, Parker! He's an adorable tech boy with a very cute sneeze. What more could a gal want? lol
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OMG Look who's on the newest Zicam commercial! it's totally Robert Grant, right?! Squee!
He's not the one sneezing but he talks about it and, man, now I want to write QAF Benfic! :-)
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When I was at work today, Sesame Street tweeted about this promo with Grover: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=626177328468 I don't have speakers/sound on that comp at work, but one glance told me it was going to be worth tracking down when I got home.

And it is. Oh Taye! SUCH a cutie-pie when he sneezes. Makes me desperately want Kevin Hill on DVD. Guh. So hot. But, yeah. Taye sneezing. Terribly silly but adorable. Made my week? Yeah it did:

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On tonight's episode of Bones (9/30/10- The Couple in the Cave) two characters (one woman, one adorable lab assistant guy) have massive allergy attacks. Tons of sneezing. It's very near the end of the episode. Just FYI :-)
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Oh, Such Foolishness!
Poems Selected by William Cole
Pictures by Tomie de Paola
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Have y'all seen this? I just ran across it. It's a Disney & Kleenex joint effort from 1951. Totally adorable.

*fans self*

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:32 pm
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From twitter today:

"drhorrible starting the new year off with sniffles and some theraflu. yay me."



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