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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I will say that I'm nervous as Hell writing in this fandom. It's one of those fandoms, like Highlander, where I have trouble imagining things outside of what's given in canon. So I gave this my very best shot. But I'm torn about the outcome. I don't think much of Tom's character came through... which I can blame on the fact that nearly all he does here is sneeze. But it makes me worried. I don't know. FB about it would be a delight.

Title: A is for Allergy
Fandom: RENT
Pairing: Collins/Angel
Rating: PG

A is for Allergy )

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Dec. 7th, 2005 12:03 pm
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My e-mail is down. They have no idea when it will be back up. Seriously: The main mail system is currently unable to process mail requests. There is no time estimate on that yet. Cripes!

I feel so... cut off from everything. I couldn't even get my morning news when I woke up this morning. Sad.

On the good side, my boss is in and out for most of the day so I'm putting RENT in the CD player to amuse myself. *sigh* I SO need to see this again in the theaters. *makes date with self this weekend*
OMG. This is my boss' daughter's RENT CD (was lying on the table) and it's just the main songs... and different versions... movie verions? Got to be! Whoa. So strange to me. LOL I'm so going to have to buy this now.
OMG so wrong. Seasons of Love -> RENT -> You'll See
LOL I prefer all my boys singing You'll See together, but there are tiny little changes in some of the songs that I like hearing. Reminds me of the differences from night to night when seeing it in person on the stage.

Anyhoo... sanity break over. Back to work.

EDIT: WHOOHOOO! When I got home I found they fixed the mail server disk. Go them! Happy e-mail! *plays catch-up* Oh, and I spent the whole day at work listening to the soundtrack. I'm so in love. The new song is... interesting. Kind of fits the time period, though. And it's sweet. And it's RENT! *EG*


Nov. 23rd, 2005 04:44 pm
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GODS that was great. I cried during the parts I usually cry during when I see it in theaters and similarly laughed at all the same moments. It's like seeing the play only less music and a full world around the characters. I thought Chris' choices were very good (not unimaginative like the Washington Post review I read this morning claimed) but the actors and songs really starred. I was so THRILLED at seeing it on the big screen that I know I missed a lot of the details. I'd love to see it again and just sit back and take it all in without going crazy trying to evaluate the presentation.

Mark. Was. Fantastic. Anthony just rocks. Doesn't hurt that he's probably my favorite character. Even though they didn't go so far as the musical and label him 'the observer' it was clear that was his role. And I love that they really emphasized that part of him. Collins was equally fabulous. It's so utterly incredible watching him- the pain and joy and everything that he wears on his sleeve. I think the most magical thing about the movie is how much of the original Broadway cast is there- it's like seeing it as though it were way back then again, with the actors who first became the characters. Such emotion. You can tell how much they love being there.

I loved the whole thing. I was expecting some of the changes, and others were great surprises. But on a whole I really really enjoyed it and thought it was a beautiful version. Mimi was fantastic. Maureen & Joanne's spat was as great in song as it was out of it. And Roger and Mark had SUCH chemistry together. OMG and Angel. Everyone can probably guess that Collins/Angel is my favorite because of SO much h/c. There was a fantastic job done of the hurting and caring (especially as time passed- and I was sobbing) but there was also enough of the beauty of their relationship and Angel's fun side. I'm SO glad that came through well in the movie. I'm glad everything came through well. I was sad to see some things go but, like with HP4, I can understand why the changes were made and I'm okay with them. I loved the final product so much.

I can't wait to go again! ANd it was great going with a fellow audience of Rentheads. People were crying and sniffling along with me. And no fewer than 5 times was there clapping after important numbers. It was really great, like seeing it in theaters (except no one mooed... I did in a whisper *EG*). I'm SO thrilled it was good. And my sister (who hasn't even listened to the soundtrack or seen the production) liked it as well. At least she said she did. So that's great. I worry that maybe it's the artist side of me that makes me love RENT so much. But then I watch it and get pulled right into their family and remember that there's just SO much magic. *sigh*

There's only us, there's only this. Forget regret or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way. No day but today.


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