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Title: Gift for Symphonyflute 2007
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Robin Hood
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters or their world. Please don’t sue me. I’m just having fun and not making any money.
Summary: Robin finds himself sick and in Marian’s bed- how did that happen?
Notes: Happy holidays, Symphonyflute! This is a sort of mixture of several different Robin Hood fandoms. I tried to keep it as general as possible as far as people, settings, and circumstances so it wouldn’t contradict canon from any version too much. Hope it works.

Story: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/stories/Gift07Symphonyflute.html

Not as much drama as I'm sure you'd have liked (sorry again about that) but hopefully you'll like it nonetheless. I tried to make it as version-neutral as possible because the BBC series (which I'm not very familiar with) isn't my favorite and I didn't want to step on too much canon anywhere. Thanks again for writing me a F4 ficlet and for helping so much with the challenge. *hugs* Have a good rest of the year and a great 2008!
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Happy Chanukkah, [livejournal.com profile] symphonyflute! I hope you have a wonderful 7 more days of celebration :-) Sorry this story isn't done yet, but I'm going to post the beginning so at least you have a little something to read now. Yours is the only one I've started and I'm hoping I'll have it done by the end of the weekend at the latest. Or, hey, if you totally hate it, I can stop now and try something else.

Fandom: Robin Hood
Rating: G

The first little bit... )


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