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Happy Tartan Day!!!

I'm going to be brave and wear my new-to-me(the one my grandmother left me) kilt today for the first time. I'm excited about that, but still haven't decided what top to wear. I have absolutely nothing that looks good with it apart from a blue polo shirt which comes close but I'll be cold all day long. Gah.

I'm going to listen to nothing but Scottish music in my CD player tomorrow at home and in the car. Haven't decided which of my many many CDs to start with yet... and tonight'll be a toss-up between catching up on my many missed shows or watching Rob Roy and/or Brigadoon. Actually, maybe I'll pop Brigadoon in now as I'm thinking of it.

I'm also holding a BookCrossing challenge for the day which has been going well, but I have two more books to release today for it. Haven't decided where yet.
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First off... SQUEEE! I was just reading about one of Ewan's new movies- he plays an actor playing Bonnie Prince Charlie. OMG how perfect and amazing and YAY! My absolute favorite time period- the Scottish Jacobite rebellion in 1745 AND Ewan together, playing the prince (OMG! Possible crossdressing!Ewan!!!!!!!). Be still my heart!!! I cannot wait. CANNOT WAIT! SO EXCITED!!!

And on the same note... yesterday I saw in the newspaper that The Black Watch and Band of the Welsh Guard The Pipes was going to be in town today. After mentioning it to my father yesterday, we ended up going to see them this afternoon. They were performing about 2 blocks where I'm house/dogsitting this weekend. I'm glad I got to go. It was BEAUTIFUL. All those lovely bagpipes- best sound in the whole world as far as I'm concerned. It was a lovely performance. They did a medly of armed forces songs at the end and several members of the (sold-out auditorium) audience stood up and saluted. A few were very old men- I teared up. It was very touching. They also played a few of my very, very favorite Scottish songs like Johnny Cope and Will Ye Nae Come Back Again (see note above about my love of that time period and Bonnie Prince Charlie- LOL). The stage wasn't very big so the marching was pretty confined, but it was still very enjoyable. SO happy. I bought a CD... which I shouldn't have done money-wise, but it's like holding onto a memory so it's not a normal CD... at least, that's how I'm justifying it to my bank account.

The doggies are sleeping. Two are on the couch next to the couch I'm on and one is snoring and running in his sleep as he dreams. Cute boys.


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