May. 6th, 2004 05:42 am
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Happy Birthday Sneezefic Archive!!!

heehee ;-)
3 wonderful years of having a beautifully organized, central place to go to read lovely stories. Thank you, snowshie, for all your creativity and hard work over the years!
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Now that I've had a bit of time to let the emotions and shock settle ;-) I just wanted to say thank you again for the challenge and all the warm birthday wishes. I've had so many posts and e-mails in various accounts that I'm already behind, but they have all been much appreciated. *HUGS*

I am looking forward to reading every single one of the fics(and then re-reading and re-reading...), and am so moved by the efforts of the authors (and artists!). The time and effort you put into writing such wonderful stories to surprise me and make me happy is absolutely incredible. Thank you to all of you. And thank you to all the beta-readers. And thank you to all the others who posted their good intentions and support for the challenge on list, but just didn't have the time to write something. Believe me, I know that feeling all too well. So no one should feel guilty- and everyone should go and enjoy all the fics that are up now! heehee! :-) I do promise to reply to everyone about each story... just might take a few days. It's rather overwhelming!!

I was, obviously, completely blown away this morning when the links were sent and stories were posted. I would have liked to have dug right in then and there but it was already 6:30 by the time I fell asleep for the night :-) Truly, words still cannot express how much it touched me that you were all thinking of me- let alone months in advance. I couldn't have imagined a better way to wake up this morning on my birthday- knowing I had so many lovely stories waiting for me to read.

Thank you to all the people involved- even lurkers who joined the group to watch the progress. Thank you to all the authors and artists, of course. And a special thank you to those few who posted stories for the first time. That moved me to tears more than anything (other than the general shock of it existing, that is). Really, that means a lot to me. Thank you to Annalisa for fueling the concept and organizing *HUGS* And a BIG thank you to girlwithtulips for everything you did. How happy am I that you delurked?!!!! *G* Everything, from the group to the organizing to the beautiful site to the stories to the icons *drool* You really made my birthday so much better. I'm so incredibly touched by the sentiment behind it, and all the work you put into it. *HUGS* The challenge, and all the caring behind it, is really going to be something I treasure forever. I told my boyfriend about it tonight when he took me out to dinner. His words were something like "Well there's no way I could ever top that! I'm not even going to try!" LOL But, really, it's such a fantastic idea.

It moves me greatly to know that I've helped inspire you all- because you all inspire me. I remember spending hours as a kid and young adult writing hurt/comfort stories... and realizing that almost everything I wrote involved that sort of theme... and realizing that it probably wasn't normal for someone to concentrate so much on those themes. I remember reassuring myself by remembering my favorite episodes of shows or parts in movies with sick guys and thinking that I couldn't possibly be that strange, because other people wrote this kind of stuff, too. I'd just never known anyone who did. Lots of people talk about how they felt that they were the only one, or how they felt weird for so long until they found sneeze fetish sites on the internet. And while I certainly did feel like the only one to a large extent, I also felt that it really wasn't all that weird- people sneeze on tv shows all the time. I felt a little strange to like it so much, and would never admit the extent to others. But I just never knew others felt so much as I did about these sorts of things. The number of stories I wrote but would never show anyone for fear they'd realize that I had sick characters or hurt characters in nearly everything I wrote, however major or minor the role, was huge. I remember being glad that people couldn't read my mind or the bits of stories I'd put down beside history notes in class. They made me happy to write... but I'd never dreamed of sharing them with people, let alone people who understood what the heck it meant to me to be able to inflict something like that on a character I loved and then nurse him back to health... let alone people who wrote similar things. So... yeah... this is just my very roundabout way of saying I thank you for all the kind words you've left me in e-mails and author notes and in posts and feedback- not just today but ever since I started posting my stories. The encouragement is so fantastic, but just knowing that my stories are read and that I can help bring others of you to create and share... that means so much more to me than you'll ever know.

Yep. Crying again. LOL Thank you all, again. Immensely. Now that boyfriend has skipped town for the whole week to go to job interviews up north, I've nothing to do but take my time in enjoying and savoring them all. And practice not crying every time I read the intro on the main archive or Yahoo group :-)

HUGE HUGS to you all!!! Oh, and one last thing... thank you thank you thank you thank you for getting my name right. I know it sounds silly but spelling it right- and not capitalizing *deep sigh* Thank you :-)

(Oh, and sorry for the cross-posting of this!)
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Oh. My. Gods.

I am sobbing. With happiness, mind. But lots of tears. Sobbing hard. Can't breathe. This is... it's fucking unbelievable, is what it is!!!

*stares in complete awe, through tears*

You are all... you're incredible! *HUGS girlwithtulips and Annalisa VERY VERY VERY HARD* And so many stories! And... fandoms... and... well, you stole my layout but it wasn't all that original anyway and damned if I care. LOL! Oh my gods... I'm... and icons?!! Manips??? Oh bloody hell you people are incredible! I'm sobbing. Nonstop.
Yeah, okay, I know sneezefic's just a, well, hobby/obsession and it's not my life... and my point of doing it is to make myself happy more than anyone else. And(other than the rare occasions when I post something different and get quite nervous about it) I really do enjoy sharing it with everyone. But, honestly, I could never have expected such an icredible response from such wonderful, wonderful people. oh gods, I'm not making any sense. Still crying. And rambling. Point is, I'm moved. Greatly. To lots and lots and lots of tears. So happy. This was SO sweet. SO sweet. SO bloody incredible. I can't even read them right now I'm crying too much. LOL

Oh my gods. Thank you thank you thank you... it doesn't seem like enough to say it, LOL. Tonight has been SUCH a miserable night for me. Had a serious breakdown over Mr.Thesis and I've been really, really unhappy. SO this is just... SO needed today. So VERY needed.

My two very best friends from high school and I always made such a big thing about birthdays. They were the most special time of the year. But since we've been out of communication(fall), gone our separate ways to different states and all... and all my current RL friends are all fast asleep... well, I was feeling kinda lonely just now and REALLY depressed about my birthday. It's hardly the same as having the two of them back, of course, but it makes the pain a lot easier to know y'all spent SO much time and effort on me. I... gods... you people are fantastic. *wishes boyfriend were awake so I could show it off right now*

This is long... I think I'm going to repost it on journal... ack, about to sneeze... there we go. I frequently sneeze when I try to stop crying. LOL
Wow... just... wow. This is just utterly fantastic. Too sweet. Too incredible. You guys are the best! Hugs all around!!!!! *HUGE HUGS*

Oh gods... just read the intro on the site... am sobbing again. How in the world did you guys manage this? I mean, I know I'm damn oblivious, but this is unreal! LOL

Really... I'm... there are NO words. Yeah, I know, I rambled using enough of them already here, but I truly cannot express how thankful I am to each and every one of you for spending so much time and effort on this, just at a time when I really needed it. I just... thank you all SO much. I'll... I'll come up with something better than this when I finally catch my breath and finish sobbing... okay?

EDIT: FEBRUARY? You guys have been working on this since FEBRUARY??? How the heck... No, I'm not going to try and figure out how you managed to do this. LOL I'm just... utterly astounded... and I don't think I'm going to be able to read the fics until I wake up in the morning... it's 4am right now... but FEBRUARY???! You all amaze me to no end. Seriously. I feel SO lucky right now. *goes back to stare in complete awe*

SECOND EDIT: LMAO Okay, so you're all laughing at me because I didn't think anyone would bother even noticing when my birthday was. LOL SO, yeah, apparently I was very very very wrong there. Do I need to go back and redo that quiz now? LOL You all are too much. I don't think I've laughed while crying this much ever!

THIRD EDIT: Okay, this is the last edit, I promise. I'm going to couch (read:bed) in a minute. But I find it really fitting that it's 8 authors (and 8 fandoms and 8 media submissions) Even though I love the number 7, 8's a very very special number to me. Among other things, my first, middle and last names all have exactly 8 letters in them. And I love even numbers much much. *sigh* Okay, done now. Just... thank you all again!!!!


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