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Baaaaaaad computer troubles all night. Finally got them straightened out. But, technically, I finished this on Saturday. I promise :-)
It's a Velvet Goldmine fic. Second one I've ever tried... so sorry if it sucks too much... I screwed them up the first time (nermal can testify to that, LOL) So hopefully this is a little bit better.

Title: Calling
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Velvet Goldmine
Rating: PG13 for horrible language, mentions of sex and Curt-angst
Warnings: In addition to the above, homosexuality/bisexuality, incest, lovely loose morals, sexy boys in leather and glitter and nothing at all. See the movie. Yeah. That just about covers it I think. *nods*
Disclaimer: The boys are not mine. They’re Todd Haynes’, the lucky bloke. And *checks video box* Miramax and Goldwyn Films, I guess. Lyric and quote notes are at the end of the fic
Summary: Curt’s sick and brooding alone. Brian’s, well, being Brian.
Notes: Written as Friday Fic #11 and for the sneezefic Weekly Hatching week #6
More notes: This is only my second attempt at writing the boys. I still don’t really have them down even nearly as well as I would like. Thus, parts of this go into my own interpretation of them which is still fuzzy at best… I apologize for anything drastically OOC

Calling )

:-) Okay, off to post this on sneezefic and hope there aren't any horrible errors I missed...


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