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I had a really good day today, especially for a Monday. Today at work, I kept being thrown things to do. I LOVE being kept busy!! When I have a million things to do is when I'm at the top of my game. Plus I have this archival project to do now whenever I finish the important work. But I was soooo on top of things today and everyone kept complimenting how fast I got things online. At the end of the day, my boss sent an e-mail to the board of the organization and mentioned all the work I'd been doing (especially the two years of magazine archives I digitized) and said I was "doing a smashing job in expediting the publication of updates and these new pages" *EG* You can imagine my delight :-)

And people got packages I sent out Friday, so yay.

When I came home, I got the mail and had my order of BookCrossing supplies (last time it took a month to get to me, this time a week). So yay!

And I also had, in the mail, my health insurance membership card! Whoohoo! Just in time for the dentist visit on Wednesday! I've never had an insurance card before. I feel so spiffy and covered. Now I can go to the doctor any time I need to (as opposed to only when I could afford it). Whee!

PLUS my boss from Work #1 is out of town through the end of the week so I could come straight home from Work #4 and can jump on the computer and write! Squeee! Good day indeed. I really need to work on the 'Respect' Strokes fic because I want to read it out loud for comments at Wednesday's writer's meeting. But I'm sooo close in finishing x_posed_again's thank you fic... I might do that one first *G*

Oh! AND I get paid tonight at midnight and it should be deposited into my bank account this time, for the first time. Yay for money!

Now all I have to do is pay off my gigantic student loan :-)


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