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tarotgal ([personal profile] tarotgal) wrote2017-06-07 11:29 pm

Rocky Week

I'm having a bit of a rocky week. I don't want to say it's because I now work from home 4.5 out of 5 days a week but... I think it's doing bad things to my mood. Like, sometimes I don't think so and I think it's the BEST and then I remember that year I spent in depression on my couch, I thought the same damn thing. So... I dunno how functional/sane I am at the moment.

BUT... it's Pride this weekend... and I can't go to the Parade because I have to host a game day event instead. So it'll still be fun. But I'm planning on going on Sunday to the Pride Festival and possibly hanging out with the other Aces.

Speaking of Aces, I finished Jughead Vol 2 this week. IT WAS AMAZING. I love Asexual!Jughead sooooooooooooo much! Like, I would hug him, but I know he's not into that.
Also, Riverdale's Jughead looks pretty freakin cute with a red nose. (No photoshopping done here, just screencaps from the show.) Just sayin:

I would also like to mention that my new office is going to be in RIVERDALE. So... that's kind of awesome. Actual conversation:
Coworker: Actually, that's not the town. This office building is actually in Riverdale.
Me: What?!
Coworker: Riverdale
Me: Like the show?
Coworker: What show?
Me: Riverdale!!
It was almost a "Who's on First" moment.

Anyway, I nearly wet myself laughing about this tonight and had to share. How did no one tell me about the Babadook?

Also, pictures of dogs in bags... because that's the only way they're allowed on the NYC Subway...

I've been watching lots of Doctor Who (I loved the Fifth Doctor, wasn't so keen on the Sixth, but am LOVING the Seventh!). I've been prepping for Harry Potter events I'm leading (I've got Game Day on Saturday, an Order of the Phoenix discussion next week, and a Murder Mystery Dinner I'm making into a BIG event in August). I've got AwesomeCon next week as well. And I'm thinking of going to another slash con in July because it's local and it's so damn nice being around my people in person and being able to talk freely about those kinds of things.

I think part of my weird mood is that I'm not writing much. I started a Spander fic after CONfab, but I'm not sure I like what I'm doing with it. The beginning was great but now... eh... I dunno. I could use some prompts to get my creative juices flowing again maybe? I dunno. So tired. I need something. Just don't know what.

Oh, also, I get a free bagel a day at Panera all June! So... that should be making me happy! I dunno.

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