Jul. 7th, 2017

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Who knew there were so many fics written for the pairing Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov/Barack Obama? I thought there couldn't possibly be more than one of those in the world. Boy, was I wrong! There are currently four. How did this happen? And all written by different authors, too. This is mystifying! And hilarious.

In other news, I just watched my favorite Forever Knight episode, "Fever." I was reciting lines along with it, even having not seen it for over 20 years. All Nick has to do is lean on the counter and sat to Nat "I'm hungry... and I'm hot" and all Nat has to do is feel his feverish forehead and I have melted. This was SUCH an important scene/episode to me back in the day.

In a somewhat-but-not-really related note, I think I broke both my VCR and my favorite exercise tape last night. I'm extremely bummed. I might have another VCR I can use, but the tape... poor baby. But I found a recording of it someone put on YouTube and saved it onto my computer last night. So now I'll never be without it. That's a relief. I am still sad, though.

In a not-at-all related note, my icon package expired on LJ and I didn't renew it. But I did buy a paid account on Dreamwidth and transferred all my icons there so I wouldn't lose them and the way they're attached to my entries.


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