Sep. 12th, 2017

tarotgal: (HL End- Legends)
"The Quickening on Homeland... I mean, you're limited when you're planning a quickening. You've got to use what's there."
-Ken Gord, during the making of the episode "Homeland" bonus feature

For some reason, this struck me as HILARIOUS tonight. Oh, you know how it is when you're planning a quickening. That's something we all do all the time, right? It's certainly better than an unplanned quickening, that's for sure!

"The moon... I don't remember whose idea it was. But, ah, it was something that was meant to embellish what was really not one of the most spectacular quickenings simply because of the location. I don't think the moon was as bad as everybody else thinks. Um, I'm trying to remember the actual, ah, shot. it was just like a big--a very, very big, very, like a really big--moon. In, ah, sort of that look like it was probably too big."

I don't see the problem. It's totally a harvest moon. Even though it was the middle of March when it was filmed in Scotland and the middle of the summer when they filmed in Vancouver. No problem at all.


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