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I'm playing a fun game today! It has formerly been called the "finally clean up the house after not touching it for one month during NaNoWriMo." But the version I've been playing today is a little different. Here's how it goes:
The player chooses a room. The player starts cleaning or tidying up in that chosen room. Upon encountering an object that belongs in another room, that player magically moves to that room and puts the item away in its designated spot. Then the play stays in that destination room, cleaning up there.

The pattern repeats with the following exceptions:
1- If the player encounters an item that belongs in another room and then sees another item nearby that belongs in that same room, the player can choose to collect both items at the same time before moving to the new destination room. This works only until the player cannot hold any more items safely.
2- If the player encounters an item that belongs in another room and then sees another item nearby that belongs in a different room that lies on the player's path from one room to another, the player can pick up that item and drop it off in the room along the way; the player may put the item away in that room or just leave it near the entrance to that room to deal with later
3- If the player encounters something that must be fixed and the tool or supply to fix it lies in another room, the player may go to that other room to simply retrieve the fixing tool or supply and then promptly return to the original room provided the something is fixed immediately and then the tool is promptly returned. One the fix is complete, the player can decide whether to return to that room to resume cleaning or stay in the other room where the tool or supply came from and clean there.

Special moves:
A- Stairs leading up or down can be used to store objects that will travel up or down floors if the player is passing by the stairs from one room to another
B- If a player is too overwhelmed by the mess in a room, the player can elect to move to an adjacent room as long as cleaning is immediately done in that room
C- When cleaning the living room, eating leftover Halloween candy is acceptable
D- When cleaning the office, checking email or doing something electronic on the already written-out To Do list is acceptable provided that the player returns to the game immediately afterward
E- Marathoned shows or movies may be watched in any room ONLY if they are things the player has already seen and can let play while moving from one room to the other with no fear of missing something. If the choice of entertainment requires the player to hit pause so the player doesn't miss something, then the reward of watching something is eliminated from the game completely
F- When encountering an object that has no specific home yet, one can either be created for the object or the object can be moved to the most likely place that its home will eventually be. If you do not know where that is, leave the object in place for now
G- When cleaning the kitchen, snacks may be had or acquired so long as cleaning also takes place
H- Pinterest is allowed during this game ONLY to enter in something like a Future To Be Read book so that a post-it note can be thrown away
I- When laundry is ready to be moved from bedroom to washer, from washer to dryer, or from dryer to bedroom, the player may choose to wait and do that task at a natural stopping point or abandon the current room to go complete that task. The player may also then choose whether to clean in the laundry room, bedroom, or the previous room when the laundry task has been completed.

X- The player is not supposed to get sucked into marathoned shows while in the office
X- Sitting on your butt and watching shows off the DVR does not count as "cleaning out the DVR." Nice try, player.
X- Reading a book or magazine in the bathroom to pretend you have an excuse to leave the game
X- Computer games are never allowed during the game; not even just a quick game

The game ends when the entire house is clean or hunger consumes the player, whichever comes first.

These rules may be added to or edited at any time in the future. Now, it's time to play: The House Cleaning. *cue theme music*

Any guesses as to who has been marathoning episodes of TableTop for the past few days?


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