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Title: Vacation Destination
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This is a fanwork. I received no money personally for its creation nor am I affiliated with the books/movies in any way.
Summary: The Doctor and Clara get stuck on what seems to be the wrong planet, and the Doctor suddenly isn’t feeling very well.
Word count: 3,138
Author Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] rhodo_sfg as a thank you for donating on my fundraising page for the Walk to End HIV. The requirement was a 2,000 word fic.

Vacation Destination )
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Note: This is the first time I've ever written a fic with the person who requested it sitting across the table from me! LOL It's also the first time I've ever written either of these characters. Forgive me if this sucks.

Title: M is for Mortality
Rating: PG
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rose/Mortal!Ten

M is for Mortality )
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Title: Day 6
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Torchwood (Doctor Who)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/various
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my ‘verse. I don’t get paid a cent to play. Please don’t sue and make things worse.
Summary: General sick!Jack and naughtiness.
Note: Part of the 12 Ficlets in 12 Days project 2010-2011. Requested by [livejournal.com profile] rainbowbluebird

Series: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/stories/12Ficlets12Days-2010/index.html

This fic gave me serious trouble. I started it, hated it, started another one and realized it wasn't what you wanted, and then ended up back at this one again. It's not exactly what I'd had planned, but I hope it'll do. Sometimes it's rather difficult to get Jack to be... well... naughtier than his usual self, especially when he's not feeling so good :-) Have a fantabulous holiday season and an even more fabtabulous new year!
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I created a couple things I wanted to share with y'all.

First, my Snow!Dalek:

More photos )

As you can probably tell from the photos, it was getting late (I spent most of the afternoon biting my nails and watching the Caps/Penguins game. GO CAPS!) so it's not quite as perfect as it could be, but this gives you the general idea.

And then my first attempt at a LEGO TARDIS:

More photos )
The TARDIS needs a LOT more work. There are quite a few problems with it, and other ways to build it. But I think for a first attempt with limited pieces, it didn't turn out too bad.


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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