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On a whole, I had a very good 2009. Didn't get half of what I wanted to do done... but I still had many good moments.I also have an awful memory, so it's likely I've forgotten something really important here :-)

2009 Stats-
Number of hair combs I lost: 2 (Number of combs I've lost before 2009: 0)
Number of times I was put in the stocks: 2 (but was only flogged 1 of the 2 times)
Number of times I used my "if you have nothing else to eat and have to eat seafood, that's okay" rule: 0
Number of times I went to work and tried to work when it was actually a snow day: 1
Number of new cars purchased: 1
Number of times my mother was hospitalized: 2
Number of times we thought the Sugar kitty was going to die: 3? 4?
Number of funerals attended: 1
Number of bridal showers attended: 1
Number of weddings attended: 1
Number of baby showers attended: 0 (was invited to 2 but was out of town for both)
Number of July 4th firework shows I went to where there weren't fireworks: 1
Number of Wizard Rock concerts I attended: 5?
Number of new blogs I created: 3
Number of great big Snarfaris I've gone on: 9
Number of BookCrossing books I released into the wild: 1261
Number of television episodes watched: 1241
Number of movies watched: 76
Number of books read: 73 (I might have miscounted though)
Number of stories written: 81
Number of 101 Goals I completed: 10
Number of minutes I sat here trying to think of interesting, countable things to put on this list: 17

Hobbies- I picked up a new hobby in January and kept with it all year: Markeroni (the art of landmark hunting/snarfing). It has made me more familiar and aware of my surroundings, and I've learned a lot as well. Plus, it fills my need to make lists and document places I've been. I just passed 850 snarfs, and I'm number 6 on the site, which is more than I ever could have imagined. I've also kept up pretty well with BookCrossing. I'm still registering and releasing books (maybe not quite as enthusiastically as before, but I'm planning on a new approach for 2010 so that'll help) and I am still hanging with the local BookCrossers at least once a month at our meetups. In April, Washington DC won the bid to host the 2011 BookCrossing Convention, so I'm going to have a lot of work ahead of me but it will be amazing to have hundreds of BookCrossers from all over the world come to visit us!

Harry Potter- I started up the Daisy Chain of Awesome, a Harry Potter pairing-based rec community which has pretty much no following but is fun to play with. A few months ago, I took on the position of Assistant Organizer for my local Harry Potter meetup group (I am SO lucky to have such enthusiastic, friendly fans to hang with once a month and WRock out with!). I led a discussion/meeting about fanfiction (I credit nermal's fanfics with Remus for getting me to read the books in the first place). I'm also co-starting a local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, which should be fun. I started participating in the HPA on my own in March and participated in pretty much all of the major events this past year, which was so much fun. Being able to do good and tie it into fandom love? What could be better? I drove with friends from Virginia to Boston just to see the Ministry of Magic perform (SO worth it) and I got to meet the (now ex-)head of Hufflepuff House, Sue (Squeee!). I drove with friends from Virginia to Chicago to see the Harry Potter exhibition, which was SO worth it. I saw some things that will always stay with me and fuel my writing and creativity. I spent hundreds of dollars on Wizard Rock and am still only just breaking into Wizard Rock. It's sad to see the EP of the Month Club go. And it's sad to see some groups like the Mudbloods go. But the genre is still strong and I'm looking forward to more adventures with Harry Potter!

Other Fandom Stuff- Torchwood: Children of Earth broke my heart. I saw a movie advanced screening for the first time ever, which was the Star Trek movie. I said goodbye to Monk (though I have seasons 1-6 on DVD and my family has decided to watch an episode during the Monk time slot from now until those run out, to keep the show alive in our hearts). I watched all of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (I'd only seen up to part of Season 2 on broadcast) and this marks the first major accomplishment in catching on on Treks (on to Voyager and then Enterprise). I participated in several Highlander Maxi-Gatherings this year, and it was great to dive back into my very favorite fandom ever. I even watched all of Raven on DVD from start to finish. Some other shows I concentrated on this year include: Mad Men (am caught up), Jeremiah (finished), and Skins (think I might stop now that I've finished Season 2). I have yet to memorize the actors who played all the Doctors, and I haven't seen the last 2 Who specials yet (I don't want Ten's time to end, so I'm putting off watching as long as possible). But in general I've had a lot of television-watching. And in movies... The new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was amazing. I missed seeing the Men Who Stare at Goats but I caught other Ewan goodness including Angels & Demons and Amelia, both on opening weekend (and then Amelia a second time). I saw Slumdog Millionaire in theaters; it's one of only 2 or 3 (I think?) Best Picture Oscar winners I've ever seen in theaters.

Books- I didn't meet either of my Pages Read goals for 2009 but I read some amazing books, so that makes up for it. What stands out the most is my "discovery" of John Green (and, subsequently, all of Nerdfightaria). Looking for Alaska was definitely the best book I read all year. I quickly devoured every other thing he's ever written, including a new book I got an advance copy of about 6 months early (it's due out in April); it was my first experience ever reading an advance copy before the book came out, and I loved it! I didn't read all of my graphic novels, but I read some important ones I'd been wanting to read for a while. I spent a large portion of one day in a Graphic Novel Read-a-thon and I also participated in the first ever Do Nothing But Read Day. After John Green's books, the Inkheart series became my favorite reads this year. They are stupendous and definitely my favorite fantasy series apart from Harry Potter. I haven't made an official list, but I did a quick count on my book journal and got 73 books read this past year, which is fantastic and makes me happy, even if I didn't meet my reading goals. I also went to a lot of meetings of my friend's Book Club, which was a great way to read new things and expand my book-related activities.

Writing- I participated in NaNoWriMo again, including attending a kickoff party and hosting a bunch of write-ins. I reached the 50,000 word limit and came closer to ever before in actually finishing the story. I wrote 81 fanfics/ficlets/drabbles this year, which is down from last year but still quite an accomplishment. I still moderate my local Writers' Roundtable group, though that has undergone some changes because of the local library budget cuts.

The Library- I'm still volunteering at the two local libraries nearest to my house. This year, I also joined the Friends organizations for both libraries, so I can keep up with their news/events. I volunteered at one of their book sales one day before the sale as well, which was fun, and I attended one Friends meeting. The libraries have undergone a lot of changes this year because of the budget cuts, which breaks my heart. The situation will only get worse during this next year, but I'm hoping it will stay strong and I'm doing what I can to help out.

Events- I already mentioned the trip to Boston and the one to Chicago. I also took a trip to Philly with friends and spent an evening in the rain snarfing before heading to the Star Trek exhibition and then a Wizard Rock concert in the basement of a church. Then there was another trip to Chicago for work, where I met two BookCrossers who live there. I also attended my very first LEGO Convention as a participant (I created 4 MOCs). And I went to FaerieCon for the third time (this time it was in Baltimore and was half the cost). There was also the awesome BookCrossing Birthday Bash in April (which coincided with my birthday). Thanksgiving was awful, as usual, this time combined with a hospital visit, but my parents got me a Tofurky so that was a unique experience (it was good). This year a dear friend and fellow writer from my roundtable group who passed away (it was the first funeral for a friend I've ever been to).

Work- We went through a lot of changes at work. Our director went on sabbatical suddenly and without much warning. Some computers continue to give me trouble and others are behaving themselves. The websites are all pretty well up-to-date but in need of makeovers. There has been a bit of drama (but that exists in any organization) but mostly it's still a great place to work and I enjoy my work there still. I'm not as excited when I wake up in the mornings (sometimes I'd just as soon go back to bed) but on a whole I'm really happy to be there. Chicago went well (despite my getting sick during the last few days) and I'm looking forward to my 4th conference coming up in 2010, this time in Denver.

Personal- I've made much less progress there. Still single, but I'm HAPPY and that counts for a lot in my book. Still about 30 lbs overweight and not fit, but I'm determined to do something about that in the new year (for me, it's all about routine-- I just have to find one I like and get my VCR fixed so I can start doing Tae Bo again because that's something I loved). Still growing my hair out (and I hate it long), but I hope to cut it for Locks of Love SOON and never have to go through this again. LOL Still vegetarian (I celebrated my 10 year anniversary this past October!) and leaning towards being more vegan at times (but not completely; I tried it for World Vegan Day and was starving. It's just too difficult for me to find enough to eat that agrees with my tummy and my inability to cook).


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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