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I just got back from seeing The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug. I liked it a lot. Didn't absolutely love it, and I think I liked the first movie better. But I liked it. Lots of amazing Kili h/c and so many moments that PERFECTLY support the fic that I've been wanting to write since the last movie (but hesitated to write because of potential things in this movie... that I now have no worries about). In fact, I spent a lot of the movie writing said fic in my head. Which is not to say the movie was full of boring, dull moments (I must admit, I kind of get bored when Gandalf goes off on his own, but that's how it was in the LotR movies, too; I like Gandalf best when he's kicking some ass and saving people or leading the way in an adventure or giving other characters great bits of wisdom... not when he stupidly heads off alone when his groups need him most). I liked a lot of moments in the movie... just didn't feel that they pulled me in enough overall to keep me concentrating on the scene at hand and not the fic in my head.

I hope to write a proper review tomorrow; it's been an insanely long week and after a couple rough nights when I only got a few hours of sleep, I'm too exhausted tonight. I definitely liked it, just wasn't madly in love with it. Except, perhaps, for all the Kili & Fili moments ;-)
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I just got home from seeing the first hobbit movie. It was my first time seeing a LotR movie at midnight. And I must admit, I fell asleep briefly during the talking scene in Rivendell and during the first wrag attack (yes, there was more than one). But only briefly and I knew I was seeing the movie again in about 15 hours, so I didn't beat myself up over it. I had an incident with my eyes last night so they weren't at their best; I didn't push them. But it was only a short-lived nodding off. I went with my Harry Potter group and a member of one of the local Geek clubs. There were... 10 or 11 of us. And we chose the wrong theater. Apparently, theater 2 was the overflow of people who didn't make it into 9 and in 9 there were lightsabers. Ah well. We got perfect seats right in the middle. Couldn't have been better. And, yeah, I got there 2 hours and 15 minutes early.

My friend and I clapped at "The Hobbit" title credit but we were pretty much the only ones who did (disappointing) and I had to lead the theater in applause at the end! ME! I know! I am SO not a leader! But I couldn't wait and had to clap and others joined right in. Yay.

Anyway, I totally loved it. Not as much as the LotR trilogy, but this was only my first viewing.

Spoilers below! Just tiny ones and me freaking out, but, still if you wish to be unspoiled, do not read any more of this!!!!!!

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Tonight after work I went to see Where the Wild Things Are at the theater across from where I work (literally; I can practically pick up my organization's wireless network from there). There was about an hour to kill, though, so I sat down and wrote Spanderfic. Which was funny because the people who worked at the movie theater were standing around talking and suddenly started talking about Buffy. LOL One made a deal with another that if she finished Buffy before the end of the year, he'd buy her another DVD as a reward. Reward for watching Buffy? Where can I get one of those?! I just found it funny that I was writing in the fandom and then, half an hour later, they started talking about it. heehee

Anyway, the movie... made me feel stupid. I didn't quite *get* it. I keep trying to make sense of the strange... but I can't. Of course, I didn't fully understand Velvet Goldmine the first time around either and I ended up naming my cat after that movie. LOL But I don't think that's the kind of movie this is. Besides, my cat is already named Max. LMAO But, yeah. It was weird. And... disturbing. And... frustrating because I can't figure it out. Also, I spent a good THIRD of the movie trying to figure out who the voice talent was; I really should have looked it up before going to save myself the effort. The music was great. The Wild Things were really well done. But... I don't think I understand it. It eludes me.

And Maxwell is sitting on my keyboard.
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First off, I am DIGGING this coverage of the Quidditch Cup: http://www.collegequidditch.com/index.php
The snitch just stole a seeker's broom and passed it into the crowd, so the seeker had to go in after it. Plus, the commentators are hilarious. Awww, and they do handshakes afterwards, just like in hockey! Love it.

Second, I just got back from seeing Amelia. I loved it. First off, I was always kind of interested in people who have connections to Papua New Guinea, because it is place belong me. So I read biographies of Amelia Airheart when I was a kid. But obviously the JBio versions of her story leave certain, key things out. And it was those things that most interested me in the movie. It was a really nice women power kind of movie. She's both inspiring AND human, which I was really glad to see. And the acting is phenomenal. Ewan was amazingly good. It was a simple part but he played it so beautifully and convincingly that it made me want to rush home and learn everything I could about Gene Vidal. I also got a pleasant surprise right from the beginning: Christopher Eccleston plays Amelia's navigator! I had NO idea so I was thrilled to see him (& his name right after Ewan's in the opening credits). He did a superb job. My heart ached for him, and for Amelia as well. The ending actually brought tears to my eyes. And I'm glad they showed some photos of the real Amelia at the end. That was wonderful to see. I've never really felt the desire to fly (so many people love it and choose it for their super power, but it does nothing for me). But, even though I couldn't relate to that, I really understood her desires and motivations. The way she prized freedom, and saw that freedom in flying... and how that changed throughout her life... it was so well done- a mix of strong and subtle throughout. It was a great movie but I don't go to the movies all that often. So I'm glad my "must see every Ewan movie on opening weekend" rule got me to go see it. And he really was fantastic. I'll never get tired of watching that actor kiss *anyone* LOL
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Yes, flist, there is life after NaNoWriMo! I've put practically everything on hold in order to finish NaNoWriMo this year (all those people with 100,000 words- WTF? You're amazing! LOL) but I finished and verified my word count at 50,519 this morning. The novel is only about half written and half the chapters need to be re-written because I figured out the POV finally. But otherwise it's in a pretty good state. And I think I'll enjoy working on it without having to worry about how many words I'm using in each sentence. I don't always need 10-20 words to say what could be said in 5 :-) But I've definitely fallen in love with my vampire and incubus characters and most of the secondary characters as well and I'm going to enjoy diving back into their world soon.

I went to see Twilight on opening night (Friday- not a midnight showing) with my Harry Potter group. It was... funny- though it wasn't supposed to be funny. A movie can either be a sappy teen romance OR it can be an arthouse film, but not both, and Twilight is an example of why. It was very faithful to the book, which is the best and worst thing I could say about it, since the book really isn't very good. I love the characters and their world, but the story/plot is all kinds of painful. And there were things like the running/carrying and the sparkling which are horrible but they had to show in the movie- and didn't do such a bad job of it. It could have been a LOT worse. And at least it didn't leave big things out or try to put in more that shouldn't be there. Basically, it was a great attempt at representing an awful book.

I'm going to Philly briefly next Saturday for the Harry Potter Yule Ball. Should be exciting. And Tuesday I get to put my Eeyore collection up in the library. Had a good Thanksgiving in that I stayed to myself and no major family arguements :-) Best I can hope for.

Today I'm going to play catch up with a bunch of things, including cleaning my bathroom. I think the shower is leaking and the wood is now moldy. NOT GOOD. Might have to re-caulk and tear out all the molding. Damnit.

Ah well. Must go turn off computer before we lose power. Have a good weekend!

Yay & Boo

Dec. 7th, 2007 11:24 pm
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So the good: I saw The Golden Compass tonight. It was a gorgeous, sped-up version of the book. But the daemons were gorgeous and the tone/look was perfect. I liked Lyra more than I thought I would. Actually, I loved all the characters (Lee ROCKED even more than I expected him to). I absolutely loved Pan, though. *snuggles* Some really, really good choices. But the end... OMG! What happened to the end? Where did it go? I understand not wanting to end with a scary moment... but it's that horrible, scary moment that makes Lyra soldier on and find out what's really happening in her world. How could they end it where they did? LOL It was like, well, the build-up to a sneeze that doesn't ever come. The build-up is fantastic, yes, but without the final part, it's just a weird feeling.
But I loved the movie anyway... even though my mouth dropped open at the end. LOL There's a whole story about seeing it, and the theater and stuff, but I don't know if I want to type it all up. Suffice it to say, it was a strange, fun adventure and another good but short date.

The bad: I think I'm getting sick. Ever since about 4 today, my throat has been on fire. Once in a while it might hurt, but it only gets this bad the day before I get sick. I'm a little sore and tired (well, I haven't been sleeping much anyway) and my head hurts a little but there's no congestion or anything. I really don't want to be sick right now. I don't write well when I'm sick. And I have to go see Avenue Q tomorrow! And Christmas shop! And OMG next week is crazy busy- I can't be sick. Next week I can be sick, but not this week. Crap. Throat is killing me. Going to go take a long, hot shower and get in bed early and try to sleep as much as possible until I have to leave for the theater in DC tomorrow. Aw crap. Not good. It's sooo weird because I feel find apart from my throat... I'm more worried than sick. Crap. I hate this feeling. LOL

HP Movie 5

Jul. 14th, 2007 05:07 pm
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No spoilers in post... just generalizations. If you have spoilers in your reply, PLEASE label them as such, but it might be best not to read any replies if you haven't seen the movie yet, just to be safe.

I woke up on a Saturday at 8:30 for this movie. THAT is saying a lot!! I got to the movie theater around 9:30 in order to get tickets for the 10:30 show... quite a few showings were already sold out when I got there, but there were still tickets available for the 10:30, thankfully. However, the ticket counter wasn't open yet. LOL So I went back to the parking structure, drove to World Market, and tried to find two things I wanted to give my sister for her birthday. They didn't have one of the two (grr) but one is better than none, and I also bought a package of Harry Potter Jelly slugs to eat while reading the book next weekend. Yayness! I went back to the parking garage, took the elevator up to the movie theaters, and the counter still hadn't opened, but this time there were people standing about waiting. I ended up being fourth in line, but there wasn't much of a crowd, luckily. I got a lemonade and then found a seat a little less than halfway up, dead center, with no one in front of me and three women all wearing black Marauders t-shirts behind me. Can't do better than that! The theater ended up being somewhere between a third and halfway full.

Anyway, the movie. Yates is my new hero. Definitely the best of the movies, without a doubt. I loved the art direction, I loved the script- there are a lot of things I wish were in there, but I can understand why they were cut. There were 3 things I really, really, really wish had been in there and am sad they were not. There is one thing I'm glad they took out. There is one thing that was in there I am EXTREMELY torn about. But in all, I think they did a BRILLIANT job with this one. There's absolutely no comparison between it and the train wreck that was the third movie, for example. I thought they were sensitive to the characters, as faithful to canon as they could be, and it had a LOT more funny moments than I'd expected! That was plesantly surprising. Another surprise was that I cried through during a lot of parts but Sirius' actual death wasn't one of them. Not that I wasn't sad- I definitely cried at Harry's (and Lupin's) reaction(s) but that moment was done SO well, for what it was. I'm VERY happy with the movie. Cheers!

I'm glad I went to see it this morning, instead of waiting until whenever the hell my family gets its act together to see it at an Imax. I'm sure it's nice in an Imax, but the theater I went to was perfectly fine- enormous screen, big reclinging seats, a kickass sound system that comes from all around the theater. I'm not at all disappointed about not waiting until we can get to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum to see it.

I stayed until the very end of the credits, just in case there was an extra scene; there wasn't. But on my way out, I was shocked to see the entrance to the theater was blocked off by a cord and a movie theater employee. He let me out, of course, but the cord was there to keep people from going in. There were two groups of people, lining the walls outside. Made me EXTREMELY glad that I'd pulled myself out of bed so early to see the first showing of the day, that's for sure! It's much more plesant being able to sit back and stretch out and not worry about a huge crowd... though there were a NUMBER of scenes where everyone laughed or clapped, so it was nice to see it early on with fans, too. I didn't have to be completely quiet with my reactions.
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My two questions about things I didn't understand in PotC3 became three last night... and then 4 as I started typing them out. LOL

I'm cutting for spoilers...

Help a girl out... here are my points of confusion about the movie... )


Jun. 2nd, 2007 07:53 pm
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I finally went to see the Pirates.

No spoilers in this post, but if your reply has spoilers, make sure you say so up front, matey!

General thoughts:
1. I loved it. Still like movie 1 best, but I loved movie 3.
2. If I didn't love the fandom so much, I'm not sure I would have loved it (I think to the normal person, there were parts that might have been a little too strange)
3. There are two parts that stump/confuse me
4. I adore Remus, and I even like his scars. But Will's scar? MADE ME WANT TO LICK HIM! *wibble*
5. Cold, wet, hurt, angsty- MAN I love Will Turner *G*
6. Fantastic job of keeping the humor and reviving all the jokes (DOG!) that needed to be in there. I laughed out loud quite a few times.
7. Wow. What a battle scene. Makes me want to skip hockey tonight and re-watch all of Hornblower. I won't, of course... but it's tempting.
8. Damn those credits seem so long when you have to pee. But it was worth the wait.
9. Interesting, exciting, entertaining. Obviously a few strange things... but in all, I thought it did an excellent job of sticking with the feel of the other two movies and was a great conclusion.
10. I loved it.


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