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Well, I was having a pretty good day for a while. My coworker brought her kittens into work (Zach and Kelly like on Saved by the Bell) and we had the first ever AWP Bake-off (the cheesecake won). Our bosses were out so we were working and taking it easy.

But it's really strange when you start out a day with certain expectations and a certain routine, and it quickly goes wrong. I work near a university and they were holding high school graduations at Patriot Center. We started getting these strange e-mails- like the alert messages we got a couple weeks back when the tornado passed through. Then the messages promptly stopped and the screaming began. It was terrifying sound. I don't want to use some stupid term like bone-chilling but have you ever heard the sound of thousands of families being devoured and then rising from the dead? Well... considering what's happening all around the world today, I guess maybe you have. *hugs flist*

We thought about taking cover in the basement at work again. The archives room has no windows. But all we'd have for protection would be a few dusty back issues of the Chronicle and some Dymo printers from the conference storage boxes. Plus, we'd probably end up eating little Zach and Kelly, and I don't know if I could live with myself after eating cat. Though, I guess is the zombies have their way, I'll be eating people soon enough! Anyway, we all decided to head to our homes so we could at least be with our families when we died. We get water delivered to the building, so we each took a huge bottle home with us. Plus we divided up the remainder of the cheesecake, chocolate cake, cookies, and cupcakes from the bake-off.

On the way home, I saw several accidents. Overturned and abandoned cars, powerlines down with live wires thrashing around with bursts of sparks, even the main entrance to my housing development was blocked off- I had to take the back way home. It's dead here in the suburbs of Virginia. On the surface, everything looks normal... but no one's out mowing the lawn or washing cars or walking dogs. Everyone's inside, watching the news and clutching our flame throwers. I thought that screaming was terrifying. The silence is so much worse.

And the whole time I can't help thinking this wouldn't be happening if Bush wasn't in the white house. The war in Iraq and that whole f-ing 'protect our borders' thing and the stupid administration completely ignored those memos about possible zombie takeovers on Friday the 13th. WTF is wrong with them? And the worst part of it is, if they try a bomb or gas or something like that, it'll hit us over here- I'm only, like, 15 minutes from the pentagon. And then it'll be like Fred said in that one episode of Season 5 Angel, about how she'll have the satisfaction of knowing she's dying with the people who actually deserved it. But that'll be little comfort when I'm, you know, being chewed on by the walking dead.

Best to just huddle here in the basement and keep watching the television reports while we still can. The news doesn't look good, but at least we still have power. What I'm really scared about is what's going to happen when the sun starts to set and the heat and humidity die down. I mean, I don't watch horror movies, but I've seen enough to know that's when all the really bad stuff happens.

Stay safe, everyone. Post if you're still alive after all this. Love you!



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