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This made me happy...
A post from the HP H/C Yahoo Group:

Hello and a Happy New Year to all! I just stumbled across quite a find-
an entire page of(mostly)non-shippy H/C short stories,very well
written,very IC,with various protagonitsts.Share the love! Enjoy!

*EG* What a confidence booster :-) Just wanted to share my happy!

Great Day

Sep. 28th, 2005 03:03 am
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Had a great day today, apart from health crap but I don't want to count that or I'd never have a perfect day.

Didn't work again (I really need to start sending out resumes again) so I slept in until noon and took the dog out since Mom drove down to see my sister at college. Then I went online and found one (and then, tonight, two!) more donation(s) for the AIDS Walk. OMG I'm overjoyed! *HUGS All around!*

I spent all of 20 minutes on [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies and wound up at a Snape/Harry/Lucius pic that TOTALLY inspired me to write a Snarry fic. I know! ME! Me, who said I'd probably NEVER purposefully write one! And though this one is darker than midnight and sort of non-con, it's still Snarry. ANd there's a little sneezing. And WHOA! Me?! WTF? LOL! I've been toying with the idea of trying to write a Snarry fic once, but even time I even think about it the wrongness overpowers me and I can't wrap my head around it canon-wise. So no one was more surprised than me that I leaped upon this bunny!

And then, not even a page and a half into that story, I was suddenly sidetracked with a plot bunny that had been rolling around in my head since I'd been on [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies and saw a girl!Sirius/girl!Remus pic (which, incidentally, is by the same person as the one above- I should really send some feedback!). It's a terribly fun, naughty fic... and my GODS but I have weird-ass tastes when I write in this fandom! What the heck is it about the Harry Potter fandom that makes me crave ponyboys and perverted fetishes and just about every kink under the sun? There's something SO wrong with that! LMAO

So for most of the day after that (as the fic bits race through my head) I keep feeling like I need to rinse my mind out with soap and water!

I had some soup and then drove across town to the mall (though, thankfully, I didn't actually have to go IN the mall). I went to Borders and bought two copies of 'A Breath of Snow and Ashes' by Diana Gabaldon (one for me, one for my mother). I'm dying to read it but I think I need to re-read 'Firey Cross' first. Or at least the end part of it. Maybe chapter 26 onward because I looooooove chapter 26 (OMG adorable-sneezing-Jamie!). Then I went to Best Buy and (with a my gift card from last Christmas) bought Robots on DVD. Okay, yeah, I'm silly but it's cute and it's Ewan so I'm roped into buying it.

Then I headed next door to the Metro (subway) station and got a card that'll last me for my next scheduled trips into Washington DC. And then I headed to Judiciary Square (just a block or so from the MCI Center where the caps play, so 'Let's Go Caps' banners were everywhere!!! YIPPIE! I can't wait until their game Friday!) and the AIDS Walk meeting. OH my gods, but the people were so nice! Of course I expected them to be (the head coordinator changed my shift so I don't have to worry about getting there at 6:30am since the Metro doesn't even start running until 7am). But everyone seems SO nice and my team leader was definitely the cutest guy in the room. Too bad he's gay and lives in Richmond (3+ hours away) but still. YAY! I'm so excited about Saturday now! On the way home I hopped on the wrong color train but realized the mistake and switched in time. Then I had incredible trouble with the machine that gives out the parking cars (so I could get out of the parking lot). I didn't have enough change (I needed $10) so I put in my $20 and the machine doesn't take those. Grrr. Then I tried my Debit card (both as a Debit and a Credit Card) and my other Credit Card and the machine said NONE were authorized! So I had to use the ATM to get out a $10 bill and use that (and pay $2 for the processing, grrr!) but I finally got my parking pass and went to leave. The car in front of me was stuck at the exit and out hopped one of the girls from the AIDS Walk meeting!! I recognized her and said hi and she said the machine wasn't taking her parking card and was going crazy not knowing how she'd get out. So she backed out and I used mine (which, thank goodness, worked!) and she quickly followed me out. Yay! It felt good helping her out. She's a sweetie. Of course I would have helped anyone out there (stupid parking pass!) but it was ironic that it just so happened to be an AIDS Walk person. If I hadn't spent all that time with the wrong train and the dumb machine I would have missed her and missed helping her out. Strange how fate works, isn't it?

Anyway, I was home in time to watch The Amazing Race after all and I saw the new Harry Potter 4 movie trailer! Red fire guy freaked me out and Moody STILL does NOTHING for me, but the movie still looks fantastic. The Black family (I am SO amused calling them that, because that's their name but it's also how my mother and I refer to people on the show- oh, that's the black team, or the gay people, or the wrestlers, or the stupid models, or the old people, etc.) were from my area, so it was especially sad to see them go. What a nice group they were, though. And I taped/watched Boston Legal. I'm not feeling the new kid(s) yet, but maybe I'll give it another week. And Alan! Squeee! I love him. Someone should really write Boston Legal sneezefic, you know? Yummy Alan. Good show.

*sigh* Great day for me. All happy things. Lots of happy things. I love those types of days. So few and far between. I wish these types of days for everyone. PS- THANK YOU again to those of you who sponsored me for the AIDS Walk! *EVEN HUGER HUGS*
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I just sneezed. Maybe's it's a sign. LOL

First off... what a day! James (Scotty) dying and Canada making gay marriage all official and my boss' daughter's Bday and me... um... getting a new CD player and a battery for my car remote (I didn't mention the CD player on my LJ. My CD player died the day before I left for CA. I kept trying to make it play and it just wouldn't and I was driving in the car and SOBBING because it was broken. My grandparents bought me that CD player as a high school graduation gift and it was fitting for it to die just before I left to go out to CA to attend the service and sort through the house and all *sniffles*) Anyway...

What a THRILL to wake up to this morning before work. [livejournal.com profile] the_pirate_girl gave me something I've been wanting forever: an illustration specifically based on one of my stories. It's of Draco (and Snape) from my 'Familiarity' fic (which is weird because I was just thinking about that fic last night). Even though the fic was written long before HBP, the picture DOES CONTAIN A SPOILER for the book so, yeah, only look after you've read the book. (And, hey, read my fic, too, if you want!) The drawing is on her deviantART gallery here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/20772814/ and it's just fantastic. I'm so envious and flattered and touched and honored and warm&fuzzy with lots of happy *sigh* So everyone must go check it out and see what a lovely job she did!! *snuggles sick!Draco to pieces*

On an only slightly related note... I've been thinking about this for a while... and I hope this doesn't come off me being all full of myself or anything (though I suppose now would be a good time for it because- look at my pretty fic illustration gift! *snuggles it again*). Would anyone be at all interested in me writing commentary for one or more of my fics? I've discussed this idea with a few people in the past in relation to DVD commentaries and all, but I've never really tried my hand at it before because, yeah, the whole full-of-myself and pretending-someone-actually-cares-what-I-have-to-say-about-my-own-fics things.
But I think I'd find it fun to go revisit some of my stories in that sort of capacity. Would anyone actually like to read something like that? And if so, anyone have a fic they'd like me to provide commentary for? You know, a fic where, when you read it, you kept saying "TG, what the HECK were you thinking here?". Or maybe some WIP I don't have finished yet (uh, obviously not finished, because that's the IP part of WIP, innit?) that you'd like me to go through.
Anyone interested? Or anyone really sickened by the idea and will avoid me forever now for suggesting such rubbish? LOL!
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A few random notices for y'all.

SciFi's showing all of Firefly starting this Friday before the Stargates. I've known about this for a few weeks but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone cares and doesn't yet know. I'm looking forward to it :-)

Gameshow Network's showing The Amazing Race at 9pm and 12pm every single day. They're down to 5 teams right now, but when I say they're showing the show, I mean ALL of it. All 7 seasons. One episode every night for the entire summer. So.. yeah... if you like it and missed any (I never saw most of season 1, which is what's playing now) tune in.

My FAVORITE Harry Potter artist, Marta, *points to icon* has opened a slash journal! It's got the info about how to get to the Slash section of her site and any new art (though she's not doing much of it lately) will be up there. So all you people who haven't seen it yet, go right now! It's beautiful!
Marta's normal journal: [livejournal.com profile] seviet (See the recent Sirius & Regulus and Greenhouse and Marauder Pillow Fight pics!)
Marta's new Slash journal: [livejournal.com profile] slashiet (With link to that part of her site- You must be a member to read the posts)

Oh... and Vault 711 has a new Remus/Sirius comic up that I just ADORE! It's got HBP spoilers but it's fantastic. It's the one in red (#35) http://www.persephone.nu/711/ *sigh* Makes me feel SO much better about HBP ;-) Of course, I still like #23 for that as well.


Mar. 1st, 2005 02:43 am
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Didn't work today. We didn't get as much snow as they said we would, but it was still a pretty bad day to be driving around and schools closed at 4:30am when it didn't even start snowing until noon. Whoops! heehee But I'm going into work early tomorrow, so yick.

Fic progress today:
  • I finished the WK fic I've been working on. Brad and Schu didn't slow me down as much as I thought and only added another 3 pages or so in total. So that's good.
  • Edited the dog walking fic (which, conveniently, I have titled 'Dog Walking' for lack of a better one)
  • Picked up a 1-page Sirius-with-a-fever story that struck me months ago and finished it up. It's just for fun and I'm really not that happy with it. So I actually used the same beginning page or so and started another ending to it. Deals with the same themes just in completely different ways. I'll probably try to finish that up tonight.

I was going to update my website tonight, but looks like it will have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest. I want to finish this last short HP ficlet first.
I spent most of my day reading Mired in Middle Earth which was recced to me by my best friend online. It's sort of RPS but in character context. It's the longest thing I've had time to sit down and read in a LONG while, so that was a fun use of a snow day (plus I slept late and then napped for a while, too). Yeah... the story's good... strange but good. There were elements and parts I ADORED and parts that didn't make a lot of sense to me. And there were some spelling and grammar errors that kept bugging me. But on a whole it was an interesting adventure and I'm glad I read it. I was totally jonesing for Legolas/Gimli when I'd finished it, though. And a Legolas sea longing bunny struck me while I was reading it. So that's good. But, yeah, it's one of those fics that keeps popping back into your mind after you read it. At least, it is for me. Maybe because I haven't read anything quite so strange before- you know I'm not a huge fan of RPS (I do make an exception for HobbitActorSlash and Viggorli if it's recced by a friend I trust online) and not a huge fan of AUs but strangely I did enjoy it. I need to write up a proper rec in my Rec journal.

But not tonight. Need to get to work early tomorrow and that means digging my car out from under snow and walking a snow-happy puppy dog. And tomorrow I shall try to update site with lots of new stories. Yes yes.
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So I've decided to go more public with my freaked-out fangirlyness and I want to buy a Slash bumpersticker for my car. I'm leaning towards this "I'd rather be writing slash" one. I'd rather not go pairing-specific and nothing at Fiction Alley has jumped out at me (much as I like the "Don't Badger me, I'm writing Fanfic" sticker)
There's also "Slash- because it's there" and "Got Slash?"(I'm not sure I could handle the little fish penises- LOL) and "Read More Slash" and "Slasher Revolution" (which are rather plain) and "I Slash, Therefore I Am" (which I also really like. The journal that says "I think therefore I slash. I slash therefore I am" and the "I heart Vampire Porn" and "I brake for slashy subtext" stickers). And the "Have Plot Bunny, Will Happily Slash" button is calling... gah, I wish I had money! LOL!

But I also really like this "Slash sickday" mug... and even though it's not my pairing, who WOULDN'T love a Snupin Whore mug? I mean, seriously, a Snupin Whore mug! "My ship does it with intellectual foreplay" SQUEE! Too cute. There's also a cute Slash-Happy mousepad I like.

Guh, I don't know what to get. Hrm. I'm currently leaning towards the plot bunny button and the "I'd rather be writing slash" sticker. If I still had a boyfriend I would TOTALLY buy him the "My Partner is a Sad, Sad, Obsessive Fangirl" sticker. He put up with so much squeeing from me :-) But I'm also sort of considering the "I've gotta have more cowbell" sticker... wish it wasn't so plain, though. Would it kill them to have a picture of a cowbell on it?

It's really scary what you can get on stickers, you know? LOL Yeah, I'm a freak.

On an only slightly related note, I bought a HP shirt from Hot Topic this morning. It's a Hufflepuff shirt on sale for $8.95. I couldn't resist. It's so cute!
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Really random question... but does anyone read/know anything about gay comics/art books? I think I got hooked on an online gay comic last night and am thinking of buying the book of it and there were so many similar works recommended in lists and such on Amazon.com so it got me curious. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and would recommend/not recommend any. (American, anime, whatever... it's not like I have money to go buy stuff so online versions would be even better)

Fic recs?

Jan. 18th, 2005 08:47 pm
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I could really use a good fic or two to read right now to keep from bursting into tears every ten minutes. Anybody got anything good to rec? You know what I like fandom-wise. And snuggly boy-wise. I love those snuggly boys... Hell, I'll even take gen if you don't have slash! See how desperate I am?!

Anybody have a good link or two to share avec moi? Pleeeeease?????

EDIT: I don't think I have to say it but, um, no deathfics please. That's probably obvious, but, yeah. Fluff and sweetness preferred :-)


Nov. 27th, 2004 03:05 am
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Sleepy all day. Probably was the 4 and a half hours of sleep last night.

Lost my glasses in the car today. That was exciting. Well, more like annoying, really. I found them eventually, but only after I spent 20 minutes searching and driving to the last place I'd been to be sure they hadn't fallen out. Stupid glasses. This is why I never wear you! But I paid more on my car loan and dropped off the check for my storage unit as well, so it all evens out. And I listened to my QAF mix CD in the car so that made me happy.

I watched Brassed Off today. *sigh* EwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwanEwan! *double sigh* Naturally I cried through lots of it, but there was just as much squeeing, I assure you.

And I watched Harry Potter 3 again. With parents this time. It was their first time seeing it. I like watching movies with first-timers. My mother was apparently Alfonzo's target audience: someone who knows the books well enough not to be confused by lack of explanation and someone who laughed at EVERY SINGLE out of character move made throughout the whole movie. I'm still annoyed at Harry stealing Neville's lollypop while invisible and trying to stay unnoticed. Yeah. Good one, meanie! Bah! I printed out HP POA in 15 minutes for them afterwards and my mother nearly died laughing. It seriously makes the movie much more enjoyable for me. Though I completely covered my eyes at the painful ending again. I just can't do it.

Let's see... I must remember to eat tomorrow. I've not been good at that these last few days and have gone all shakey with hunger when it was way past eating time. *makes mental note to do better today*

Today's Ficcage:
  • Worked a little on one of the WK Ayafics. It's going better than I'd hoped. Yohji's face is pretty much in Aya's arse and there's NOTHING sexual going on and I'm actually able to keep it that way. At least for the moment. LOL
  • Wrote some of the Talafic. I wrote until I got stuck. Bah! Stuckage! Don't like! Bad muses!
  • Opened up a FAKE fic I started at least a month ago. I have half a page written. It was a brilliant concept. I read through what I had and realized I completely forgot what I wanted to do with it. So I banged my head against the monitor until part of the idea returned and then quickly made as many notes at the end of the document as possible. Hopefully when I get to writing those parts, more will come back to my mind.
  • Came up with a BRILLIANT title for a fic! If only I had a story to go with it now. DAMN MUSES! *kicks*
  • Sat and stared for about 10 minutes at my Percy/Oliver fic. I was frowning with lots of unhappiness. It started so well! What the heck happened to the point of the story? It's like it went for a coffee break after the sex and never bothered returning. Anyone know how to get a point-of-story bunny back? Maybe enticing it with another sex scene will help... I must try that...
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I made two rec journals tonight- one for H/C and sneezefics, and one for non. I had fun with layouts tonight- learned how to do that basic banner override thingy that people have been doing for years now. LOL! The journals look pretty! *snuggles them* They're not quite done. And there's nothing in the way of content up yet. And the info sections aren't very detailed yet.
I'll post the links anyway... just so I don't forget to tomorrow or the next day :-)
H/C & SF Recs: [livejournal.com profile] hcrecs
Various fandom Recs: [livejournal.com profile] rectacular
Don't know how often I'll update or how each will mature as I update... so we'll see. Should be a fun experiment for me. Thanks for all the input, everyone :-)

As for fics...
  • Posted a short Charlieficlet... that was fun. Lots of fun :-)
  • Last night before bed I came up with an excellent idea for a new Obi story (no sneezing, but some angst and a PLOT! Imagine that! Me! With a PLOT!)
  • Am currently staring at the Remus & Snape and potion fic... as well as the Percy/Oliver fic. I'm working on the end of both of them.


Nov. 14th, 2004 02:07 am
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I've been rec'ed! Okay, so this has happened a couple times to me, but usually people tell me when they've recced one of my stories. I was doing a search for some fics and found a fic of mine (a non-sneezefic) in someone's rec list *squees happily* Yay!

This makes me happy! I love stumbling on things like this. *giggles* Just thought I'd share :-)


Oct. 28th, 2004 03:55 am
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Found this today while searching for mythological figures from various cultures (yes, I have the strangest job ever). Anyway, I wanted to post a link to it so I wouldn't lose it in my list of thousands of badly organized bookmarks:
Book of Werewolves

The eclipse was beautiful tonight :-)

I'm doing laundry now. Haven't watched Serpant's Kiss yet. And I need a credit card. Check cards can't be used as actual credit cards, can they?
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Just a little Weiss Kreuz h/c pimpage for those who care. I was in a yaoi mood tonight (so what's new?) and going through P.L. Nunn's site (how the hell did I just discover this site NOW? *is completely baffled and awestruck* Though I have seen several of these in other collections and things, I didn't realize the quantity and variety here!) It needs to be more Ken-friendly but DAMN that's some good adult content! *drools over the sexy bishies* And I couldn't help but be drawn to a certain YohjixAya picture that's just too adorable for words: http://bishonenworks.com/art_gallery/main/display.php?id=27&count=31
*dies at the cuteness* Needless to say, many bunnies have hopped to the surface after seeing it *EG*

Have you ever read a fic that you wish you'd written yourself? I especially ADORE the opening section of paxnirvana's More Than Good which inspired that picture. It's always a treat to read good hurt/comfort. So I thought I'd share it. MUCH yumminess all around!


Sep. 3rd, 2004 10:19 am
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I was stalking [livejournal.com profile] casirafics's LJ this morning and she posted Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate recipe. So I couldn't resist sharing the yumminess as well. *wishes she could make things in the kitchen that actually turn out the way they're supposed to* This dessert is really one of the most delicious things in the world.

Okay... think I'll go back to sleep now.
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I've taken a bit of a pause in the middle of the boykissing fics to write some Remus/Sirius. Sorry. But I'm close to finishing Legolas/Gimli and just need to type up and edit Dee/Ryo... and the other two are written in my head already. So I felt it was okay to take a break. I've started about 15 new fics within the last week. How's that for feeling unblocked? :-)

Anyhoo... wanted to post links to two lovely Remus/Sirius pictures in case you hadn't seen them yet:
Helplessness by [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121 which is just too sweet... I can't stop staring at how Remus is curled in between Sirius' legs. Not just lying stretched out against Sirius, but half curled... soo cute. And their expressions *sigh*

And the one that instantly became my new computer wallpaper from the Theban Band Sleeping boys (Puppylove)
*deeper sigh* I find this one utterly adorable and arousing all in one. I love sleeping men more than almost anything, though. Just love the peacefulness and the curves of their bodies and the way they touch and Sirius' arms and Remus scars and the space in between them and their contrasting skin tones against the bright white and the looks on their faces and oohhhh LOVE it! Wanted to share in case you all hadn't seen it yet. Remus looks so tired... awww


May. 17th, 2004 04:59 am
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Did some writing today... like, 4 paragraphs. LOL
I was kicked offline most of the day *pout* but just posted a new hatching on sneezefic- and [livejournal.com profile] silverelf already has a ficlette for it! YAY!!!!!! I love short fics. :-)

For some unknown reason, I suddenly volunteered as an archivist on another group. As though I need the extra fandom work? LOL Had FUN putting together a bunch of layouts today, though.

Boyfriend and I both didn't feel very inspired to masturbate this weekend for the MMoM marathon. Kinda sucks. Ah well. We'll have to pick another time I guess. I had a hard weekend in general, so it's no surprise. And a mental breakdown tonight, joy oh joy. Now my eyes are killing me again. 2 and a half hours crying'll do that to a person. LOL

Van Helsing was delicious. FUNNY but delicious. *hugs David and Hugh* I read a fucking hilarious parody of it before going and was spoiled completely. But I think it was a very enjoyable experience... just a different sort of one.

Today's word of the day is: redoubtable
Which apparently doesn't mean able to doubt a second time. LOL I learn something new every day! heehee

Oh, I watched the 2-hour season finale of Charmed. Cried at that, too. Poor characters go through so damn much every week! LOL But this was pretty hard to deal with. And I'm SO glad they didn't leave us hanging until season 7 and just showed both parts back-to-back. Excellent show *snuggles Leo* but still makes me cry

Didn't write a Friday fic this week, I know. I'm bad. Sorry! I wrote a lot of other stories, though. And since the point is just to write... well, I'm okay with slipping up now and again. Life sucks for me right now. I don't need added pressure from myself. LOL So I'll try and pick it up next week for sure :-)

EDIT: Awwwww! It's almost worth feeling like shit just to use 'drained' as my mood and have that cute picture of Duncan helping Connor out of the water after he's been stabbed. Awwwwwwwww *huggles*


May. 11th, 2004 07:11 am
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Whoa... the time is 7:11 exactly... and my post is about that Vault 711 Sirius/Remus stick art website I posted a link to all those months ago. So I check it occasionally for updates... and the artist's LJ as well has them... and today she posted a stick-FAKE comic!!!! ROTFLMAO!!! *snuggles Ryo*

Anyway, I just had to share. Is way too amusing not to *G*
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Just wanted to do some pimping *G* [livejournal.com profile] schtiel has just written her very first "official" sneezefic and posted it on her LJ.

It is entitled The Sick and the Stubborn :-) It's a Queer as Folk fic with lots of very yummy Brian/Justin goodness. And as I'm certainly not the only QAF fan around I thought it most important to make everyone aware of this lovely story's presence *G*

EDIT: Okay, so her journal's friends-only but she's all right adding people so they can view it. Sorry I didn't think to mention that before. My bad for sending you all somewhere you couldn't get to automatically... sorry!
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VERY cute Remus/Sirius stick figure site: Vault 711
There's an especially cute comic where Sirius has a cold that reminds me of a couple of my stories, LOL
Though, stick figures aside, the other art is not too bad(I'd seen it before, just not the comics), and the humor is fantastic, even the non S/R stuff... I cannot stop laughing at some of the comics! Ohh ohhh ohhh! Especially making fun of movie Lupin's moustache. Anyway, I thought I'd share.

Anyone have any good Daniel SG H/C recs?

Okay, I'm going to go put on my lesbian folk singer playlist and try to get this HP femslash sneezefic story written. I don't like the term femsneeze. I just... ick... I don't like it. I know one of the defining characteristics of a community and culture is creating new words, but that's one I don't particularly like for some reason. What's the opposite malesneeze? They just sound weird to me in my head. And I'm not going to say them outloud because I still have trouble saying that word even when alone *blush*

*goes back to be entertained by cute Sirius sneezing comic*
Oh, though speaking of which, I know I've mentioned how much I adore Mushi's art, and I know I've posted the link to this a couple places, but here's a multi-page Ron/Harry sneezing comic I love :-)
Oh, though speaking of good Marauder art, how cute is this? Remus after a transformation, with James and Sirius to take care of him (tis from this site since I don't like just pointing to images without page references)


Jan. 27th, 2004 06:42 am
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I don't think I've laughed so hard in a LONG time. *wipes tears from eyes* So much for going to sleep early. And so far I've only got my mail up through 4am. @#$%^&*(%^Mail Server!

Anyway, on to the funny:
(Make sure you read all the replies- that's where all the new and old nominations of icons are)

Oh my goodness... laughed so hard I gave myself the hiccups. Whoo, that's not good. LOL Owww....


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