Apr. 5th, 2007 12:07 am
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News from TG!

1. I posted a Legolas/Gimli fic on the sneezefic list. Thank you for the bunny, Lady Korana. I haven't quite snapped out of writer's block yet but I'm on my way. Yayness.

2. I've been spending some time working on this Acefic I started in January. I've workshopped it twice at my writer's roundtable group and Tina was nice enough to beta it for me. It's in a good place right now :-) Yay for that, too.

3. My Tartan Day challenge at BookCrossing is going very well! More than 50 books released for it so far... of course, many of those were because of me, but that's not the point.

4. Speaking of the writer's roundtable... as of 9pm tonight, I am the new moderator/organizer of the group! So now it really is MY writer's roundtable group :-)

5. The Capitals won ANOTHER game! This means two games in a row! OMG we're on a roll! I'm going to the next/last game of the season on Saturday. I hope they can keep up their winning streak for it.

6. I found the following post-it note on the window of my car when I left the library tonight:

More of the yay! :-)

7. I actually have some more exciting news to post... but as it hasn't been publishd yet, I don't want to say anything yet. Okay, it's not a story or anything- so don't get TOO excited- it's something for work and it's really small.


Mar. 29th, 2006 11:13 pm
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So I was watching Yami No Matsuei last night and my mother came down on her way to the laundry room and I just had to point out the horrible English voice actors to her, which she got a kick out of. And she watched a little of it, as well. Which went as follows:

(I'm paraphrasing)
Muraki : I'm doing it because of the one that I love. He will find me.
My mother: He? (in a laughing-at-her-daughter sort of tone) Oh God, is everyone in this show gay, too?

I know she finds my, er, interest in this kind of stuff amusing, but I'm sure she hadn't been expecting it to be so up front with her. Usually she scolds me for reading too much into pairings like Sirius/Remus and Legolas/Gimli but when it comes straight from the source... *EG*
She also gave me a "you need to get a life" when I was trying to describe how incredibly breathtaking and spellbinding Muraki is. He's sooo the sex.

But, hey, it's not all about the homosexuality... I watched half of Lady Chatterly last night (only to find out it's actually a 2 disk set- blast it!). Guuhhhhh! I'm so envious. I want a sexy Scottish gamekeeper who looks like Sean Bean with whom I can have a torrid affair! Mmmmm yes. Especially when he looks so nummy sans clothing. Boromir you naughty thing you! *gets urge to write Boromir/Faramir* Wait, wasn't I trying to make a point about something here? heehee My points can't possibly hold a candle to a naked Sean Bean with a Scottish accent :-) Dear GODS I was in heaven! Now where's disk 2? *checks mail*

On a completely unrelated note, my Caps beat Carolina AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! 2 game winning streak now! WHOOHOO! And the Canes are like, best in the division and we totally killed them. We're on a crack schedule now. We see two more teams and then we play the Canes THREE more times. Somehow the computer did a VERY bad job when it came to our schedule this year. Meeting up with them 5 times in, like, 2 weeks? Weird. But, hey, if we continue to kill them like we did tonight and last game, I won't complain. GO CAPS! Especially Bradly, who scored twice tonight and whose Mom isn't doing well so yay. Scored in her honor. Go him *huggles*

OH!!! AND one of my BookCrossing books is going all over the place! It was caught here in VA and taken down to Mexico! Then someone left it in Mexico and someone else found it and took it to Colorado and then to Michigan. Wow! How's that for a well-travelled book?! I'm soooooooooo excited about it!!!!!!!!
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Big ol' slash survey. Gacked from [ profile] lilyfrost

Teh Big Slash meme
Read and/or write?Read and write
Since when?Around the summer of 2000 (I think)
How did you stumble into slash?Star Wars Prequel Slash on the sneezefic message boards
Your first fandom and pairing:Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon
The first person you told about your new hobby:In RL? Um... my best friends I think
The fandoms you read:Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars mostly but recently also Buffy
The fandoms you write:Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars are my big three, but everyone knows I write in a ton more than that
Your favourite pairings:Remus/Sirius, Harry/Neville, Harry/Ron, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Oliver/Percy, Cedric/MC, Dean/Seamus, Fred/George, Bill/Remus, Snape/Lucius, Legolas/Gimli, Elladan/Elrohir, Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Elladan/Elrohir, Legolas/Haldir, Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, Spike/Xander, Spike/Angel, Giles/Wesley, Jack/Daniel, Ken/Omi, Yohji/Aya, Logan/Kurt, Logan/Scott, Sawyer/Sayid, Will/Jack, Starsky/Hutch
Favourite genres:Hurt/Comfort first. Then romance, drama, adventure, humor...
Least favourite pairings:Boromir/Aragorn, Harry/Draco (and nearly every evil/good pairing in general)
Least favourite genres:I'm not sure I have any
What makes a story good?Passionate writing, good spelling/grammar, characterizations that feel true, and an entertaining/engaging storyline
What makes a story bad?Cheesiness, cliches, angsty-teenager writing
The best author:I don't know
The best story you've ever read:I honestly have no idea!
The worst author:Still no idea!
The worst story you've ever read:Really, I don't know!
The best story you have written:Oh ghods... um... I don't know! Maybe a toss-up between The Ondarian Virus and Elf-Sharing? But they're all my babies and it's hard to choose.
The worst story you have written:Probably 'The Inspiration'
Do you leave feedback?I try to, but I don't do it as often as I'd like
Do you get feedback?In the sneezefic world, yes. In the non-sneezing world, I sometimes get a little
Do you have a favorite kink?Sneezing *EG* And wanking. *blushes* And collars. And ponyboys *blushes furiously*
Does something squick you?There's very little that squicks me now. Scat'll do it, though. And usually felching. And definitely v-ing. And watersports when mouths are involved. (see a pattern here?)
Is slash simply sex?No!
Is slash a way of life?Yes :-)
How much time do you spend reading/writing?WAY too much
Do you have RL friends who slash?Ummmm... *thinks* No
Have you made online friends through slash?Absolutely
Do you think slash is just a phase?NO!
Could you simply stop slashing?No. It's a way of thinking about characters and who you feel they should be with... if you think too characters are supposed to be together, I can't imagine just *not* thinking that any more
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13Awwww. How cute *snuggles*
Ratings R to NC-17Oh yeah. Bring it on baby! *bounces with excitement*
AUsEh... if they're really well justified and don't step on TOO much canon then I'm willing to give it a shot for the sake of characterizations and such in the case of authors I love. Otherwise I avoid them.
ARsI find these thrilling, especially if written by really good writers
PornMmmmm. Yes please!
AngstMMMMMMmmmm! So long as it isn't over-done, overly-dramatic stuff
MushIn some cases (like R/S puppylove phase) I adore it. Otherwise my cheese alert goes off
LoveIt's nice... especially if the word isn't actually USED. Then, see above re: cheese alert
RomanceOhhhh yes. I likes romantic boyos
DarkficsUsually I'm in the mood for them. I like the hurt aspects in 'em
DeathficsNooo! Don't kill my characters! *cries* I avoid them
Non consensual/rapeIf it's well written, I love it. Especially if, eventually, there's a comfort aspect to add to the hurt one
Rape recoverySee above. Sometimes it gets way too unrealistic in fics, but I kind of like that fanon aspect as well. Especially if eventually there's comforting from another character
RPSEh... makes me VERY nervous
RPGI don't, but I have all the respect in the world for people who do. Wish I had that kind of mindset and free time
First timesThe more the merrier! But in my mind I always have one first time for each pairing set as my ultimate. I consider other first time fics to be AU's to me, but the good kind of AU's :-)
Established relationshipsAwwww. I love when character know who they are and what they're into... makes h/c more fun sometimes
ThreesomesHell yeah!
m/m slashYes. Duhhh!
femmeslashAbsolutely. I usually like it more than het
Slashing a children's book/movieIf the characters aren't really young, then that's okay by me. Otherwise it squicks me
Chanslash SW-fandom- Yes, no matter what. HP-fandom (and pretty much anything else)- No. Unless it's noncon/rape and needed for the plot of a good story, but even then I steer away, usually
Explicit sexThe more explicit the nummier!
The importance of charactarizationTEH MOST IMPORTANT TO ME!
OOCnessMakes me stop reading
CanonIs my god
FanonIs in my blood... and makes me happy with its agreed-upon consistency
ClichesAs part of experiments or exercises or as the main point of a story- yes. Creeping into an otherwise good story- irritating as hell.
SupernaturalYes, if it makes sense in the fandom
MPREGI don't seek it out, but it doesn't squick me the way it once did. And I rather like the "before birth" h/c elements. Birth scenes make me nervous still.
WingficsNever read any!! But I like men with wings. I'd have to read some and see, I guess. Maybe if it were justified and in character
GenderfuckMmmmm! Yes, I'm a kinky girl :-)
CrossoversIf there's an interesting relationship dynamic among characters (and/or lots of porn) then I'm all excited about it. Otherwise they can get a little strange
Group Slut FicsSure!
IncestMostly twincest. But I don't mind brothers or sisters. And I don't mind Lucius/Draco darkfic. But I'll never do it to the hobbits.
May/DecemberIf it's not chan, it's okay by me if it's a good fic. I prefer roughly equal ages, though. (When possible, that is. Obviously in fandoms like Highlander or LotR or anything with vampires the equal ages thing goes right out the window)
Het pairings in a slash ficThat's fine by me. Especially if it provides a nice contrast to the slash.
PlotPlease, but not required. Good plots impress and entertain me :-)
PWPsMmmmmm. Good pr0n entertains me, too *EG* I read more PWPs than anything else.
WIPsI don't like reading fics until they're finished... unless I know and trust an author to finish. And I have FAR too many myself.
LJ fics and communitiesI love 'em. But I only visit a few LJ communities
Mailing listsThis is where I get most of the fics I read
Big Name FansI really respect then and they make me terrified to post my own stuff *hides in corners*
Politics in a slash storyIf it works in a plot/theme, then okay. But if it gets too against my own views I'll stop reading
Religion in a slash storyI don't mind it, especially if it's important to a plot/theme. But if it gets too Christian I'll stop reading.
Wake up GayThese are amusing and can be delightful reads... and sometimes my cheese meter buzzes too loud for me to read
And finally....
Your pet peeve:Elementary school-level grammar errors, cheesy "I love you" scenes
Your advice to new slashers:Don't be afraid. There's SO much out there. Read and find out what you like. If you find something that freaks you out, just stop reading and move onto something else. Discover what feels right to you and enjoy yourself!

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So I've decided to go more public with my freaked-out fangirlyness and I want to buy a Slash bumpersticker for my car. I'm leaning towards this "I'd rather be writing slash" one. I'd rather not go pairing-specific and nothing at Fiction Alley has jumped out at me (much as I like the "Don't Badger me, I'm writing Fanfic" sticker)
There's also "Slash- because it's there" and "Got Slash?"(I'm not sure I could handle the little fish penises- LOL) and "Read More Slash" and "Slasher Revolution" (which are rather plain) and "I Slash, Therefore I Am" (which I also really like. The journal that says "I think therefore I slash. I slash therefore I am" and the "I heart Vampire Porn" and "I brake for slashy subtext" stickers). And the "Have Plot Bunny, Will Happily Slash" button is calling... gah, I wish I had money! LOL!

But I also really like this "Slash sickday" mug... and even though it's not my pairing, who WOULDN'T love a Snupin Whore mug? I mean, seriously, a Snupin Whore mug! "My ship does it with intellectual foreplay" SQUEE! Too cute. There's also a cute Slash-Happy mousepad I like.

Guh, I don't know what to get. Hrm. I'm currently leaning towards the plot bunny button and the "I'd rather be writing slash" sticker. If I still had a boyfriend I would TOTALLY buy him the "My Partner is a Sad, Sad, Obsessive Fangirl" sticker. He put up with so much squeeing from me :-) But I'm also sort of considering the "I've gotta have more cowbell" sticker... wish it wasn't so plain, though. Would it kill them to have a picture of a cowbell on it?

It's really scary what you can get on stickers, you know? LOL Yeah, I'm a freak.

On an only slightly related note, I bought a HP shirt from Hot Topic this morning. It's a Hufflepuff shirt on sale for $8.95. I couldn't resist. It's so cute!


Nov. 23rd, 2004 05:40 pm
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Went to Walmart to buy HP:POA- they had it for about $20. So then went to Best Buy and they had it for $16. Eee! Yes yes. Much better. And I started to leave but thought "Okay, I'll just check ONE more time". Every time I go I check to see if they have The Road to El Dorado. MONTHS I've been checking and today they finally had ONE COPY!!!!!!!! I was overjoyed. And only $15! (Price tag said $18)

This so totally rocks. So I used up the last $4 on my gift card and both movies together were only $28. Not bad for two DVDs I was dying for. Oooohhhh! I'm so excited! *happy bounces* Happy happy happy happy happy! Must go pay rent on storage unit tomorrow. I'm taking care of my boss' dogs again tomorrow and Friday. I love those dogs. Of course I spend hours writing out pet insurance claims on them, but I still love them :-) *snuggles the dogs*

Can't decide what to watch first, now. heehee! Remus/Sirius or Miguel/Tulio... obsessed with slash? No, why do you ask? LOL I went to 4 different stores yesterday looking for folders (they were sold out everywhere- wtf?) and Walmart was selling special 'Slash Inserts'. Little pockets that had a cut made so that you could insert CDs. Slash inserts. I giggled. Yes. That's what less than 4 hours of sleep and utter frustration reduces me to. heehee!

Okay... movies now. Happy happy!!


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