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Title: Gift for Ren 2007
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: PG?
Pairing: somewhat Aya/Yohji
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or their world. Please don't sue me. I'm just having fun and not making any money.
Summary: Aya is not immune to the cold making its way through Weiss, much as he would like to have been. Luckily, the others don't have to know that.
Notes: Happy holidays, Ren!

Story: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/stories/Gift07Ren.html

I'm not sure this turned out quite as I'd expected when I started writing it, but I think it works as-is. I hope you like it! Have a fantastic holiday season and a marvelous new year!
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Title: 2005 Gift for Magictoes11
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters and their world are not mine. I’ve no rights and no money.
Summary: Because of a cold, Ken’s stuck manning the shop while others are off on a mission.
Notes: Written as a gift fic for Magictoes11 during the 2005 holiday season.

Story: 2005 Gift for Magictoes11

As I've still get to go beyond Gluhen in the fandom (thank you for the links the other day, by the way) and though I do love Ran... Ken's still my fave. Hope you like this. And I hope you have a Happy New Year!
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This is a Weiss fic I started ages ago. I wrote a few more paragraphs tonight and now I'm stuck. I don't really want to end it here, but I honestly have no idea what to do with it at this point. So it's either get some advice and be inspired by it or walk away.

Thus, any and all feedback would be helpful. It's currently rated G with a bit of Aya/Yohji going on. It's current title is 'Weiss 5' because, like, I SUCKITH at titles. LOL

Two pages of nothingness and a paragraph or two of cute )

On a somewhat unrelated note, I thought I'd finished my other WK fic. I titled it and made a header and I couldn't get online to post it, so I edited it again. And then during the 4th editing Schwartz showed up right in the middle. WTF?! So now I have to deal with the sexy evil-doers and another fight scene.

And, again, FB on the above segment would be very helpful. It is very rough and unedited as well, so sorry if it sucks.
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I went back and forth between making this a normal drabble or putting sneezing in it. Finally went with the sneezing. But, yeah, it also started out as Aya/Yohji. This really surprised me while I was writing it :-)

Title: Snow Drabble 1
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: R?
Pairings: Aya/Yohji, Ken/Omi
Disclaimer: Whoo boy. They're so very, very not mine!
Summary: Excuses, excuses, excuses… and a little playfulness
Word count: 500
Notes: I had a snow day today (2/24/05), and couldn't resist writing some snow drabbles

Snow Drabble 1 )

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Just a little Weiss Kreuz h/c pimpage for those who care. I was in a yaoi mood tonight (so what's new?) and going through P.L. Nunn's site (how the hell did I just discover this site NOW? *is completely baffled and awestruck* Though I have seen several of these in other collections and things, I didn't realize the quantity and variety here!) It needs to be more Ken-friendly but DAMN that's some good adult content! *drools over the sexy bishies* And I couldn't help but be drawn to a certain YohjixAya picture that's just too adorable for words: http://bishonenworks.com/art_gallery/main/display.php?id=27&count=31
*dies at the cuteness* Needless to say, many bunnies have hopped to the surface after seeing it *EG*

Have you ever read a fic that you wish you'd written yourself? I especially ADORE the opening section of paxnirvana's More Than Good which inspired that picture. It's always a treat to read good hurt/comfort. So I thought I'd share it. MUCH yumminess all around!
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Like I mentioned before, it was inspiring :-) The bad boys aren't really my favorites in WK, but Nagi's so cute and, well, normal in comparison to the rest of them. So I didn't mind writing it. *snuggles the poor little guy*

Title: Cold
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Short Farfarello and Nagi drabble
Notes: The Weiß Kreuz Drabble Inspiration MemeGen was used in creating this story. It demanded: Primary character-Farfarello, Secondary character- Naoe Nagi, Theme-Cold, and Word count-159. MemeGen link: http://memegen.deskslave.org/viewmeme.pl?un=yuukimiyaka&meme=1068910388

Cold )

And, yeah, it's meant to be a little ambiguous there in those last few words *G*


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