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Jan. 17th, 2006 12:17 am
tarotgal: (Sniffly Ewan)
I'm really sorry but this just fell out. He's just sooooo cute all almost-frozen *EG* Spoilers abound! Be warned!!!!!
Also, it's my first attempt at this and I DEFINITELY don't have the characters down yet. So consider this just play. I probably messed him up or went all wacky or something. Really the whole thing's just badly-written fluff that's an excuse for some warm fuzzies at the sneezes and a laugh at the end. Feedback is welcomed, nonetheless.

Title: Aftereffects
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: The Fantastic Four (movie-verse, takes place just after the big battle at the end of the first movie)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I marvel at the characters and their verse, no pun intended, for they are brilliant and not mine in the slightest. I make no money so please don't sue me for loving them and having fun.
Summary: After Reed nearly gets frozen, he suffers from a few nummy, albeit predictable, aftereffects.
Notes: I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. Lucky for you I resisted the urge to write Reed/Johnny this time around, though. Out of respect to the characters I didn't want to take it quite that far my first time out.

Aftereffects )



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