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[livejournal.com profile] silverelf, I just read your QAF ficlette/drabble *dies happly* I'll give you feedback tonight after I go to sleep and wake up again and can re-read it. But I can't stop reading the first paragraph... SO damn beautiful!

Okay, so the benefit of a fucked up sleep schedule is not being able to concentrate on real work, and getting crap done instead. Yaaaaaaay crap! heehee
This is sort of a combination of two story ideas in one. The restless, sick Padfoot is used in a story I'm still not done with... but I had too much fun with that particular characterization not to steal from myself and use it again. And that combined with demanding, drama queen sick Padfoot resulted in this story.

Title: Fighting the Loneliness
Fandom: Harry Potter, after Marauders’ 5th year
Rating: R I suppose
Warning: wanking, H/C
Pairing: Sirius/Remus, Sirius/hand
Disclaimer: Like masturbation, this is all just free fun :-)
Summary: Sirius is sick and thus alone and bored in the dormitory all day. But he manages to find a way to fill the time and put himself to sleep. And Remus is just normally worried.
Notes: Written in honor of the Merry Month of Masturbation, May 2004

Fighting the Loneliness )
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All righty. I just finished a fic for the MMoM... it's still sort of in draft form (meaning I'm still too terrified to post it to master-apprentice, LOL) but as this was the first one I wrote in honor of the month, I figured it should be the first one I finish.

So *deep breath* here it is! *giggles* Poor Obi...

Title: Pledges
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: R
Warnings: mild angst, masturbation, very mild voyeurism
Pairing: Qui/Obi
Disclaimer: Like masturbation, this is all just free fun :-)
Summary: Obi-Wan is regretting his kind heart as he muddles over collecting marathon pledges
Notes: Inspired by the Good Vibrations MMoM marathon

Pledges )

*G* I love May
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So last night I actually splurged and got myself a paid journal.
Wow... so yummy it is! :-)
girlwithtulips *hugs* sent me a very helpful moodset file and I managed to get mine up and working in about 2 minutes. So YAY! I have happy Highlander moods now! *goes through archive to see all the pretty moods* Awww my boys. And girls, I guess, too. Happy! That was fun.

Not fun was being woken up a half an hour early by Mr.Maxwell Demon(sadly, the feline variety, not the sexy boy variety) who wanted me to get up just so I was up. So he paced back and forth on the couch beside me meowing nonstop. He stopped meowing the instant I did, and after 5 minutes went and curled up on my bed to sleep. Damn cat. LOL

Ah well. I'm going to finish my thesis today, I've decided! And tomorrow starts the lusty month of may during which I hope to have time to write LOTS of MMoM fics. And I'm totally participating in the marathon just because I think it's a fucking hilarious thing to do! (er, without the fucking) I totally want a bumper sticker... and the proceeds go to an AIDS organization, so everyone wins, right? :-)

Anyhoo... happy happy *trying to stay happy while eyes thesis depressingly*

EDIT: For anyone unfamiliar with Highlander and curious about one of the pics, etc. I made a key to go along with distribution that explains all the pictures and moods.


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