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Guess who FINALLY self-published a collection of Strokes stories?! I'm probably the only one who'll ever read it, but I'm still really proud of myself. Can't wait to get it in the mail and look the proof over before it's available for sale.

It's a collection of seven stories about Sinclair that I've been working on for a decade now. I sure took my sweet time with them. LOL But I've been working for the past few weeks doing nothing but rewriting and editing and putting together crappy cover art. I freaked out over the back cover tonight as everything I wrote sounded perverted. I've literally spent the ENTIRE DAY in this chair doing nothing but working on it. The formatting took bloody forever. It's been 11 hours of sitting down and my butt hurts. But I'm so happy! My little Sinclair in his own book! Can't wait to hug it and squeeze it and love it and then find all the typos I should have caught. LOL

But it's DONE!

SO MUCH SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lately I've been hanging out online at the Wonderful World of Makebelieve. I've posted some of my fics there since 2005 but during the last few weeks they implemented a new kudos system (basically, if you like a chapter or a story, you can give it kudos). It's like a Facebook "like". And you can be anonymous if you want. Anyway, a bunch of my stories were given kudos--stories I forgot I even wrote. It's been kind of awesome to know that people actually read them, even though they didn't leave a review--and that's the beauty of the kudos system. If you don't feel like reviewing, you can just hit a button to let the author know you enjoyed it. Squee! It's so neat to find out all these random stories I wrote are being read!

So over the weekend I went ahead and put another 60 or 70 stories up on the site. There are lots of NCIS fans on there (I'm part of the Gibbs/Dinozzo WWOM yahoo group, so it's no surprise) so I put a handful of my NCIS stories up there, including Sleepwalker. So far Sleepwalker has gotten 29 kudos. Squee.

But, twice now I've been online AS people have been reading and reviewing multi-chapter work of mine. It's happening RIGHT NOW with Sleepwalker and it happened over the last few days with last year's LMOM fic, Collared. I sit here, watching the reviews after every chapter, like I'm reading over their shoulders virtually. It's so frigging cool.

Yeah, I write for myself and I always will. And I KNOW people read my stuff. You guys are awesome at giving me feedback and encouragement. But there's just something cool about coincidentally being online at the same time as someone's reading a multi-chapter piece and commenting throughout... this is really very addictive.

And speaking of NICS fic, I just came up with a great story I want to write the other day with Stan. I've got it half written in my head and I'm about 2 sentences into it on paper. Pfft! But I'm excited about it. And I've written a couple challenge prompts (actually 3, so not technically a couple) over at WWOM. I wrote Remus/Snape this morning and yesterday I wrote a rather dark & angsty Logan/Kurt fic :-) Happy times!
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This is my third time doing this. Here's Year 2008 & Year 2009 if you want to compare.

There's a key in the expredsheet link below saying where each fic was posted, if there's a fic there you want to read and haven't yet.

Fanfic Year in Review: 2010

Total pieces I wrote this year: 80. Pathetic but steady! I was at 81 last year and 98 the year before.
Expredsheet list of all: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/yearinreview/FinishedFics10.htm

Fandoms (including crossovers):
Buffy the Vampire Slayer- 4
Firefly- 1
Harry Potter- 61
Horatio Hornblower- 2
Lord of the Rings- 2
Original- 1
Psych- 2
Queer as Folk- 1
Star Wars- 1
Torchwood- 1
Once again, Harry Potter with the overwhelming win. LMOM at Pervy_Werewolf got the numbers up bigtime. This is probably the least diverse that this list has ever been or will ever be. Definitely not enough orig fics here; not a single Strokes fic finished!

Challenges, fests, etc. I participated in:
January- Porn Battles on Insane Journal & Dreamwidth
January-March- Daisy Chain of Awesome (wrote 10 stories)
May- Pervy_werewolf's Lusty Month of May (my 6th time trying & 6th time winning. I went back to the 1 fic a day format and for 2011 I won't be writing fics at all!)
July-December- HC_Bingo (Diagonal Win)
October- Harry Potter Halloween gift fic exchange (wrote 1 drabble)
November- NaNoRebel (wrote more than 50,000 words of assorted things)
October-December- 12 Ficlets in 12 Days (wrote 8 of 12 fics during 2010)
Not as many fests and things as usual. Other things occupied my time this year.

Reasons for pieces:
62- Written for fests, challenges, prompts, etc.
11- Written for someone else (request or gift)
7- Written for self, just because
1- Written as penalty for missing a weekly hatching bunny
I still need to focus more on finishing fics just for me. I write a TON of stories like that, it's just that without deadlines, I have little motivation to actually finish them. I think that's my biggest problem that I should work more on.

A wide range, once again, even some het in there thanks to the Daisy Chain of Awesome and one Crossover in there thanks to a Porn Battle.

Monthly Breakdown
~January~ (16)
HP: At the Ministry
Psych: Bonus 3
BTVS: Addiction
HP: Draco/Harry, crying in the bathroom
HP: Percy/Oliver, polishing cloths
LotR: Haldir/Aragorn, you smilied when I took hold
HP: Not a Spare
NCIS: Gibbs/DiNozzo, "a head-slap really shouldn't turn him on"
HP: The Truth
HP: Forgetful
HP/QAF: The Customer is Always Right
HP: My Only Clean Tie
HP: Finding the Cure
HP: I Saw You Coming
HP: The Way to Men's Hearts
Firefly: Hitch

~February~ (11)
HP: Brigidmn's Request 2007
HP: Eyes
HP: The Stuff of Fairy Tales
HP: Not-so-strange Bedfellows
HP: Discovery
BTVS: Brotherly Love
HP: Too Many Cooks Part 17
HP: Lovely Lily
Orig: A Piece of Peace
HP: An Ideal Husband
HP: The Seer

~March~ (2)
HP: Call Me
SW: Half and Half

~April~ (0)

~May~ (31)
HP: Collared

~June~ (0)

~July~ (2)
NCIS: Sleepwalker
BTVS: Torture

~August~ (0)

~September~ (3)
HP: Herbology Marks
NCIS: Tony Tangos with the Vicious Weed
HH: Shop Talk

~October~ (1)
HP: Luck

~November~ (4)
HP: This'll Be Great
HP: Unavoidable
NCIS: Rule 18
HP: Lupin Loved Black

~December~ (9)
HP: Day 1
NCIS: Day 2
Psych: Day 3
LotR: Galu
HP: Day 4
HH: Day 5
TW: Day 6
BtVS: Day 7
HP: Things to Not Mention in the Toast

For the first time in a long time, I went multiple months without finishing fics. I'm not happy about that, but such is life. And it definitely tapered off in the middle of the year and then it was like one last little sprint to finish and post a bunch. LOL

My Favorite: Collared. It was a big undertaking and something I'd been wanting to attempt for a while. It was challenging (so much noncon and abuse and a whole new AU verse with its own set of rules/regulations) and fun (a character who can't speak/can't use magic, men searching for something and finding something) and it was the first time I ever got actual "hate mail" in response to the fates of some of the characters/pairings! I actually have a follow-up to it in the works (not a series, just a one-shot). But, yeah, I'm really proud of it the fic and happy with the result.

Most Proud of: A Piece of Peace. It's the first novel I've finished since, well, maybe 7th or 8th grade (and it's not like I can compare the writing between then and now). I never even managed to finish any of the novels with Robert that I started. Okay, so I finished it in February instead of November, but it was still thrilling to finish!

My Best: Uuuuum, I can never answer this. Some are clever, some are crap, some are pr0n, some are fluff... it's really tough to judge what's "best."

Most Under-Appreciated: I'm actually rather pleased with Unavoidable. I'd never written anything like it before and it was a tough HC_Bingo prompt that I think I did a pretty good job with.

Most Fun: Sleepwalker was a heck of a lot of fun to write. That thing came at me strong and fast and it was so great to play in Xanthe's BDSM-verse for the first time. It actually needs some serious editing at the end, but while I was writing it, I had a blast. Day 1 was a heck of a lot of fun as well; possibly the fastest giftfic I've ever tackled.

Sexiest: Durrr... um... no clue. Sexy is pretty tough to define. I guess I really fancy 'My Only Clean Tie' if a naughty schoolboy romp counts as sexy.

Single Sexiest Moment: Forgetful has a nice moment I like, with Snape kissing Neville's ivy tattoo. And Day 6 has some steamy moments; I love the idea of Alonso kissing Jack after every single sneeze (and I think he could pull it off, too) *EG*

Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you: Things to Not Mention in the Toast, maybe. I hate that I adore every second of Marcus Flint torture in it. LOL

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Lots of the Daisy Chain fics would work here. Not a Spare, for example, explores Ced (though that's in an AU, so I don't know how much is shifting and how much is reimagining). Probably Collared. It was fascinating writing Snape from this angle and writing a Remus who's not able to communicate or, well, function as anything but a sex slave.

Hardest to do: Collared was the hardest to pull off, definitely, because I only had a month and had to post a new chapter every single day. But the hardest to physically write was probably Brotherly Love. I wrote a ton of different versions and had people betaread it years back and still I fought with it to get done in something that resembled "good." I am please with how it turned out, but it was a bitch of a piece when I was writing it. It literally took years and years.

Biggest disappointment: I'm totally going to cheat and say that all of the fics I started and didn't finish (and are therefore not on the list) get this label.

Biggest surprise: This'll Be Great was such a short little piece but I think it came out really well. I learned my lesson about trying to write 100 word pieces during NaNoWriMo (the two do NOT mix) but I thought it turned out nicely just the same. And it's funny what little bits of sex talks with friends/roommates in college come back to haunt me in fics years later. LOL

A story I want remembered: Pretty much any of them! Definitely Collared, though, if I had to name one.

Goals from last year: Finish my 2009 NaNoWiMo attempt. Check! Finish the fics I've promised people. Managed a couple, still failing on the others. Write more just for fun. My "for fun" number is up slightly, but not nearly where I'd hoped it would be when I set this goal. Stay on top of bunny generating so I don't have to write as many penalty fics! HUGE HUGE HUGE MASSIVE FAIL! I totally dropped the ball with that project. And just keep up with all the challenges, battles, and Daisy Chain weeks. I did manage to get everything done and posted on time in 2010. I'm happy with that. I never missed a single Daisy Chain! I really want to write more Strokes-fic. Faily fail fail. I DID write more Strokes fic. I worked on maybe 8 or 9 different fics throughout the year. But I didn't really finish any of them (at least, not to my satisfaction). And there's still so much I want to do. I feel like I made little progress. Though I did work out Auntie Al's backstory, and that's been bugging me for YEARS.

Goals for next year: Dedicate more time to Strokes. Finish all giftfics. Definitely spend more time on fics for my own enjoyment. I'd love to finally get Sin's book together, as I promised him I would. And I'd LOVE to have a good working draft of a YA novel. But that's less a goal and more of a far off dream.
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First lines of the last few things I've worked on and haven't finished, for your entertainment/enjoyment/amusement:

Lines )
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So this was my 6th LMoM. 6 times making the attempt and 6 times completing it. Have I ever won the vote? No. I'm the Susan Luci of pervy_werewolf. LMAO But I really couldn't care less about the voting. I kinda even forget it exists until it's over and the mod mentions it :-) This year I also made a bunch (25) user icons for participants, runners-up and winners. I'm actually pretty happy with most of the icons; they're not as crappy as my usual ones. I just wish I'd thought of the "I kept it up all month" catch phrase BEFORE I made them. But I'm pretty happy with the "I went all the way in the Lusty Month of May" slogan. Thank you, thank you *takes a bow*

This time around, I wrote another series. I find having a crutch helps significantly when writing for the month, because it is DIFFICULT to write a story and get it finished & posted EVERY single day for 31 days in a row. It's a much harder challenge for me than NaNoWriMo, because with that you can skip days and catch up later. If you miss a day in LMoM, you fail (at least, if you're doing Tier 1; thank goodness for the new Tier 2).

This year I was inspired by three things:
1. Someone posting a link to Wikipedia's wife-selling article (featured on April Fool's Day this year)
2. The collaring fics I've been reading lately in (mostly) the NCIS verse
3. The fics I am fascinated by in which characters are unable to speak/communicate verbally

I learned some fascinating things this time around...

So the premise of my story was Rentboy!Remus unable to make ends meet and is forced to enlist in the Ministry's program for werewolves. They keep werewolves and sell them to owners (who typically buy them for sex and then trade them in for new ones). As I'm a puppy shipper at heart, the story assumes a past Remus/Sirius relationship but it takes place after the first war so he thinks Sirius is a traitor who killed the rest of their pack. The collars the owners put on their werewolves inhibit magic and speech (and keeps the werewolf from harming its owner). So there was lots to play with and, well, LOTS of hurting on Remus' part. But, midway through, Snape comes to the rescue. Snape is buying werewolves in order to work on a cure for something he fears. They end up developing feelings for each other and, in the end, Snape takes off Remus' collar and they live happily ever after. Until the epilogue when Remus is actually back with Sirius again (albeit 13 years later, so it's left up to the reader's imagination for the most past, regarding how that happened).

Despite the point of pervy_werewolf, the story wasn't supposed to be about the ships, but about Remus finding his strength and individuality and humor again after all this has happened to him. It's about learning how to trust again. It's about learning how to enjoy sex again. It's about Remus ending his self-punishment and guilt and becoming his own person. Remus goes through a very internal journey. And, in fact, so does Snape. The POV changes halfway through when Snape steps in and he (having been a death eater, having been almost killed by a werewolf, having told Voldy the prophecy that led to Lily's death) goes through a similar journey. I'm actually quite proud of what I accomplished this month. it's not perfect by any means but I put a LOT of layers and elements in there above the general plot and I'm really proud of what I did with the characters.

After I rec'ed a fic [livejournal.com profile] x_posed_again wrote for me at a HP meetup meeting, I came to the shocking realization that a LOT of the hurt/comfort I like is heavy on the hurt. As long as really good comfort is so much as implied, I am at peace with the story and filled with warm fuzzies. It didn't occur to me that other people need loads and loads of comfort to balance out the hurt. I think the problem is that I like the hurt as well. Nummy angsty, suffering boys make me happy! And snuggling characters? Also make me happy! So the whole thing is nummy to me. But other people like more of a balance, and I knew I was going to some really dark places with my story that included dub-con and non-con. So I decided on a half hurt and half comfort formula. And though the second part of the fic was also filled with angst and hurt, Remus WAS recovering under Snape's care. When I look back at it, yeah, it was still like 95% hurt. But there's a heck of a lot of snuggling as well. And even Remus is able to do some of the comforting, which he can do even if he can't talk.

But what was MOST interesting about this adventure was the response I got from people. I loved getting feedback on every chapter by readers every day. I write for myself, not for anyone else, but posting it and getting feedback teaches me a lot. And this month taught me about handling readers. As I mentioned above, I thought about them when I thought about the general structure of the hurt/comfort story, but there were other instances. One of Remus' owners does some very not good things to him, and ends up breaking Remus, making him retreat completely into his sub space and stay there as a mindless, obedient body. My readers were with me in NOT liking him one bit, and they demanded some retaliation. I hadn't even considered that when mapping out my story. I got so much feedback about people wanting to do bad things to the bad character that I realized I needed Remus to get to the point where he WANTED to retaliate as well. And I wanted Snape to want to retaliate too, to prove to Remus how he feels about the man. So that was something I added thanks to readers and am GLAD I did.

The biggest moment of reader interaction, however, came at the end. My story made the brains of the Snupin shippers explode. Seriously. People wrote and said I tore out their hearts. People wanted to magically castrate Sirius Black. People said they loved the story until the epilogue and then it became TERRIBLE (so... I guess I'm more like JKR than I intended to be? LOL). A few people were happy with the change. And most weren't happy but respected my choice and were glad Remus ended up happy. But, seriously, the EXPLOSION I got for feedback was amazing. I knew I was going to lose a few of the die-hard Snupin fans, but I never intended to tear out people's still beating hearts! It's really amazing. Seriously. Just take a look at the comments (scroll down to the comment section): http://asylums.insanejournal.com/pervy_werewolf/361825.html

It makes me wonder what I'd do if I were a real published author getting feedback from readers in RL. I'm not sure I could stand up to this sort of hatred of my decisions face-to-face. But this gives me good practice. I write for myself. And I post many things where people can read it. So this was amazing practice in dealing with readers as a whole and on a case-by-case basis. And I'm especially happy to have had that practice, even if I do feel bad for making people's heads explode. In the end, it's my story and my choice and I do think I accomplished what I wanted to do.
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Here's my second attempt at writing a Fanfic Year in Review. You can find last year's review here.

As always, I welcome comments & feedback. There's a key in the expredsheet link below saying where each was posted if there's a fic there you want to read.

Fanfic Year in Review: 2009

Total pieces I wrote this year: 81 (down from last year at 98)
Expredsheet list of all: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/yearinreview/FinishedFics09.htm

Fandoms (including crossovers):
1- Angel: the series
1- Batman
1- Bones
4- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1- Castle
1- Dante's Cove
1- Eureka
2- Firefly
37- Harry Potter
3- Highlander
1- Horatio Hornblower
4- Lord of the Rings
1- Merlin
2- Original Characters (one Strokes)
1- Queer as Folk
4- Star Wars
1- Stargate SG-1
1- The princess Bride
5- Torchwood
1- Twilight
1- Weiss Kreuz
1- X-Men
Harry Potter wins overwhelmingly once again, which is no surprise. There's a smattering of fics in other fandoms after that. Torchwood and NCIS are tied at 5. Buffy, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars are tied at 4. I've neglected my original characters greatly. Though I'd worked on a lot and not finished a lot.

Challenges, fests, etc. I participated in:
March & April- Sneezefic Annual Challenge 2008-2009 (wrote 10 stories)
March- Hurt/Comfort Prompt Table (1/10 finished)
May- Merry Month of Masturbation (wrote 1 Star Wars story)
May- Pervy_werewolf's Lusty Month of May (my 5th time trying and 5th time winning; this year there was a second option, allowing me to write fewer, longer fics)
May, June, July, & November- Porn Battles on IJ ad DW
July- 30 Days of Neville (wrote 1 piece)
September-December- Daisy Chain of Awesome (wrote 16 stories)
October- Harry Potter SickFics (wrote 2 stories for challenges)
October- Harry Potter Halloween gift fic exchange (wrote 1 drabble)
November- NaNoWriMo (didn't finish novel but did pass 50,000 words)
December- 12 Ficlets in 12 Days (finished all 12 ficlets promise and wrote 2 bonus fics during 2009)

Reasons for pieces:
52- Written for fests, challenges, etc.
19- Written for someone else (request or gift)
5- Written for self
5- Written as penalties for missing a weekly hatching bunny
So, clearly, I did an even worse job at writing fics just because. I did a good job of finishing most every fic I started this year, though. There are a bunch more floating around in my head that I didn't have time to start, though. And there are still hundreds I've started and not finished that I'm not yet willing to give up on.

A whole range, once again. Some nice and G and others hardcore NC-17. Thanks to some really random Daisy Chain of Awesome pairings, there was even quite a bit of het in the mix.

Monthly Breakdown:
*deep breath* Okay, here goes...
~January~ (8)
HL: A Highlander-verse Alphabet (Serious)
HL: A Highlander-verse Alphabet (Funny)
Bones: Logic Jumps
X-Men: Healing Laughter
Buffy: Twelve Hours
NCIS: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Angel: Standing Offer
OCs: Oliver Wood and the Puddlemere United on Tour

~February~ (2)
Strokes OCs: Sledding
QAF: Thin Skin

~March~ (4)
HP: Darkest Nights Turn Into Dawns
LOTR: Trade Off
Batman: Solitary Existence
HP: Itchy Back

~April~ (2)
LOTR: Regret
TW: Anything Can Happen

~May~ (7)
HP: Lupin's Tale (Where Are We Going?)
SW: Getting Caught
HP: Maybe Tomorrow
HP: Run Free
HP: Potions Yesterday
HP: Howl at the Moon
HP: Hey Remus

~June~ (6)
Buffy: Battles
Buffy: Mine
Firefly: Too Close
HP: Ghosts
NCIS: Finding What's Missing
HL: Brothers in Blood

~July~ (8)
SG1: Sympathy vs. Empathy
LOTR: Epilogue
HP: Sirius/Remus, full moon
DC: Ambrosius/Kevin, contract fulfillment
FAKE: Dee/Ryo, handcuffs & gun play
WK: Yoji/Aya, feeling alive
Eureka: Jack/Fargo, father figure
HP: An Abundance of Nevilles

~August~ (3)
SW: Lost & Found
HP: Too Many Cooks Part 16
HP: Too Many Cooks Part 17

~September~ (6)
HP: Sabotage
HP: Surprises in the Middle of Nowhere
NCIS: With His Back to the Wall
NCIS: Someone Should Say Something
HP: Knowledge is Power
HPL Rescue

~October~ (11)
HP: Control
HP: Being Oblivious
HP: Suffering in Silence
Firefly: Short Attention Span
TW: Gift for Lady Korana (Holiday 2007)
HP: Things You Know
TW: Snapshots
HP: Ironic
HP: Keepers in the Moonlight
HP: Discovery
HP: 'Puffs and Pixie Fever

~November~ (7)
HP: Page 48
LOTR: Legolas/Gimli, spouse
HP: Remus/Sirius, confessions
SW: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, using the braid as a leash
HP: Tall, Dark Stranger
HP: It's In the Stars
HP: Knowing What's Best

~December~ (17)
HP: No Kidding
SW: Day 1
HP: Day 2
Twilight: Day 3
NCIS: Day 4
HP: Day 5
TW: Day 6
HP: The Hangover
TW: Day 7
HH: Day 8
Buffy: Day 9
HP: First Member of the Real Slug Club
HP: Day 10
PB: Day 12
Castle: Day 11
HP: Bonus 1
Merlin: Bonus 2

My Favorite: It's not possible to choose! I fell in love with the characters in Oliver Wood and Puddlemere United on Tour (I have 2 more stories with those characters planned). I'm really happy to pick up Too Many Cooks as well, because I absolutely love that series. Oh! Wait, wait. Darkest Nights Turn Into Dawns. Definitely my favorite.

Most Proud of: Hmmm. These aren't so much stories as fic-related achievements I'm proud I finished all of my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days stories in record time. And I'm proud I managed to write pretty okay drabbles/ficlets/fics for every week of the Daisy Chain of Awesome and post them all on time, even though some of those pairings were crazy-awful and I had to write them during NaNoWriMo as well! I'm proud I finished Lady K's multi-part Legolas/Gimli gift. And I'm proud I completed the Pervy_Werewolf LMOM for the 5th time running.

My Best: Um, I dunno. Nothing jumps out at me as particularly well-written. I see faults in all of them.

Most Under-Appreciated: Plenty of them never got any feedback at all, so any of those, technically.

Most Fun: The two Highlander poems I did at the beginning of the year were lots of fun to write. Also, I had a lot of fun with the LMOM fics that were inspired by Wizard Rock lyrics. An Abundance of Nevilles was lots of fun, as well.

Sexiest: I'm having a tough time with this one! I don't think I wrote anything this year that screams "sexiest". Maybe one of the Torchwood fics? Day 7 or Snapshots? I like Mine as well.

Single Sexiest Moment: There's a fantasy/masturbation scene in Maybe Tomorrow that I think went well. Lost & Found had its moments as well. And then any of the more heated moments in the fics I listed under "sexiest".

Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you: Day 3, as it's a Twilight fic, maybe? Or, perhaps, one of the Daisy Chain fics. Discovery (Remus/Fudge) and Ironic (Sirius/Fudge) make my head hurt because of the wrongness of the pairings. Rescue (Voldemort/James) was another awful one because of the pairing. And who wants to even think about how, physically, Hagrid & Ginny managed to make love? LOL!

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Oh. Hmm. Maybe Being Oblivious, because it was a softer Lucius Malfoy who didn't care as much for blood purity... and I kind of like to think that aspects of his character there are true to him, it was just the situation he found himself in. Or Tall, Dark Stranger, because it dealt with Minerva's past and mistakes she made that made her lose her family. It was interesting to see how certain events like that might make her cold and stern on the outside and wounded beneath. And it was interesting to see how she would react to see how she adapts and tries to take control of an uncontrollable situation.

Hardest to do: Darkest Nights Turn Into Dawns was emotionally draining because of the subject matter, but it turned out nicely so that difficulty came with a reward. Lots of the pairings for the Daisy Chain (if not all of them) were terribly hard! The end of the Lady K gift fic Legolas/Gimli series was pretty tough, too, because there was so much emotion building towards Regret and I still don't think I got the wording anywhere close to where I wanted it.

Biggest disappointment: Page 48. Though it was wonderful to throw Robert in there again, it was a quick, sloppy job and I wish I had given myself more time to work on that fic for Remus' sake!

Biggest surprise: Itchy Back kind of came out of nowhere and turned out nicely even though it didn't take very long to write. And I had no clue when I started Oliver Wood and Puddlemere United On Tour that I would fall in love with the characters so much and want to write more with them. Battles was simple but came together so beautifully that it surprised me (I wish the sequel had turned out as well; I'm pretty much scrapping that one because it's rubbish).

A story I want remembered: I think I've got to say Darkest Nights Turn Into Dawns, once again. I'd say Too Many Cooks as well but that one's not finished yet.

Goals for next year: Finish my 2009 NaNoWiMo attempt. Finish the fics I've promised people. Write more just for fun. Stay on top of bunny generating so I don't have to write as many penalty fics! And just keep up with all the challenges, battles, and Daisy Chain weeks. I really want to write more Strokes-fic. There's just so much I want to do with those characters, including giving Sin his own book (and, I hope, some of the others as well).

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention With His Back to the Wall in my comments. I'm pretty damn proud of that one!
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Every year, artist [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots always does a fanart year in review that's so much fun to read. I thought that it would be fun to do the same thing with fanfic. So this past year I kept track of all the pieces I wrote (though I forgot about a few of them until yesterday so I'm not confident I got them all). And I'm not sure how this is going to turn out, but it should be an adventure!

I would LOVE to hear your comments here as well! And if you can't find any (there's a key in the expredsheet link below saying where each was posted) then let me know.

Without further rambling... here it is... my...

Fanfic Year in Review: 2008

Total pieces I wrote this year: 98 (wish I could have broken 100- so close!)
Expredsheet list of all: http://tgsrealm.beastlet.com/yearinreview/FinishedFics08.htm

Fandoms (including crossovers):
1- 10th Kingdom
4- Angel: the series & Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2- Breakfast Club, The
1- Camelot
2- Charmed
2- Chronicles of Narnia
1- Dinotopia
31- Doctor Who
1- Eureka
4- Firefly
49- Harry Potter
1- Heroes
1- Highlander
3- Horatio Hornblower
12- Lord of the Rings
1- Marvel Universe
1- Numb3rs
5- Original Characters (Faeries)
1- Original Characters (Strokes)
1- Pirates of the Caribbean
1- Primeval
1- Princess Bride
3- Queer as Folk US
1- Queer as Folk UK
1- Star Trek: Deep Space 9
6- Star Wars
1- Stargate SG-1
6- Torchwood
1- Velvet Goldmine
1- Weis Kreuz
1- Wolf's Rain
2- X-Men
1- Young Indiana Jones
So it looks like Harry Potter definitely wins out for 2008 followed by Doctor Who, which is mostly because I count LMOM pieces individually since each is its own little story; I still have never written a standalone Doctor Who fic. If I count LMOM as 1, you still get HP in the lead with 19, LotR with 12, and then Original Characters, Star Wars, and Torchwood all coming in at 6. Quite a range of fandoms, though, thanks to 31 days of crossovers.

Challenges, fests, etc. I participated in:
April- Sneezefic Annual Challenge 2007-2008 (wrote 6 stories)
May- Pervy_werewolf's Lusty Month of May (my 4th time trying and 4th time making it the whole time writing crossovers, which was a huge challenge for me!)
June & September- my first and second attempts playing in the Porn Battle (wrote 19 pieces)
July- 30 Days of Neville (wrote 1 piece, accompanied by icons)
September through December- Flashslash (wrote 5 flash pieces for various prompts)
November- NaNoWriMo (didn't finish novel but did pass 50,000 words)
My only challenge regret is letting my Remus/Sirius FuhQFest fic slip. It's still unfinished but the fest is sort of on hold so if I had to let something slip, that was it. I intend to finish it, though.

Reasons for pieces:
63- Written for fests, challenges, etc.
19- Written for someone else (request or gift)
12- Written for self or as exercises
4- Written as penalties for missing a weekly hatching bunny
I really wish I had more time to write fics just because, because I have several hundred unfinished pieces that need attention! As soon as I finish the outstanding promised fics, I look forward to it. One day... I can hope! But apart from those, I do in fact play in a lot of challenges, which is the majority of pieces I write. I like them, though, because they get me thinking about something different and they get me to FINISH pieces, which is my biggest problem.

I didn't keep track of ratings to break it down by those, and don't think I will because I'm not very good at rating my pieces and I'm not consistent (sometimes PG-13 should be R, sometimes R should be NC-17, etc.)

Monthly Breakdown:
*deep breath* Okay, here goes...
~January~ (5)
HP: Gift for brigidmn 2007
HP: The Thoughts of Remus Lupin, During a Snowstorm while Sick with a Cold
SW: The Thoughts of Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, During a Snowstorm while Sick with a Cold
A/B: Gift for Katleaf 2007
PB: Gift for Faesone 2007

~February~ (2)
QAF: Gift for oneplusoneequals876 2007
TW: Gift for BVB 2007

~March~ (3)
LotR: Prologue
LotR: Mislead
HP: Favors

~April~ (7)
Firefly: Big Damn Head Cold
HP: Lots Can Happen in Five Minutes
HP: The Last Train Ride
HP: The Night Before Christmas
Marvel: A Taste for Blood
SW: Count on It
LotR: Torment

~May~ (32)
HP/DW/various other: Where, When, Why, Who, & Howl
HP: Mistakes

~June~ (18)
LotR: Deceipt
HP: Inside-out, Outside-in
Firefly: Jayne/Simon, untouched
BC: Brian/John, daytime
TW: Ianto/Jack, ties
XMen: Wolverine/Gambit, card tricks
CON: Caspian/Edmund, keeping quiet on the boat
HP: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, “I love the sound of you walking away”
HP: Remus/Sirius, motorbike
QAF: Brian/Justin, "it's too cold for this"
SW: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, nobody likes a sore loser
Buffy: Xander/Spike, guilty
HP: Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood, opposites attract
NCIS: Gibbs/DiNozzo, peppermint
Numb3rs: Don/Colby, adrenalin
HP: Escape
HH: Hornblower/Bush, "It has been an honour to serve with you."
LOST: Sawyer/Sayid, voices

~July~ (3)
LotR: Messages
HP: Five Ways Neville's Life Changed Before He Turned 20 (And One Way It Didn't)
HP: Surprise Party

~August~ (4)
LotR: Assistance
HH: Gift for snowshie 2007
HP: Identical
TW: Rain, Rain Go Away

~September~ (7)
LotR: Mistakes
TW: The Teaboy Dances
Buffy: Spike/Xander, danger
Firefly: Jayne/Simon, vampires
HP: Remus/Sirius, school ties
TW: Ianto/Jack, hypothermia
LotR: Flashslash 76 Prompt 2

~October~ (8)
LotR: Certainty
OCs: Fountain Faerie
OCs: Apartment Faerie
OCs: Around Town
OCs: Homeward Bound
OCs: Subway Faerie
HP: Ron Penalty Drabble
Strokes: Many Happy Returns

~November~ (1)
BC: Tie-less

~December~ (8)
LotR: Bliss
NCIS: Request for silentdreamer789
SW: Gift for ~A 2007
LotR: Gift for Deb 2007
Primeval: A Different World
Charmed: Witch Solution
HP: Temperature-taking
SW: Obedience

My Favorite: How do I pick a favorite?! They're all my babies! heehee. Maybe Rain, Rain Go Away because it felt fresh and new to me- written in a short period of time, posted in pieces so I got feedback along the way, and a fandom I'm not that experienced in.

Most Proud of: I'm especially proud of Many Happy Returns because I have been working on that for so many years and finishing it gets me one step closer to posting some other finished Strokes stories.

My Best: Oh I don't know! I'm no good at evaluating these things! Maybe Snowshie's giftfic because it totally took hold of me and I wrote it in one day from start to finish and think it turned out beautifully. I loved the language and the way the characters fed off each other. And I thought I did an all right job with the subtle, unsaid stuff.

Most Under-Appreciated: That's easy. Definitely A Different World. It hasn't been posted anywhere yet so I definitely haven't had any feedback about it! heehee The ones I have posted that haven't had any/much feedback are many... so let's just say I'd love to have them all appreciated.

Most Fun: Definitely Identical. Such amazingly rich fetishy goodness to play with. I totally loved using Fred & George to fulfil my devious desires. But Fountain Faerie was also a blast to write and it got laughs when I read it aloud at my writers' rountable group; I even shared it with my mother who said she thought it was great. So that story makes me smile to think about :-) Although Assistance was pretty darn fun to write, too, and it came out of nowhere which makes it an especially fun experience for me.

Sexiest: Um... gosh. I don't know about this one. Can I say Idental again? *blush* My tastes are so... well, you know what my tastes are like. And compared to my usual, I didn't write a whole lot of my usual kind of heavy smut this year. Maybe Deb's giftfic for that visual of staring down at a sneezy elf during sex? Or maybe one of the LMOM chapters (possibly Remus/Justin/Brian or orgy with Remus/Curt/Brian or... oohhhhh Remus/Giles- that one was good). Seriously, I don't know. Nothing's really jumping out at me as the absolute sexiest.

Single Sexiest Moment: Probably ~A's giftfic with Qui-Gon totally losing it from Obi-Wan's sneezes? That makes me go weak. Or Remus watching himself having sex with Sirius in the past in LMOM part 18.

Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you: Oh *blush* possibly a tie between LMOM part 11 Remus/Cyrus (David Thewlis character/David Thewlis character with Remus humping Cyrus' stump & wooden leg) and the golden showers/watersports fics like Favors and Surprise Party

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Pretty much every time I write anything Torchwood, I discover something new. The month-long crossover with Remus and the Doctor was rather illuminating as well.

Hardest to do: Many Happy Returns. I kept getting blocked at every turn while writing it. I wanted it to be fantastic and it didn't turn out as perfectly as it was in my head. Plus I had to do a ton of research on church services so I feel like that could have been messed up and I wouldn't know. And all those military-related costumes? I totally ran out of ideas and kept second-guessing myself. I wrote the easy parts first and then tried to fill in the rest so even though I started the story years ago, most of the parts I wrote this year were one hard scene after another.

Biggest disappointment: Hmm. The Ianto/Jack, hypothermia drabble. With a prompt like that I really should have been able to come up with something much better. But I was pressed for time and blah blah excuses excuses.

Biggest surprise: Snowshie's giftfic came out of absolutely nowhere and surprised the heck out of me; Big Damn Head Cold came out of nowhere and took hold as well and was surprising considering I'd never written in the fandom before. I was also pretty surprised that the LMOM crossovers went as well as they did considering I'd never written one of the main characters before and I don't usually write crossovers at all. The twins in Lots Can Happen in Five Minutes surprised me, too, and I fell in love with them. The wonderful feedback I got from Tie-less rather surprised me as well.

A story I want remembered: There are a few that really touched my heart while writing them- like The Night Before Christmas and the Star Wars LMOM chapter and the Hornblower/Bush porn battle piece and even The Teaboy Dances. There are moments in all of those that I'd love for others to remember. But on a whole... man... I guess I want readers to remember any and all stories that speak to them for whatever reasons- sexy, fun, humorous, touching, etc. I feel like I can't pick.

Goals for next year: I want to do a much better job of finishing giftfics and requests; I feel guilty about not finishing so many in a timely fashion. And I want to have more time to play with "just because" stories. I also desperately want to finish Under House Arrest, which I completed a chapter of in December and then mapped out in my mind. And I want to come up with something great for my 5th LMOM project, which I think I'll be calling: Remus Lupin and the Prisoner of Ass Cabin *snort*
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These last few days have been a series of highs and lows. Incredible moments and awful ones. *sigh* Why is it I never notice (or never live in) the middle ground between the two?

Anyway, one of the high points is the Lusty Month of May starting today over at [Bad username or site: pervy werewolf @ livejournal.com]. So I won't be around here very much. I've finished half the requested drabbles and am undecided as to when to post them. I'll decide by this weekend. Anyway... yay for naughty Remus fics and the merry month of masturbation in general!

Another highlight was seeing Alexander McCall Smith speak today! I just found out about his reading last week when I was putting together a literary event calendar and I'm sooooooooo glad I went to see him tonight! Not only was he sporting a kilt, but he was FREAKIN HILARIOUS! He talked about being a writer and about his books, but also about life in general and though he seemed all over the place, it was a beautifully thought out talk full of humor and information and wit and he was AMAZING! Seriously, if you're at all familiar with his works and you have a chance to hear him speak, make sure you do so! After the first few minutes, I pulled out a notebook and started writing some of it down. Most of these are paraphrased:
I want to make sure to leave room for complaints at the end. It's important for readers to be able to complain to a writer, telling me I should write a different sort of book... or stop writing altogether.

You've got to get your title right. Once, titles were actually about the content of the book.

Fiction can concern itself with the small things in life. Though small, those many times say a lot about humanity.

The subconscious is the start of all fiction.

Rich & grand people have to live somewhere so they live in Santa Barbara.

I have a condition called serial novelism. The solution is to write a story that can't possibly go anywhere.

When writing children's books, you can take the breaks off.

Hardware store novels aren't as popular as detective stories.

It's a sign of respect, the kilt. I don't know what for but...
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So I ended up feeling a lot better halfway through work today. I came home and took a quick shower, ate a very quick dinner, and then went to my monthly Writers' Roundtable group. There was a new chica there with a story not only set in England and mentioning going to Scotland *drool* but the character was gay and just discovering his sexuality. The writing was beautiful and the character rocked and I think the guy in the story has my answering machine. LOL

ANYWAY, it was a great meeting and I ended up sharing a writing exercise I did quickly yesterday and the day before and roughly edited during my lunch break at work today. But it's something I've been wanting to write for literally months now. I just posed it on my writing journal ([livejournal.com profile] mymightypen) if you want to read it. http://mymightypen.livejournal.com/10164.html
It got a lot of laughs and some good and useful feedback, so I'm very happy. Not that I wanted to do anything with this piece as it's just an exercise, but it brought up a lot of issues that were discussed so I thought it was a good thing to share. Enjoy!
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"The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can't help it."
~Leo Rosten
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"It's difficult to beat making your living thinking and writing about subjects that matter to you."
~Eleanor Holmes Norton
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Come to think of it *thinks* I'm pretty sure I never posted the link to my writing journal. No big loss (I don't anticipate much sneezing-related fic, if any) as I've not posted very much. But there is an h/c-type story up there from last month. And it might be amusing to read this stuff that comes out of my head. I created it with pretty much the same breath as I used to create my dream journal. I just didn't post a link to it. So here we go. It's here: [livejournal.com profile] mymightypen

Enjoy. Or don't. Tis okay. It's just play for me. If I decide to do NaNoWriMo I might post in it more frequently... but I'm seriously doubting that's going to happen at the moment.


Jul. 21st, 2005 04:32 pm
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Okay... *huge warm hugs* As no one yet has thought it a terrible idea (and, on the contrary, everyone's been wonderful about it!)... does anyone have a preference as to what fic(s) you might like me to do a commentary for? My only preference is not The Ondarian Virus because.... well... LONG! And atypical, at that.

So... anyone curious about anything in particular and want to make a suggestion for a fic I should look at? Because otherwise it's me picking a number from 1-400 or something random like that :-)

On a complete unrelated note... we've got a new cat in our house as of last night. It's a neighborhood cat that some people in our development have been feeding but neglected to take to the vet for some reason. So my mom took her in yesterday. She's 2-3 years old but really, really tiny and skinny. She's white with bright blue eyes which means, yeah, deaf. But otherwise she's all right and now she's had her shots and she's living in a room in our basement until we know what to do with her. I just went down for the second time to see if I could get her to come out from behind the desk and not only did she come out but she JUMPED into my lap, lay down, and began kneading. So I think she's all right. She's SUCH a cutie!
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Hermione asked a most enjoyable question for me to answer: "how did you get started writing slash? what motivated you to be as into it as you are? i know that some people get more into it than others, but i was just curious, since you're one of the biggest slash writers on our list ;)"

My answer about slash )

Hope that's not TMI :-) And sorry about any spelling errors during my ramblings, here! I haven't really looked it over much, I just sort of let the answer spill out as it wanted to come. But, yeah, thanks & hope that answered your question!
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A while ago... a long while ago... I was asked a question on my LJ about spelling sneezes (for the life of my I can't find the original post to reference here). I promised a prompt but thorough response and never provided. And I've felt badly about that. So then I read this meme on a friend from one of my other LJs "Ask me one question - any one - about my art, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours" As I've proved my art sucks, I thought I'd do the same regarding my stories. And hopefully this doesn't sound all Prima Donna- ick! LOL

SO: Ask me one question - any one - about my writing (sneezefics or non) then, if you like, post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours.

AND: Long explanation about how I spell sneezes when I write )

So, yeah, ask away. Depending on the length of my answers, I'll post answers as replies or separate posts :-)
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It is now Sunday. And so starts day four of not being able to write anything. My mother told me an inspiring story that my neighbor told her today about a woman who was always writing and became a very well known mystery writer that (as it turns out) my mother loves. I smiled and nodded, feeling secretly very jealous. Usually I would love nothing more than writing day in and day out, but all passion and joy are gone. Gone gone gone. Nada. Nothing. Complete blank.

Thus begins Day Four.

During day three I played around with my print shop-type programs that I never even knew I had software for. I watched a few more movies. I watched the snow start to fall. I drew a sneezing!Nightcrawler that is really, really bad. And badly colored, too. I dunno if I even want to post it, it's that bad. And I sat for a while, staring at a blank page and trying to think of a drabble I could write. No inspiration struck, however. But as I can't write a decent drabble normally, I don't know why I can't write one when I'm blocked. LOL! Foolish tg :-) Mostly I just sat around feeling depressed that I've lost that drive. It'll come back, I'm sure. It always does eventually. I just feel so very sad and empty without that voice in my head. Hopefully when it does return the voice will be strong and good and maybe I'll have gotten something out of this. Some of my favorite things of mine were born after blocks like this. So you never know what'll happen. Usually my best work is done when I have a million other pieces and I am able to put them all aside suddenly to work on the new thing. So I'm not expecting that much. But, yeah, my day's been boring and sad.

When the snow clears in a day or two I think I would like to go to my storage unit and get out my old writings box. There's a piece I wrote back in high school about writer's block that is in that box. Sadly, the box is in the VERY back, at the bottom of a stack that's about 12 feet tall. So it's almost impossible to get to that box. I wonder if I have a copy of it electronically on my parents' old computer... I wonder...

Welcome to day four!
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Just... bah....

Going to the dentist tomorrow. I fing hate the dentist. However, he's one I've never seen/been to before and is supposedly nice. I just... I hate the dentist. I know everyone says that, but I really do. LOL Give me a visit to the gynacologist ANY day over a dentist!!! That's FUN to me in comparison! Though, speaking of that, I should go there also. This would all be so much easier if I had health insurance...

And then onto the next un-amusing topic... we have rats in our backyard. I was the one to find them a few days ago. Let the dog out in the middle of the night. Heard scuttering. Saw something small and brownish dart into the bushes. My family all saw them yesterday- they're rats. At least two. I still haven't actually seen them so I'm in denial. But I love rats, I really do. In pet stores and all, at least. Not the disease-carrying, chew through our fence sort of kind. So now we're going to have to get rid of half our bird feeders and such. It's a bummer. 20 years living here and we've never had rats before. Almost every time we go out into the bakyard at night we heard them bolting out of the yard. Ew! Freaky! LOL So now we keep the outside light on all night and that helps a bit. But... yeah... rats! Ickness! LOL I prefer nice, clean, safe caged rodents any day.

You'd think with a house full of cats they wouldn't dare come into our yard! But as the cats can't go outside... I guess it's no so surprising.

Picked up my Remus & Snape potion story... the first part of which I posted here eons ago... anyone remember that? Well, I'm trying to finish it now. And I worked a little on an Oliver/Percy short fic (short being 10 pages or so). But I'm also really trying to finish a fic for the latest pervy_werewolf challenge. Though, as I was writing, another story as a challenge answer came to mind... scarf tassels and nipples and teasing and oohhh I love that list. Makes me feel a lot less pervy when I get these ideas and realize they're tame in comparison to some of those fics *snuggles the list*

Came to a horrible decision this week: I can only write H/C and porn. Not that I'm incapable of anything with a plot... it's just that none of my muses will allow me to try it. Any time I try, it ends up disgustingly angsty anyway, like the kind you write as a depressed teenager that you think are so deep and then you grow up and realize they're embarrassingly horrible. But every time I try my muses distract me with easy-to-write H/C or porn. Like they don't want brilliant plots to come out of me or something. LOL It's not so bad... it's enjoyable. It's just a sad state of affairs. *aims kick at muses*

*is scared* Did I mention I hate going to the dentist? *shudders and hides under the bed where my cat's been hiding these last few days*
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Gacked from... my memory :-)

I did this a year or so ago when I first got my LJ and I was looking through my stories tonight and thought I'd do it again. So, the first and last lines of my last 10 sneezefics...

Title: The Uncontrollable
First & Last Lines: It was a well known fact that dwarves did not much like trees. He hugged Legolas, suddenly glad for the changes that had occurred overnight.

Title: Winding Down (the title of the Gravi fic)
First & Last Lines: He stood in the wings, a slender finger pressed to the bottom of his nose and a fist covering his mouth. Wondering how many baths it would take to get rid of the scent completely, and looking forward to each and every one, he rested his cheek against the top of Ryuichi’s head, closed his eyes, and cupped a hand to his nose in order to catch the next sneezes, whenever they came.
Rather repetitive... poor K...

Title: Hopeless and Sniffly
First & Last Lines: Remus was supposed to be mad at Sirius. The box landed on the bed with a small bounce and they both dove to retrieve it.

Title: Morning Allergy
First & Last Lines: Every morning spent on this planet had started just like this one. It was getting late.

Title: The Ondarian Virus
First & Last Lines: "No, actually." Then the Jedi Master pushed his Padawan back against the sofa, intending to take full advantage of the fact that Obi-Wan was feeling well again.

Title: Council Meeting
First & Last Lines: Charlie shivered and uttered a silent curse at Thomas for his allergy to mold that forced Charlie to take this job instead. Charlie headed down the narrow tunnel and the way out, sniffling but feeling quite proud of his accomplishment, all things considered.

Title: Day After
First & Last Lines: He shoveled the rest of the vegetables into her nest and backed out, rubbing his wrist and arm across his sweaty forehead, then beneath his nose. Charlie closed his eyes and nodded gratefully before falling back to sleep.

Title: To The Ship
First & Last Lines: The feeling of the ship rocking on the open sea, the smell of salt in the air, and the thrill of the unknown were all very well and good. Will chuckled and headed down the dock behind Jack.
I rather like this... sort and sweet

Title: The Last
First & Last Lines: Reaching over at the same time, their hands met and bumped at the box which sat between them. Nodding in agreement and knowing Fred would do the same for him, George grabbed his set of keys and headed out for the snow-covered Diagon Alley streets.
Hey, that's a pretty good summary of the whole fic right there. No need to read it! Er, except maybe for the sneezes ;-)

Title: Drink Up
First & Last Lines: “It’s far too windy out there,” Remus announced as he kicked the door to their flat closed behind him. He also grabbed the rest of the orange juice in case Sirius was thirsty later and they didn’t feel like getting out of bed.
LOL! I like this, too. Works very well together!
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Because as anyone in RL can tell you, I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet... I need some help with the fic for this weekly hatching. I've been DYING to write this fic since I read the bunny- but didn't start the fic until it was picked, to be fair. Now that I've started it, I need some help.

Patient Zero. I don't want it to be a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, because of later "plot" elements. And I don't *think* I want it to be a member of the faculty/staff. I guess it could... but I don't want all the blame to be placed on Hagrid or someone like that.

So the question is- who?

And first off, when? I'd like to set the fic during year 3 because of Remus (of course) as well as Percy and Oliver and the older students. But... well, sniffly little kids aren't so much fun for me. So I could always do an AU 6th/7th year where Remus comes in to tutor or something. But, yeah, AU's aren't really my thing either.

So I'm leaning towards 3rd year still. But as far as the first one to get sick... anyone have any suggestions? I'm tempted to make it Cedric... the poor Hufflepuffs are already kicked around. They can handle the blame, I think. I mean, I could always go Ravenclaw. And I would prefer to make it a recognized student to start out with, rather than an OC. So anyone have any thoughts/advice?

Of course, I could always just scratch all this and make it Marauder era... but I have so many Marauder fics open at the moment that I'd rather not.

But... still... when? Who? Anybody have any suggestions for me? Or must I torture poor Ced?
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:-) Gacked from Hermione whose answers are pretty much exactly opposite mine. LOL!

What fandoms do you generally read fanfiction for?
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Highlander, Stargate, various anime

- What makes you want to read/not read a particular fanfic?
Basically, the header. If it's a fandom I don't know, or a pairing I don't like (or het), or has warnings I don't like, or spelling errors in the summary, I'll not even think about giving it a chance. I just don't have the time to read everything out there. But if the pairing is one I love or the genre rocks I'll dive right in. Heck, if h/c is mentioned AT ALL I'll dive in immediately!

- Are there any pairings you will almost automatically read/avoid?
Automatically read: Remus/Sirius, Legolas/Gimli, usually Legolas/Aragorn, Qui/Obi. Harry/Neville
Automatically avoid: Harry/Snape or really most HP fic that crosses generation boundaries with its pairings. Obi/any Sith really isn't my thing, either. Even Xanatos.

- Does the rating matter?
Yes and no. If it's rated R or above I'll probably jump right into it. But I like when PWP smut is written well. And I certainly do read the lesser ratings. Most times I don't even look at the rating unless I want to know what to expect from a fic I've already decided to read.

- Do you look for fics by particular favourite authors?
Not really. I have favorite authors where I JUMP and read immediately when I see something new of theirs posted. And when I find an author I like I read everything of theirs. But I don't NOT read anything because I'm busy reading fics by particular authors. I'll read fics by anyone (assuming the warnings and ratings and lack of spelling/grammar errors all fit in) but there are authors I jump VERY happily in my chair at the chance to read a fic from.

- Are you more or less likely to read fics by people on your friends list?
Neither. I read just as many from people on my friends list as not. I probably review more for people on my friends list than I do total strangers, though! Both because I know them and because I friend them when I like their fics, etc. so they're likely to write things I love.

- What genres do/don't tend to appeal?
I won't read Mary Sue's. I won't read non-canon character death fics. I've been in a mood to read happy fluff a lot lately, you see. AU's. I definitely dislike AUs. I don't like Mpregs but sometimes I'm curious and DESPERATE for h/c so I'll read the parts after the baby's created and before the birth.

- How important is the fic summary in influencing your decision to read/not read that fic?
Unless there are huge cliches or errors in the summary, all it does it tell me what to expect. If I get as far as reading the summary, I'm going to read the fic anyway. Sometimes I skim the summary, start the fic, and then go back and read the summary because I'm surprised at how the fic is going, though.

- Does it matter if you don't like the author as a person?
Unfortunately, yes. Halfway through enjoying the LOVELY Inuyasha fic on the sneezeslash list I stared going "Man I wish I could enjoy this more but the author stole $40 from me. GRRR!" and that totally ruined the whole experience for me. Just an example. That doesn't happen much, though.

- Do you prefer multi-parters, one-shots, drabbles, epics...?
lately I like one-shots. Just because it's the most bang-for-the-buck so to speak. I don't need HOURS invested and I can be all warm and fuzzy at the end. Most one-shots are high-angst or high-fluff or high-pr0n all of which are my favorites to read right now. For every epic multi-part I read I read about 50 one-shots.

- What sort of things will make you want to completely avoid a certain fic?
If the pairings are ones I don't like. If there's het. If there are warnings of non-canon character deaths or if it's an AU. I feel like I'm repeating myself here...

- Are there things that will make you give up on a fic once you've started reading it?
If there are horrible spelling or grammar errors as I read that make it painful. If it sounds like 100 other fics I've read.

- Where do you mainly tend to look for/read fics? (Eg ff.net, adultfanfiction.net, LJ)
Sneezefic, lotrhpsneeze, sneezeslash, serotica (I visit every month or so). Then there's:
HP: SBRL Yahoo List and Marauders_Slash, [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf(love love LOVE this group!), nevillosity Yahoo group, Fuh-Q-Fests for Remus/Sirius and Neville and Harry/Neville and Weasley twins, [livejournal.com profile] nevillosity, [livejournal.com profile] marauders_slash, [livejournal.com profile] sbrl_glovesmack, [livejournal.com profile] remus_centric, [livejournal.com profile] remusxbill, [livejournal.com profile] remusxsirius, [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies, Azkaban's Lair, Happy Valley Puppy Farm, Dark Side of the Moon, The Restricted Section, The Sugar Quill, FictionAlley, friends' LJ's
SW: Master-Apprentice Yahoo group/page, [livejournal.com profile] tpm100
LotR: Axe_Bow Yahoo group/page almost exclusively, though also ALSlash Yahoo group
Anime: Wolf's Rain Slash Yahoo group & archive, various personal sites for WK and WR, [livejournal.com profile] wolfsrain_ff, [livejournal.com profile] wryaoi
Highlander: [livejournal.com profile] highlander100, [livejournal.com profile] highlander_fic
Stargate: ugh, tons of sites like The Comfort Zone
If anyone has any list/archive recommendations... feel free to drop them my way!


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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