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First off *HUGE HUGS* to everyone. I really appreciate them. I'm not entirely new to the whole concept of death of a family member... but I was closer to my grandfather than anyone apart from my mother so, yeah, it's hard. But I'm fine. Truly. I brust into tears every couple hours but I don't mind that. And in time that'll go away, I'm sure. I have been thinking a lot of the good times, which is when I start to cry. I'm the eldest grandkid by 6-7 years so I always had a very special relationship with him. But they're good tears, you know? Anyhoo... yes, thank you all. I really appreciate the hugs :-) I'm thinking of writing a short story based on one of the stories he told me and dedicate it to him. I think that might help.

I finished up another fic for the annual challenge today. So, yeah, that was nice. It doesn't have a ton of sneezing in it from the start, so as I was writing the author's notes, the concept of "skipping ahead" in sneezefics came to my mind. I know I'm guilty of doing it on a few occasions- usually when I'm just in the "mood" for some good sneezing and I'm impatient. I do the same when reading pr0n, though. Or sometimes even with novels when I want to get straight to the good dialogue when I've read a book 20 times already and don't need setting description. So for me skipping is not exclusive to sneezefics. But I'd be interested to see others' comments. Plus I've never made a poll before so I thought I'd give that a go.

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