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So... my novel for NaNoWriMo is going all right. Kinda took a bad turn last night into the land of pointlessness. I'm hoping to dig it out from there tonight.

But that's not what I want to post about. Here in the US, it's Election Day today. So Americans on my flist: get out there and vote!

In honor of the occasion, here are my top pet peeves when it comes to election day. Feel free to ignore, I just want to rant:

1. People who don't vote. Seriously. Men and women fought and died so that we can get off our lazy arses and click a few buttons on a screen to tell it who should lead us. That's how the process works here in a representational democracy. If you don't like that, move to a different country or start a petition or something, but you ARE going to be led regardless and I refuse to believe that people don't have at least SOME preference. Even if you're not voting FOR someone, casting your ballot one way means you're voting AGAINST someone else. And, in my state's case, it's particularly crucial because some of the guys running will absolutely positively be AWFUL for Virginia. So, yeah. I hate all the excuses and the people who don't vote. If you don't like the choices, write someone in.

2. People who don't know who's running. ARGH. Do you not notice the countless signs, radio, and television ads? Or the television coverage, for that matter. Just spend 5 minutes looking at websites. It's not difficult to be an informed citizen, people.

3. People who call this a mid-term election and don't want to vote because it's not important. Hello, civics class much? Wait, that doesn't make sense. But this ISN'T a mid-term election. In Virginia's case, we're electing our GOVERNOR today. That's kind of a big deal. The smaller the election, the more of an impact that official is going to have on your daily life. I don't understand why people don't want a say in their local government. As fewer people turn out, you even have more of a say. EVERY election is important. Vote in EVERY election. There are multiple positions that need to be filled. And there might be issues/referendums/propositions/etc. (Goodness gracious, the hours I've spent calling people in Maine to get them to vote No today...)

4. People who don't realize it's an election. Come ON! Did you not see the countless signs on by the street? Or the ads on television? Ignorance is my number 1 pet peeve I think, right after laziness. It pisses me off to NO end when I go somewhere on election day with my "I voted" flag sticker and people say "Oh, there was an election today?" WTF?!

5. People who disagree with my political views. LOL Okay, I respect people with strong sets of views. But that doesn't mean the other views don't piss me off most of the time.

Look, the likelihood that there will be a candidate I agree with 100% on every issue is astronomically low (especially because so many of the democrats are mainstream instead of crazy liberals, like me). But that doesn't mean I'm not going to take 10 minutes out of my day to cast votes.

I swear, though, if Ken Cuccinelli gets elected I might just have to move out of this state. My dislike for that man is SO strong.

Quick follow-up (because I'm a Hufflepuff): I totally believe you're free to make your own choices and decisions. Don't vote for the people I like, that's fine. Don't vote at all, that's your choice as well. The things that piss me off are just things that piss ME off. *hugs*

Yule Ball!

Dec. 7th, 2008 03:52 am
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My first Yule Ball... was fucking AWESOME!

There were some technical difficulties here and there (Whompy broke a string, the sound cut out during a song or two, the lights were accidentally switched off a few times, mic feedback a couple times and some people had to hold a speaker up off the floor) but 95% of it went really smoothly. And the WRock was amazing! Out of the 4 bands that played, I'd only ever seen one before. So it was a treat. And a free treat (I didn't buy any merch but I did get a $1.25 lemonade and chipped in $20 for gas and tolls) which is even better.

Pottercast- Yay! I got to see the Pottercast people IN PERSON. Even got to be in some of the videos since they sent the laptop around the crowd and had us wave. Was really need to see Melissa (of Harry, A History fame) in person.

The Mudbloods- Wow. He can really sing. One of his songs had me in tears it was so good and touching. He played a bunch of others I knew (I've had Zombies stuck in my head for days now). He was really very good and it was a pleasure to get to see a new-to-me WRocker. He also sang a literary song which was one of his muggle songs but terribly cool. I want that on MP3 so badly.

The Whomping Willows- for the sake of having a favorite, I think Whompy is my favorite Wrocker. That's largely due to these three things: 1- he's got a slash song 2- I find the man extremely nummy 3- he was INCREDIBLE and brought the house down when I saw him in NYC. Tonight he wasn't quite that awesome but he definitely WRocked the house and I enjoyed every bit of his show. He even made out with Hermione on stage which was, wow! :-)

The Moaning Myrtles- Wow. I never listened to many of their songs before preparing for the ball but they have quite the variety and their musical talents are extensive. Their act contained: Lauren singing & on the grand piano, Nina singing and on the guitar (she played bass for Whompy as Hermione), Justin on drums and triangle and bells and keyboard flute thingy AND he had a musical tie. Anyhoo, I only knew about half their set but was happy with the half I did know. They sang a KICKASS song about Robert crossing over from Harry Potter to Twilight LOL And of course they ended with my favorite: Prefects are Hot. Um... yeah they are.

Ministry of Magic- I only just started listening to them, too. Bought their latest CD a few weeks back. I like their techno sound a lot and I honestly can't stop staring at the flash header on their Myspace page (ooohhh the pretty boys!). But seeing them in concert was unreal and amazing. They're like the boy band of Wizard Rock! Voldemort had an amazing voice and... is his dark mark tattoo real? The others were great, too- I have a thing for the hero and the prefect especially. But it was their whole performance really, the dancing and crowd involvement and the love and MAN they were good. I was afraid I'd cry at Bravest Man I Ever Knew but the crowd was too jumpy at the "Take it! Take it!" part and I was too busy shouting/singing along to cry. Volde actually came down into the audience and jumped with us at one point. Was such a great performance. Even tops the Malfoys as far as the fan love, and that's hard to do.

What a cool thing to be part of. I didn't want it to end. I'm still sitting here in my Hufflepuff robes, not wanting to take them off and go to sleep because then the magic will end! With Harry, A History, Beedle just out (still waiting for Amazon to ship my copy, damnit), and huge events like this, who could ever claim that the Harry Potter fandom was dead?

Okay. It's almost 4am. I need to de-squee (i.e. calm down enough to get to sleep). Also, I have a new story for the challenge I'm dying to work on...

Good Day

Dec. 19th, 2007 12:39 am
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Well, after a very, very bad night (up until 4am, and then waking up every hour after that) I took another sick day at work, which sucks because I had just submitted my timesheet yesterday and now I'll have to submit a correction *sigh* But I'm glad I did because last night was so rough and I finally got a good, solid few hours of sleep this morning. And I'm feeling a bit better. Almost 24 hours without nausea. Hopefully the worst is behind me *knocks on virtual wood*

I also made it through Spamalot tonight. It was a Christmas present to my dad for us all to go and see it together as a family. My sister's sick, too, so it was a big effort for his girls to go tonight, but we all made it through and it was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. I was raised on Monty Python and know the movie by heart, practically. When I went to Scotland I actually got to go to the main castle they used when filming and I got to bang two halves of coconuts together while pretending to ride a horse through the cobblestone pathway on the castle grounds. So naturally I loved the musical. They did a great job of taking all the good parts from the movie and keeping the feel of the piece while still turning it into a working musical and adding lots of fun numbers as well. Well done!

But every time King Arthur spoke, I kept thinking that his voice sounded familiar. Come to find out from the playbill during intermission that he was on Highlander. And as soon as I got home I looked him up (Michael Siberry) and it turns out he plays Martin Hyde, one of my FAVORITE bad guys on an episode of Highlander *facepalm* Of course! I should have figured it out, really. But how cool to see him in person! Certainly more likeable as King Arthur and not trying to kill my Connor MacLeod and my Duncan MacLeod and drive their little students crazy by pinning muders on them *G*

So, in all, a wonderful night, a good long day of MUCH NEEDED rest, and I'm still coughing but not as bad. I'm definitely hoping to tackle work tomorrow and make it through all right.

Note: OMG I can use my doubley-appropriate facepalm icon here! Squee!
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The temperatures are finally getting cooler, the leaves are starting to change color... it's that time again: AIDS Walk Washington is right around the corner!

I'm volunteering at the walk again this year- which will be my 7th time participating in some capacity. So I'd like to make this a memorable one.. and, HOPEFULLY, a much dryer event than last year!

To sponsor me, visit: http://tinyurl.com/2xecrn
If you can donate, please do so before October 5, 2007.

It would mean a lot to me if you could donate a little at my donation page. I'm grateful for absolutely anything: $500, $50, even just $5 would help. If you can spare something, that would rock my world. And if you just can't afford to donate anything, I'll more than understand and still love you :-) I don't expect anything of anyone.

More info:
Whitman-Walker Clinic is a nonprofit, community-based organization founded in 1973 that provides and facilitates affordable, accessible health services to the Washington metropolitan area. With the advent of the AIDS epidemic, the Clinic became a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Clinic has headquarters in northwest D.C. with regional branches in southeast D.C. and northern Virginia. In addition to medical care, the Clinic’s services include HIV testing and counseling, addiction services, a day treatment center, a food bank, mental health programs, legal services and an at-cost pharmacy providing HIV medication. You can find out more about the Clinic at www.wwc.org.
Your contribution will help Whitman-Walker Clinic provide critical services to those living with HIV/AIDS. Every dollar brings hope and provides needed care. Please visit my personal fundraising website to make a secure online donation. All contributions are 100 percent tax deductible.
If you have any questions about AIDS Walk Washington or Whitman-Walker Clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit www.aidswalkwashington.org for more information.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity!
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Well, I'm home again, safe and sound. The trip was kind of sad but really nice at the same time. I wish I lived closer to my Grandmother, because she really needs more help on a daily basis and it's so nice just to be with her and be able to help her out. There was lots of rain and I got lots of reading done, along with some fixes around the house and chores. There were some nice moments, like getting to go to my very first official BookCrossing zone in Des Moines. There were also some bad moments like cancelling most of our plans and having to take my grandmother to the emergency clinic. But I got to spend time with family and that's what was important. It was tough to leave (I mean, literally- they cancelled our flight! That's what we get for going through Chicago a day after there's a huge storm and power outage in the city) but it's also nice to be back home again.
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These last few days have been a series of highs and lows. Incredible moments and awful ones. *sigh* Why is it I never notice (or never live in) the middle ground between the two?

Anyway, one of the high points is the Lusty Month of May starting today over at [Bad username or site: pervy werewolf @ livejournal.com]. So I won't be around here very much. I've finished half the requested drabbles and am undecided as to when to post them. I'll decide by this weekend. Anyway... yay for naughty Remus fics and the merry month of masturbation in general!

Another highlight was seeing Alexander McCall Smith speak today! I just found out about his reading last week when I was putting together a literary event calendar and I'm sooooooooo glad I went to see him tonight! Not only was he sporting a kilt, but he was FREAKIN HILARIOUS! He talked about being a writer and about his books, but also about life in general and though he seemed all over the place, it was a beautifully thought out talk full of humor and information and wit and he was AMAZING! Seriously, if you're at all familiar with his works and you have a chance to hear him speak, make sure you do so! After the first few minutes, I pulled out a notebook and started writing some of it down. Most of these are paraphrased:
I want to make sure to leave room for complaints at the end. It's important for readers to be able to complain to a writer, telling me I should write a different sort of book... or stop writing altogether.

You've got to get your title right. Once, titles were actually about the content of the book.

Fiction can concern itself with the small things in life. Though small, those many times say a lot about humanity.

The subconscious is the start of all fiction.

Rich & grand people have to live somewhere so they live in Santa Barbara.

I have a condition called serial novelism. The solution is to write a story that can't possibly go anywhere.

When writing children's books, you can take the breaks off.

Hardware store novels aren't as popular as detective stories.

It's a sign of respect, the kilt. I don't know what for but...

Sad day

Mar. 19th, 2007 10:59 pm
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I woke up this morning to the news that Bill Panzer passed away.

The online HL fandom is shocked and saddened by the loss. I never got the chance to meet him, but he seems like a great guy. I feel like I've come to know a lot about him after all the stories I've heard, seeing his interviews, and listening to all his commentary on the DVDs. HL will never be quite the same without one of its loving creators/exec producers and I wish he could have been here to witness the next Highlander movie.

Adrian Paul's tribute: http://www.adrianpaul.net/tributetobillpanzer.html

Carmel Macpherson's words: http://www.highlanderworldwide.com/news/tributetoBP.html


Aug. 27th, 2006 06:16 pm
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Today I went to Brickfest (Legos!) like I did last year. My dad wanted to come along, and did. He enjoyed it, but clearly wasn't as thrilled as I was *G* I sooooooooooo want to build something for one of those conferences/festivals. It's on my short "to do before I die" list, actually.

Saw a lot of incredible things and this year the batteries of my camera DIDN'T die on me! So I have pictures! (And, in one case, a video since it was a life-sized, moving battle droid from Star Wars episodes 1 and 2)

They had movies this year. I didn't get to see the FEATURE LENGTH Star Wars movie, but I saw the end of one film. It was a sort of 'It's a Wonderful Life' type of deal where this guy is depressed and I came in when the angel was showing him that he really was a hero. It was a complex, elaborate series of twists and turns which led to his actually saving the world, unknowingly, and it was BECAUSE HE HAD A COLD. Basically, he sneezed on a guy who caught his cold and passed it on to another guy by sneezing on him. Then that person sneezed and passed it on and on and on all the way up to an Asian dictator who sneezed a handful of times just before launching weapons to bring about WWIII and that called it off. But there must have been AT LEAST 20 sneezes in the film. How strange that, of all the things to go in and see, I stumbled upon that very moment in that particular film. Gotta love coincidence/fate. And tons and tons of nummy sneezes *blush*

Cool stuff (in my opinion) included: an homage to the battle of Helms Deep, several elaborate scenes from HP books (including Sirius' death *sob* and Cedric & Harry together in the maze), a ton of Star Wars stuff and some Star Trek ships, several 2-story-tall working cranes, large portraits (one of Yoda), historical/famous buildings (some built to scale) like the Empire State Building and the National Cathedral, a town twice as big as last year's complete with an airport and train station and a McDonalds, a space base twice as big as last year's, a haunted house/castle, some enormous castles in general, and a ton of scenes from movies/books.

EDIT: I uploaded my photos from the event. They're here.
They're HUGE but there are so many details that get lost. So they're only 50% smaller than the originals. Still huge. Sorry about that. Hope they're still enjoyable :-)
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I JUST found out that tomorrow (July 28th) is National System Administrator Day!

This will be my first one AS a SysAdmin!
I feel so powerful and celebratory!

Not that anyone at my work will know... but, hey, is it too much to hope for a huge party and a gift of season hockey tickets? ;-)

MUST watch (I'm rolling on the floor with laughter... so true...): http://www.deadtroll.com/index2.html?/sysadmin/~content
and: http://www.sysadminday.com/images/Dork_Tower_01.07.23.jpg

I must admit, I'm not quite comfy with my sysadmin title yet... I don't know nearly enough... I just know a little and enough to troubleshoot and know what I don't know, and I have a binder with all the passwords and keys to the kingdom downstairs. But hopefully by this time next year, I will be a SysAdmin god.


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