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Just under the wire on Friday! Whew! :-)
This was VERY quickly edited, so I apologise for all mistakes.

It was a very fun adventure to write this... and though I don't feel that I quite have a grip on their characters, yet, I hope I succeeded in capturing the mood and tone and style of the series. And hope I didn't bore y'all to death in doing so *G*

Title: Searching
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Witch Hunter Robin
Rating: G
Pairing: Amon/Touko implied
Spoilers: Brief mention of a few moments in episode 5… and of the WHR universe and its characters in general. I like to set this between episodes 5 and 6, and it probably fits better in the beginning of the series rather than later on. But there’s nothing too terribly revealing anywhere in this story
Disclaimer: Ha! As if! It’s owned by Bandai I believe.
Summary: Still they search But for what, is the question. This is just a short little fic that explores Amon… and his relationship with Robin
Notes: Written as Friday Fic number 7
More Notes: I’ve only seen about half of the series, though I know some of what happens later on. As I started by watching the English version, most of the characterization and dialogue is probably based off that. If there are characterization differences between the dub and the original that are somehow extended here, please forgive me.

Searching )

:-) Okay, so there it is. I think I made them talk too much. But I kept thinking of good lines... And I thought they *didn't* talk a lot when they could have... hrmmm... I dunno. But there it is :-)


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