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Well, I tried to give blood. My pulse (which is always on the fast side of nornal anyway) was apparently too fast. 102 I think she said. Which was over the limit, so I was turned away. That's never happened to me before. It always feels faster to me when I'm having it taken :-)
But, grr! Oh well. I'll try again when they're back in February.

I went to Barnes & Nobles- no LWW board game (I figured as much, I should have bought it when I had the chance) but I thought I'd check. I got a gift card for B&N thanks to my Visa Extras Debit card points and decided to spend all the gift cards I get through the program on Anime since I don't have the money to buy manga otherwise. I wanted Gravi Vol1 but they were out, so I decided on Wolf's Rain Vol1 instead and was very happy with the choice... then I saw Gravi Vol1 on another rack and got all indecisive. LOL I nearly got X/1999 Vol1 as well but decided not to just yet. I ended up getting Wolf's Rain because, yeah, I love wolves. Why don't I have a wolf user icon? I must remedy that immediately!

While I was at the library to donate blood I picked up a few excellent books to Bookcross with, as well as: X/1999 Serenade for $1. SQUEEEE! I have NO clue when in the series it takes place, it's larger and squarer than a typical manga, and it seems to read backwards from a usual manga so beats the heck out of me what it is! But the point is an X book for $1! Can't beat that! *snuggles angsty Kamui* Anyway, yes, so two mangas in a day. For a total of $1.49 out of pocket for me. Gotta love that!

And I went to Borders to see how much was on the gift card I got for Christmas from my boss (that part of the holder was ripped off to fit in the envelope, LOL). I was thinking probably $20 but hoping for $30. Instead $50!!! OMG I'm so happy! *does happy dance* However, the prices in the store were WAY too high and they didn't have a few of the books I wanted. So I'm going to use the gift card online instead. Which saves gas in the long run anyway.

OH! And while I was looking for a book or two in the literature section, my eye caught a familiar name: Horatio Hornblower. It was a biography someone had written of the character. I almost nearly bought it. But the funny thing was, on the shelf right below it was a little label that read: SEE THE GAY/LESBIAN LITERATURE SECTION FOR MORE. LMAO!!! See, even Borders sees the slash in the series! ROTFLMAO! Okay, so the labels were on every third bookscase in seemingly random locations, but, seriously, that's got to be a HUGE coincidence! LOL! *snuggles Horatio*

So, yeah, I'm still bummed about not donating blood. First time that's ever happened to me in all the times I've donated. But, hey, my iron levels kicked ass and my blood pressure is great... so at least that's something!

EDIT: Bwahaha. X/1999 Serenade has a TINY Vol5 label on the spine. Got it. Less confused now. *still snuggles Kamui*

ANOTHER EDIT: Okay, so there goes $50, far too easily. I bought: Dragonology, Wizardology, Brokeback Mountian: from Story to Screenplay, Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, and a small gift for my KS. Yay. I'm so psyched. I can't buy anything else for myself for, like, years now, though. LOL Oh, and at the library I got a paperback of Timeline that is in PERFECT condition. My parents have a rather used copy but I didn't have one of my own... and this one is BEAUTIFUL and only fifty cents. So, yeah. Today rocked in the area of buying myself random stuff :-)
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This spilled out tonight... I like playing with Hubb *huggles him* And yeah... het... coming from me... imagine that! :-)

Title: Lunch Date
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Wolf’s Rain
Rating: G
Pairing: uh, past-Hubb/Cher
Disclaimer: Yeah, so I don’t own these characters or the universe. This is just for fun, I promise!
Summary: Short ficlette in which Hubb and Cher have a lunch date to discuss Hubb’s side case about the wolves.
Notes: The sneezes are based off his sneezes in the original Japanese version, as I've not heard him sneeze in the English dub yet and thus don't know which I like better ;-)

Lunch Date )



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