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Not a pairing I really even ship. I just had to...

1.Allergic 2.Desperation 3.Cat 4.Summer 5.Itch 6.Light 7.Hands 8.Fever 9.Finally Alone 10.Worried 11.Broody 12.Loud 13.Grass 14.Genetics 15.Control 16.Dinner for Three 17.Doctor 18.Dust 19.Feather 20.Anticipation 21.Bed 22.Drugs 23.First Time 24.Headache 25.Handkerchief 26.Dog 27.Garden 28.Hoarse 29.Kink 30.Scent 31.Hold Back 32.Double 33.Harsh 34.Smoke 35.Making Dinner 36.Impatience 37.Incense 38.Horses 39.Pillow 40.Suffer 41.Nervous 42.Stare 43.Contagious 44.Relief 45.Temperature 46.Terrible 47.Wool 48.Tissues 49.Tease 50.Quarrel 51.Lonely 52.Snuggle 53.Asleep 54.Waiting 55.Frost 56.Rest 57.Flu 58.Phone Call 59.Apologize 60.Sore 61.Accent 62.Fur 63.Haze 64.Spices 65.Under the Weather 66.Stifle 67.Frustrated 68.Caught in the Act 69.Attack 70.Listless 71.Pressure 72.Muffled 73.Annoy 74.Humiliated 75.Disproportionate 76.Bath 77.Spring 78.Message 79.Headcold 80.Clinic 81.Confess 82.Tears 83.Dream 84.Polite 85.Sniff 86.Shower 87.Induce 88.Jealousy 89.Pills 90.Interrupt 91.Chill 92.Office 93.Remedy 94.Weird 95.Soft 96.Purr 97.Honey 98.Defeat 99.Smother 100.Gratitude

61. Accent
(Highlander: the series, Duncan/Methos)

“Want a beer?”

Wrapped in a plaid blanket, Duncan rounded the couch to see Methos sprawled across it. “Your bedside manner leaves something to be desired, doctor.”

Methos shrugged. “You live five thousand years, you get used to a little sneezing.” He pulled Duncan onto the couch with him.

“You know, you’re not what I ex-expected-hahhShuhhh!

“Bless you.” Methos lifted a corner of the blanket to wipe at Duncan’s nose. “You’re not what I pictured either, Highlander. At the very least I thought you’d have a Scottish accent.”


“Or have learned to cover your nose in four hundred years.”
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Okay, so the brilliant [livejournal.com profile] shadowscast wrote an even more amazing alphabet in Gorey-style, set in the Buffyverse.
It's totally a meme now, only my attempt isn't anything as good as hers.

Meme: Select a fandom. For each letter of the alphabet, list a character who dies and how he/she dies in the rhyming style of Edward Gorey.

I made two attempts, one serious and one that's supposed to be funny.

Serious Attempt: Highlander )

Another problem with using Highlander for this is that all the immortals basically die the same way: they're beheaded. And when I mentioned to my mother what I was writing, we joked about that and I just couldn't resist writing a funny version based on that...

Funny Attempt: Highlander )

Sad day

Mar. 19th, 2007 10:59 pm
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I woke up this morning to the news that Bill Panzer passed away.

The online HL fandom is shocked and saddened by the loss. I never got the chance to meet him, but he seems like a great guy. I feel like I've come to know a lot about him after all the stories I've heard, seeing his interviews, and listening to all his commentary on the DVDs. HL will never be quite the same without one of its loving creators/exec producers and I wish he could have been here to witness the next Highlander movie.

Adrian Paul's tribute: http://www.adrianpaul.net/tributetobillpanzer.html

Carmel Macpherson's words: http://www.highlanderworldwide.com/news/tributetoBP.html
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Meg was sweet enough to suggest the word but not limit me by fandoms/characters here. Even though this isn't a fandom she's familiar with, I hope it meets approval. It's unedited so I apologize for any mistakes. When I saw the word 'honor' this is what popped into my head as I'm the 'keeper of Duncan's honor' on one of those online lists. I tried to think of other things to write for this, but I kept coming back to this time and time again. So tonight I just sat down and wrote it. Hope it's okay.

Title: H is for Honor
Fandom: Highlander (set during Season 3 episode The Samurai)
Pairing: None
Rating: PG for violence only

H is for Honor )
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Not a huge amount of sneezing as I still have a problem with that in the Highlander fandom. But there's enough angst from both characters to make up for that.

Title: Mourning
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Highlander
Spoilers: This takes place in the middle of season 2- sometime between episodes 2-8 (Revenge of the Sword) and 2-12 (Under Color of Authority). It talks heavily about events that happened in episodes 2-4 (The Darkness) and 2-5 (Eye for an Eye). So if you don’t have any idea about those and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read :-)
Rating: G (maybe PG for brief mentions of murder, but probably just G)
Warnings: het romance(s) mentioned, no slash, some boy-bonding
Disclaimer: Ha! They’re not mine! Davis & Panzer are the lucky blokes who hold the rights. I just play with Widen’s lovely creations
Summary: As another year’s end approaches, Duncan and Richie are both rather miserable and take a trip to the cabin to help sort things out
Notes: Written as Friday Fic #12. Briefly started for the sneezefic winter challenge 03-04
More Notes: Don’t ask me about the cabin. I envision it to have running water and a working stove and toilet and refrigerator… but can’t imagine how that would be possible in a cabin built a hundred years ago on an island in the middle of nowhere. So I naturally just ignore logic when it comes to the cabin
Even More Notes: The image of sick!Richie was planted in my mind waaaaay back while reading ‘Of Sound Mind and Body’ http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Rampart/2940/mind.htm and I will probably never write Richie using tissues or handkerchiefs when he sneezes for that reason. LOL

Mourning )

My moodset of course helped pick this week's fandom *G*


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