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Okay. So here's that sorta-challenge thing I mentioned yesterday. I'm really hoping for some great participation (feel free to pimp this to other any boards/forums/lists/communities). I know 132 is a lot... but I'm oddly optimistic and really looking forward to seeing what gets created for this! *hugs*

Sneezefic in 132 Moods
Issued by: tarotgal
Date issued: July 30, 2005
Date ended: Ongoing
Originally posted: [livejournal.com profile] sneezefic132

Your mission-- should you choose to accept it-- is to help contribute to a collection of stories and pictures that will make up an LJ mood theme. Each mood will need a picture and a story and that's where you all come in!

Pretty much anything goes as far as fics (length, type, subject, pairing, rating) they just need to revolve around the mood that was chosen and contain at least one sneeze. Drabbles are welcome, but full stories are great, too. Whatever floats your boat. Visit the LJ Community and/or the website for more information!

oh no...

Apr. 29th, 2005 12:35 am
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The [livejournal.com profile] celticmoonstar Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest challenges were just posted (with pretty art from Linnpuzzle!). Already there are 5 I am *dying* to write for. I won't list numbers, but my tastes for the fest are ALL over the place. LOL But I did get a kick out of this one:
5. Who knew that one of our boys had allergies during the springtime?
Bwahahahahaha! I sooooooooo hope someone good picks that one *blushes* I'd be FAR too nervous to write for it.

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I need a few people to help me test the new plot bunny submission form. It seems to be working fine for me, but I wrote the code so, yeah, you know. I need some beta testers

Just post anything at all in there. Nonsense words are fine so long as it's something you'll remember- I need to know that everything submitted actually went through. I won't be using anything submitted on this page today as an actual bunny. This is just a test.

So please go to the new form at:
Type something in and let me know here on my LJ what happens if something goes wrong :-)
I'll post what I get to my LJ so if you sumitted something that doesn't show up here, I'll know something went missing somewhere and needs to be found.


This especially goes for people who have had trouble submitting bunnies using the form on geocities!!!

It's 9:30pm and so far I have received bunny submissions from:
*a4o (3:23pm)
*Lady Korana (4:54pm)
*Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw (6:24pm)
*Ren (6:58pm)
*Tina (7:59pm)
If someone posted one and I didn't get it, let me know!

Okay, so the testing is done. It seems to me that the form is doing fine and so I'm ending the testing and opening it up officially for submissions again. Thank you all for helping me out with that!! And let me know the second you have any problems with it (or anything else site-related) in the future. Thanks!!


Dec. 20th, 2004 08:47 pm
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Just FYI... the new Sneezefic Annual Challenge was announced today. Yay! Everybody get working on their entries! :-)

My To-Do list for tonight:
  • Finish the two gift fics for tomorrow- one is finished and the other is very close. And when I say close I say it breathlessly, on the verge of... yeah. Close ;-)
  • Go through all my lovely, wonderful beta's comments on my Remus/Bill fic and send that in tonight before I forget and miss the deadline. *HUGS* Thank you all!
  • Ignore the Remus/Bill short sneezeficlet she started yesterday out of the blue that's just BEGGING to be finished

Yesterday I worked on the aforementioned sneezeficlet (which I'm now thinking can be worked into a challenge fic... hmm...) and worked a little bit on my HP fics for week 35 and week 26 weekly hatched bunnies. The week 35 fic is FAR from being finished. The week 26 one is close... can't decide how to end it. So it could be a page more, or it could be a few sentences. I don't know yet.
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Allrighty... so I'm participating in the AAA Fest *G* http://swriters.slashcity.net/library/fest.php

I just sent in my request for two of the challenges earlier... I'm excited. It's run by one of my favorite writers and vidders of fandoms and, well, it's a really great fest. So I thought I'd pimp it a little here. There's no RPS, but apart from that, it's slash or pre-slash of pretty much any variety. Happy stuff *G*

It's actually rather confusing to me... so many years in the Highlander fandom with AAA being the scary series-changing arc where the series "jumped the shark" so to speak. But I'm trying to ignore that every time I see AAA in my e-mail (I managed to train myself not to think of the auto club, after all, I can do this, too! heehee)
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Okay. So, people on sneezefic expressed an interest to have weekly mini-challenges, and I said I'd see if I couldn't put something together about that.

First, off, I don't want to use the word "challenge" because we already use that for something else and it's a pretty strong word to me. These are more like... plot bunnies or points of inspiration or something. I don't know. All the other fic lists I'm on call them challenges so I'm at a loss. And you all know me and titles!

So the draft site where people can go and submit "challenge" ideas is at:
Sneezefic mini-challenge... suggestion... thing
Sorry about the long URL there. I didn't want to go through the whole registering for a redirect thing unless y'all decided to go with this.

Go take a look if you're interested. Again, the idea is to have a weekly suggestion/concept/theme/inspiring idea presented and people can write fics starting from there. No pressure. A week recommended but no firm time limit. Participation totally optional. Just something to inspire people to break out and write something different (or write something at all). But none of the pressure or grandeur associated with the big challenge thingy

Buuuuuuut as I've said before, I'm a subscriber to letting lists live naturally. So if y'all decide that these suggestions (or whatever clever name we want to call them) defeat the purpose of a laid-back yet exciting group, feel free to tell me to shove it and I'll never, ever mention it again :-) We've never needed any reason to push people into writing fics before. But the concept of this was desired to help writers get inspired to write different, new things. Or to focus more on one fandom for a week, etc. So take a look and discuss. If you all don't think it's needed (I'm personally not sure that it is since I like the way the list is already, but it might be fun *shrug*) feel free to say so. If you think we should go for it... then we'll need a better name that avoids using the big, scary, over-used word "Challenge" :-)
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I'm not done coding fics (4 to go) but the challenge group/archive has been released officially! WHOOHOO! Just means I can't read it for another hour or two until I finish coding and watching Queer Eye (LOL) but that's okay :-)

Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SneezeficHolidayChallenge
Archive- http://www.geocities.com/sfchallenges/main2.html

Thanks again EVERYONE! Hope the readers enjoy the challenge as much as the writers have thus far!


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