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Day two of being around the sick marine at work *swoons*

Today yeilded some great moments. Like Boss' "Still feeling sick?" and his reply of "Ughhhh! It's okay, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm dying. And my nose is soooo stuffed up."
Or him feeling really sick but not being sure if he had a fever. Boss waved him over. So he walked over to my boss (sitting at a table), bent over a little, and had my boss feel his forehead. It was such a sweet and silent display. Boss felt sick marine's head for quite a long few moments, then felt his own, and declared he didn't think it was a fever. To which marine lad said it didn't matter since he was sweating and shivering and couldn't get warm anyway. Awwwww! Some coughing, less sniffling, and no sneezing. But DAMN cute! (At least no sneezes out of him. I had a horrible morning, however, and spent at least ten minutes in the bathroom trying not to sneeze too much... growl. Hate mornings like that! *rubs at nose*)

I can't do much more than look sympathetic and say "aww, I'm sorry", though. I know I'd blush profusely if I tried to say something. And he clearly dislikes being sick and having us all around him discussing it (he keeps going down to his rooms to sleep, which is good). But every so often between trips out and naps he hangs around near where I'm usually working. There was a debate about the size of pills to swallow nowadays (which normally would be something I would have much to say about, but I just couldn't say anything... guhhhh...) when he was forced by Boss to take a vitamin C pill or two.
Oh, and then there was the phone. He asked to use the phone and when he handed it back, Boss wiped it down with anticeptic. LMAO! "Ohhhh, you're hurting me here!" the cute marine laughed. To which Boss replied, "This is how germs spread. I don't want to get sick! Go play with the doggies. They can't catch anything from you" Marine did indeed go snuggle with the dogs on the couch.

Guhhhhh. Was DEFINITELY nice to watch. Even if I look stupid for being so silent (not that he and I talked much when we were alone in the house together anyway when I was dog sitting). And it's better than blurting out something like "Aww, I'm sorry you're sick. But you look dead sexy like this." Because he does. Oohhh yummy sick marine... giving me such lovely plot bunny ideas. Even though I have absolutely NO sexual thoughts towards boss what-so-ever, the whole forehead-feeling thing was SO adorable to watch (in a father-son sort of way- though they're not related, Marine's parents are very close friends of my Boss & his wife)

Anyhoo... yeah. Thought I'd share the cute again :-)
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OMG! The cute Marine boy who's been staying with my boss was back today (he left the Saturday I was dogsitting- I guess he came back for a few more days). And today, be still my heart, he was SICK. Bad cold. He has never looked sexier, and that's saying a lot *G* He was coughing a little and sniffling a lot and sneezed three times while I/he was around. Yes, I counted, but that's not a very high number to remember so I'm not entirely crazy. Guhhhhh! He sat on the sofa absorbed in the television for the most part (watching The Two Towers for a while), box of tissues right beside him, sniffling constantly. He was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and his voice was lower than usual. And when he sneezed- OH but they were perfect! "hehshhoo!" Type sneezes- very wet, medium volume, and just strong enough to sound like cold sneezes. *THUNK*

At once point he got up to get some juice and looked so miserable coughing and sniffling, my Boss said something like "Watch out, we've got a sick marine here!" to which he replied, quite patetically "I want to die" OHHHHHH it was so cute!!!!!!! I just about died from the perfection of it all. He did a nice pathetic "Can I take some more of that stuff you gave me this morning" call and the moment three o'clock rolled around he was at the medicine cabinet, getting more. Poor guy, but I was in HEAVEN.

Definitely a good day at work. I even got proposed to by boss' wife again. She says she wants to put me on salary at whatever I'd be making as a computer sciencentist or web designer (which is FAR more than they can afford- believe me, I organized their credit card statements today) and that she'd take two or three jobs if it meant paying me properly. I'm not expecting that, of course, but it feels damn nice to know I'm making them happy and I'm doing a good job :-)

Apart from complete and total back pain today (probably from moving furniture up and down stairs last night) it's a good day. Oh, and I didn't gain any weight from last week (I am weighing myself every Monday now). I didn't lose anything, either, but even with Valentine's Day, I didn't gain anything. So that's good :-)

Okay, going to go get a heating pad for my back and then going to finish up the SW story and get it ready to post here.


Mar. 11th, 2004 12:30 am
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Twas a very good night *sigh* Boyfriend's cold is very yummy indeed. Today he told me in detail of a rather "explosive" fit of 5 sneezes in a row he had just after getting off the phone with me the night before. Damnit. I have terrible timing. But he had one very nice one over the phone. His sneezes are usually so fast and short I can't enjoy them, but this one was lovely with a very breathy build-up and an extended release. And sex tonight was fantastic. ) Oh, MAN but he's cute when he's sick, my boy! And he's the sweetest guy in the world to understand about my fetish and humor me. He always says how nice it is to know that even when he's miserable like this, he turns me on. Though I had to remind him I don't mind when he has to blow his nose. Though the sniffling is WAY cuter to me, the poor guy kept hiding and going into the other room or sniffling when we were in the car because he was embarrassed to blow his nose in front of me. I finally explained that, within the context of his cold, I enjoyed it and not to worry (after which I pointed him towards the tissues in the glove compartment) and he said something like "Oh, okay, then I won't feel bad about blowing my nose any more when I need to. My nose is just so stuffy." *sigh* He did the whole "I'm sick and need someone to mother me" thing on the phone last night, too. Cutie. I repeatedly tell him I do feel sorry that he's sick, though, and wish him to feel better. But he knows I'm turned on while saying it. LOL

Anyhoo... I realized I missed watching Judging Amy last night. What the heck was I watching at that time, I wonder? Must have been Queer Eye... damn. I'm an idiot. I always watch the later showing of QESG so I can see Judging Amy at 10. Even though that's at 12am and I watch Witch Hunter Robin then. So I have to bump that up and watch/tape that at 3am instead. I don't know why I suddenly deviated from that. I've been doing it for 3 or 4 weeks now just fine. Damn. I feel stupid to have missed it now :-(
Okay... I'm REALLY tired, oddly. I wanted to finish writing the Legolas and Aragorn story... LOL that sounds like a name for a television show... or a movie of the week... LOL But I'm not sure I can stay awake long enough to be awake when I tape Cowboy BeBop, let alone concentrate on writing a good story. Tiiiiiired.

I'm downloading the second episode of Veritas: The Quest. Did anyone but me ever watch that show? I really liked it. All, what, 6 episodes? LOL *checks* Damn... they made 13 episodes but only 4 got aired before it was cancelled(oohhh but two of the unaired episodes are available online... ohhhhh... must go look for these!). I think that's worse than Dinatopia did! *checks* Yep. It was worse. Dinatopia had 6 episodes aired and Veritas only 4. Don't know how many were filmed, though. Anyhoo... The second episode of Veritas was great. Their jet crashes in Antactica... lots of snow and cold... lots of angst... hurt cute men... people saving each other from almost certain death. Yes, lots of yummy elements. I'm thinking of making a music video to it if I can find an appropriate song. Yummy yummy cute men all cold and hurt...


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