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Here's another list of links of things just sitting open on my computer.

J! Archive
An archive of all the Jeopardy questions/answers as well as stats, scores, and anything else you could want. Amazing work!

Boogaard left a legacy of friendship
A really nice article about Derek Boogaard, hockey player who passed away recently

What your literary tote bag says about you
Funny and silly... and AWP is mentioned!

Playful Dog Gets Rejected Video
Heartbreaking but kind of funny as well. I feel like this often.

Save Gettysburg
Get involved in battlefield preservation and get a hat

Anatomy of a Fake Quotation
After the death of OBL, quotes were floating around and this article talks about one quote that isn't quite a quote

How Etsy, eBay, Reddit got their names
Fun & interesting article on how a few companies got their names

29 Gifts
[livejournal.com profile] melydia sent me this one. It's a great idea and I'm totally going to do it for a monthly project, once I can choose a month.
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Okay, I'm going to start a new feature here (hahahahahaha). Sometimes I have links to sites open FOREVER because I want to talk about them or send them to someone and it just never happens and I can't bring myself to close the windows in a timely fashion. Sometimes they're up for months.

So here's my attempt at a clean-up!

A short list of princes who may be better matches for Kate Middleton
Hahahahahahahaha! I love the Disney Prince rating scale. And some of these princes (and their pros & cons) are hilarious.

The Dark Side of Chocolate
Great documentary I watched online with the HPA last Sunday, followed by a chat with the filmmakers

Reshot Deathly Hallows Epilogue Saves Millions from Corny 'Nostalgic Look Back' During Credits
Aaaaaaaand THANK YOU!

Remus Lupin is an Ex-Gay
First off, the movieline article's photo for this is hilariously perverted and all sorts of WRONG. Second, I could have SWORN I remember watching an interview with Alfonso (DVD extras maybe?) where he talks about how he wanted Thewlis to portray a gay man on screen. The second article says nothing of JKR, but if she did say that all I can do is shake my head. Yeah, it's kind of awesome (because, um, he IS gay in my world) but the word bisexual doesn't seem to enter into this. Ex-gay? REALLY? For shame.

FIC: Wouldn't make sense by [livejournal.com profile] x_posed_again (Marcus/Oliver, NC-17)
So hot. GUH! Why did it take me so long to acknowledge how hot these two are together? heehee

5 Book Interior Page Layout Mistakes to Avoid
Seems like part common sense part "OMG thanks for explicitly reminding me to check that"

ART: "Message to Mom"
Awwwww. A Spuhura photo inspired by a prompt from my friend. Very appropriate for Mother's Day. So sweet!

Agent With Style
Where I buy my slash zines. OMG OMG OMG stop me before I spend more money! (wait, please don't!)


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