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I created a couple things I wanted to share with y'all.

First, my Snow!Dalek:

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As you can probably tell from the photos, it was getting late (I spent most of the afternoon biting my nails and watching the Caps/Penguins game. GO CAPS!) so it's not quite as perfect as it could be, but this gives you the general idea.

And then my first attempt at a LEGO TARDIS:

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The TARDIS needs a LOT more work. There are quite a few problems with it, and other ways to build it. But I think for a first attempt with limited pieces, it didn't turn out too bad.
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So, yeah. I still love the snow. I'm just pissed at myself right now.

The snow fell from Friday night to Saturday night here. About 24 hours worth. In my town, we got 21 inches. So not a full 2 feet but pretty damn close to that. I didn't have to go into the library on Saturday, which was nice. So I spent Saturday sleeping and writing and watching the snow fall. I finished Season 5 of Deep Space 9 and got caught up on the Sneezefic Archive. We're now at 500 stories!

I slept in on Sunday as well and then participated in Do Nothing But Read Day. I finished 5 books, which is great: http://katekintailbc.livejournal.com/41929.html

On Monday our offices were to open at noon, so I got up a few hours early to dig my car out further (they had plowed our street overnight). I made it down the Steep Hill of Icy Death(TM) to work and found that the snowplow had made one pass through our parking lot. There was only one place to park right in front of the building and no one else was there (I was half an hour early because I didn't know how long it would take me to get there). The worst part was that the snowplow had pushed all the snow in front of the building so there was a pile of snow that came up to my breasts blocking the way in. Luckily, I had brought a shovel with me so I shoveled a path through the wall of snow and then up the curving walk to the building. That took about 45 minutes. Then I spent another 30 minutes or so starting to dig a spot in the parking lot for anyone who came after me. I fell on my ass twice and, as I'm writing this now, it's starting to hurt. I think I bruised my tailbone (and I definitely jammed my wrist. Goody-goody). Anyway, I went inside and found the internet down. I tried to call IT on campus but no one picked up. And I checked my phone messages but there weren't any except from the library telling me not to come in on Saturday(which was nice of them). Anyway, I checked my cell phone (which I DON'T use) and had a call from a coworker. Not my boss; a coworker. She said the boss told them to call each other and tell each other not to come in because the road was bad. So... I could have stayed home the whole day.

Instead, I went to work and, like a good little Hufflepuff, I tried to do something nice and shovel the way to the building. I did a damn good job, too. But will anyone thank me? No. Because they'll just laugh and think I'm stupid for trying to go in and not realizing I wasn't supposed to. Because I'm an idiot. So, yeah, I'm pissed at myself. And my backside hurts (I think my wrist is okay). Did I mention that there was a car with an old couple in it who had pulled into our parking lot momentarily for some reason when I got to work? Yeah. I fell RIGHT in front of them and they didn't even say anything to me. WTF?

Ugh. Stupid. I could have had a snow day. Instead, I just wasted, like, 3 hours of my life for no reason at all. I'm mad. And hurting. Ow.

Anyway... here are some photos of the snow that I took:
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