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I'm participating in the Washington, D.C., Walk to End HIV again this year, and my goal is to raise $850. I thought I'd do something a little different this year to get donations. I'll be giving away fics, crafts, and other goodies in exchange for donations in a crowdsourcing sort of way, but all the donations are to be made straight to the Walk to End HIV.

Here's how it works:
Step 1: You make a donation via my page for whatever amount you're comfortable with: http://www.aidswalkwashington.org/participant/KateM
Step 2: You fill out a web form telling me what you'd like as a gift (or gifts) for your donation.

If you have a question, please ask me before donating: tarotgal@tarotgal.net

What sort of exciting things can you get for your donations?
Well, not only will I write you a fic, but I can mail it to you or you can get a gift card and redeem it for fic next year when you've decided on the perfect something. You can read large pieces of stories I will probably never finish but aren't too bad. You can sponsor me to finish one of my unfinished fics as well. (Previews of both of those are available so you know what you're donating toward or if you just want a little bit of yummy and don't want to donate, just enjoy). Feeling lucky? You can get a sneak peek at the very last unfinished thing I worked on. You can get a character named after you in a Strokes story. You can get a postcard from me with a plot bunny handwritten on it. You can even get some fun, fannish crafts mailed to you!

Get all the details on my Gifts for Donations Project page.


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