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Whoops! I forgot to post this last one! Sorry about that. It's the last one, but it's also the first prompt. So it comes full circle (mostly because I couldn't decide to use Sam or Dean in the first one, so I wrote it with both versions)

1. Convalescence (Again)
(Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

Sam didn’t open his eyes as Dean changed the bandages on his hands. But his nose wrinkled and breath caught, so Dean rubbed his wrist against Sam’s nose.

“Thanks,” he whispered. He opened his eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the lights in the hideous motel room, by which he could see symbols painted on the ceiling, carpet, and wallpaper. “What day is it?”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re safe here. Take all the time you need to recover.”

“I need more than time,” Sam said.

Dean answered by stretching out on the bed beside him and pulling him close.
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21. Wet
(Due South, Fraser/Kowalski)

As Fraser and Ray leaned on the ship’s railing as it sailed toward the sunset, Ray’s head snapped down with a sharp sneeze.

Fraser frowned. “You really should cover when you sneeze. It's more hygienic.”

Ray nodded, but his eyes were already closing, nostrils flaring, head snapping forward. This time, his nose landed in Fraser's cupped hand. “Uhh thanks partner?”

Fraser pulled his hand away.

“What’s that called, anyway: ’Buddy Sneezing?’”

“It’s called ‘I hope you’re not coming down with a cold.’”

“Think I just got too much water up my nose earli-earlier.” He sneezed again. “On the other hand…”
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18. Delirious

Throughout a day and a night, Arthur’s fever climbed steadily, until he was good for nothing but huddling in a cave, shivering and sweating.

Merlin had tried everything he could think of, but here in the mountains, his resources were limited. Finally, he resorted to using his magic, hoping Arthur was too feverish to notice.

In the morning, Arthur was better but confused. “Yes, but how did you lower my fever without herbs?”

Merlin packed up camp, pretending not to hear.

“I could have sworn you—“

“Nope. You were delirious. Let’s go now.” He hurried Arthur to his horse.
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17. Safe
(Baby Driver)

His head pounding like the bassline in the rock song on his iPod, Baby spun the wheel. There was a combination of skill, concentration, familiarity, and ease in this. He blazed through three intersections, turned on a dime, and drove into a parking garage.

After the job, he realized his head still pounded. Joseph wouldn’t be able to hear the sirens but also wouldn’t be able to hear Baby sneezing. At home, Baby felt safe. But he also felt run down, miserable.

Crashing, coughing, snuffling, he fell into bed fully clothed, but not before turning his iPod to something soothing.
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16. Close/Closer
(Star Wars, Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon)

//Still cold, Master//

“Oh, Obi-Wan…” Obi-Wan already had his favorite blue blanket swirled around him, but Qui-Gon covered his padawan with a heavy comforter. Then he sat down on their bed, drawing Obi-Wan close. “How’s that?”

//Better… but…// Obi-Wan shook both with sneezes and shivers. “ehh-Yihhshh! EhhhChihshhhh!” Obi-Wan put his head in Qui-Gon’s lap and snuggled even closer. “Dod’t go.”

Qui-Gon stroked his head. “The universe doesn’t stop needing Jedi just because you have a cold.”

Obi-Wan tensed up.

“But I’ve told the council to do without us for a few days.” Qui-Gon could feel the relief through their bond.
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15. Hold (Again)
(Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Indy)

“Indy! Don’t sneeze!” Remy hissed. They huddled behind a stack of boxes in the depot. They’d gotten the German codebook. All they had to do now was get it to the encampment.

Rubbing fingers furiously beneath his nose, Indy shook his head. “I have no… intention… of sn-snee-sneezing.” But the tickle in his nose intensified and he knew it was only a matter of time.

Worried, Remy looked around. Apart from dusty boxes and German soldiers, there wasn’t much. “Indy…”

“Can’t…” He tried to hold his breath. It didn’t help. “hept-TIHshh!

A bullet pierced the box above their hiding place.
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15. Hold
(Original Characters, Parker/Jason)

Parker straddled Jason, ordering “That’s it. Hold it back just a little longer.” It was amazing how far just a little bit of play like this went toward making them feel good and normal, even though they couldn’t really do more than lie in bed until Jason’s cold passed.

hahh! Hnnn-hah!” The urgent gasps made his body rock. “HAH!

“All right,” Parker relented, pressing a tissue to his sub’s nose. “You may sneeze now.”

But Jason didn’t. He continued to hold the sneeze back, much to Parker’s amazement.

“Oh, you little rascal!”

Jason grinned proudly, losing all concentration. “hahhh-CHIXxxshhh! H’CHNXxxxshh!
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14. Ride
(Middle Earth, Legolas/Gimli)

As the sun rose and their fire turned to embers, the three hunters knew they needed to move on. Resting for even as long as this had been a luxury. But Aragorn and Gimli had been exhausted and Legolas was in no fit state to ride all night either.

ihhh-ihhhh-IhHichhhh!” Legolas dabbed a handkerchief at his nose as he reluctantly left the bedroll he shared with Gimli. He sat up, looking weak and a little dizzy.

“Will you be able to ride?” Aragorn asked, concerned.

“He’ll be fine,” Gimli grunted, stroking Legolas’ head. “Aye, I’ll hold him steady on Arod.”
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13. Infectious
(Middle Earth, Bilbo/Thorin)

Bilbo stood in the doorway to the dining hall, eyes wide with awe. A terrible cold was going around the caves, and half the dwarves were sick and sneezing.

“What’re you doing out of our chambers?” an angry voice snapped. A hand gripped his shoulder and spun him around.

Bilbo stared at Thorin’s livid expression. “I wanted to see…”

“Oh-ho, I know what you wanted.” Thorin reached down and cupped his Hobbit’s crotch. “Their sneezing makes you hard.”

Whimpering, “Thorin…”

“Dwarf colds spread quickly. It may already be too late for us. We’ll soon be sneezing too.”

Bilbo squealed excitedly.
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12. Many (again)
(Sense8, Cluster)

Riley stroked Will’s cheek. He stirred, coughing and snuffling. She got a tissue for him and tried not to feel overwhelmed by helplessness.

“Boiling water and carom seeds will help with the cough,” Kala advised.

“Asian pears with honey,” Sun suggested.

“Nah, Makatussin’s what he needs,” said Wolfgang.

“Or tequila shots.” Lito mimed tossing one back.

“Just get some rest,” Capheus said knowingly. “It could be worse.”

Will sneezed, wincing as she rubbed his nose.

“At least get softer tissues.” Nomi settled on the bed and everyone else did the same. Remedies were in short supply, but comfort was not.

12. Many

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12. Many
(Middle Earth, Oin/Frár/Eagen/Nord/Toron/Gloin/Sima)

Eagen sat up in bed, gasping. He clamped both hands over his nose and mouth. But he still snapped forward. “Ehhktchhhhh! Ehh-ehhhKehtchhhh!

All around him, his spouses woke. He flushed, wishing he could invent something to help him disappear or from the bed they shared. He muttered an apology, not wanting to meet anyone’s eyes.

But then he felt many hands petting him, stroking him, caressing him. He felt kisses to his temples and his cheeks. A warm blanket was wrapped around him and a soft handkerchief was pressed into his hand.

Everyone snuggled close, comforting him from all sides.
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11. Restraint
(Forever Knight, Nick/Natalie)

Burning with fever, Nick leaned on the counter for support. He could hear her heartbeat, the blood pulsing through her. His eyes went straight to her neck.

Natalie moved closer as she drew her hand across his forehead. “How long?” she asked.

He heard the question as though it were a mile away. It was drowned out by the beating, the rushing. He was so hungry. He had to feed.

His fangs descended. His sight fixed. He needed blood.


Nick pulled back, tearing his gaze away, recovering his senses. But he was still burning hot. And still so hungry.

Jul. 23rd, 2017 03:53 pm
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10. Prickle
(Star Wars, Finn/Poe)

It was a strange sensation, the prickling deep in his nose. It was something he couldn’t stop, couldn’t fight against. “hahhh-Ehhtchhhhh!

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Poe asked, rubbing a couple fingers under his own nose and then sneezing into the back of his gloved hand. “ihhhTchhhhhhh! Hihhhtchhhh!

Good wasn’t exactly how Finn would have described it. But now that he brought it up… Poe did have that look in his eyes, the one that meant he was going to jump on Finn at any second. “What’d you call these flowers again?”

Because of Poe’s kiss, Finn didn’t get an answer.
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9. Cloak
(Middle Earth, Legolas/Gimli)

They’d taken shelter under some trees for the night, but the snow and wind still found them. Gimli shivered. His teeth chattered. His nose ran. He could barely feel his hands, though he had them tucked under his thighs to keep them warm.

“Are you cold?” Legolas asked softly, his words nearly eclipsed by the storm.

“N-nay,” Gimli replied, trying not to sniffle.

Legolas moved to take off a cloak.

“Don’t!” Gimli reached out to stop him. “I gave that to you because you’re ill. You need it.”

Legolas hesitated then reached out, pulling Gimli under the cloak with him.
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8. River (Again)


“Bless you!” Kaylee popped into the cockpit. “You comin’ down with somethin’?”

River shrugged.

“If you are, you should see your brother.”

River shrugged again and coughed a little.

Kaylee turned. “I’ll go get him for you.”

“No!” River reached out, grabbing Kaylee’s arm. “Just keep me company?”

After a moment, Kaylee nodded. River relaxed. Much as she wanted her brother to get her medicine, she didn’t want Kaylee to find Simon, because Simon was currently in bed with Jayne.

They didn’t know she knew, but she did. She knew everything. “ihhhChii!” Except where Simon kept the cold medicine.
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8. River

eh ehh Ehptchoo!” Jughead rubbed the back of his wrist against his nose. This was crazy. He hadn’t even gone into the river; he’d just watched and worried as he made sure Betty and Veronica stayed back and Archie pulled Cheryl out. “ehhh-Heptchooo! Sniff!” And, yet, here he was with sniffles and chills that wouldn’t go away. Crazy.

Sitting in the only chair in the trailer that wasn’t broken, he poured the hot water from the kettle into the bowl his bare feet were already in. Warmth spread through him. “ehh EhhTChoo!” It wasn’t enough, but it was a start.
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7. Prayer

Dean could hear Sam down the hall, coughing. Was it just the trials or was he sick again?

His hands folded on the bed, legs bent at the knees, head hung, Dean once again pleaded for Castiel’s help. By now, he was pretty sure the angel wasn’t listening. But just in case, Dean kept asking. Talking to Cas was different from praying somehow. But he was willing to talk to anyone who could help Sam.

heh-EHtchhhh!” Sam sneezed.

Sick again, then. Dean grabbed the spare blanket off the foot of his bed and went in search of his little brother.
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6. Reunion
(The Breakfast Club)

His allergies acting up, Brian scrubbed at his nose. “Think the girls will show?”

Andrew shrugged, leaning back in his chair to study the door. Muffled music from the cafeteria where the dance was being held could be heard. “Probably not. I’m just surprised Bender did.”

“Hey, that’s Dr. Bender to you,” John corrected. “It’s their loss if they don’t come.”

Brian sneezed, the sound much louder in the empty library than he’d expected, making him blush. He looked down at the High School 20th Reunion nametag on his shirt.

But the others’ attention was on the opening library door.
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5. Manipulate
(Yuri on Ice, Victor/Yuuri)

It was past midnight. Yuuri was ill. But Yuuri was still practicing. What would make him stop? After Yuuri sneezed and fell during a jump, Victor called him over to offer the poodle tissue box.

“I cad get this,” Yuuri promised, his nose running into a tissue.

Victor sighed. “Well, I’m heading home. I want a hot bath and a pork cutlet bowl.” Dramatically he turned and headed for the exit. He was nearly there when he looked over his shoulder. “I said: I want a pork cutlet bowl.”

Yuuri’s eyes widened and off came his skates for the night.
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4. Betrayal
(Sherlock, John & Sherlock)

The footsteps paused then entered the room. There was no clear, discernible pattern to their movement—first they were by the fireplace then by the window then back near the stairs.

hn!” No. Please not now!hnnn-huh! h’Yihpttchh!

At once, the curtain was drawn aside and the space between armchair and wall thoroughly examined. “How awful to be betrayed by your own nose,” John smirked. “How did you even manage to fit there?”

Reluctantly, Sherlock squeezed out of his hiding spot. “Suppose you’ll ply me with all sorts of nasty cold remedies now?”

“You’re brilliant, Sherlock.” John patted his back.


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