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I had this weird thought a while back: I wonder if I could watch Ewan for a month straight?
So yesterday was Amelia. Today's the first episode of Long Way Round.
I'm wondering how long I'll be able to keep this up, especially when NaNoWriMo begins. LOL

I pounded out my HPHalloween fic last night. I'm pretty happy with it but still haven't put on a header or sent it in because I'm worried I'll think of something better once I send it in. LOL

Ooohhhhhh! Ewan's singing! *EG*

On the local HP meetup front... I have now been made Assistant Organizer! That's the good news. The bad news is that, apparently, some people at the meetup on Saturday were apparently ill. So I've been exposed to H1N1 now. Yay. I feel fine, though. *touch wood*
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First off, I am DIGGING this coverage of the Quidditch Cup: http://www.collegequidditch.com/index.php
The snitch just stole a seeker's broom and passed it into the crowd, so the seeker had to go in after it. Plus, the commentators are hilarious. Awww, and they do handshakes afterwards, just like in hockey! Love it.

Second, I just got back from seeing Amelia. I loved it. First off, I was always kind of interested in people who have connections to Papua New Guinea, because it is place belong me. So I read biographies of Amelia Airheart when I was a kid. But obviously the JBio versions of her story leave certain, key things out. And it was those things that most interested me in the movie. It was a really nice women power kind of movie. She's both inspiring AND human, which I was really glad to see. And the acting is phenomenal. Ewan was amazingly good. It was a simple part but he played it so beautifully and convincingly that it made me want to rush home and learn everything I could about Gene Vidal. I also got a pleasant surprise right from the beginning: Christopher Eccleston plays Amelia's navigator! I had NO idea so I was thrilled to see him (& his name right after Ewan's in the opening credits). He did a superb job. My heart ached for him, and for Amelia as well. The ending actually brought tears to my eyes. And I'm glad they showed some photos of the real Amelia at the end. That was wonderful to see. I've never really felt the desire to fly (so many people love it and choose it for their super power, but it does nothing for me). But, even though I couldn't relate to that, I really understood her desires and motivations. The way she prized freedom, and saw that freedom in flying... and how that changed throughout her life... it was so well done- a mix of strong and subtle throughout. It was a great movie but I don't go to the movies all that often. So I'm glad my "must see every Ewan movie on opening weekend" rule got me to go see it. And he really was fantastic. I'll never get tired of watching that actor kiss *anyone* LOL


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