Mar. 1st, 2017

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Things on my mind, in no particular order:

Oscars... loved it. I cried, especially when Michael J. Fox took the stage and recited lines from Hamilton.

Conference... was horrible. But I've officially recovered. Just in time to start again. Next conference proposals start next Tuesday... which means I'm working overtime this week to get the system up by then.

I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who (just finished the Third Doctor's episodes) and am now watching Sanctuary. That episode where Henry is allergic to one of the creatures and sneezes for the ENTIRE EPISODE? Yeah. That was the best. Not just a couple to establish the fact and then a few more for comedic purposes. No way. The WHOLE EPISODE. I bught the season on DVD online while watching that episode. But I'm espectially glad I did because both Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield are in Season 1. Definitely one of those benefits of all my favorite shows shooting in Vancouver is the actors who show up everywhere. heehee So there are many reasons for my purchase, not just the sneezing episode. And I will not be able to tell my friend from whom I am borrowing these DVDs that it was my favorite. LOL I will tell her, however, that she is strange for naming her hamster after Nikola Tesla and that I am OBSESSED with the season 3 theme song.

Tomorrow I'm going to a library gala charity event thing that is Harry Potter themed. Should be fun. Even if it's not, it'll help the library!

I've loaned one of my libraries my Quidditch goal posts so they can use them as part of a drone obstacle race they're doing. One of the librarians decided last night (because he's reading Harry Potter for the first time ever) that he's going to turn it into a Quidditch cup competition now.

Saturday I'm going to NYC to see Puffs. It means driving myself to a random parking lot at 5:30 in the morning, walking to the bus stop, taking a bus to the city, walking to the theater, walking back, taking the bus home, and driving myself home after midnight. And it's still more expensive than I'd like. But I did NOT want to miss a Harry Potter play told from the point of view of Hufflepuffs.

Tonight driving home from Writers' Roundtable I had the most amazing stroke of genius about my Strokes series. I don't know why I never saw it before. It's just SO PERFECT... as if I always intended it to be this way. I love when that kind of thing happens. I also really want to write a story with Maylyn and Sin together, 'cause that's got to be an interesting dynamic. I'm thinking Maylyn needs a sport... and I'm stealing my friend's daughter's love of field hockey, I think.

I am trying to figure out how to afford being a fangirl. I desperately want to go to Confabulation (formerly Wincon) this year, because they are my people, and it's SO AMAZING being able to have these sorts of discussions in person with other people who don't look at you weird when you mention kinkfics or polyfics. But then there's Awesomecon this year in June that I want to go to. And Brickfair in July. And a Supernatural convention in November which is super expensive.

Okay. Going to go heat some food up and watch When We Rise. I loved the episode(s) on Monday. Sometimes things come just when you need them, you know?


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