Apr. 5th, 2017

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Guess who bought herself an Ed Sherran ticket today? This girl. I was so on the fence about it, but I've adored his songs since 2011, and it's been amazing watching him getting better and better. It was just time I go see him in person finally.

My boss calls him "weird-looking" LOL But I think he's completely adorable. He's totally my type, if I had a type. I'm beginning to realize that my type = huggable. Yeah. Why did it take me so long to realize I was asexual again? Hahaha But the fact that he has an entire room of teddy bears and he buys LEGO sets... totally my kind of guy.

Plus, I still cannot get through Castle on the Hill without crying. And it's been months now.

So it was more money than I should have spent, but I bought the ticket through the discount site I've got access to because I'm a state employee, so the ticket actually was discounted. And it's waaaaaaaaaay up in the nosebleed seats. Which is fine by me, as long as I can hear him. And it's at the same venue the Caps play at, so I know my way around there well.

I can't wait!! Except that I must wait, because it's September 20. I'm excited, though. #NoRegrets


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